Author's Note: Okay everyone here it is! The trailer for the 4th installment of the GXT series!



All soldiers of Marley and the Mid-East Allied Forces stopped the conflict as a loud sound echoed the battlefield.


A large shadow hovered over all forces as a blue light started shining.


A Marley Soldier: My. Go-

Then a blue beam instantly incinerated them all.

Two years have passed…

A Great threat has long since gone…

Jet Jaguar is helping repair buildings in giant form.

And yet…

A flock of Giant Condors flew towards the location of the former Wall Rosa.

There is still danger in this world…

Rodan fires on the flock with his beam, causing the burnt corpses to drop on more houses and many people flee in terror.

An alliance is slowly breaking…

Miki: It seems this Human/Kaiju coexistence is not getting any easier, as I hoped it would.

Captain Gordon: I could've told you that.

A choice must be made…

Queen Historia: I'll take any suggestions.

Dr. Shiragami: This seems to be getting to the point where only one species can truly remain on this Island. And I doubt the Kaijus will leave.

Rodan roars at all assembled Kaiju as they all roar in defiance.

A mission has started...

Hange: Listen up! We are either going to find a new island for our people. Or the Kaijus.

Levi sighed: How hard could that be?

The selected group arrives at the Gotengo.

Armin: I thought the ship was damaged?

Rokuro: It can't fly, but it can still swim.

The Gotengo drives down and heads off from Paradis.

What awaits for them beyond what they know?

Gezora heads straight to the ship to attack.

Danger from another land…

Willy Tybur of Marley stands before his advisors.

Advisor one: This is a dire situation we're in.

Advisor two: We only have three Titan shifters left and we absolutely can't do more of those Kaiju shifters.

Gabara and Gaira glare at the passing Marly soliders.

Advisor one: And who knows what those Abominable Insects are planning!

Fumio and Kubota, their claws in chains bow before Willy and yet a hint of deceit is shown in their eyes.

Willy Tybur: Trust or not we have no choice left.

A plan will now change.

Zeke sat on his desk in thought while Yelena stands behind him.

Zeke: Things are happening too fast, I must not fail.

Tough choices may come.

Someone presents Historia a box while she sat next to a weak Ymir.

The person opens it to reveal the Titan injection.

Historia glares angrily at the person: NO!

Will there be any hope?

Ymir rests on her bed holding someone's hand.

Ymir: There might be a…cure.

None are aware…

Eren and Armin carry a wounded Mikasa away from a squad of Marley soldiers as they run through a jungle.

That the journey reaches ever closer…

The water starts the bubble as a large figure rises.

Eren: He's alive.

Armin: But he looks…different.

To the end.




Coming either and or between late 2019 and early 2020.

Miki: Good you're both here. Did it happen again?

Moll: The dream? Yes.

Miki: And you both still have it?

Lora: Every night still, ever since-

Miki: I know. Now please sit.

And tell me about the island.

What did you see?

(Play GMK God of Water)

Moll and Lora both wearing tribal outfits, each wearing a different colored paint on their bodies stood before a large blue egg.

Author's Note: WELL FANS THAT IS THE TRAILER! And I hope you enjoy the 4th story!