Hello to one and all, as this is my second attempt at a story after my last attempt (might restart it, might not. Who knows but don't worry about it). Anyways, I thought that I try my hand at 'adding' to the original plot of Warcraft III first and foremost, mostly starting a bit of a ways prior to its existence to build up something. Hopefully this doesn't turn out so bad. Now for the disclaimer:

I do not own Warcraft; that honor remains solely with Blizzard Entertainment and its branch BattleNet. I am simply retelling the tale from a different perspective and maybe adding a few things here and here that would be later known in WoW. Mix of both words if ya think about it. All I ask that no one flame me on this as I will simply choose to ignore you and destroy any trace of the comment. And I urge other Warcraft-based writer to give their input upon making sure that I am chronologically accurate aside from my own additions. Without further ado, Please enjoy.

Prologue: Mother's Love and Scorn

In the lands of the Eastern Kingdom, black smoke could be seen coming from a burned village; a contrast to the bright blue sky and green fields as within the burned boundaries were bodies that were mostly charcoaled, but those that had armor were still fresh as blood poured from shredded holes from forged metal. Near the center of the slaughter of mangled soldiers was a lone woman in dark robes, hood down showing her flowing charcoal hair and purple wings coming off of her back but not attached to the clothing. She was currently crying over the mangled remains of a small boy in her arms, blood dripping from her in various places from her injuries during the last battle.

"W-why? Why would they…?" She glared at the remains of blue and a lion's logo on their armor and shield. They had spontaneously showed up and began killing people and setting everything on fire; she tried to help her fellow townspeople by avoiding conflict with the attackers…. But that all changed when they got a hold of her son and killed him outright when he tried to help some other kids escape from the slaughter. They escaped…. But she didn't care about hiding her power after that.

What happened next was a tide-turner that would make even an orc proud. She flung chaotic spells and summoned every known demon under her power, even bringing forth an Infernal. They managed to score a few good hits on her, but she returned that pain in kind, tenfold, by raining hellfire upon them.

In the end, the soldiers were all dead or had escaped, and this left her with nothing to vent her wrath upon. So she just gathered her dead child and cried her heart out, her throat stinging from her screams as her eyes just couldn't stop shedding tears. She knew that her injuries were intense and didn't have anything close by to siphon life from, so she mourned while she still could as her hand traced around his chest…. Only to feel something that shouldn't have been there. It was weak, faint, and almost barely missed, but she knew exactly what it was; a heartbeat. Her little boy was still alive, if only barely.

She looked around on her person for something but couldn't find it, growing frustrated that she was about to lose her son for real this time if she didn't hurry. However, she recalled her knowledge of a Soulstone, and how it was able to keep a person from truly dying as their soul could be stored in a catalyst…. Or by using the soul of another to give them extended life. She personally didn't like the concept of it, but knew that to deny using it would make her an idiot; if it's useful, why ignore it?

So she set out on preparing her final spell as there was little time, for either parent or child, as her demonic minions were gathered around her for her final moments. "You plan to sacrifice yourself for this…. Whelp?" A glare was sent to the Felguard by the Voidwalker. "Hold your tongue, Mal'Krieth, before I tear it out of you myself." Lacking a mouth, his voice still echoed in the air as the succubus was looking down upon the dying child with mild interest. "Say, am I the only one here who thinks that this boy is…?" The Felhound came within inches of the living corps, his tentacle-like limbs 'tasting' the air around his arm before backing away and growled out with joy. "Seems I'm not the only one."

"Silence." The command of the Warlock, from a weak voice, was enough to silence the surrounding demons as the woman worked the final touches on her plan. "From the energy spike caused in a few moments, I know that the Kirin Tor will investigate. All I ask of all of you… is to watch over and help my son, and tell him of the truth of what happened on this day. Not all at once though, I don't want him to go down a vengeful path before he is ready for any future dangers." The Walker stepped forth and bowed to the lady. "You have been very generous with us in the past and have given us a taste of real freedom from the Legion. We shall carry out your final request, in honor of your memory." The others, some more than others, was a bit hesitant with agreeing but decided to humor their Warlock master.

With words done, she gathered the Fel energies provided by the demons, and then began the process of converting her own body and soul into the Soulstone. It was painful, agonizing, and more than anything it was beyond what mortals could comprehend on the borderlines of agony she was going through. But she held on, endured the pain, because she knew that if she did stop for anything short of success, her son was as good as dead. Her wings broke apart as the power supporting them was redirected into the stone forming above the boy's corps, before her own form began to break apart into ashes. She took one last good look upon her little boy, smiling despite the pain she was feeling, and closed her eyes accepting her oblivion….

It wouldn't be even a few minutes later that, as the woman predicted, agents of the Kirin Tor were sighted upon the remains of the village. "This must have been caused by orcs…. They are close enough to possible encampments, so they must have used some demonic incantation while they were still here. Can't believe that they wouldn't have the decency to wait until they were gone." One of the agents called out that he had found a survivor, drawing everyone's attention as they came closer to the slightly pale boy barely breathing. "His signs are weak, but he will live if we take him now." Seeing that they weren't going to be able to find any trace of the source, gave the call to take the boy with them as they warped back to Dalaran.

And so a new tale had begun….

There. Sorry if this seems a little on the small side but I promise that It'll start growing when I get going on this; I have most of summer to work on this if nothing else. I'll be working on the Next chapter shortly as I'll need some input on a future scenario. One of which being a love interest between the Warlock OC, Jaina, and/or Sylvanas