AN: I have decided that to ensure that the OC and Jaina's fighting capabilities are not so easily lacking, or better yet to prevent a heavy reliability to using magic only, I have decided to commit to a minor Xover with the likes of Dragon Age, particularly the physical fighting style for Mages during DA2. And in case It was never mentioned (looking back now I didn't go into any detail about it so sorry for that, and thanks to Lord22 for pointing it out), the prologue is taking place mid-way into The Second War so that when things pick up, it will be close to the Third war; my focus point.

Also, as a heads up, due to a lack of information about the original map for Dalaran (prior to the city taking flight over Northrend), I'm just going to use the one provided in the Lich King expansion as of further notice; please don't go hater mode on me for this as I have no idea where anything would be otherwise.

Chapter One: Initiation

Dalaran was the main hub for any and all magic that was discovered and distributed across the Eastern Kingdom, and the origin point of many powerful names with the likes of Antonidas, Mediv, Kel'Thuzad and Kadgar. All forms of magic both known and unknown are created, studied and contained here, both good and evil. The kingdom is currently providing support to defeat the Horde by destroying the portal they had from the other side, and plan to be a place of wisdom and council for future cases as they remain vigilant of the corruption caused by the Horde's Warlocks, as well as studying for possible counter-measures to their corruption.

When they had detected a massive spike of Fel energy, something that prior to it had been deemed as impossible for anything short of a Demon of some sort, they sent agents of the Kirin Tor to investigate the matter… only to come back with nothing but a child barely alive. When the priestess' were overlooking his body's condition, they found that he was almost overflowing with Fel energy, but all tests proved that he was fully human. By the reports of the agents, they hypothesized that he ended up getting caught up in some form of a ritual caused by one of the orc warlocks. They didn't know what exactly occurred but that was beside the point; here they had a powerful source of Fel energy, in the hands of a human child.

Few members of The Six had sentenced him to immediate execution to ensure that any possible dangers to Dalaran would end before they began, but they were outvoted in favor of allowing him to study the Warlock's arts, if not to learn and understand upon how such a magical art worked and any means of countering against such power, then to allow Azeroth a chance to fight fire with fire. Of course, it was only agreed upon with the exception that he would be kept under constant surveillance at ALL times to prevent possible corruption from the demonic energies.

So here they were, a few days later as the boy would finally awaken….

_5:42 A.M., Purple Parlor, The Violet Citadel, Dalaran_

Emerald eyes opened slowly as he awoke to minor pain in his body, and found a roof over his head. 'Wait, where am I?' His charcoal-colored hair was moved around as he turned his head to look for a window or something, but the room was closed off aside from a few candles here and there to illuminate the room. Starting to panic a little he sat up and immediately regretted the decision as his back began to sting from whatever pain he barely felt before. Seconds later a young woman came into the room, but the odd thing to him about her was her ears; they were pointed instead of round. "Oh, I'm glad to see that you have awoken. You had us quite worried young man."

He looked on in confusion as she came closer and held her hand up for him to see. "I am a priestess; my job is to heal those who are hurt or sick. I am just going to run another check on you to make sure that you are healing properly, is that alright?" Seeing that he wasn't going to resist gave her the all-clear to close the distance and place the hand on his back, now glowing in a golden/yellow light as she rubbed the spine to help heal him further while making sure that he didn't break anything.

"My name is Falmier Surestar, what is yours?" She spoke out as to try and get him to open up more after silence had pass since asking for permission. The boy looked down in confusion before speaking his name aloud. "Eidolon. I… don't know my last name." The elf looked a little shocked before frowning at how sad it was. "I'm sorry to hear that… you were found in a village that was hit by what appeared to be Horde Orcs. I'm afraid that there were no other survivors." While Eidolon wasn't sure about his last name, he definitely knew that it wasn't orcs that ended up skewering him through with a blade. "Where am I then?" With a soft smile, the High Elf looked out the balcony as she answered. "This is Dalaran, and here we excel in all forms of magic."

Hearing the name of the city made him think about the stories from his mother, about how the place had an out-of-this-world feel and look to it; spires that touched the sky, magic so thick in the air you could almost taste it, and the people were always nice…. Or had an ego the size of a kingdom. Whichever you got lucky to be stuck with really.

There was a knocking on the door that drew both occupants attention before the Elf woman went to answer it, finding an armored man standing outside. "If the boy is awake, then I have been given orders to escort him to The Six post haste." Sighing, the Priestess turned to Eidolon with a small frown before walking over to him. "It would seem that our time for questions are over for now; I'll see to it that you arrive there without further injury to yourself."

_Chamber of Counciling; Top Spire of The Violet Citadel_

Looking around the chamber that showed that it almost blended in with the clouds surrounding the spire ((Pretty much the concept of what was shown during the Warcraft movie First trailer for I swear was less than a whole second)), he was soon standing in the center platform where higher above him were six men. Presuming that these were The Six that he was told about he simply bowed to them so as to not show any hostility before one of the men chuckled a little. "It is nice and refreshing to see such a young man so polite to those that he doesn't know fully of. I believe we made the right decision on this one." One of the other men grumbled something to himself before the men were focusing solely on Eidolon. "Now then, Eidolon was your name yes?" The boy didn't bother questioning how they knew; his mother taught him that when one has mastery of the magical arts down to a degree, they were able to have eyes and ears almost wherever they pleased.

Gaining a nod from the 10-year-old (more info I forgot to mention XO I'm sorry I keep getting scatterbrained every so often), another man continued on. "We offer our condolences for what happened at your home village, but I fear that you bring up more questions than answers; the area surrounding where you were, possibly the heart of the conflict, was heavily infested with Fel energy. Fel energy is what is called the primary source of a very dark magic, where its users are called Warlocks. Now, ever since its discovery from The First War, and our current conflict against the Horde, only Orcs were ever shown to be able to use this Fel energy…. However, we have found an abundance of said energy inside of you. For whatever reason, you are for all intents and purposes a Warlock."

Now they saw real emotion coming from him for the first time; horror in finding out that he was comparable of those horrible creatures that kill and pillage the Eastern Kingdom, and fear at what The Six had chosen as his fate. "Please remain calm, child; even though your body overflows with Fel energy, our healers and mages studying on countering said energy have confirmed that you are pure of its taint. It is because of this that we, The Six, have decided to allow you to delve into the arts of a Warlock." Another man, whom was the one grumbling after Eidolon had arrived, spoke up this time. "However, keep in mind that we do not do this out of charity; with your studies of this dark art, we will be monitoring you at all times and, if you show any signs of falling into corruption, you will be killed without hesitation."

A 4th man gained the scared boy's attention. "Please don't mind him; he was against your continued existence to the bitter end. Now then, getting back on track, alongside your studies we will be using you as a way to find a counter-measure against the Orc Warlock's own corrupt spells and, one day, be able to fight them on the same if not greater footing. With this in mind, we offer you a chance to learn and master the power you possess. As teachers have passed on to their students; we are in control of our own power, not the other way around."

Eidolon for one was shocked silent at this prospect; he would be learning to control this Fel energy with their aid and also be helping them learn how to fight against the Horde all at once. While he was suspicious about the Alliance having destroyed his home, he recalled from his mother that some Warlocks were master manipulators and could take control of a figurehead and cause mass mayhem amongst the Alliance's own ranks. With that in mind, he really didn't know who to trust; but Dalaran was offering sanctuary and a place to become stronger.

"I accept your most generous offer and hope to help in any way that I can."

And that puts a wrap into chapter one (officially) and will begin some minor jumps through time in order to focus on the major events/characters that will be taking a part in future events. Now, to make sure that this is officially recognized, there is no distinguished amount of time between The Second and Third War, other than that Warcraft III was (supposedly) 20 years after the first Warcraft game ever came out. So this leaves me with a number of years that would allow the OC to make some friends and form bonds with Jaina and Sylvanas prior to her death as I have officially decide. The reason for this will be explained at a much later time further into the story if I ever get around to there. Aside from that, please leave a (non-flaming) review and/or comment if you can and possibly like and/or favor it (I know I'm pushing on that, but ya know what who cares; you make the final decision in the end).

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