Our people think we are snobs just because we're royalty. I read it in the papers one day. But truly we aren't. Maybe in front of a camera we are. But we kind of have to. In front of a camera, we have to be perfect or we're not believable.

That's what we thought. Until this happened.

This is the story of how being normal people actually saved us.


THANK YOU everyone for your amazing Characters! here are the 25 boys you guys submitted (in order of submission) =)

Oh, and I won't tell here who is eliminated, because Spoilers^^ you'll just have to read the story to know who's gone! ;-)

1) from Fennley: Aaron Vaughan, 19yo, Caste 2: actor - by Guest

2) from Allens: Jerad Carver, 20yo, Caste 3: in law school - by Heymemegirl11

3) from Midston: Julius Abbot, 22yo, Caste 3: Professionnal Chess Player - by Frillabrille201

4) from Angeles: Justin Wolf, 21yo, Caste 2: Professionnal Basketball Player - by Carrie

5) from Carolina: Axel Windsort, 18yo, Caste 4: carpenter - by Abizeau

6) from Sumner: Kenan Engines, 22yo, Caste 6: Taxi driver - by Booki

7) from Handsport: Alisdair MacArthur, 19yo, Caste 5: folk musician - by scottishfiddlefromengland

8) from Paloma: Alec Santiago, 21yo, Caste 5: Dancer - by MissAmeliaYoung

9) from Likely: Markus Erikson, 22yo, Caste 2: actor - by WiseGirlOnFire

10) from Clermont: Theo Barton, 19yo, Caste 6: Housekeeper - by WiseGirlOnFire

11) from Yukon: Kurt Johnson, 18yo, Caste 7: Construction worker - by Guest

12) from Dakot: Daxton Hayes, 20yo, Caste 4: Sous-Chef in an italian Retaurant - by golden tiaras

13) from Sonage: Westley Alton, 19yo, Caste 5: Violinist - by golden tiaras

14) from Zuni: Hunter Simon, 18yo, Caste 5: Photographer - by unremarkable words

15) from Belcourt: Tristan Oliver Balckwood, 21yo, Caste 2: Ambassador-in-training - by morethanjustastory

16) from Tammins: Logan James Castle, 23yo, Caste 2: Ex-Illéan Soldier/War Hero - by morethanjustastory

17) from Columbia: Axl Chanceford , 19yo, Caste 2: Heir to his father's company - by AceSeesYouuu

18) from Bonita: Caleb Wesley, 21yo, Caste 2: Professionnal Swimmer - by unremarkable words

19) from Sota: Adam Gradon, 19yo, Caste 4: Factory worker - by Guest

20) from Ottaro: Andreas Petton, 23yo, Caste 3: Software Designer - by Frillabrille201

21) from Calgary: Evan Collins, 22yo, Caste 7: Gardener - by WiseGirlOnFire

22) from Kent: Nigel Duchamp, 21 yo, Caste 5: DJ artist - by TheGirlWithTheRainbowTattoo

23) from Hudson: Micheal Forest, 19yo, Caste 4: Hotel manager with his family - by Guest

24) from Labrador: Matt Holliday, 22 yo, Caste 6: Tailor - by The Pocketwatch Ripper

25) from Lakedon: Fed Hartler, 20yo, Caste 4: Bodyguard - by Guest