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15-year-old Anjion watched as her best friend fired arrow after arrow at the target, which stood several feet away, each arrow hitting dead centre and splitting the one before it. She chuckled as she noted that the young elf's tongue was sticking out of the corner of his mouth, so hard was he concentrating. He finally ran out of arrows and turned to her, a smug expression on his face.

"Go on, beat that!" he challenged her, brushing a strand of silvery blonde hair behind a gently tapered ear. Anjion didn't reply; instead, she took the bow from his hands, inserted an arrow of her own and, without even looking, fired it at the target. She scored a bulls-eye, her arrow neatly halving her friend's. Then she took her knife from its sheath, focused once again on the target, and threw the knife hard and true, scoring another bulls-eye.

She grinned back at her friend teasingly, and the young elf glared at her, his deep blue eyes blazing.

"Hey, Thranduil, how about you fetch me that iced cream you promised me?" the girl goaded him, "After all, I did win."

Thranduil growled lightly and drew his sword, swiping at her with it, but she had drawn her own and easily deflected it. Determined not to be outdone, the elf moved into the fight, but Anjion was an equal match and didn't make it easy. It ended only when the two friends both lost their footing at the same time and toppled into the long grass, laughing. After a moment, they elapsed into a contented silence, and Anjion regarded her friend. At 30 years old, Thranduil was a mere boy to his kind, but already he was the definition of handsome, with his gently rounded features and long, flowing hair, and the mischief and laughter in his bright blue eyes enhanced the effect. He was also a Prince, but when it came to his best friend, this was irrelevant.

Anjion herself had long, dark chestnut coloured hair and bluey green eyes that always shone with mischief and cunning. She was a relatively small girl, but she made up for this in speed, strength and ability; she had trained alongside Thranduil and so had had the best teaching possible.

Anjion sighed with contentment, and heard her friend do the same. As she closed her eyes, she thought back to something her father - a well-known, respected Ranger - had told her as he left her with the elves once again;

"Enjoy the good times while you can, and look after those friends that are true, for when bad times come - and they truly will - you will need them."

She kept the advice filed away in the back of her mind, and even followed it, but she didn't really believe that anything bad would come to her or her friend, not really.

How wrong she was.