Ashley Cox was celebrating the new year with her friends, the Len Kagamine modules. She was also celebrating it with her friends from school Alix, Shayla, Kristina, and Kellie, her older sister Allison, and the modules of all the other Crypton Future Media Vocaloids. They were currently watching the fireworks in the nighttime sky in the distance. "So, Ashley. I heard that you and Starmine are an item now. Is that true?" asked Kellie.

"Yeah. We've been together for almost a year now." said Ashley.

"You mean after that incident with Prince and his goons, you're still together?" asked Kristina. Ashley nodded.

"Well, we better get inside. I heard that Crane and Heat Haze made some New Year foods." said Shayla. Everyone went inside.

"Hey, has anyone seen Trickster?" asked Ashley to the Len modules. Everyone except for the Len modules and Ashley went home after a few hours.

"I haven't seen him ever since the fireworks started." said Jersey.

"Maybe he doesn't like fireworks." said Phoenix. Ashley went upstairs in Trickster's room to find the baku not there.

"Where are you?" asked Ashley. There was no answer. Suddenly, something came and attacked her from behind. Ashley screamed.

"Quiet. It's me." said Trickster.

"Don't scare me like that." said Ashley.

"I'm glad you came. I could've waited for tomorrow, but now that you're here, I see that I don't have to wait any longer."

"What for?"

"Remember my necklaces that have powers?" Ashley nodded.

"Well, I decided to give them away."

"What? Why are you doing that?"

"I decided that it's best that the necklaces need some new owners. That's where you come in. You're going to give one to every Len module as a birthday present. Append's birthday is actually 6 days away."

"So let me see if I got it. You're giving away your necklaces to all of the Len modules, and on everybody's birthdays, you want to give the necklaces as a present?"

"That about sums it up. Well, I, of course, will be keeping one of them for myself. The rest will go to the others. There should be enough for everyone." Trickster gave Ashley 22 necklaces, each of them with a different colored gemstone.

"You remember the birthstones and the months of the year, right?"

"Yeah. Garnet is for January, amethyst is for February, aquamarine is for March, diamond is for April, emerald is for May, pearl is for June, ruby is for July, peridot is for August, sapphire is for September, opal is for October, topaz is for November, and zircon is for December." said Ashley.

"Glad you remember. Now, I'll take one of the ruby ones back." said Trickster as he took a necklace with a ruby on it.

"Why a ruby?"

"Because my birthday is July 4th. I can't believe you forgot." said Trickster.

"I won't forget it again, Trickster." said Ashley.

"Now, I have been saving one for a very special occasion." Trickster reached his hand back in the safe and pulled out another necklace. The stone on it had a bunch of different colors. It had all of the gemstones' colors blended in one.

"This one is the most powerful of them all. I really haven't gave it a go yet, I just made this. So, on December 31st, give it to someone you really trust. And be careful with it." said Trickster as he handed her the necklace.

"I will. Thank you." said Ashley.

"Now, go downstairs and have fun."

"You're not coming?"

"I'm not really a party person." said Trickster. Ashley shrugged and went back downstairs while putting the necklaces in her pocket.

That night, Ashley was thinking about which necklaces should go with which Len module.

"Let's see. Append's birthday is January 7th. So I really should give one of the garnet ones to him. But Trickster gave me 3 garnets. Why did he do that? Oh yeah, that's right. Blue Moon and Polar both have birthdays in January also. Now, I should prepare the presents for all 3 of them. And then as the rest of the months go by, I'll prepare the necklaces for the remaining modules." said Ashley as she got to work on wrapping the necklaces in tiny jewelry boxes. About an hour later, she was finished.

"Done." said Ashley as she wiped some sweat from her forehead. Suddenly, she heard a knock on her door. It was so soft, she could barely hear it. Ashley quickly hid the tiny presents in her closet and closed the closet doors.

"Uh, come in." said Ashley. The door opened and Ciel came in. Ciel closed the door behind him.

"Ciel? Can't sleep?" asked Ashley. Ciel shook his head.

"I couldn't either. It's cold outside." Ciel went over to her bed and began to lie down.

"This bed is more comfortable than mine." said Ciel.

"Shoot. I forgot to put my winter blanket on my bed."

"Winter blanket?" Ashley nodded.

"It's a blanket that I always keep with me. My mom made it for me back when I was a baby. Every winter, Mom would tuck me in with that blanket and it would keep me warm." said Ashley. She went in her closet and brought out a large blanket that was a dark blue color. She spread it on the bed, covering Ciel with it. Ciel's eyes started to droop.

"Goodnight, Ashley." said Ciel as he closed his eyes all the way. Ashley smiled at him. Ashley then went over to her closet and saw that the presents were still there. She then took out the necklace with all of the gemstones' colors on it and looked at it.

"Maybe I should give this to Ciel?" asked Ashley in her head. She looked back at Ciel, who was sleeping peacefully. Ashley shook her head to herself and put the necklace in a drawer. Then she got into her pajamas. She then got in the bed with Ciel. Ashley hugged the sleeping boy in her arms and she too fell asleep.