A few days after Superman's supposed Funeral

A troubling meeting for Lex

Lex was handcuffed and brought to a secured room. There was a layer of safety glass and strong walls dividing the room. "I am Vincent Howe, of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe attorneys at law. You are in the best hands. None of my clients ever do any prison time. I know the trial will go your way," Vincent Howe declared.

"Maybe you mistook this place for the line at Space Mountain, but in case you haven't noticed, I am already doing prison time, and I haven't even had my trial yet. Get me out of here," Lex demanded.

"You won't be here for long, and more importantly, you will win your day in court," Mr. Howe declared with an air of confidence. "Two of the key witnesses against you have already met with an unfortunate end. Real tragedy, but it will serve your case well."

"Mr. Luthor, if I may," the other man began to speak.

"Who are you?" Lex asked.

"Dr. Milton Fine, I will be doing your psychological evaluation for the courts," Milton declared.

"Really." Lex leaned forward and looked him in the eye. "Nice to finally meet you in the flesh. I have heard so much about you. I would shake your hand, but…" He pointed out the wall in the way. "Would you excuse us? I would like to speak to Mr. Fine in private," Lex flicked his fingers indicating that his lawyer should go away.

"Anything you say to him, you can say in front of me," Mr. Howe declared.

"Go!" Lex screeched out in a demanding tone. Vincent put his hands up indicating a form of surrender. "Now!" Lex commanded. Vincent left.

"Now, like I was saying, you are safer in prison then you are out on the streets. Unfortunately, not everything went to plan. Your last conversation with Superman went viral, right off your own security cameras to an internet sensation. The world knows you sent that monster after Superman. Not too surprisingly, membership for the cult of Superman worshippers is on the rise. They labeled you a modern day Judas and they will likely seek revenge. Once you do finally get out of here, be careful," Milton warned.

"Oh, I am used to having people trying to kill me. I will be alright," Lex affirmed.

"You did your part wonderfully," Milton began to flatter Lex.

"Your instructions were perfect. Even the creation of Doomsday went exactly as you told me. How do you know so much about the Kryptonain space ship?" Lex asked.

"I have my sources," Milton refused to answer the question. "I still wish Batman got the 'credit' for killing him. But no matter, I am confident the plan will still work."

Lex took a deep breath and paused for a moment. "What do you mean will still work? Didn't we already achieve our objectives?" Lex looked down at the handcuffs that bound him knowing full well this was not part of his plan.

"Not by a long shot." Milton shook his head and watched curiously as Lex nodded. "You were and still are a vital part of the plan," Milton told Lex.

"What else do I need to do?" Lex asked.

"For now it is best if you don't know. Even the bat of Gotham can't beat information out of you that you don't have." Milton looked Lex in the eye.

"You know he visited me in prison don't you," Lex asked.

"I suspected he might," Milton answered.

"You are underestimating me. I can stand up to torture. I had plenty of practice at that growing up. You can tell me." Lex pointed at Milton.

"When your time comes, you will know. I will take care of you," Milton declared with a nod.

"We are far too much alike. I know what you are really saying," Lex said as his hand formed into a fist which he slammed down on the table in from of him.

"You are much smarter than the average human. Now any idea where Superman's body was buried? Do you know? The Metropolis burial site is just an empty casket," Milton informed.

"Looks like someone else beat you to it," Lex declared. "Why do you need to know?"

Milton paused for a moment thinking about his answer. "Just making sure the dead stays dead. We don't want a second Doomsday," Milton told Lex.

"Of course not! You are looking out for the best interest of humanity. How noble of you. Maybe I do want a second Doomsday!" Lex narrowed his eyes at Milton.

"That won't be in my evaluation." Milton chuckled at what Lex had said and swayed his head gently from side to side.

"Oh no, do make sure you put that in there. Underline it! High light it! Just so you remember it," Lex ordered.

"Do you realize what you are saying?" Milton asked.

"Yes I do. The real question is do you, Dr. Fine?" Lex ominously asked as he leaned forward and looked him in the eye. "Do you have any idea who I would send another one after, Dr. Fine?"

"I will keep that in mind in my evaluation." Milton spoke with an eerie calmness about him. "I understand. You want me to find you crazy and unsuitable to stand trial! You will be taken care of. Your case won't even make it to court," Milton promised.

"I think that is enough for now. Send my lawyer back in on your way out," Lex commanded. Milton took a few moments to memorize every detail of Lex's face before finally complying with Lex's request.

Mr. Howe returned. "I hope you will be pleased to know, we are requesting a hearing to have your bail reduced. The judge was being ridiculous. You and Bruce Wayne combined couldn't afford that bail."

"Whatever, listen very carefully, go to the daily planet and tell Perry White that Lex Luther would like an interview with their star reporter Lois Lane." Lex looked him in the eye.

Mr. Howe chuckled at that. "If she shows you want us to take care of her, right?" Mr. Howe winked at Lex.

"What do you mean if she shows? I am Lex Luthor of course she will show." Lex nodded. "Her boss will practically force her to do it."

"I will definitely pass your message along, but don't count on it," Mr. Howe shook his head.

Lex Corps. Office

At Lex Corps offices, two employees Racheal and Paul, were talking. "What happens to our jobs if Lex stays in prison?" Racheal asked.

"Prison, I heard they are going for the death penalty," Paul touted.

"He deserves it, but what about us? I need this job," Racheal declared. The door to the elevator opened and outstepped Lex. Racheal's face went white as she imagined he just heard what she had just said.

"Enough with the chit-chat, back to work." Lex clapped his hands together.

"Out on bail, sir?" Paul asked.

"Right you are," Lex grinned. "Chop, chop, back to work both of you." Lex sauntered into his office and closed the door behind him and locked it. He turned on the computer. He opened the case and touched the hard drive directly for a few moments. Then he scanned around the office. He removed a picture from the wall revealing a safe behind it. He ripped the door off the safe with ease. He grabbed a flash drive from the safe and quickly looked through some papers. He sloppily put the picture back up on the wall and stashed the safe door under the desk.

Lex left his private office and headed straight for the elevator. Racheal followed him. "Everything alright sir? We heard a noise," she asked. Lex stared her down frightening her. "Never mind. I will just get back to work." She returned to her desk.

Paul was on the phone watching as the door to the elevator closed. "Thank you." Paul hung up the phone. "Lex has a hearing today to get his bail reduced," Paul told Racheal. They both looked at the elevator door then at each other with a wide eyed expression and dropped jaws.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would love to know what you thought. Who would Lex send a second Doomsday after? Why does Lex want an interview with Lois Lane?