Lex's home

Lex joined Helena upstairs. "Why did you bring that man to my house?" Lex demanded to know.

"Batman?" Helena looked at him. "I thought he was a friend of yours. Didn't he visit you in prison and all?"

Lex felt a horrible knot in his stomach as nothing could be further from the truth. "Don't you ever bring that man to my home again," Lex demanded with an angry glare. He remembered what Mercedes said. 'Speak of the devil' just before he showed up and of course they were talking about Batman. How did she know who was at the door? They couldn't see from his study, nor were there any security cameras on. He knew he was pissed Mercedes left without being dismissed, but for now he was taking it out on Helena.

"Ok, ok. I don't get what you are so upset about. I will probably never see him again anyway. I probably should have had him take me home. Could you imagine Lionel's reaction after what you told him." Helena couldn't help but smirk and laugh at that. "He could never be sure. Did I spill the beans on him or didn't I."

Lex's eyes lit up. He recognized that smirk and believed he might have an opening to appeal to Helena's darker side. "Did you?" Lex raised a brow.

"No!" Helena shook her head.

"I don't see why not," Lex pouted at her.

"Lex, please, I don't want to actually get him killed," Helena said.

"You don't know that for sure. You can just give him information. What he does or doesn't do with that information isn't your fault. You would be blameless." Lex gently tapped the end of Helena's nose.

"Oh, if I told, Lionel would blame me. Then he would have me tossed into a wood chipper," Helena explained.

"Nah that would be a complete waste. He would have you shipped off to some third world country and sold as a sex slave. As beautiful as you are, he would get top dollar." Lex smirked trying to keep a straight face. "I think that is what he is planning on doing if you don't bring home the gold in the Olympics."

"Oh? How exactly would he plan on getting me to be submissive?" Helena asked.

"What do you mean?" Lex asked.

"If a guy I don't want gets too frisky with me, he is getting a knee to the groin," Helena explained.

"Charming as always!" Lex's hands formed a cup over his private parts. Helena chuckled. "Actually you would be drugged and tied up most of the time."

Helena realized Lex wasn't laughing. "Are you actually serious? He would really do that?"

"Yeah, what do you think happened to that cute little secretary that used to work for him? Eve, I think her name was." Lex nodded.

"She moved to National City," Helena shook her head.

"That is what you think." Lex smirked at her.

"I will just have to check up on her. If that is true, he is going to jail." Helena vowed.

Lex laughed. "Do I need to remind you how easily he got me off of a very serious charge? He got away with it and he will continue to get away with it, until someone like the bat gets wind of it! I promised him I wouldn't tell, but you didn't." Lex looked her in the eye.

"Batman doesn't give a damn about me. He wouldn't listen to me. The only reason he even gave me a ride tonight was because he promised my friend Kara he would," Helena explained.

"I thought you told me you didn't have any friends." Lex glared at her.

"I just met her tonight." Helena smiled happy that she made a new friend.

"Oh, how wonderful for you." Lex gritted his teeth. He actually managed to bond with Helena over a mutual lack of friends, so he disliked her making a new friend so quickly.

Helena's cell phone rang. She glanced at it and didn't recognize the number, but she answered it anyway. "Hello?" As Helena listened to the reply her smile widened.

Lex didn't really care who was on the phone. They were having a private conversation. He wished she would just ignore the call and return the call later. Although he wasn't really trying to eavesdrop several things Helena said caught his attention. She credited Lex for showing her the best day of her life despite almost getting shot. Of course when Helena started to talk about Kara, he pretty much tuned out with disinterest until she mentioned that Kara was Clark Kent's cousin.

"That was Selina Kyle," Helena announced after getting off the phone.

"Yeah, whatever, tell me all about this new friend of yours. Kara, I would really like to meet her." He rubbed his hands together. She might be an easy target to get to Clark Kent now that he knew he was back.

Wayne Manor

Lois only allowed herself to be briefly shaken up by the experience of having Lex Luther visit her at Wayne manner. She did not believe his claim one single bit that Bruce told him where to find her. She knew they were watched when she left her place, so that is probably where the information came from, not Bruce. She had no intention of even asking him about it. Instead she immediately started typing up her next story to refute the claims Lex made at his press conference.

Bruce and Diana returned to his mansion. This time they were going to question Lois Lane. "Mr. Wayne, glad you are here. I would like to ask you a few questions." Lois casually looked up, then returned to her typing.

"You are not the only one with questions." Bruce raised his voice and crossed his arms. Bruce's tone caught Lois's attention.

"Is something wrong?" She looked up at him and couldn't help notice his brooding expression.

"You tell me." Bruce nodded.

"I got this." Diana motioned to Bruce before she swung her lasso and caught Lois in the rope. "We will be asking the questions." Diana insisted.

"What is the meaning of this?" Lois asked feeling shocked. In an instant she felt all of her suspicions about Bruce may have been well founded. She was tempted to scream for Clark, but god only knows where he was now.

"What was in the letter from the Metropolis Auction House?" Diana asked.

"I don't see how that is any of your business," Lois responded. The lasso did force her to tell the truth and this was certainly true.

"What was in the letter from the Metropolis Auction House," Bruce demanded to know. He pulled his fist back.

"No need for that. The rope forces people to tell the truth." Diana blocked him from lashing out.

"It was a check for fifty thousand dollars," Lois answered the question. Diana's jaw dropped as she and Bruce gazed at each other. They both shook their heads in disapproval.

"Why did they send you a check?" Diana asked.

"I don't know," Lois answered.

"Are you sure this thing forces her to tell the truth?" Bruce asked.

"I really don't know." Lois tried to struggle from the rope.

"Did you date Lex Luther behind your boyfriend's back?" Bruce asked.

"Oh my god, no! How could you even think that? I wouldn't have anything to do with that man." Lois crinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue slightly looking like she just tasted something nasty. "I love Clark. I would never cheat on him with anyone. Especially not Lex."

"You will now forget we asked you any questions," Diana stated just before removing the lasso.

Lois stood idle for around five seconds. "Mr. Wayne, glad you are here. I would like to ask you a few questions. I am writing an article about Lex's press conference. Truth is I think I already know the answers to these questions, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask. Is there any truth to Lex's claim that you and he had a joint venture of any kind?"

"Lex suggested it at a party I went to at his house, but that never happened," As Bruce spoke, Lois expanded on the simple no she had written in to include the new detail that Lex actually suggested it at one time.

"Then it would also be untrue that you sold weapons to terrorists under the Lex corps name?" Lois asked her next question.

"Correct, never happened," Bruce confirmed.

"This next one is just ridiculous. Did you steal an element from Lex Corps to be used against Superman?" Lois asked.

Bruce paused for a moment and looked over at his wine glass. "No," he nodded and averted his eyes and filled his glass with Scotch. If Diana's rope really did force the truth, he was very glad she wasn't using it on him now.

"Didn't think so." Lois clicked save on her document and closed up her lap top. "Now that the trial is canceled, I think I can go back to work."


Kara wanted to catch Milton before Batman did. The previous night she tried to find him in all the places she knew of, but had no luck. Even though Milton asked her not to return to Arkham, Kara was pretty sure that is where he was after checking Milton's calendar.

As Kara walked down the halls of Arkham, she heard screaming coming from Milton Fine's office which sounded to her like someone was being tortured. She rushed right in, and breathed a sigh of relief at the realization that nothing was going on. She found a young man, probably in his late teens standing over a monitor looking at a video clip of someone being tortured.

"What are you watching," Kara asked as she entered Dr. Fine's office.

"A beautiful girl." He quickly closed the video clip and turned off the monitor. Then he looked her in the eye. He had spiked up slick black hair, and one of the most handsome faces she had ever seen. He wore a brown leather jacket, a simple t-shirt and a pair of slightly warn jeans. Kara gasped as her gaze met his. She knew plenty of good looking young men back home. In her opinion, he was by far the best looking young man she had ever met. She could barely manage to take her eyes off him.

"What are you doing here?" He gave her a stern look as he crossed his arms.

"Um..." Kara twirled her hair as she admired his striking eyes.

"Well, what do you want?" He slightly changed his question. His impatience with her was evident.

Kara licked her lips as she imagined slipping that leather jacket off of him and having his warm arms around her and kissing those amazing lips. No doubt about it, she knew exactly what she wanted. Now if she could only remember what she came in for.

"Well, weren't you told not to come back here anymore?" he asked.

"Actually I was looking for Dr. Fine. Have you seen him?" Kara imagined Kal scolding her for doing it, but she couldn't resist. She looked him over with her x-ray vision. She briefly frowned as she came to a disappointing revelation. Then she laughed. "Oh, you fooled me. What is with the new look?"

"How did you know?" the young man asked.

"Back home, you may have been able to trick me pretty easily, but here, I can see right through you. I mean that literally. It is a dead giveaway. Please change it back," Kara pleaded.

"You don't like it." The young man studied her expression, unsure of what to make of it.

"I didn't say I didn't like it! The problem is it is way too…" Kara paused as she found this hard to admit. "Sexy."

"Sexy? Really? And?" The young man smiled at Kara.

"You are not a toy for my personal amusement." Kara looked him in the eye, then shifted her gaze to the floor. "I can't be thinking of you like that. It is wrong."

"Why? Because the high council said so?" The young man closed the distance between the two of them and then gently caressed the side of her face. She looked up at him as he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. He slid his hand around her back massaging against her soft skin as he pulled her in closer. His lips were smooth as he kissed her full on the mouth passionately. His kisses ignited her desires. For an instant, she forgot all about what he was and simply allowed herself to get lost in fantasy as she kissed him back. He proved to be an incredible kisser. She had no idea he was even capable of this kind of passion.

He suddenly stopped kissing her. "We have company," he told Kara. She turned around and saw Bruce Wayne standing there. The young man reached around her waist from the back and pulled her in close. "What can we do for you?" He smiled at Bruce. Kara's cheeks turned brighter and pinker. She was definitely embarrassed.

Bruce's jaw dropped as he definitely recognized the young man who stood before him. "Jason," he called out.

"Did Helena make it home last night?" Kara still blushed from embarrassment.

"Actually, she asked to be dropped off at her cousin Lex Luther's house." Bruce gave a curt answer.

"Lex Luther? Somebody should do something about that son of a bitch." Jason looked Bruce in the eye.

"Somebody will. Having you back is too good to be true." Bruce nodded as he wondered if this was really Jason. He was pretty sure someone impersonated Lex and Kara. Would they impersonate Jason too? One problem at a time. He came here to get Dr. Fine's help in helping Clark with his memory. "Have either of you seen Dr. Fine?"

"No, I haven't seen him." Kara looked down at the floor. "I tried to find him last night, but he never returned home. I was worried so I looked for him here."

"You were worried about him. That is sweet." Jason kissed her on her cheek.

"I was worried." Kara repeated without really clarifying exactly what she was worried about.

"Isn't she great?" Jason nodded to Bruce.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Bruce rolled his eyes.

"Actually, we just met." Jason looked Bruce right in the eye.

"What?" Kara narrowed her eyes and turned to Jason.

"That is way too friendly for just met." Bruce shook his head.

"Excuse me." Kara blushed and gently pulled herself free from Jason's grip. She took a seat on the couch and hugged a throw pillow.

"I would already be sleeping with her too, if you didn't interrupt," Jason told Bruce. Bruce just shook his head. "Can the holier than thou attitude. You have had more than your fair share of one night stands. Let's see there is Dr. Meridian Chase, Victoria Vale, Selina Kyle, Talia al Ghul and Lois Lane."

"Where are you getting your information from? There was never anything going on between me and Lois Lane," Bruce scoffed at that one.

"I just know what I see in the paper," Jason shrugged. "Lois Lane was seen leaving her home with an overnight bag in the company of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. They even included a picture." Jason opened up the newspaper to the gossip page and showed him.

"Oh no, I didn't know someone actually took a picture." Bruce imagined Clark seeing this article. "The paper is dead wrong on this one."

"Is Lois Lane Kal's girlfriend?" Kara put the pillow down.

"Yes," Bruce and Jason both answered at the same time.

"How did you know that?" Bruce asked.

"He pretty much ripped the phone out of my hand as soon as you mentioned her. Of course she must be important to him," Kara answered.

"I was actually asking him not you." Bruce pointed to Jason.

"I have my sources." Jason failed to answer the question.

"Answer the question." Bruce raised his voice.

"Make me!" Jason crossed his arms and stared at Bruce.

"You really want to fight me over this? Are you that eager to get your ass kicked?" Bruce asked.

"Go ahead and try it!" Jason uncrossed his arms. Bruce looked him in the eye as he studied his facial expression. Jason showed no sign of fear or anger, just a slight smile.

"No," Kara screamed. She jumped up from the couch and positioned herself right between the two of them. The newspaper blew right off the desk. Bruce realized she definitely had her cousin's speed.


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