Chapter Two

Ryan watched Annie's car drive away from their home before turning back inside. He paused and looked up briefly as if to ask God, "Why?"

How did he get here? Once inside he looked around. She gave life to his perfectly clean and minimally decorated home. They enjoyed entertaining friends and prominent figures in American intelligence. That bastard Eyal was even over thought Ryan when Annie decided to host a Seder since Eyal had to be away from home for Passover. He should have known something was going on between them then. He hated it when Eyal would launch into Hebrew as a way of shutting him out and his nickname for her irked him to no end. He learned what it meant recently and it was like a stab in the gut to know that Eyal thought of her in that way. He was jealous of their shared histories and the closeness it brought them.

He went to what was their bedroom and opened up her drawers, they were all empty and seeing that in reality was like being gut punched. Their master closet was half full now. It looked sad, it took him ages to clear out his wife's things from their apartment when she died. Probably years to get rid of her things and in small places around the house he still had items that reminded him of her, a painting she had always liked, a chair they bought for their first apartment, some crystals that were part of their wedding registry. But there were no signs of Annie anywhere. It was like she had never been there. She was a spy after all and trained to disappear. Maybe he was the fool to think she would stay put.

God it pissed him off to see her give up on them. She never gave up in the field. The last operation was example enough of her doggedness. If it weren't for Jim, she would also be in that God forsaken country without a lifeline. He was at least grateful that she was stateside and safe. If something had happened to her on that last mission, he never would have forgiven himself. It wasn't easy knowing that Fitz and Dex, two of his best operatives were in some hell hole in Syria, but he thanked God everyday since Annie came home that she was safe. His contact screwed them, the intel was bad and led to a trap for the team. He would never forgive himself for that.

A week ago. . .

Annie was at the end of a mission gathering intelligence at the Syrian border as part of a joint operation between the DPD and McQuaid Securities. She and the rest of the men were acting as missionaries sent to work with refugees. They received bad intel from Ryan's contact which led to the capture of Fitz and Dex. The only reason Annie and Jim weren't with him was because she felt ill and collapsed while pursuing their targets. Jim had to administer her nitrate medication, something she had not needed in about a year, but still carried as a precaution. She and Jim hid out in an abandoned church basement while Fitz and Dex went on with the plan. By the time the extraction team arrived as back-up Fitz and Dex were long gone, they had walked into atrap.

Annie wanted to go back for Fitz and Dex but Jim had to physically restrain her and force her onto the helicopter. Jim wanted to go back for Fitz and Dex too, but he knew they would all be screwed if they had. He was able to maintain emotional distance and think clearly.

What happened wasn't Annie's fault and ironically her condition is what saved her and Jim from being captured along with Fitz and Dex. It was the first episode she had since Argentina which was over a year ago. She went on a course of antibiotics after their return and it seemed to have improved her myocarditis. Annie felt blindsided by the episode. A condition of her continued employment as an operative was that as long as her illness was managed and treated and didn't affect missions. Even though the latest episode had no bearing on the outcome of the mission, Ryan didn't see it that way.

Annie tried to convince Ryan to keep her recent episode a secret from Joan, but he refused. It resulted in a colossal argument after Annie returned home. With no where to go, she left their shared home for Eyal's apartment. Things got worse when Ryan showed up there and found Annie asleep with Eyal. Nothing had happened. They both just fell asleep while talking about old times and Annie's next steps. But Ryan was in no mood to hear any of the explanations and things deteriorated for the couple. Ryan had been under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress. He wanted to get Fitz and Dex out, but the State Department and CIA were shutting him out.

In reality, Annie went to Eyal not just to escape fighting with Ryan. She wasn't going to get support from the CIA, at least not outward support. Going to Eyal was really about going to Mossad for help to get the captured men out. She was doing it all for Ryan, for his operatives. But she knew he wouldn't support her efforts given how he reacted when he learned about her episode.

Making a deal with Mossad was the only way to get to Fitz and Dex. Creating a scene where Ryan accepted their break-up was one of the hardest things Annie had to do, but honestly he made it easy for her by not supporting her with Joan. The whole situation was messed up on so many levels, but there was no time to dwell on it. Annie needed to get her head in the game.

After Annie unloaded her boxes at a storage unit in Vienna, she drove to Eyal's D.C. apartment. One last night of rest before she would set off for Syria by way of Greece to rendezvous with Eyal. Annie was physically and emotionally exhausted, she couldn't wait to go to bed. The first part of her mission was complete and that involved severing all ties to McQuaid and quitting the CIA.