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Chapter 38

After Ryan left Langley, Joan had Eric work on pinning down Annie's location. She needed to have someone from the agency present to protect Annie. The current climate was tenuous and heads were rolling everywhere, Annie's association with the FBI no matter how good they were at covering up their sources would be dangerous moving forward. Fairness, truth and justice were sadly no longer priorities for the executive branch.


"Hello Dimitri," said Joan. Joan and Dimitri sought each other out from time to time, they were each other's main backchannels despite the distrust between their countries. This time he wasn't expecting her. Annie's intel from the incident with Kozlov had code names and cut outs the agency had been following up on over the last few months. That intel also included what she took off of Kravec, it was unexpected and was a byproduct of her mission with Mossad. Joan made connections with what Annie found and Vincent's investigation.

"Nice running into you here Joan," said Dimitri looking around.

"Just wanted to give you a friendly heads up that the FBI is investigating Viktor Kozlov and his connections to the current administration," said Joan.

Dimitri looked stunned.

"Kozlov? He's not in that league and he's dead, been dead a few months now," said Joan's old contact.

"The investigation is looking into events that predate the election and he's at the center of it," said Joan.

"Well, you can count on there being no loose ends on the Russia side if Kozlov is dead."

"Do you know who else he worked with?"

Dimitri shook his head, but he looked over to Joan.

"We had some good times once upon a time, didn't we?"

Joan smiled and nodded coyly.

"We did."

"Things were simpler when our countries were clearly at odds."

"They were and they weren't," said Joan.

His fondness for Joan showed.

"I have no skin in the game as you Americans like to say, I'll see what I can find out," said Dimitri.

"What I really need to know is who on my side knows and what they know," said Joan.

"You're asking me what I know about your own government?"

"I can't turn to the NSA or DIA or Joint Chiefs on this and I obviously can't turn to the White House," said Joan.

"Understood," said Dimitri.


An interrogation room at an FBI safe house. . .

"So your op with Mossad was to retrieve intel from Kozlov's residence as it related to an arms sale that resulted in the deaths of Israeli civilians," asked Vince's boss.

"For the 12th time, I cannot speak to my missions without making sure you have clearance from my superiors," said Annie.

"And you got the devices and turned them over to your Mossad partner and no one else," said the man.

"I cannot confirm or deny what you are saying," said Annie.

"During your surveillance a man named Ivan Kravec entered the scene."

"If your surveillance shows that you can draw your own conclusions," said Annie.

"You had prior contact with him on previous missions," said Vince.

"I can't say," said Annie.

The man asking questions sighed, "Did you know he was a known associate of several members of the Kremlin, but most notably a classmate and colleague of Putin?"

"I can't say what I knew or know," said Annie.

"Did you remove any devices from his person that evening?"

"I cannot say," said Annie.

"Did you turn over the devices to your superiors at Mossad and to Langley?"

"I cannot say," said Annie.

"What was your contact with Kravec?"

"I cannot say," said Annie.

"We received anonymously a file with phone logs between Kravec and key members of the administration and funders of the current administration. We also know that many of the administrations large donors are affiliated with Kredit Krepost," asked the man slightly flustered.

"I can't speak to the nature of that," said Annie.


"Not until I know you are cleared and I have representation from my agency," said Annie.

"Which agency is that? Mossad or the CIA?"

Just then another suit interrupted and entered the room. Vincent had been watching his boss get nowhere with Annie and inside he was smiling. It was nothing he did not expect and he was sure his boss left because the CIA was calling.

"Are you enjoying this?" asked Annie.


"You were grinning the whole time," said Annie.

"I told my boss how things were going to go and he didn't believe me, he owes me dinner after this," said Vincent.

"I'll buy you dinner if you get me out of here," said Annie.

He heard her tummy growling.

It had been hours and they had only offered her coffee and water.

"Come on," said Vince.

Annie looked at him strangely.


Vince nodded.

When Annie stood up, he noticed a roundedness to her belly that he didn't notice before. She was wearing a tunic blouse over leggings with an open cardigan and a bulky infinity scarf earlier. She grabbed her scarf and wrapped it around her covering her belly.

Annie noticed that Vince was suddenly quiet.

"Where are you taking me?"

"There's a restroom down the hall, I'll be waiting for you, take your time," he said as he made sure she saw him slip his phone into suit pocket by looking at her and then her phone.

Annie lifted Vince's phone and entered the restroom. She looked out the window and saw an empty field that had been plowed recently and power lines. She dialed Joan and described what she saw to her and stayed on the line so that Barber could locate her. The window was entirely too small for Annie to fit through or else she would have attempted to get out on her own.

"I'll be there soon," said Joan.

"You were my first call, can you tell Ryan I'm okay?"

"I can do better, I'll bring him with me," said Joan.

A couple of hours later

Dimitri came through for Joan. She owed him. Joan handed Ryan a folder of intel. Intel that could possible destroy more than a few careers. Heads were already starting to roll in the administration and then within the FBI because the heat was up and it was showing. People were getting nervous and acting irrationally.

"You hold on to these, they will keep Annie safe," said Joan.

"What is this?" asked Ryan looking through the folders.

"That's your leverage."

Ryan looked over the files. He was disgusted.

I have another set in a safe deposit box should anything happen to that set.

"Now if you're ready, let's go," said Joan.


"To get Annie," said Joan.


Annie emerged from the bathroom and saw Vince leaning against the wall opposite the door.

"Thank you," said Annie as she followed him down the hall. She managed to return his phone.

Rossabi let her to a lounge where there were granola bars and a bowl of fruit on the table.

"They sent a guy out to pick up dinner. He should be here soon. In the mean time help yourself," said Vince.

Annie reached for an apple and started eating it while looking around.

"What is this place anyway?"

"Small operations building for a local farm," said Vince.

"How long do you plan on keeping me here?" asked Annie.

Just then Vince's boss came in, "What the hell Rossabi?"

"She needed to use the bathroom and we haven't offered her any food," said Vince.

"Well, it's time to get back to our questions time is running out," said Vince's boss.

"Sorry Walker," said Vince with a wink.

They escorted Annie back to the interrogation room, but both knew Annie would not be there for much longer.