Chapter 40

A/N: Well this is the end of the road. Checking off my unfinished works. Will try to finish up Oceans Apart next. I have some short one shots and fanfics unfinished. . . will try to put out a new one soon too. In this last chapter. . . I am paying homage here to our country's intelligence community who have plenty of evidence there was interference with the 2016 elections. . . Not sure anyone will actually be called to the mat on it, but I believe it to be true and hope justice will prevail and the people who are after the truth will stay strong. Enjoy!

Joan and Ryan were en route to Annie.

"Remember let me do the talking, understood?" said Joan.

Ryan gave Joan a non-committal look. He wasn't going to promise to stay out of this, not with Annie involved.

Joan took a harsher tactic, "Don't make me regret bringing you along. You can stay in the car if you can't control yourself. And you're going to leave your side arms in the car, you won't need them," said Joan.

"You think they'll let her go?"

"She will have to answer their questions before that. I've looked into the lead investigator and he's solid, career FBI like Rossabi, the man from the airport," said Joan.

"You said Annie knew this Rossabi?"

"Yes, they crossed paths more than a couple of times and truthfully we owe Vincent a lot, he's a good contact to have," said Joan.

"What do you mean we owe him?"

"Annie's screwed him over, he's paid the price when all he's ever done was try to do his job, it's sad, but everything we did, everything Annie did was necessary," said Joan.

"So his career has suffered because of Annie and the CIA? Then what makes you think he will be willing to help Annie?"

"How do you think she was able to make that call to me?" asked Joan.


Joan nodded. "He's soft on Annie even though they've sparred on more than one occasion."

"Well, she's good on getting people to be soft on her," said Ryan.

"Annie definitely has a way with people you know, even her adversaries are drawn to her," said Joan.

"He was really torn up at her funeral and upset that he couldn't help with the mission she was on at the time," said Joan.

"We're nearly there according to the coordinates Eric gave me," said Joan.

"Up ahead, there's a building on the left of the road," said Ryan.

"When they pulled up, Joan exited the car and was greeted by none other than Robert Mueller, Special Counsel.

"Ms. Campbell," greeted Mueller.

"Mr. Mueller," returned Joan.

"This is Ryan McQuaid," introduced Joan.

"You have quite a reputation McQuaid, pleasure to meet you," said Mueller.

"I am hoping we can work something out here," said Mueller to Joan.

"Me too," said Joan.

Joan and Robert enter an office in the building while Ryan is shown the lounge.

Inside the office, Joan provided Robert the clearance he needed to question Annie, but asked that Annie only speak to him and Vincent Rossabi whom she had also given clearance. Joan would be present during questioning as well as Ryan McQuaid. Mueller accepted the deal.


Joan emerged from her meeting and explained the terms to Ryan. He looked over all the paperwork and agreed. "When can I see her?"

"They're ready to bring you to her," said Joan.

A few minutes later Vince brought Annie to the lounge area where Ryan ran up to her, they held each other tightly for a minute. He held her face and looked down towards her belly before he whispered, "Are you both all right?"

Annie nodded before kissing his left palm and so relieved he was there with her. "You?"

"Now that I've seen you, everything's good," said Ryan.

"The sooner we get started, the sooner we can have you out of here," said Mueller.

Over the course of the next three days Annie answered questions and openly gave statements on everything Robert Mueller asked. She was guaranteed anonymity due to her job as a high level operative for an unnamed intelligence agency.

Sitting in on the questioning was eye-opening for McQuaid. Annie always impressed him from the moment they met to the dozens of times they were in the field together, but hearing the details of everything Annie had done during her tenure with the CIA helped him understand her and how her experiences shaped her. And finally, after the third day, Mueller was satisfied with the evidence he had amassed and Annie was free to go.

"Thank you for your sacrificial service and patriotism," said Mueller shaking Annie's hand.

"It was my job and I loved doing it despite the personal costs," said Annie.

"I'll try to nail these SOBs without your testimony and use the information and names you've provided to gain additional evidence," said Mueller.

"Well, I am trusting you Robert," said Joan.

"I won't let you ladies down," said Robert to Joan and Annie.


Ryan went out to get his car. All he wanted to do was get Annie home, finally.

"You doing okay?" asked Vince.

"Exhausted," said Annie.

"I guess this is good-bye," said Vince.

"Until next time," said Annie.

"Look, congratulations, I uh, I. . . figured you're what? Four or five months along?" said Vince motioning to Annie's belly.

Annie looked at him surprised at his ability to notice, but didn't confirm anything. She realized her tummy had grown recently and she tried her best not to touch her belly whenever she felt her baby moving. It was her instinct to protect the child and she didn't want anyone knowing that she was pregnant.

Vince smiled back. "I hope everything goes smoothly for you from here on out," he said.

"Thank you," said Ryan who had returned. He shook Vince's hand and gave him his business card. "If you ever need anything or maybe a change of pace, give me a call."

Ryan walked Annie to the car and opened the passenger side door for her.

Annie sat in the car and looked up at Ryan smiling.

"Finally, going home," said Ryan.

"I can't wait," said Annie.

"Noah's tail will be going a thousand miles an hour," said Ryan with a smile.

The end. . .