Chapter 3 – Also my fault:

It was silent and Miss Parker was lying on the floor. She then noticed that she was squinting her eyes and slowly opened them. Another shot went through the night and she startled. Someone grabbed her hand and pulled her up. She couldn't see, who it was because of the darkness of the night. She just realized that the person was taking her to a car, which was parking on the street. Both of them were entering the car on the backseat and the driver started the car before someone snapped another shot. She looked through the window on the street behind them but she just saw a shadow standing on the street and couldn't see who the shooter was.

She then turned her head around to face her savior and couldn't believe who was sitting next to her. 'Oh my god...', she just brought out.

'Hello, Miss Parker.', the woman with the scarlet hair said.

'You're Jarod's mother...', she added. Only then she noticed that Jarod's father was driving the car.

Margareth smiled: 'Yes, I am. You look just like her.'

'What the hell is going on here?!' Miss Parker couldn't anything of what this was all about and then added, 'What were you doing at my house and why did you saved my life?'

'Because Jarod told us to.', Jarod's father said and was looking at her through the driving mirror. Now she was even more confused. Jarod told them to save her? Why? And how was he supposed to know, that there would be a sniper in front of her house when he was kept in the Centre?

Margareth smiled at her and said: 'Jarod told us that Mr. Raines said he would kill the one, who wouldn't be able to catch him. So, he told us to take care of you if Lyle was going to catch him first and here we are. Since Mr. Lyle catched Jarod, we are always a step behind you and now it was time to get you away from there.'

Miss Parker couldn't believe that. It looked like Jarod was really worried about her. It was silent for a second but then she said: 'Where are you taking me?'

'Some place you'll be save.', Mayor Charles said.


They arrived then at a small house in the woods. They went out of the car and Miss Parker turned around to see if someone was following them. Margareth tried to calm her down 'There's no way someone would find us.'

'So, they were saying that there was no way that the Titanic was going to sink, right?', she answered with a nervous voice.

Margareth wanted to go inside but Miss Parker just stood there, looking at her. Jarod's mother looked at her and asked her what was wrong.

'What am I doing here? I can't stay here!', Parker said.

'Why not?'

'Because I'm working for the Centre. If they find out that I'm here...'

'They were trying to kill you.'

'I know but I don't belong here.'

Margareth could imagine that it was a hard time for her and she didn't wanted to argue with her now. So, she just said: 'Please stay here for the night until we know what to do next, okay?'

Miss Parker nodded and they went in.

Jarod's father sat in front of the laptop. Without lifting his eyes from the desktop he said: 'He's in SL-15.'

'How can we get there?', Margareth asked.

'I don't know.', he answered.

'What are you going to do?', Parker asked as if she didn't knew it already.

'We're going to save our son.', the Mayor said.

'From the Centre?! Forget it. The place is locked up like Alcatraz.'

'But we have to get him out and Jarod also found a way to get in and out once.', his father said.

'Yes, but Jarod is... well, Jarod!', Miss Parker said.

'Please help us to get him out.', Jarod's mother said.

'What?! You know that I can't do that!', Miss Parker answered.

'I know that I'm asking a lot but we have to get him out and I don't think we can handle that without you.' Miss Parker saw the sadness and pure desperation in her eyes. She was wrangling with herself but then she remembered everything Jarod did for her. He was sending his parents to save her even though he had to know that it could get really dangerous for them and then all the things he did for her during her whole life. She reached inside her jacket and picked out a black plastic card. She was putting it on the table and said 'That's everything I can do for you.'

On the card was the sign of the Centre and the word 'access'.

'That's your access card.', Margareth noticed.

'Yes, but I'm pretty sure Lyle tries everything to keep his trophy.', she said with a light sorrow in her voice.

'Thank you so much.', Margareth said and took the access card.

Miss Parker just nodded and asked for the bath room. She was pointing on a door and Parker disappeared in the small room. She just had to be alone for a second.

She was standing in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection. It was over. When the Centre would find out that they were rescuing Jarod with her access card, there would be no way back for her. But did she even wanted that? She didn't knew but she knew that it felt right to help rescuing Jarod.

She then was torn out of her thoughts by Margareth, who walked into the room. 'Oh, come in.', Miss Parker said sarcastically. Margareth just wanted to know if she was alright. 'Yes, I'm fine.', Miss Parker said, knowing that she wouldn't believe her. She knew, that Margareth senced that something was on her mind just like Jarod always knew. She grinned and Margareth asked what's so funny. Miss Parker was still grinning: 'I just noticed where Jarod got that from.'


'This I-always-know-what-you-feel-like-thing.'

Margareth smiled but they weren't saying anything more. They both left the room and Mayor Charles said: 'I think we have to go now.'

'Yes, you're right. I think you should stay here and wait until we're back.', she said, turning to Miss Parker. She just nodded and Jarod's parents went off.

Miss Parker walked towards the window and asked herself what she was even waiting for.


A few hours later, she went up and down in the room and asked herself what took them so long when suddenly the door opened and Jarod stepped in with his parents. She was so happy to see him that she couldn't hardly avoid smiling. Jarod seemed surprised to see her: 'Miss Parker!' Margareth then said: 'We forgot to tell you that we brought her here.' He seemed to knew that the Centre was trying to kill her for that she was here with his parents. He asked truely worried: 'Are you alright?'

Miss Parker couldn't avoid smiling again and said: 'Nice that you just escaped from the Centre again and ask ME it I'm alright.'

He then grinned, too: 'As you know I'm always concerned about other people.'

'I'm glad you were. Otherwise I would be pushing up daisies now.', she said ironically but Jarod knew that it was her way to say 'Thank you'.

Margareth then asked what they were going to do now. Jarod turned to his mother and said: 'We have to find Emily.'

They were talking about Emily and when and where they met her last, which made Parker think of the fact that Jarod's family was still ripped apart and that it was her fault, too. Her expression suddenly became serious and she felt very uncomfortable, being with them.

Jarod noticed that something wasn't right and asked if she was alright.

Miss Parker just nodded and said: 'I think I gotta go.' With these words she went out of the room and Jarod jumped off his chair to follow her outside. He grabbed her arm and said: 'Miss Parker, wait!' She turned around and asked: 'What?'

'What do you meen you gotta go?'

'Are you really asking me that?! Look, I'm really grateful that you saved me life, Jarod but 1.: you didn't needed to and 2.: I can't stay here with you and your family and pretend as if the last five years didn't happen! I was tearing you apart from your family and tried to take you back to the Centre. I destroyed your life and it's also my fault that your family is ripped apart.'

'I know that you had no choice. What were you supposed to do as you are the daughter of the Centre's leader?! And I didn't saved you to let you ruin yourself!'

'I take care of myself and I'm not going back to the Centre – I'm not that stupid.'

'What do you want to do then?'

'I don't know. Maybe it's time for me to get my own place to hide.'

'I really don't like that idea.'

'But I do and that's all, that matters to me at the moment. I'm glad you found your parents and I hope you'll find your sister, too.' They both now noticed that Jarod was still holding her arm. 'Would you please let me go now?', she said with a sadness in her voice, she couldn't hide from him. He hesitated for a moment but he knew that he couldn't keep her from going and let go of her and said: 'Please be careful, Miss Parker.' She nodded and left. He gazed after her as she was leaving. He was really worried and just hoped that she would be alright.

He came back into the house and his mother was rising from her chair: 'You just let her go?'


'Why?', Mayor Charles asked.

'She thinks that she don't belong here because she was working for the Centre.'

'That's nonsence!', Margareth said.

Jarod suddenly became mad and was walking around nervously: 'I know but you don't know that woman! Her whole life she build up that huge wall and now no one gets through it! I could see in her eyes that she wanted to stay but she would rather die, than admitting that! That woman just drives me crazy!' His his mother could tell that he was just saying that out of sorrow.

He said down next to his parents and for once in his life he didn't knew what to do. His father was putting his hand on Jarod's shoulder: 'Look, let us search for Emily and you take care of Miss Parker.'

'What?! I can't. I...'

'We are her parents. We're going to find her. And maybe Parker just has to be forced to do what's good for her.', his mother interrupted him. Jarod knew that it was the only way to save her from ruining herself and so he agreed.

Jarod stood up immediately and took his jacket. He said 'Thank you. I'll be back soon.' He then took the car and left. He was determined to find her and he knew that he wouldn't let her leave anymore when he had found her...


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