"Riley? Are you listening?" Riley's best friend Kenzi practically shouts at her from across the breakfast counter.

"Hmm, yeah sure, could you keep it down?" Riley mumbles before reaching for the painkillers Kenzi down for her, she gives her a small but grateful smile before swallowing them down with a glug of extra hot black coffee.

"So what time did you get in last night?" Kenzi asked sliding some toast towards Riley, all she had to do is look at it and her stomach churns, so she pushes it back towards her friend.

"You eat it and some when between 4am and 5am." Riley sighs resting her head on her hand, closing her eyes hoping her headache will go away soon.

"And how did it go?" Kenzi probes, wondering if she really wanted to know.

"Housekeeping should be coming across the bodies now and don't worry I have an air tight alibi." Riley gives a mischievous smile before she gingerly rise from her seat.

"You know Dachci, is going to be pissed that you're hung-over." Kenzi called after Riley as she heads into the bathroom to start getting ready for her meeting with the head of Sword and Rose Law Firm. After about an hour they are both out the door and in a taxi on their way to the giant glass offices of the Sword and Rose law firm.

Finally they arrive already late thanks to the traffic jam they got stuck in. Kenzi pays the driver and them both head inside the massive oblong fish tank of a building. Riley walks through the lobby ignoring everyone that wishes her a good afternoon and heads straight to the elevators behind the reception desk.

"Miss Grey, Miss Volkov." The pretty blonde receptionist gives both Riley and Kenzi a cheery hello, Riley gives her a grunt as she calls the elevator while Kenzi apologises for her behaviour and gives the women a cheery wave. Finally both Kenzi and Riley make it up to the floor that holds Dachci's office, and without warning Riley heads straight inside the posh glass double doors.

"You're late." A gruff voice comes from behind the big stained oak desk. Riley gives the handsome but greying man a shrug as she takes a seat.

"You're lucky I come at all, do you know how much those men drink? I even struggled to keep up with them."Riley sighs as she nods to Kenzi, as she pulls out two paper files.

"One contains all of their digital footprints; the other is all of their meetings and transcripts. I confirmed on the way over all the targets were eliminated, just awaiting the police reports to be logged before I can have access to them, should have them by the end of the day." Kenzi explained as she handed the reasonably thick files over to Dachci.

He gave Kenzi a smile before turning to back to Riley with a serious look on his face.

"I have a client who wants a man of high profile taken out along with his close circle of friends. The client wants our best and is willing to pay way above asking price." Dachci said trying to read her reaction; Riley keeps her face neutral smiling inwardly at how frustration it makes him not being able to read her.

"How high profile are we talking?" She asks intrigued cocking her head to the side.

"Extremely the names are; Mamoru Kishi, Mitsunari Baba, Ota Kisaki, Luke Foster, Soryu Oh and Eisuke Ichinomiya." Dachci finished listing the names and looked at her with a smile on his lips.

"You look shocked, my dear Riley." There was amusement in his voice.

"I can't take it." Riley said flatly, now it was Dachci's turn to be shocked.

"Why not? I thought you would have jumped at the chance, taking out Japan's untouchables." Dachci said with disbelief.

"Under normal circumstances, yes. However I went to school with three of the targets." She said making sure she sounds as bored as possible.

"Will make it easier to get close to them." Dachci said leaning his elbows on his desk, desperation in his voice.

"I've told you before; I don't take jobs with personal connections." Riley sighs raising from her seat and heading towards the door.

"I'll double your pay per head." Dachci practically begs, her hand stops on the door handle and she turns to look at her boss.

"Riley you are the best there is, I've already agreed, I can't have this messed up." Dachci continues to beg.

"Triple per head." She said coolly and he nods, she gives him a bright smile.

"Consider it done, come on Kenz we have a lot of work to do." Riley said over her shoulder as she heads out the door and heads to the elevator, Kenzi bows her head to Dachci and leaves his office and chases after Riley. Riley calls the elevator and looks over at Kenzi and sees she's chewing her bottom lip.

"If you have something to say Kenzi, say it." Riley sighs as they wait.

"Well I was just wondering how you're going to initiate contact." Kenzi said softly as the elevator arrives.

"We are going to see grandpapi." Riley smiles as she steps in to the elevator a plan already forming in her head. They ride the elevator down in silence all the way down to the basement.

"Why are we going to the basement?" Kenzi questions still chewing on her lip, Riley watched the numbers on the small LED screen go down from forty.

"Because we are going to need a black car, a driver and some supplies, as well as picking up an allowance which will be spent on stupidly expensive clothes. This is any normal job Kenzi, we are about to mix with some of Japan's top businessmen and women as well as a few of the unsavoury characters of the underworld." Riley explained as they continued to go down.

"Why did you take the job?" Kenzi asked as she leaned against the side of the elevator, the question caused Riley to turn to her best friend.

"Retirement money, once this is over we can both leave this life. I'm getting bored and I want to do something different maybe the quiet life somewhere like the English countryside." Riley shrugged turning back to the LED screen.

"You may be able to hide things from Dachci, but you can't hide them from me." Kenzi sighs finally dropping the subject much to Riley's relief, even she didn't truly know why she took the job, she had always stayed away from personal connections because they become messy and emotions tend to get in the way.

Finally the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened, the two girls made their way deep into the underbelly of Sword and Rose, and began to prepare their supplies.