"Why don't you and I go for late lunch, just the two of us, no entourage." Eisuke asked as he looked over at Riley.

"I'm guessing you have the lunch free as you are here and not working?" He smirked, Riley looked up at him and shrugged.

"I guess I have an opening, and it's still early, but we wouldn't want people to talk now would we?" Riley chuckled as she put her cup of coffee down on the table.

"Let them talk, they are either going to say that you're my lawyer or that we are discussing business, it's either that or that you're my lover, but I can't see any of that being a bad thing." Eisuke said as he straightened his shirt with a smirk that would make any girl weak at the knees, but Riley knew his tricks, she had known him since high school after all.

"Very well, let us go for lunch." She laughed shaking her head as she gathered her things and took the crook of his elbow with her hand.

"Any ideas on where to go?" She asked, with a raised and expectant eyebrow.

"Somewhere you haven't been yet, it's just opened we get to be the first people through the doors." He said as he walked her to the elevator.

"You don't need to impress me Eisuke, I'm a cold businesswomen now remember?" She laughed again, feeling completely at ease by his side, any thoughts of her previous conversations with Dachi disappearing from her mind.

"Oh before I forget, invitations for you and the others, it's for my grandfather's benefit, he hopes you will join us." Riley smiled as she dug into her handbag and pulled out the seven envelopes handling them to Eisuke who tucked them into the breast pocket of his jacket.

"We wouldn't miss it. I heard that Grey Tech have been making a new security system, I would be interested in hearing about it." Eisuke remarked.

"Yes we are, I'll have the security representative give your people a call and see if we can get a meeting setup." Riley replied as she looked at her watch.

"Why can't we set it all up, we are both adults now." Eisuke smirked, Riley turned to him and smiled flirtatiously.

"Because we are both busy people, and besides Security isn't my forte." She chuckled as the elevator finally reached the underground parking lot, Eisuke extended his arm for Riley and she took it with another smile.

"I take your driving and not taking your chauffeur driven car?" Riley asked as she looked at the car that they ended up standing next to.

"You would be right." Eisuke smirked again as he opened the car door for Riley.

"I thought it would make a nice change." He said as Riley got into the passenger seat. It wasn't long before they arrived at the new restaurant that had just opened up for the lunch rush.

"Let me guess this place has been booked up for months, but because of who you are and the name you have we are going to stride in there and get a table." Riley asked unimpressed as she released the catch on her seatbelt, her comment caused Eisuke to smirk at her and she rolled her eyes as they both exited the car and he handed over the keys to the valet.

"What can I say I can't help but try and impress the one person in the world who isn't impressed by my status and my ability." Eisuke chuckled.

Eisuke was the perfect gentleman as he escorted Riley to the seats they were being assigned to, he even seated her, before they looked over the menu in complete silence.

"So tell me about all the time that has past since we last seen each other, it must be quite the story." Eisuke said without raising his eyes from the menu, Riley mulled over the question and tasted the many lies that formed on her tongue that would have been easy to tell, she had had practice in lying over the years but she swallowed them before closing the menu and looking directly at Eisuke.

"Well I travelled… extensively, while studying." Riley said as she took a sip of her drink, before her eyes wandered around the restaurant, marking exits and the such in her mind's eye.

"That all, you didn't come home?" Eisuke inquired.

"Didn't see the point at the time, plus it was good to get away from all the expectations." Riley shrugged as a young man walked over.

"Mr Ichinomiya?" The young man asked as he stood beside the table.

"Yes?" Eisuke replied.

"I'm sorry sir but you've been served." The young man said as he handed over an envelope and walked off before Eisuke could reply.

"Seems like you might need a lawyer after all." Riley feigned concern, as she watched him open the envelope and read it's contents.

"It's a sexual harassment suit and a wrongful termination of employment, an ex employee saying I fired her because she wouldn't sleep with me." Eisuke said as he handed the papers over to Riley who looked it over.

"What you going to do?" She asked as she read the papers one by one.

"Give it to my lawyers and have them deal with it." Eisuke shrugged as the food that they had ordered was brought to the table and their wine glasses were refilled.

"Your lawyers are either going to want to settle and get her to sign an NDA, which over time will get leaked to the press and your business will be effected or they will have her paid off for her silence and she will sell her story to the papers, either way you will you lose." Riley said before taking a sip of her wine.

"And what would you suggest exactly?" Eisuke asked.

"Easy, if I were you I would say to my lovely female company that I'm having lunch… would you handle this discreetly for me." Riley smirked as she looked up at Eisuke, who was watching her thoughtfully.

"Why what do you have in mind?" He asked her watching her closely.

"Well first off I would have a meeting with the lawyer and his client and I would have a discussion with them telling them that my client won't settle so there is no monetary value on the table and that if she wants to go to trial I will not only destroy her in court but I will also destroy her in the public eye also and that she will never have another job anywhere in Japan again." Riley shrugged as she began to eat the meal in front of her.

"I'm serious Riley this could really make my life complicated." Eisuke sighed as he watched her relaxed movements, realising that she is exactly like he is not worried about a little threat with no merit.

"Fine I'll let you handle this, keep it private, I don't want or need the bad press." Eisuke said with a nod as he turned his attention on his food.

"They'll hear my name and go running the other way." Riley laughed as she looked at Eisuke relax.

"Come on let's just enjoy our lunch before we both have to head back to our hectic lives." Riley smirked as she held up her glass for a small toast which Eisuke was happy to participate with.