hello there, it been a while hasn't it... well i'm back (not that i ever left). so i'm going to be honest with you all, looking back at my story it makes me physically cringes but i do know that there's alot of you guys who are interested in this story so at first i was think of making a poll letting you decide if i was going to do a a major retcon or just a remake but now I've decided to just do an other remake (again) because looking back at the story it kinda doesn't make sens for why would ash's friend tell him to give up if he finally won a league. so yea if i can mange to get my lazy ass to get working on the new chapter, then it should be up somewhere around this month or at least before Christmas (unless i may be grounded T^T)

announcement: I'd like to thank everyone of you who liked, fallowed me and/or the story and also reviewed. it means alot to me and that what made me work on it again

I'm also sadden to say that I somehow lost my very appreciated editor (remember the one i talked about last chapter) so if anyone is interested to be my editor i would very much appreciated it, I would prefer if you have access to google drive tho./p
I'll also won't lie and say that the lack of an editor isn't what made me stop working on the story for so long, many tim i've thought of working on this story but never could get my self to work on it

anyway see you on the next chapter (hopefully)