Oh boy, after a 3 years of inactivity I'm back with disappointment. So I'm going to be honest, I kinda hate both of the stories I've wrote mainly because it's filled with mediocre writing and all around kind of "cringy". But I really love the concept of those kind of story, which is the reason my story really just seem like a jumble mess of other better story people wrote. I'm not sure if I will actually write an other story or not as I have Ideas that come and goes but I fear it would be even messier then what I tried to do years ago.

If I do try to make an other story it will probably in the similar vain as the betrayal stories because as much as cliche and "edgy" they are I'm a sucker for them, I do love me some angst. the whole message of this is basically, for those few who cares this story is discontinued (as if it really properly started) and I may or may not make something more or less similar to my previous work