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Pandora stirred her tea meticulously, not paying a great deal of attention to the drink in front of her nearly as much as the person. While she had opted to partake in a different variety of tea leaves, Amelia had decided to enjoy Firewhisky in rapid amounts. They had been at the establishment for no longer than ten minutes and already the woman was onto her third drink. Understandably so given the information dump that had been loaded on top of her shoulders.

"How are you so calm about all of this Pandora?" asked Amelia, her face lacking joy as she stared at the liquid in front of her, almost resisting the temptation to down it in a matter of seconds. "We've just been told that there's an imminent threat to the world and you've been casually snacking and not been affected to what Harry has told us."

"That's because I've known about a majority of it from the start," said Pandora as she finally partook of her tea, the liquid lacking a touch of warmth from when it had been poured. "At a point, there had been a flick of a switch where I had realized something was different, something had changed and the further I delved into that information, the more I discovered. Now I actively live every day that I have to the fullest with the knowledge that I shouldn't be here in the first place. I've already been given years more than what I was meant to and for that I am grateful."

"That's...beyond messed up," said Amelia, being blunt on the matter. "So the only reason you're alive is because Harry got thrown back in time. How is that...actually, don't tell me, I've already got enough on my plate today."

"That's fair," said Pandora, providing Amelia with a touch of a smile. "After all, given what Harry told us of his original timeline, he never mentioned anything of what his living conditions were. It's very possible that he grew up outside of your care in his teenage years."

"That that would mean," started Amelia before she dropped her head, realizing the implications of Pandora's words. "My gosh, he was living with them this whole time?"

"Who's to say?" said Pandora with a shrug. "All we know is that you have given Harry a better chance and you should be joyful for that. While the thread of time has shifted it has shifted in the balance of good. You have given Harry something different which then leaves it in your hands to guide him down the right path."

"But then Susan...oh my gosh, Susan!" exclaimed Amelia, slamming her hands on the table. "My niece has a crush on somebody who is years older than her!"

"Your point being?"

Amelia's jaw dropped at the swiftness of Pandora's reply. "All I'm saying is that in our world, is it not possible for respective family members to have been wed off to somebody well beyond what we would consider appropriate, all for the sake of alliances? If Harry is seven years older mentally, given some of what has been arranged in the past that is far from the worst case scenario."

Amelia grumbled something incoherent as she retook her spot, still not happy with the situation but understanding regardless. "Look, I know you're protective of your niece and rightfully so but given who Harry is, do you really think that he would intentionally hurt her?"

"Could you stop making sense Pandora? It's making it really hard to get angry with the situation," stated Amelia. "Look, I get it, Harry's in a situation that he didn't ask for and he's doing something for the sake of the world with a smile on his face. The other day I tried to hex him in the back and he swatted it away like a seasoned veteran, more so even. He had been tirelessly training himself for the worse case scenario and what am I meant to do to help him?"

"Just by being there for him," said Pandora with a smile before partaking in the last of her tea. "He can't be the savior of the world, past or future, all of the time. Actively give him some time to just be him instead of being the one that we put all of our troubles on."

"You make it sound so easy," said Amelia with a pout before she signaled for the bartender to provide her with another drink.

"You don't have to be the best, just try your best okay," said Pandora as she reached over the table and gave Amelia a comforting pat on the hand, one which the head of the DMLE accepted. As Pandora eventually pulled her hand back, she grabbed hold of her empty cup and swirled it over a handful of times. "My now isn't that interesting."

"Look, whatever it is, just keep it to yourself okay," said Amelia, not interested in the slightest to take in any more information.

"Fine, fine, but it does deal with some juicy teenage gossip!"

Amelia signaled for her drink to be made a double.


Sirius stared at the ceiling, a number of empty drinks in front of him as he sat opposite his good friend in Remus who had significantly less empty glasses. "Am I a good guy Remus?" he asked while still staring at the ceiling.

"Of course you are Sirius," stated Remus, doing his best to keep his friend's spirits up.

"Remus, there was a Horcrux belonging to that bastard in my house. In my house Remus! And I didn't know about it," said Sirius as he flailed his arms about. "It was right there under my nose for years and I didn't so much as go near the thing. What if it had corrupted me? What if I had turned into something I wasn't aware of because Harry wasn't there to pick it out and destroy it?"

"It's no good to deal on what ifs and possibilities," said Remus with as much reassurance as he could muster. "We need to focus on the now and what we can do."

"But the thing was in my house!" exclaimed Sirius, unrelenting in his wish to continue the conversation for what it was. "How did it even get there? A bloody Horcurx doesn't just up and find it's way into someone's home!"

"Unless it was put there not to benefit the Dark Lord but to hinder him," suggested Remus.

"Wait, no, you don't mean..." started Sirius before he placed his hands over his face. "Regulus, than that mean, oh no, no, no, no, no."

"Perhaps there was more to your brother than first appeared," said Remus. "Maybe you need to focus on what you can help with before trying to focus on what you can't help."

"Speaking of Remus, do you mind giving your old friend some assistance."

"Yes, of course, what is it?"

"I need to use the little wizard's room and I don't think my legs will get there on their own."

Remus couldn't help but sigh in disbelief but given everything that they had learnt today, he couldn't bring it in himself to blame Sirius for his actions.


"Thank you all for coming and I apologize for my absence in recent times. Sadly there were things outside of Potter Club that I had to contend with for quite some time."

"Such as letting loose a Patronus to get rid of the toad."

"We have to admit, that was pretty cool. More cool if you were hiding amongst the group of people actively trying to make a Patronus happen."

"On a quick note on that, is anybody here responsible for Hufflepuff not having bee allowed to join in on that lesson."

"You almost sound hurt, were you not allowed to come learn the Patronus?"

"Does it matter if I am, fact of the matter is that a whole house was unable to participate in such a good opportunity and I would like to know if we were responsible."

"Alright then, if anybody was involved in preventing Hufflepuff from having come to such a important lesson, please raise your hand."



"Come on! Really? Nobody here did that?"

"Look, to be fair, getting one over on an entire house is a big thing but I for one wanted to learn the spell and I didn't want to stop anybody else from using it. Have you seen what some of the students can produce now? It's not uncommon to see a Corporal Patronus just chilling amongst a group of students as they encourage one another to try to do it themselves. I for one wouldn't want to take that away from anyone."

"So are you saying that you can create a Patoruns?"

"Only whsips at the moment but I will get there."

"That's all well and good but I think at the end of it all, to answer your question, nobody here is responsible for what happened to Hufflepuff."

"How can you be sure?"

"Because for something that big, knowing the people here, they would probably admit to having done so without too much thought."

"We take offense to that."

"Speak for yourself."

"Look, if it came about because of somebody else, full credit to them. In hindsight it is pretty amusing but at the time they had to have some giant balls to even think of doing something like that."

"So that eliminates half the people here then."

"Okay, now I take offense."

"Shut up."

"Alright, so, while I'm happy to have seen you all here again, maybe we call it a day. I doubt we're going to get anywhere today but I still ask all of you to keep coming up with ideas and acting on your own account if you think that what you've come up with actively portrays our beliefs."

"So what you're saying is..."

"Yes, have some free reign to enjoy our time without Umbridge and we will reconvene at a later date."

"On that note, I'm going to find a spell that prevents Hufflepuff from leaving their Common Room."

"Don't you dare!"


Hermione sat in the Gryffindor Common Room after having sat alongside the rest of Potter Club. She had found it interesting that nobody had taken claim for what had happened to Hufflepuff but she hadn't been particularly surprised. Something of that magnitude she would have assumed that she would have heard something about it before it had gone down. As for whether or not somebody had done it on their own right, she hadn't believed so for a second.

As Potter Club, they had dedicated themselves to bringing joy regardless of what House students remained under. What had happened to the Hufflepuff students didn't fit into what they believed in, regardless of how humorous it was in retrospect.

She did have to consider however the fact that somebody, who wasn't affiliated with them, had done something which had put the blame on them amongst their own members. While she only knew half of the members personally, she knew that the prank that had occurred wouldn't have been done by the members she knew. For those she was less familiar with, she didn't believe that they would have had it in them to do what was necessary and put themselves at risk for something as big as that.

Now however, she had a bit of free reign. Something unfamiliar but given she had effectively finished all of her assignments that were necessary. She also had a few people who she believed would be willing to give her some manner of assistance. Getting in contact with them without making it look suspicious was the next thing.

Luna in retrospect should be easy enough, they had visibly been seen chatting with each other near the impromptu soccer pitch so if they were to catch up it wouldn't be seen as suspicious. The other two people she wished to bring into the mix would be a lot more difficult. While she was on good terms with Susan Bones, it wasn't necessarily on terms where the two of them could casually meet up. While she, Susan and Luna were all aware of their positions in Potter Club, through an incident which still rang true in her mind, the fourth person she wished to bring in would be far more difficult.

Daphne Greengrass. While Hermione represented Gryffindor, Susan represented Hufflepuff and Luna represented Ravenclaw, there was no member of Slytherin to round it all out. Amongst the members of Potte Club, it was common knowledge that Daphne Greengrass was a member due to her and Tracy Davis having barged into a meeting without concealing their identities.

Hermione however, had an idea in motion that, for the betterment of Potter Club as a whole, required the teamwork of one member of each house. She, Luna and Susan were all aware of their own positions in Potter Club and they all knew that Daphne was also a member. It seemed almost like the right thing to do in bring Daphne into the fold where she knew a few members outside of Tracy.

Whether Harry would appreciate her move, she couldn't tell. She would more than likely require the use of his Invisibility Cloak but if she was to say that it was or the betterment of Potter Club then it would likely be given to her without too much question.

Part of her just really hoped that this was the right thing to do.


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