As Savannah had asked for more time to get her car up to spec than she wouldn't waste any time on beginning to work on it, so Han raced over to his computer and looked at the recently placed orders. There was everything Savannah would need to get her car to the same spec as her car in the states, with that in his mind he rushed out to where he had parked Savannah's car. Relief flooded through him as he saw a pair of legs sticking out from under the car, he hooked his foot under the lip of the mechanics creeper, pulling Savannah from under the car.

"Morning." She said as she sat up pulling the rag from where it had been stuffed into her belt and began wiping her hands as she held out her hand for Han to help her up. Han stared at her for a moment, he could see it now, the resemblance it was only subtle, subtle enough that people who knew Dom personally would be able to see it.

"You going to help me up or keep staring?" She asked, he took her hand and pulled her to her feet, she was wearing a black tank top for the first time since he had met her arms were bare and he could see all the scars that peppered their way up her arms, to her shoulders and along her neckline. It was no wondered she always kept herself covered up, probably to stop people from asking questions.

"You been here all night?" He asked, she could tell by the tone of his voice that he wasn't too impressed with her right now but she shrugged off the question as she went to her toolbox.

"I went to a bar, spent an hour or so there, when I received tons of messages about GDK calling me out and asking what I was going to do about it." She gave him a half shrug as she placed the tools back in their rightful places, as if her explanation of the night's events were answer enough.

"Why didn't you tell me your last name was Toretto?" Han asked, he couldn't help but feel hurt that she had kept that from him even though she more than likely had her reasons.

"Is my last name that important? As you can tell I have amassed quite the fan base, when we met and I introduced myself, you treated me like a normal person not some legend it was nice to be normal, I didn't want to ruin that by giving out my last name and have you looking at me like you are now." Savannah said as she turned around to look at Han and he closed the distance between them, he reached for her hand and could see in her eyes that she was fighting hard not to flinch away.

"You ever going to tell me who was so unkind to you that you flinch every time someone tries to initiate physical contact." He said gently as he ran his fingers gently up her arm, he felt every bump and grove that were the scars on her arms, he had to admit that he didn't even see Kayleigh touch her friend always staying close but far enough away that Savannah was relaxed. Savannah looked away from him, she could remember how she had received every scar that marred her body, every time he ran his fingers over one the memories would come back, she fought every fibre in her being that told her to run.

"Not here, a garage is where I remade myself and I won't allow anyone or anything to take that from me." She sighed, other than her closest friends who had witnessed what had happened to her she hadn't spoken about how she had become so... The only word she could think of was damaged. Han nodded silently as he laced his fingers through hers and lead her to his car, opening the door for her and she slid into the passenger seat.

"I'm taking Savannah out, call me if you need me." He shouted to the others before getting in the RX-7 and they sped off, Savannah had no idea where he was taking her but she had to admit that even though a part of her screamed no, run. She felt safe with him, they had flirted, they had had silent conversations, he could read her when no one else could, she guessed it was time he knew the truth about her. They left Tokyo's main streets and headed up to the mountains the twisty roads where she had controlled her drifting for the first time in, she didn't know how long. Han rolled to a stop in the same layby as before, turned off the engine and got out the car and took a seat on the dirt floor looking out over Tokyo. Savannah took a deep breath to try and slow her beating heart before she followed him. He stayed silent letting her take the lead.

"My mum got pregnant with me when she was in high school, something happened between her and my dad and she left the state moved elsewhere, fell into the wrong crowd when I was born trying to make ends meet you know, but she soon fell into drugs... She actually married her ass of a dealer and that's when things went really downhill, Kayleigh lived a couple doors down and my best friend Rowan lived next door, they tried to help as best they could but when your step-dad is friends with the police it just gets you into more trouble." She sighed as she began telling Han her story, she pulled her knees up to her chest as the painful memories hit her again.

"Eventually my step-dad wouldn't let me see them apart from school, the injuries were easy to hide at first, but then my mum OD'd that's when it got worse, my only escape was sneaking out over to Rowan's and working on his brothers car with him and his brother. That's until my step-dad found out, pulled me out of school so that he wouldn't have to explain my injuries, I left at sixteen. I hung around the car crowd while I was living on the streets when one guy took a shine to little old me, I was already beat down thanks to my step-dad I was easy prey for someone like him. He was worse than my step-dad. But with Rowan's help I was able to race, I saved up all the money I won and bought a garage, funded it with my racing until it stated making money on its own." She sighed there was a faint smile on her face as she talked about racing and the garage.

"I'm sorry that happened to you." Han said softly when Savannah had finished talking, he looked over at her, her eyes hadn't left the scenery, she hadn't looked at him once, he could tell she hadn't gone into all the details but he got the picture, the way she acted around new people, the way she acted when he had touched her, the scars on her body, that told him everything else he needed to know about that story.

"What about your biological dad? I'm sure he wouldn't have let that happen if he had known it was going on." Han asked as gently as he could, but Savannah just shrugged.

"He didn't want me, was too young to have a kid, plus he wasn't really interested in my mother I think it was kind of a one-night stand kind of thing, all I know about him is I share his last name and an article my mum cut out of the newspaper of him street racing, it doesn't have a first name and there's no picture, Marcus managed to trace someone who fitted the profile he came up with to Japan, it's one of the reasons we came here." Savannah said as she reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out the newspaper article that was now incredibly worn and was beginning to tear.