Chapter 1:

The night they finally got rid of Norbert was when it started. Charlie's friends were funny. They told bawdy jokes. The woman with shocking pink hair, who told them to call her Tonks, gave them both hugs and told Harry and Hermione to be careful and make sure to avoid Filch. The hug shocked Harry; he thought he never met this woman before. Yet somehow she seemed slightly familiar. This thought echoed in Harry's mind as he and Hermione watched them board their broomsticks and fly off. The two shuffled off in their slippers and robes toward Gryffindor tower.

After running into McGonagall, Neville and Malfoy

It was past midnight when Hermione, Neville and Harry returned to Gryffindor tower and got into bed. Both boys were dreading the morning when the rest of their house found out how much points they had lost. Harry tried to go to sleep but the nervousness kept him awake. He stared at the ceiling till he drifted off.

That night Harry had a dream and for once it wasn't a nightmare. Harry was at the Great hall at Hogwarts, but unlike usual it wasn't overrun with Students and teachers. There was a single table where a large amount of people sat. Some of them Harry recognized, such as Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid and Professor Flitwick. Was that Dedalus Diggle, the Wizard he had met in the Leaky Cauldron, as well as seen before he knew about magic? And Ms. Figg, the crazy cat lady who took care of him when the Dursleys went out.

Two identical men with red hair sat there as well and for a second he thought they were Fred and George, but then McGonagall screamed in outrage," Gideon and Fabian Prewett!"

Her pointed witches hat now had a cat's eyes and whiskers. A man in ragged robes was pounding his fist on the table (Mundungus Fletcher), and a woman who reminded Harry of Neville was stifling her giggles in her husband's shoulder (Alice and Frank). She had a baby in her lap. He wasn't the only child there, a girl around eight sat near her mother, a witch with curly black hair, and her father. The girl was looking at the ceiling in awe, and her hair shifted to become the blue of the sky (and ceiling) over the Great Hall. Could this be a younger Tonks?

Harry did not have time to observe the rest of the people at the table when the doors to the Hall about. A young man was laughing as he spotted McGonagall's hat. He wore a muggle T-shirt, leather jacket and jeans. His long black locks framed his handsome face. Harry thought he was familiar, and so was the man at his side. His robes were a bit shabby and the man had grey hairs although he seemed far too young for that. The rest of his hair was a sandy color and his golden eyes were laughing, though he didn't dare laugh out loud like his friend. The third man was short and pudgy. His dirty blond hair was cut short and his eyes were squinted like a rat's. Harry shivered as he observed this man, he felt as if he had met all three before when the first called out.

"Prongs! You see this? It's not the best work by far- that title goes to us- but this is hilarious."

McGonagall groaned as the man sent her a wink. The three sat down and Harry started to move closer when he gasped. In walked in his Father and Mother, holding a baby that would one day become him. His father looked like he wanted to laugh as well, but his mother's glare quieted him.

"Gid, Fab, I would commend you before showing you a better trick, but I'm not at the liberty too," his father said before sitting down next to the man who had called him Prongs. "Sorry Padfoot. Not while Lily's here."

Lily was using her wand to unfold a play mat and unload some toys from her purse. She sat Harry down to play and turned to the table, "Would Dora and Neville like to come play as well?"

The baby that was Neville was put down with Harry. Both boys looked like they were little above a year old, Tonks or Dora as his mother had called her looked hesitant.

"I'm 8 years old. They're babies I can't play with them!" she pouted.

Her mother sighed, "Dora, go play. You don't want to listen to grown up talk."

"I'm grown up!" the eight year old cried, "At least more than Sirius!" Harry's father laughed with the sandy haired man at their friend's affronted expression. So Padfoot was really called Sirius.

After calming down the sandy haired man spoke "Here Dora, have some chocolate," he handed the girl a chocolate frog from his pocket, "You're definitely not a baby. After all Harry and Neville can't eat chocolate, can they?"

The little girl beamed and scurried off to amuse the boys with her color changing hair.

Dumbledore coughed into his fist, "Now that our youngest members are all settled, we should begin the Order meeting."

Then Harry was shaken awake.