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Albus Dumbledore held his head in his hands as he thought over the past few years, and how they revolved around a certain child that had not been seen in a nearly a decade.

When he had placed the little Potter upon his Aunt's step that November night, he had done so under the belief that the child would grow up safe, if not comfortable, under the ancient and esoteric protections wrought by Lily Potter.

How wrong he had been.

He gazed tiredly around his office, filled with trinkets and books, portraits of Headmasters past, yet even when his eyes landed on the well known but still awe inspiring sight of his beloved familiar, he found no comfort in the warmth of their shared bond.

In the morning after the boy had been placed with his last, maternal blood relations did he come back to his office to find that the instruments, to which he had attuned the Blood Magic based wards, were not working at all. His mind screamed only one conclusion to this dilemma.

Harry Potter had not entered Number 4, Privet Drive.

From there on his life had become so complicated, he silently mourned, as he had immediately left to search the area with Minerva and Alastor and had come up with nothing. Yet, there were no traces of magic dissimilar to his own, Harry's, Minerva's, or Hagrid's. It had caused him no small amount of headaches that his calming draught laced lemon drops couldn't fix.

He had called together the Order so that they could begin a search mission, but there were no links or leads to be found in any of the common places, or uncommon for that matter, as Harry Potter seemed to have vanished into thin air! It was maddening.

A month after the disappearance, he had to admit defeat and declare to the Ministry that the Boy-Who-Lived, that wretched moniker, had gone missing.


There had been mobs in the streets, witches weeping and moaning their savior's disappearance, howlers constantly assaulting the ministry and his office to the point that he had to cast a mail redirection charm on himself specifically attuned to the magic of the fowl letters.

The loudest of those who decried him was none other than Minerva McGonagall herself, laying into him with her Scottish brogue to the point he had had to silence her, and he swore that as he had done so, her eyes had slit and her teeth had sharpened into a feline snarl. What a terrifying woman, he mused. He was sure Tom would have given up his status and self-made title just to get her away from him in that state.

As if summoned by his errant thoughts, said Scottish Dame came into the room, looking at him with the same professional aloofness that he had been subjected to since the incident those years ago.

"Ah Minerva, what can I do for you this fine morning? Would you care for tea or one of my newest cravings? It's called a peanut-butter cup and it is quite delicious if I do say so" he popped one into his mouth from an ornate dish, etched with runes for preservation to keep the contents fresh, made himself to forgo waste of his desired treats.

She pursed her lips in displeasure "No thank you Albus. I have come to inform you that Flamel's register has begun its scrying into the addresses of the students attending this September." She may have seemed her usual stern self, but she was anxious to find if Lily and James' little boy was still alive after all of these years, still hating herself for letting Albus convince her it was best to leave a toddler outside in the cold of Winter.

Albus' jovial expression turned serious, and his sparkling eyes seemed to dull with his mood "Yes, I believe it is the time of year when the letters are to be sent. Let us hope that we find good news waiting for us."

His mood lifted slightly "Well, my dear, shall we head to the chamber to see if we might find the mysterious location of young Mr. Potter?"

She nodded, and they both stood and headed to a door to the right of the main entrance of the Headmaster's office.

The small chamber held inside nothing aside from a marble pedestal, upon which sat a heavy tome of a great size. It was floating just above its resting place to show its activated state.

The weathered book was a thing of beauty, bound in an opalescent leather of unknown origin and covered in patterns of Celtic Knots, but its real magnificence came from the ancient and powerful enchantments layered into it during every part of its creation. It had been a gift to Albus from his former master, Nicolas Flamel, that had been enchanted by his wife Perenelle to use a powerful mind magic to pierce the thoughts of all who lived in Britain, before adding their name to itself if they showed signs of possessing magic. It is truly incredible in the fact that it can send its influence, using Hogwart's ambient magic, to cover the total of Britain, but it is ingenious in the fact that it can pierce any wards, for there exists no such thing to block the type of mind magic expelled by the book.

It was through this book that all muggleborns were discovered and identified, a fact that the Ministry was all too eager to cover up so as to keep itself looking omniscient when one is told about the Wizarding World for the first time.

Minerva carefully raised her wand, before maneuvering the tip in a figure-eight motion and mumbling an unknown incantation, causing the book to open to a page roughly in the middle. The two professors searched the pages and quickly found, to their immense relief and joy, the address of one Mr. H J Potter. Though that relief quickly turned into confusion upon reading said address.

Mr. H J Potter

The Gold Room

The Sanctuary, Scotland

Minerva turned to look at her employer with concern in her eyes "Do you have any idea where this may be, Albus? I have never seen the register list an address while giving us so little information"

Said man shook his head, while his forehead gained a prominent crease "No, I have never heard of such a place. I believe, though, that I shall attach a tracking charm to Mr. Potter's acceptance letter, so that we may be able to locate this residence and speak more directly with the young man."

She nodded her acceptance "Yes, I believe that we should both attend this meeting if at all possible. We have no idea who may be near the lad when the letter arrives, and it would be better to be prepared."

"An excellent idea Minerva! We shall then send the letter as soon as we have everything ready."

With that, the two began to prepare for the upcoming meeting.

In a sitting room, in a place none too far from the two anxious professors, sat a young man reading a text that was rather advanced for his age, while he gently stroked the head of his extremely content companion.

"So, the day you told me about is finally happening, isn't it?" the young man looked down at his mentor, adviser, and friend.

-Yesss, it finally issss, my hatchling-

The next morning, Harry Potter's birthday alternatively, dawned early as the two professors in-the-know met at the castle's gates, preparing for a meeting that held so many questions between them.

"I see that you are ready to leave, my dear. Just allow me to tie you into the charm, it should have arrived last night." She nodded and felt the magical thread latch onto her.

Albus nodded, satisfied "I believe Fawkes has agreed to take us to the place in which Mr. Potter resides, for I do not wish to appear using my own magic. Who knows what could happen when a wizard's magic interacts with the unknown protections surrounding the area?" But Minerva looked perplexed.

"Why did you not use Fawkes in the fist place, to locate the boy, Albus?" Albus sighed.

"Alas, I do not know that myself, but Fawkes could never find Harry's magic after he was misplaced. He can only track my magic on the letter." This worried both Albus and Minerva, for a phoenix to be unable to find someone whose magic it had felt before...?

They both turned when a flash of light and heat appeared above them, revealing Fawkes flapping his wings to hover and trilling a beautifully uplifting song. Both humans, feeling their spirits lighten and their mood improve, grasped a long, fiery tail-feather and were whisked away just as Fawkes had appeared.

When they both could see again, they noticed they had appeared in a moderate sized receiving room with a large and ornate, black marble fireplace, flecked with gold, roaring with the emerald fire of a connected floo. The room seemed to have no doors or windows, leading the room to feel like a highly elegant box. The floors were the same rich marble of the fireplace mantle, the walls partially covered in a white wainscoting, and the rest papered with a glittering, navy blue paper embossed with miniature versions of a family crest that both acknowledged to be foreign to them.

"Hmmm, I have seen receiving rooms such as this before in many of the older family man-" he was abruptly cut off by a pop that seemed to be amplified in the box-like room, startling the two and making them turn.

"Hello's madame and misters professors! I is Click, and I's welcomes you to the Sanctuary, Peverell Manor!" A small, squeaky voice of a house elf dressed in black, wizard-like robes bearing the crest from the walls was bowing to the point that its nose touched the floor.

Albus' mind screeched to a halt...Peverell Manor...Peverell

He felt faint, his heart beating erratically and his breath frozen in his chest. How long? How long had he and Gellert searched for any trace to the ancient family that was spoken of in a child's fairy tale, but so much more? He had searched for the Hallows in his youth, holding onto and seeing two in his age, hearing of and dreaming of that power, the power over Death itself.

He shook himself of those darkened places of his mind quickly, neither wishing nor willing to revisit to the hateful young man he had once been.

"Ah, thank you for your generous welcome, good sir" the little elf squeaked louder and tinted green on his cheeks, Minerva shot him an exasperated look to which he just smiled brightly back "We have come here to speak with Mr. Potter if he is available at the moment" his eyes sparkled brightly at the elf.

The elf looked highly uncomfortable at the gaze, yet answered firmly "Master Harrison be expecting yous, is why the nasty wards is not be hurting madame and misters"

The elf then stood straight, in a slightly uniform stance of attention before his arm swept towards the continuously burning floo flame.

"The Master be waiting for yous. Hes be on the other side."

The two professors said a small thanks to the elf-which was squeaked at-before it popped away and the two were left alone again. Both looked at each other for a long moment more to steel themselves before Minerva gracefully stepped into the flames and disappeared with a flare. Albus braced himself and used his occlumency barriers to stabilize his emotions, before he too stepped into the flames, leaving the room bare once more.

As he stepped out of the floo, Albus noticed Minerva gazing straight forward with a painfully tense posture and her wand gripped tightly in her hand. Alarmed, he was about to try to calm her and assess the situation when he heard a young, decidedly male voice call out to him, one that made him freeze in his tracks before a smile bloomed on his face and he side-stepped his colleague.

"Hello Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall. Welcome to my home."

What he saw made his blood freeze in his veins, occlumency crumbling like a cracked shell, and horror claw at his heart, terror gripping his throat. It couldn't be, not that, but it was.

Standing not far from them was a young man with similarities to both Lily Evans and James Potter, yet so different it was startling. Black, inky hair falling in waves past his shoulders, curling at the end, green eyes so different from Lily's in a shade mimicking Chinese jade, not hidden behind James Potter's glasses, standing at a respectable height for one his age, smiling at them happily.

But that is not what turned him to stone where he stood.


That honor went to the absolutely massive python curled on the floor behind the boy, its head and neck rising so that it could see over his shoulder. Piercing yellow eyes glared at he and Minerva wickedly, luminous just as the venomous green and shining brown color of its scales.


His wand was pointed at the infamous serpent faster than most could blink, much less react, with a curse micro-moments from leaving the tip. He would not let that demon harm another, much less the destroyer of her bonded master. Yet, before he could do anything, Harry-young, sweet, innocent, child-turns to the shadow crawling assassin and-...

smacks in on the nose

smacks it on the nose...Nagini...Voldemort's assassin...

The incredulous feelings within him climb higher when the snake moves its face closer to Harry's and releases an almost whining hiss at the boy, to which the boy hisses right back.

He needs to sit down, as Minerva has already decided to do, because he is definitely too old for his heart to take much more of the shocks it has felt the past two days.

He and she watch in morbid fascination as the boy and snake have a bantering, hissing argument for a few moments before Harry turns to both of us and smiles sheepishly

"I'm sorry if she scared you, but Nagini was trying to pull a prank and has a terrible sense of humor" a loud, agitated hiss "which she will deny to her last breath"

After taking a moment to calm herself, she takes in Harry Potter and the snake with a critical eye used to catching the smallest of details to punish, she nods and stands before walking brusquely towards the the two.

"As for your earlier introduction Mr. Potter, thank you, though I must say that I was quite surprised seeing you in the first place, much less with You-Know-Who's familiar" she raised a questioning-incredulous,dry-eyebrow at the boy.

"Yeah, sorry professor. I guess I should have warned you before you came in." He smiled sheepishly and rubbed his hand through his hair in a manner so reminiscent to James Potter is struck her.

"Anyway, I guess I have a few things to explain to you. Ummm" he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth "would you like tea and biscuits?"

"Yes, I believe that would be appropriate" she sees the lost look on Albus' face and knows he has been mightily startled by the meeting so far. Tea would do good in bringing him back to focus. Especially for a conversation like this one is looking to turn out to be. She sighed

Harry snapped and the house-elf, Clink, from earlier appeared with a tea service laden with all the amenities and some biscuits and sandwiches. She takes hers as she prefers, and prepares Albus' for him before she sits next to him on an amethyst colored sofa.

This gives her the opportunity to take in the room she had entered earlier without having the chance to truly see it. The walls, gold she remembers from his address, are rich, textured paper decorated with violet swirling designs, both colors muted as to not blind the occupants. The carpet is thick and luxurious, spanning the entire floor of the spacious parlor. The fireplace looks very similar to the one through which she entered, though slightly more narrow.

She and Albus sat upon a couch that faced two similarly colored wing-back chairs, one in which Harry is sitting, the other the snake, and between the lounging pieces is a beautiful cast iron coffee stand with a glass top. Along the wall opposite the fireplace is a wooden buffet, painted black. It seems very classy, and screams wealth without it being gaudy.

By this point they have all sipped their tea, and she can clearly see Albus has gotten over his shock, ready to listen and question the young man many thought dead or kidnapped. Though that last one was a possibility still...

Harry cleared his throat, gaining both their attention "Well, I guess you would have questions about why I'm not at Aunt Petunia's, where I was, and how I got here."

They both made signs of agreement "Indeed Mr. Potter, why not start with the beginning"

He nodded "To make it clear and quick, Clink found me right after you and the large man left and brought me here. He felt my magic calling to him through the family bond he is bound through, and he decided he would take me here, to raise me away from the people he said felt 'icky and vile, nos good for Master Harrison, no sir'"

She blinked, not realizing the young elf she had seen was that old, but she felt slightly foolish for not thinking that any elves bound to the Potter family would feel the boy's magic. She completely agreed with his assessment of that family though, they are completely vile.

Albus hummed slightly, in a contemplative manner "So, my boy, the wonderful elf we met decided to raise you here, but did he do it alone? Did he have help from someone else?"

She raised an eyebrow, apparently he was digging to see if Harry was brought here with anyone else, or he as alone with the elf.

"No sir. The wards around the manor would only allow someone from the family and their elves inside. Plus, it would be a terrible idea for someone to try to break-in even if they were a really powerful and skilled curse breaker. They wouldn't make it to the house in the first place, there are more wards around the property and the creatures."

Creatures? The two shared a look before Minerva asked the question most prominently on their minds.

"Creatures, Mr. Potter? Whatever do you mean by that?" she would dread the answer, given his reaction.

He gained an excited spark in his pale eyes and a grin tore itself across his face "This place is called the Sanctuary for a reason professors. This house and the land around it have hundreds of magical creatures from every level on the X scale!"

She reared back as if struck and went so pale, it was like the her face had lost the ability to retain blood. Albus looked both horrified and fascinated, she scowled, the old man was a child at heart.

She cleared her throat and sipped her lukewarm tea in an attempt to remove the lump in it "From every level?! There are level five creatures here? Th-that cannot be safe!" She removed it, but behind it was a wellspring of shock.

The boy just grinned wider if it were possible "But that's the thing professor, it's perfectly safe for me or anyone who I invite with me on the grounds"

Albus took over when it seemed she was too incredulous to even dignify that with a response "My boy, why do you say it is perfectly safe when dealing with creatures and beings that could kill scores of fully-trained wizards by themselves?" He seemed genuinely concerned and that sobered the boy enough to give a firm answer.

"Let me tell you something about my family, professors. My greatest ancestor was Ignotus Peverell, the third brother of the three brothers of legend. When his two elder brothers died, he knew that he would have to have a child if he wanted to continue his family name, so he married a Spanish woman who was the last of her family name too, they had two children. The eldest took Ignotus' name and was named Godric, and the youngest took the mother's name, Gaunt, and was named Salazar. These two would change their names when they opened a school with two Norse witches who were tired of fighting and wanted to learn and teach more passive magic, not used to slaughter, Rowena who was Dagworth-Granger and Helga who was Smith."

They just sat and stared at the boy who claimed to know the origins of the founders, something lost to history, and similarly claimed to have descended from the Gaunt and Peverell families, two ancient lines that had died out over time. Yet, he continued on as if the non-answer was what he needed to begin his tale again.

"They changed their name to what they are known as now, but each had a unique talent from their bloodlines that they were born from. Salazar acquired the ability to speak the language of the snakes, Parseltongue, and Godric gained the the ability to manipulate the spirits through the Peverell ability of Necromancy, the other carrying the talent in their blood even if it wasn't active. Godric became a beast master, a creature tamer using his gifts to control the spirits of those he encountered. The Potter family showed up when the last of Godric's main line was under attack and changed his name to escape. Hogwarts motto comes from a time when someone was stupid enough to provoke Godric's first tamed beast, a Hungarian Horntail"

Finally, she began to regain the speech she lost through that fantastic and outlandish tale, gaining momentum as she spoke "Mr. Potter, I-I..I don't know what to say, but this is unbelievable! I, it..it would have been recorded somewhere or known by someone! It is just too outlandish!"

She was breathing heavily by the time she was finished, staring hard at the boy who looked far too calm for having heard her rant, though she would never use that word. Albus, silent, stared at the boy with a heavy look full of scrutiny and a small sense of...wonder? Surely he did not think that this was-

Mr. Potter continued again, slowly and with a melancholy in his voice that did not match one so young and vibrant moments ago. He lifted the hair of his fringe and showed us the scar he received on that tainted night.

Speaking softly "This isn't just a scar you know? I think I know what happened that night, because this is the rune Sowilō , the rune of power and the sun."

Both focused on him intently in that moment "I learned from Nagini that Voldemort was the last of Salazar's main line, but Salazar was younger than Godric. When he tried to kill me, the family magic reacted to the last in the younger line, trying to destroy the last of the older line, and the magic stole his power where the curse hit me, marking me with power, while the other lost his and was destroyed. That's why I can speak Parseltongue when my dad couldn't, 'cause he didn't have Salazar's portion of the family magic to activate it like I do."

When he finished, there was a dead silence in the room, the two staring at him, one in shock, one in dawning realization.

She focused on him, trying to find a reason that this was not real for reasons she did not know herself, clinging desperately to her last argument.

She looked at him, focusing her gaze on him totally "But, why? If what you say is true, then why did James not survive?" It may have sounded harsh, and cruel, but she was trying to make sense of something world-shattering, something she was woefully unprepared for.

Albus answered before he could, a light of realization and awe in his eyes that she had never seen before.

He spoke in a reverent whisper "James was not the last of the line...so the magic did not react to his death in the way that it did to young Harry"

The silence once again settled heavily upon the room, but Harry broke it as a way to shift away the slight awkwardness of it all.

He spoke again, startling the elder two "So you see, that's why I'm perfectly safe around the creatures here whether X or XXXXX, 'cause the two bloodlines are equal strength in me. I can control the creatures, and speak to some. They truly can't hurt me"

Albus Dumbledore stared at the boy thought lost, the boy who changed his perspective of the Wizarding World. For the first time he thought of the prophecy in a new light.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...Born as the seventh month dies...to parents who have thrice defied him...and the Dark Lord shall mark him as his equal...but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives...the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...Born as the seventh month dies...

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