After the shooting

After the shooting a jump of seven years is too much, to smooth. Kate has PTSD, Castle may also suffered from it. This time it's Rick who runs away.



It been six months and two days since Rick, and Kate were shot.

Almost everyone had visited them both in the hospital and at the welcome home gathering when they were both release from the hospital. Since then Lanie was the only one to see either one.

The word around was Kate was coming back to the 12th soon and that Castle was in California with Alexis. Lanie only was able to talk with Kate by cell phone, she never answered the house phone at the loft. She never got an answer for why this was so.

So it was with great surprise that when the elevator opened at nine (9am) on Friday and out stepped Captain Kate Beckett/Castle in full dress uniform. She walked over to the captain's office, and knocked on the door.

"Captain Hoss I'm here to relieve you of command of the 12th precinct."

"Good morning Captain Beckett. I have all the reports and paperwork ready for you. Please come in and take a seat. Please close the door captain."

Two hours later both Captains left the office together.

"Sargent Esposito please gather all the detectives, and senior officers, in the building and sent them to the large conformance on the first floor."

"Yes sir Captain Hoss."

Havi went off to get the detectives to the meeting. It took over a half hour. In the mean time both Captains got a mug of coffee then they they went to the meeting.

"Good morning detectives and senior officers. You all know me but some of you are new and have not met Captain Kathryn Beckett. Captain Beckett will resume command of the 12th precinct as of noon today.

May I be the first to say welcome back Captain Beckett.

"Thank you Dave it's so good to be back. I'll come around and see everyone to get to know what happened to you in the last six months. My door will be open to all. So back to work, and stay safe please."

Both captains returned to the fourth floor office of the captain. They signed final paper. The captains shook hands,and Captain Hoss left.

"Sargent Esposito, my office now."

Kate bellow out so the entire fourth floor could here.

"Yes captain what can I do for you."

"Close the door, and draw the blinds."

Havi did as he was told then he stood still.

"I'm not going to bit you so relax. I want you to be my deputy. To do that you need to be a lieutenant. So sign these papers and the test is in three weeks. I also have paper for Kevin, his test for Sargent is also in three week. So get the books and study in the conference room. I'll keep you with a light work load."

"You want me to become a lieutenant and become you deputy?"

"Yes I do why?"

"Castle has always been your Unofficial deputy, and partner."

"Castle has taken up residency in California. He will not be helping here at the 12th."

"Are you two still together?"

"Were still married, but legally separated, as of three months ago."

"I hate to ask but you or him?"

"He has issues with me and our marriage. He thinks it's all wrong that I chose my job over him and his daughter. They are together with Hallie."

"Are you trying to get back together?"

"Havi I tried. He will not talk to me he only sends messages in text. All my calls go to voice mail. I have given up trying. I'll give my job the best and forget the rest."

"I'm so sorry Kate. If I can do anything just ask."

"You can help me get up to speed on what is going on in the 12th. Then you and Kevin can start studying for those those test. I have been assured if, make that when you pass, you will be fast tracked to promotion. So what the gossip on the 12th?"

They talked for a half hour then, they both went back to work. At the end of the day she went home to her new apartment. She had not been back to the loft since Rick left for the coast.

Her new apartment was a short walk from the precinct, It was not as nice as the loft but it was her new home.

Gathering her mail she sorted it by good, bad, and junk. Most were junk, offers of free new credit cards, and new vacation homes. The good was a single card from Lanie who was in London on an exchange program for three months.

Then she reached her bad mail, mostly bills, lights, gas, credit cards. Then the long envelope with the lawyers name embossed on the upper left corner. She decided she would read this after she changed out of her power suit and could relax.

She changed and made herself something to eat then went into her bedroom to read the letter she hoped she would never received.

Carefully open the dreaded envelope. It almost fell from her grasp as she saw the heading. It was an official notice of a divorce from Rick. Her eyes started to water and she was forced to stop reading as she could not see with the tears flowing down her face. It was over an hour before she could recover her composer enough to read more. Rick was filing as unrecognizable difference. He was divorcing her in California, not New York. Kate question why and decided she needed to talk to her lawyer.

After a long sleepless night got up and cleaned up and dressed for work. At work she did a check-in with the boys and the placed a call to her lawyer.

Her lawyer told her that if Rick divorced her in New York she would have to fight to get a fair settlement, In California she was entitled to fifty percent of everything he owned. Her lawyer was very surprised he did that way. In New York she would have only be entitle to a % of what he earned while they were married.

She made an appointment to see him at four (4pm). She told everyone she was leaving for a appointment. She arrived at a few minutes before four and was shown in to the office.

She handed him the notice and he read it completely.

"Kate he is giving you one half of his entire worth. The second sheet spells it out in detail. He also is giving you half the royalties from all the 'Heat books'. All he wants is a free divorce with no public fanfare. My advice is to take it and start new."

"It too much. I want only him."

"Well he does not want you, and is willing to pay you very much to make you go away. His statement is sad, he said you are on a tract to destroy yourself and everyone around you.

He said he felt her needed to protect his family from you.

Kate I advise you to sigh this decree and cut all ties with him and his family. You need to start a new life without him."

"How do I start a new life? I never needed, or wanted his money. Now he's forcing it upon me. He is, or was my one and done. How do you replace a part or your self? I'll sign this only to make him happy. You must include a clause that he has to read the entire decree, so he must read my final statement of my love for him."

"Do you want me to write it or do you want to write it yourself?"

"I'll write it now."

The note:

Dear beloved Rick I have made it so you must read this to get you divorce. You have cut me off, you will not talk to me, or answer my text, so read this.

I am only signing the decree so you are happy. I do not want a divorce, I have loved you from the time I first read you books after my mother died. They gave me a reason to live again. I know we fought the feeling for each other for years. Then I let my heart win and I let you in. I never felt I was good enough for you. I find it hurting that now you finally agree with me.

I will always love you and will never be able to replace the love I have for you. I hope you and your family have a happy, and a long life.

Your soon to be X-wife


Kate signed the paper and left for home. At her apartment she proceeded to drink herself into sleep.

For the next two weeks things went along fine at the 12th . Crime stayed at an even level, but solving rate was up. This was due in part by Kate actualizing involving herself in the investigations. She worked long hours and never complained to anybody about it.

Week three hit sour note they had a case that seem to go nowhere. Every lead hit a dead end. By Friday the entire unit was frustrated. At five (5pm) Kate sent all the detectives home, and she went home also. After a half bottle of Gray Goose she stumbled into her bed.

During the night she had a dream that Rick call her and told her to look outside the box and check again the Vic finances.

When she awoke wit a head that cried for relief she took a shower, and some (NSID) pain relievers. As her head cleared she checked her phone to see if Rick had called. She was flabbergasted when they was a call at three (3am) from CA. She added the number to her phone and decided to call him back after noon as they was a time difference.

After cleaning her clean house and doing her laundry she waited for the clock to reach twelve. Then she call the CA number, it rang four times before it was answered.

"Castle residence who do you wish to speak to?"

"Mr. Richard Castle please."

"Whom do I say is calling?"

"Tell him it's wife number three."

"One moment please."

"Hello Kate, head any better this morning?"

"A little bit. Why did you call he last night?"

"I read the divorce decree and your note."

"So you called me in the middle of the night."

"Yes I did and you were very drunk, and talkative."

"I was drunk and talkative, and you asked me questions."

"No you asked the questions."

"Did you answer? You have avoided talking to me for so long, why did you talk to me knowing I was drunk?"

"I told you I read your note. I needed to know if it was real. With you drunk all filters from your brain to her mouth. You told me things you were holding back because you thought it would hurt me."

"OMG what did I say?"

"You told me you were afraid you were not the woman you needed to be to be my wife. You said you wanted to have a baby by me. You wanted to have me donate my sperm so you could have a child by me but not have to beg me to make you pregnant in an affair."

"OMG Rick I'm so sorry. It was just the drink talking I'm sure."

"No Kate it was you. I told you last night I could not be a donor. In ether a artificial insemination ,or as in an affair.

Kate if you want a baby get married."

"OK mister wordsmith how am I to find a man who wants to marries me. With my job, and my qualification for a new husband."

"What are your qualification for a new husband."

"For starters my qualification will be based on you. No man I have ever met comes close to you. So unless you have a twin no husband no baby."

"Don't give up start in you own neighborhood. Try asking the next man who knocks on your door for a date. You maybe surprised at the results."

"Rick what are you drinking ,or smoking. Ask a total stranger for a date looking for a new husband. What are you thinking?"

"Well it was a try. To change the subject how did the lead I gave you last night?

"I have not been into work today I'm off weekends, I'm the boss, remember."

"Then your home now, in your new apartment?"

"How do you know I have a new apartment?"

"You told me last night, you said you were lonesome."

"The booze talking again."

"Well I have to go I have something I need to do that I should have done a long of time ago. Stay safe Kate I'll talk to you soon."

"It was nice talking to you to, I meant what I wrote you. Hope to talk to you also."

As she hung up the phone their was a knock on her door. As the building was guarded with a doorman and video surveillance she was sure it was a neighbor or maintenance at her door. She opened the door without looking thou the door hole.

She almost had a hart attack when she saw who was at her door.

"Hi! I'm looking for a woman who would like to go out on a date. Are you interested Miss?"

"Rick! What are you doing here at my door."

"Looking for a date from a beautiful woman who said she still loves me. Even after I became a complete jackass."

"OMG! Is this real? Your in California."

"I flew in on the red eye, came right here. So how about a date for an out state friend?"

"Come in and let me go change I seem to have had an accident."

Kate let Rick in and ran into her bedroom and closed the door. It took a half hour before she returned. She was dressed in a summer weight dress with her hair up and make-up on.

"You are still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You seem to have lost some weight."

"God you are dreadful untruth. You come to my door catch me in my PJ, scare me so I pee my pants and then tell me I'm beautiful. So what do you really want from me?"

"I came to ask you to forgive.