After the shooting

After the shooting a jump of seven years is too much, to smooth. Kate has PTSD, Castle may also suffered from it. This time it's Rick who runs away.



Authors note: I'm sorry that Chapter two look like a repeat of chapter one. The up load of Chapter one picked off the wrong chapter. It was an early writing. So Chapter two looked like it was a rewrire of chapter one. Again sorry. MLK

"Getting pushy Castle. Give me your dirty clothing, and I'll wash them while you shower and we eat." "Best offer I have had in a year." "That the only offer you are getting, nothing else."

"It a start."

Rick went into the bathroom and removed his clothing. In doing so he her got nosy and checked out everything in the room. Taking the robe off the back of the door. He found it large for her, but small for him.

He was about to call out to her for, when she knocked on the door.

"Rick try these on they maybe a little small but they will cover most of you." "What if I do not want to be covered?"

"I do not usually have naked men in my apartment, but I have seen you naked before. Not in a long time, but I do remember."

Her reply left him reasoning, does she have men in her life? If so is they a special man, if so who.

Then he realized he was out abounds. He divorced her, not the other way around. It was his decision to walk away from her. She said in the note she did not want a divorce, but she did sign.

He sigh and put on the sweatpants, and NYPD T-shirt. They were tight, but they did fit.

He then went out of the bathroom to her small but comfy living room. The table was set but the food had not arrived so they sat on her small couch.

After a few long silent moments Kate spoke.

"How is school going for Alexis?"

"Just fine she as expected is a 'A' student, the problem is she unsure of which field she wants to go in. Medicine, or law. She's missing you, I was the one who ask her not to get in touch with you till I could get my head together. No I still have not settled that question."

"I hope for you well being You don't think flying back and seeing me will cure what went wrong. I killed Cabe, but not before he shot you. He shot me twice but I was moving and his aim was off mine was not. I saw the man who just killed my love and my hand was true. I shot him three times, I killed him Rick, before I even knew he had shot me. I crawled to you in my own blood. We grasp hands, I thought we were dyeing together."

Kate turned away so Rick could not see the tears forming. It took a few moments then wiping her cheeks she turned back to him.

"They refused to let me see you in the hospital.

They said it was two upsetting and they needed to keep you calm. After my release from the hospital and PTSD attack I was told to wait a week before seeing you.

When I went back to visit I was told I was not allow to visit, per your request. That when I started to call and text you.

Seventy five (75) tries all rejected. Then when you were discharged you went to California.

The next time I heard from you was the separation papers, and then the divorce papers.

Even if you hated me I deserved more from you.

Yes LocStat was my bad, I dropped down the rabbit hole. I almost got you killed, but I still loved you."

Rick sat still his mind racing to accept what she said. He needed time. His mind was spinning with fact and statements. What was true, what was not.

"Kate if my clothes are done I need to go. I'll call you soon, promise."

"I'm giving you your time. I hope you do call me. I'd like us to still be friends."

"I hope we are still friends now."

"I think right now we are only people who know each other. We may have loved each other but that is in the past."

"I deeply hope we can become more. I now realize coming here was a mistake. It was too soon neither of us is ready. Lets keep in touch and see what will come. Deal."

"Deal, It was good to see you again."

They hugged and Rick changed into his clothes and left. Kate had a deep hurt in her heart as he closed the door.

Two days later a little after midnight her cell buzzed.

"Good evening Miss Beckett."

"It after midnight sir, just where is it evening?"

"Why it here in sunny California."

"Your not waiting outside my front door?"

"Sorry to disappoint you, again I here at my house in California."

"I'm not disappointed just surprised."

"I'm sure you remember I'm full of surprises, that be that lets talk about us."

"Us right now there is no us just people who knew one other a long time ago. You have question and I have questions. Lets make a list and next time you call, if you do call we can talk about the list."

"One question are you dating?"

"Yes, are you?"

"Just to be seen out and about, in sin city. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No I have no hold over you, and you have no hold over me. Now that clear I do not have a boy, or man friend now. I have been dating only since you divorced me, and that all I will say about that."

"That good enough for now. Your still captain at the 12th? So I'll let you go get some sleep. I'll call you early next time. Good night Kate."

"Good night Rick."

The nightmare Case was solved by a long and lengthily searched of the victims finances, just as Castle nighttime call had said. Solving that case solved five outstanding murder cases in the cold case files.

Kate received a "That a Boy" from the district commander, Chief of Detectives and a thank you note from the PC himself .

She told Rick all about it in their weekly call. Rick said he was busy with the screen play of his Nikki Heat books. She was seeing Dr. Burke twice weekly, they talked a lot about Rick and her, and her feeling for each other. She knew she stilled loved him but him shunting her off after they both were near death hurt, it hurt her bad.

Because Dr. Burke kept pushing her to open up about her hurt feeling. She made the decision to talk about her hurt with Rick. That talk took almost a month as she was busy with NYPD functions and he was busy with the start of his movie.

When the call came in it was a seven O'clock on a Saturday night. It was the night of the NYPD Benefit Ball. She as a captain was obligated to attend.

Her date Bill Franklin, who was also an NYPD captain a few years older than she, was due at any moment. She was telling Rick she was going out when she opened the door for Bill. He stepped into her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Rick heard the exchange and the sound of the kiss. He pressed the end call button.

Kate tried to call him back but the phone was busy. Having no other choice she went on her date.

A week later on Friday night at eight, (8am) her cell rang. The caller ID indicated it was Castle. Taking her time she sat down on her couch, and answered the call.

"Hello Rick how have you been?"

"I've been very busy. Sorry about the delay in calling."

"That all right I'm been busy myself ."

"Yes you were. By the way how was your date. Big party maybe?"

"It was the NYPD Charity Ball. As a senor officer I was told I had to go. This is none of your affair, You divorced me, you had no need for me. You dumped me after I saved your life, and got shot twice. I almost bled out on that floor till your IA, and a neighbor call 911.

Rick I was in the same hospital as you. The same ER ward as you, but no one came to tell me if you were alive or not. They let me wonder that for twenty four hours. Then they told me you were alive, but I could not see or talk to you. All during the my recovery they refused to let me speak , or see you.

After I was discharged, and when I could walk without help I went to see you. I was told and saw the order of protection you signed so I could not come near you. You signed it Rick. What did I do so bad you needed an order of protection?"

"I was mad you did not come to see me. I thought you blamed me for your getting shot. I was not thinking. Josh said you were looking good and had gone home."

"Josh told you I looked fine! I never saw Josh the entire time I was in the hospital. So if he saw me it was long distance. Nothing close up. He baited you Rick to get even with me. You had so little faith in me you believed my X-lover.

Now you want to find out what went wrong with us.

I was so wrong cutting you out when I started to look into LocStat. But I realized how wrong I was I told you everything and you said we were all right. Was that a lie, or a half truth?"

"Kate I'm so sorry, I was hurt, and so confused. A dead man shot me in my own kitchen, in my super secure apartment. How did he get in, did someone let him in. Some one give him a key. Then I'm told my wife is fine and looking good, but she never comes near me. They tell me to sign a paper to protect us so I sign. Still no wife, I'm told she moved into a hotel. I'm told she wants nothing to do with the loft, and by reflection me.

So on pressure by my family and 'friends' I follow Alexis to California."

"According to Dr. Burke our problem is we do not know how to talk to each other. It's a failure to communicate out feelings to each other."

"We talk to each other, that communication."

"Yes we talk but do we say anything. We dance around each other. We have done it for years. I'm afraid to say the wrong thing, at the wrong time. You want to know things but are afraid of upsetting me and have me run."

"Kate what are you talking about?"

"Start with my date last week. You want to know everything that happened. Did we kiss, did we have sex. How much is he in my life. Am I wrong?"

"No you are right. If I asked those question I'm afraid you will hang up. I lost you by not asking question, now I may lose you if I ask"

"Your right I am not ready to answer those questions. We're not that far along in our reconciliation for you to ask and for me to answer.

I told you coming to my door that night and saying you wanted forgiveness was wrong. I'm not in a place where I could jump in bed with you and all would be right, it's going to take time. You being out their and me being back here is not going to make it any easier. That something to be worked out."

"Can we still call each other?"

"Yes as often as you need Rick. You call and I will answer."

"Thank you Kate. I'll call tomorrow. Good night."