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I find myself waking up to an unfamiliar ceiling.

My eyelids are heavy, and I struggle to get them open.

Once again the ceiling is unfamiliar…

I manage to turn my head with great effort, and find my gaze drawn towards an unusual shade of green.

Slowly my eyes manage to refocus, and I register that its actually someone's hair. With this realisation I manage to register the person standing beside my bed.

Her emotionless eyes are the same colour as her hair which falls down her face and reaches far beyond her shoulders, and her skin reminds me of porcelain… From where her ears should be protrudes a pair of mechanical looking rods.


Suddenly I notice the distinctly inhuman throat. She's a doll?

Her eyes move as she registers my motion, and any indication that she would be a lifeless doll just left standing there went out the proverbial window.

A… robot…?


The female android turns around to shout something.

"She's awake now, Mistress, Sensei." Ultimately her tone of voice isn't that loud, but she's definitively speaking Japanese…

But something about what she said bothers me.

'She'? That shouldn't have been bothering me, but a fleeting nagging feeling told me it did.

I put a slender hand against my suddenly aching head.

My memories…

They're… scrambled…?

What few bits I can recall make no sense. I can't remember about myself…

But there are still several around, and when a small girl with exceedingly long blonde hair steps into the room I unconsciously say:


While I didn't say it loudly, the girl still heard in the relative silence of the room.

Her blue eyes, previously narrowed in annoyance, widen, and she becomes flustered.

"Wha-? How do you-?" She arrests her own flustered words and clears her throat. "My name is Evangeline A. K. McDowell!" She then declares loudly. "Make sure to remember that!" She tried to look angry, but all she managed was to look absolutely adorable, like an angry little kitten.

I scratch the back of my head embarrassedly.

"Sorry. I don't know what that was all about. My thoughts are really messed up right now, and it just slipped out…" I chuckle nervously.

She looks at me with a surprised look on her face.

Before anyone can say anything another person enters behind her.

A tall man, with a somewhat rugged look to his face, with slightly unkempt spiky hair and signs of stubble around his chin. But he also wears glasses, and his expression speaks of a deep-seated kindness.

"Good, you actually speak Japanese. We were a little bit worried you wouldn't, what with your foreign looks and your… unusual arrival." The first bit of his words gave me understanding, but the second caused a confused look to appear on my face.

How did I arrive?

Actually, I have no memory of arriving here at all.

Where even am I?

His eyes narrow slightly.

"What is the last thing you remember?" He asked suddenly.

I absentmindedly stroke my chin as I tilt my head.

"I… can't remember." I answer hesitantly.

I can't figure out what my most recent memory is. They're all over the place, and none of them feel like they happened recently.

As my gaze begins to wander, I finally take note of my surroundings. The room I am in seems like some kind of infirmary. There are a number of simple beds, and there seems to be pieces of medical equipment and supplies around the room.

I also finally take note of the others' clothes.

The two girls are clad in identical, except for the size, uniforms, consisting of a long-sleeved burgundy blazer, with what appeared to be a blouse underneath, as well as a short, but not indecently so, pleated skirt in various shades of red, with Eva wearing thigh-high stockings and the gynoid wearing ankle-high ones, revealing further doll-like anatomy.

The man was rocking a dark-green suit, with a white shirt underneath and a red tie.

I also realised that I had been squinting really hard, aggravating my already hurting head, and that things were actually quite blurry.

"Hmm… Then what about your name?" The dapper elder continued.

I shook my head. I can get any number of names from my memory, but I can't connect any of them to myself.

"Well, why don't you stay there and rest for a bit. Unfortunately, we couldn't find anything that seemed to belong to you, except for those glasses." The man then said in a carefree manner, indicating a small table next to the bed.

I looked over at it, and found that a pair of glasses lay there. I nodded absentmindedly, muttering "Thanks" to them.

"Well then. We need to go now, but someone will be along shortly." He said as he started to turn to leave. "Oh, and I'm Takamichi T. Takahata. That is, my first name is Takahata- "He then added hastily.

"I understand." I cut him off. The name wasn't entirely unfamiliar to me, and I had some familiarity with the Japanese name conventions.

The little girl left unceremoniously without a word, but the gynoid bowed and gave words of farewell as well as excuses for her mistress.

'Mistress? Weird.' I thought as I watched her leave.

Then I took a few moments to compose myself.

I noted my hair, stark blonde bordering on white, and draping across my slender shoulders. While I couldn't tell much of my actual figure, I could see the slight bulging of a developing bosom.

'Really? Bosom?' I laughed slightly at my own thoughts.

Finally, I sighed and reached for the glasses.

I couldn't quite reach it, and after a few moments of flailing I sighed even deeper.

Then I realised something.

He said those were the only things I had when they found me.

And I wasn't wearing any clothes right now…

'I don't have any clothes!' I despaired, expressing anguish in my head.

After an uncertain amount of time, which was spent trying to figure something out, they returned, this time with two others.

One was a tall busty woman with long blonde hair, a white shirt and a long skirt. She also wore earrings as well as a few necklaces, and she radiated an older woman's charm.

The other was an old man with a peculiarly cylindrical head, far longer than what is normal, which was completely bald, except for a long ponytail sticking out from the back of his head. His eyebrows were massive and bushy, and he had a full long white beard and moustache, and generally gave the impression of an exceedingly old, yet still quite active man. He was wearing traditional Japanese clothes.

"Why do I have to come back here?" Eva said in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Now, now Eva. You were the first one to find her." Takamichi said care-freely.

"Oho? So this is our mystery amnesiac?" The old man said curiously. "Do you truly not remember anything?"

"Indeed. I'm terribly sorry to cause trouble for you all." I shook my head.

"Fumu. It is no trouble." The elder said dismissively. "But, there is a problem. We don't know what to do with you. We don't know who you are, where you came from, or even your age. And according to yourself you don't know either."

I nodded.

"So, I have a suggestion. A proposition you might say." He looked at me seriously. "I am Konoe Konoemon. Headmaster of Mahora academy, which is where you are right now. I would like to invite you to attend Mahora, until we can sort your situation out."

They looked at me with various expression. The old man was unreadable due to his facial hair, the woman looked slightly amused, the gynoid's expression remained the same, Eva looked annoyed and Takamichi had a slightly amused expression.

The name Mahora did tickle some memories, but once again they were vague, and useless.

Takamichi… is a teacher there. Eva is a student, presumably. As is that gynoid. The woman is either a teacher or some other member of the faculty.

Part of my mind told me it would be troublesome.

Another told me it would be extremely amusing.

In the end though, what made my decision for me was the fact that I had literally nothing right now.

"Yes. I accept headmaster." I then looked down. "Could you start by lending me a uniform? I'm afraid I… don't have anything to wear right now."

"Of course. As a matter of fact, we have prepared one we hope to be of the correct size." He said, and indicated for the woman to come forth. "This is Shizuna-Sensei, a guidance counsellor at the school."

"A pleasure to meet you." She said as she stepped forward, holding out a folded set of clothes.

"Takamichi-Kun over here is one of our teachers, and Evangeline and Chachamaru here are students." He then added, indicating the various people.

The gynoid bowed. "Hello. Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Karakuri Chachamaru of class 2-A." She said in a formal manner. "Mistress is in the same class." She then added, indicating the young looking girl.

It wasn't as unexpected as I thought it would be, and for some reason Chachamaru's words of belonging to class 2-A excited some tucked away part of my mind, even as it caused another to slump down in despair.

"Hello." I returned her bow.

"Now the problem becomes her name and lodging." Takamichi said worriedly. "You are certain you don't remember your name?"

"Unfortunately. I can't recollect my name." I replied dejectedly.

"Then just chose one to go by for now." Eva suddenly interjected with a huff.

Her words left everyone stunned, yet as I recovered from the surprise I realised it didn't sound like a bad idea at all.

"Then for now you may call me Katarina." I choose a name. I'm not sure where I got it from, but it feels close to me. It makes me suspect someone close to me bore that name.

"That's only a first name. You still need a last name." Eva pointed out.

"Crap." I said.

On the other hand, it seemed a plan was forming in the head of the headmaster.

"Oh ho. Perhaps… yes, you are similar enough… Why don't we pretend she is a relative of Evangeline?" And then he put forth a ridiculous proposal.

"Wh- You can't be serious!?" Eva exclaimed.

"But it would allow us to have a last name, and she could room with you. It's perfect." He simply responded.

"Come now Eva, it should be fine, no? Besides, I get the feeling it will be for the best." The way he gave a knowing smile did nothing to comfort me.

"Guh-!" The small girl grit her teeth. "Isn't there some room in the dorms?! Why put her with me?!" She exclaimed.

"Need I remind you of the manner in which she arrived? I fear it might be necessary as well." The headmaster added.

"Then why not just ask Sakurazaki or Tatsumiya!? They should be even more qualified right now!" Eva shouted back.

While I couldn't quite understand what they were talking about, something told me it was bad, and the names being thrown about tickled my memories once again.

And once again I couldn't quite figure out why. I was certain they might have something in common, maybe even with the others here.

After a while of shouting and staring each other down, the diminutive blonde finally surrendered.

"Ugh. Fine. She can be my little sister, come from our home to study with her dear elder sibling." She then declared with a slightly wicked smile.

While it didn't appeal to me overly much, I also didn't find it all that disagreeable, and something told me that she was actually indeed older than me.

"That's fine by me, dear elder sister." I replied with a wide smile.

Two can play at that game.

"Guh-" The loli simply paled.

I don't think she expected me to agree to that.

I just hope I won't get randomly stripped by a nine-year-old kid with magic sneezes.

Where did that even come from?

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