Everything was silent on the bayou. Darkness fell upon it, only to be greeted by a rain storm. And in that bayou, was Louis. He laid on his stomach and looked into the water, tears welling in his eyes. Soon it was going to be a day that he hated. It would be the three year anniversary of Ray's passing. Louis missed his friend terribly. He heard a rustle in the bushes and turned to see Tiana in her nightgown and cloak.

"Oh my god Tiana don't scare me like that" he said as she approached him.

"Sorry" she said as she sat down by his side.

She looked at her gator friend with a frown as tears fell from his eyes. She placed her hand on his shoulder only to be pulled into a huge hug, hearing the gators sniffles and quick sobs come from him.

"Oh Louis I know you miss him. But just think! Soon there'll be another dance in his honor" She said as she rubbed his back.

Louis looked at her, a tear rolling down his cheek. For the past two years there was a ball at her restaurant. It was something they did in honor of their fallen friend. And for the past two years, he ended up unhappy anyway since Ray wasn't there.

"I just want to find happiness again" he choked out.

She nodded and looked up at two bright shining stars. Louis looked up too and choked up. His friend ray was one of those stars. He closed his eyes and sighed and quietly began to speak.

"Please ray…if you are listening…please help me get over my sorrow knowing you are gone. Send me a sign…maybe a miracle girl. Anything to get over my sorrow"

He saw the star glow brighter and smiled a bit knowing Ray probably heard. Little did he know, that his prayers would be answered.