The sound of raindrops coming from outside woke Kenji up. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around him.

His room was small, dark, damp and messy as always. With his bed right below the window that made constant clattering sounds due to the rain outside, a few videogames lying on a shelve right next to a decent PC, empty bags of junk food and dirty clothes filling the floor.

Instead of getting up, the young man closed his eyes again and tried going back to sleep by putting the pillow over his head. But a wodden sound echoing through the room reached his ears.

"Kenji, get up..."

Right before he could drift back into a dream, Kenji's mother opened the door to check on him and allowed the light from the hallway to enter.

He initially ignored it and pretended to be still asleep, but the woman standing on the doorway wouldn't fall for that one again.

"Come on now, I know you're awake" She said while placing both hands on her hips

Her tone was stern, but Kenji didn't show any reaction to it.

"Just how much longer are you planning to holed up inside your room?" She asked with an exasperated tone

"That's none of your business..." Replied the young man with a muffled voice

A moment of silence went by while she looked at him.

The last time his son set foot outside the house was weeks ago. This lack of both human contact and desire to leave his self-proclaimed cell was worrying.

"You can't just hide away forever, Kenji!" She said with a slightly angrier tone while walking closer to him and grabbing his forearm "You have to go back to school! Back to the real world already!"

"To hell with the real world!" He yelled with an angered tone that muffled even that of the rain

The whole room went into silence, allowing the raindrops to be the only constant sound once again.

Kenji's mother then looked at his unkept face more closely. His angry, resentful eyes glaring at her. Eyes with dark eyebags from lack of sleep and filled with nothing but anger towards the outer world. His Blond hair, which was already chin length, but was also slightly dark and dirty because of not being properly kept clean along with messy facial hair around his jaw and mostly focused over his lips and in his chin.

Looking into his son's stare, she decided not to argue anymore. Whatever she said to him at this point was useless and Kenji wouldn't even bother listening to it anyway.

"I'll be downstairs making dinner...Make sure to get ready for this afternoon..." She said while looking down

Shortly after his mother left and headed downstairs to prepare breakfast, Kenji got up and got dressed.

Out of all the clothes laying around on the ground, he chose a black t-shirt with a black zipper hoodie along with green combats and black sneakers.

Instead of going to the kitchen, he headed towards the front door to go out. But his mother's voice called out to him before he could open it.

"Kenji? Where are you going?" She asked while leaning to look at him through the doorway

"Out on a walk" He said while looking at her under his hoodie

"But it's raining!"

"That's what the hood is for!"

"Don't you dare go out!"

"And don't you dare tell me what to do!"

"Nijimura Kenji. If you go out that door, you better not come back!" She said with an angrier tone than before

"Fine! I'm never coming back!" He yelled before opening the door, getting out and slamming it behind him

Kenji knew well. He knew that the first thing his mother would give to him was an endless lecture he didn't want to hear. And after that he would force him to go back to his highschool and apologize to his teacher. But there was no way he'd go along with that willingly. Even if it meant abandoning his house.

He left his square, and his neighboorhood. His legs kept running under the rain for a moment or two before finally stopping.

"(This should be far enough)" He thought while turning his head to look around him

It was just a few minutes, but he managed to go quite far away from his house. So far that he didn't even recognize the current neighborhood he was in. This was good news, as it meant he wouldn't be found so easily.

Kenji then looked forward again and walked with a more sluggish pace this time. Without minding the heavy rain falling over him in the least.

Throughout the years he realized that despite looking shitty, the rain actually felt very nice and somewhat relaxing. Under the endless stream of water falling not only over him, but probably over many other people and animals as well. This was enough to make even the largest person feel small and insignificant, just a tiny grain of sand in the beach everyone else called world.

Philosophy aside, though. The idea that the rain was probably screwing up someone else's day was the one thing he liked the most about it.

" is really dull..." He said while raising his head and looking up with an empty, near lifeless eyes

"Got that one right!"

Noticing the small voice made Kenji lower his head and notice something that made his eyes widen. There was a small person in the middle of the street, floating over a purple books as if it were a magic carpet.

He stood there for a moment looking at her before she floated close enough for him to discern her appearance better.

It was a pale-tan skinned girl with bright blue eyes and choppy, platinum blonde-white colored hair worn with black ear pieces with red on them. She had a pair of purple and blue gradient themed wings and wore a black dress with silver and red accents, a crimson ribbon tied around her right wrist, and a cape-like piece attached to her top by the big pink orb in the center of it, with smaller pink orbs below her shoulders.

"Yo! Nice to meet ya!" She said with a tomboyish tone and a smirk

"Who...are you?"

"Me? I'm Croire"

While looking at her Kenji couldn't help but notice that, despite being under the rame just like him, the little girl wasn't wet at all. It was almost as if the rain was avoiding her at will.

"I'm Kenji...What do you want?"

"Huh? You ain't scared of me?" She asked while raising an eyebrow

"You don't look very threatening"

The young man was being honest with his answer. Considering she looked like a tomboyish anime loli and wasn't even a foot tall, Croire could hardly be considered menating. At least in appearance.

The tome looked at him with a surprised expression for a moment or two before bursting out into laughter.

"I knew it! You're an interesting dude!" She said between laughs before looking at him with a mischievous smirk "Say...Is life dull?"

"It is..."

"You don't like it?"


"Then how about a new one?"

"New one?"

Croire then snapped her finger. This caused an object to appear in front of Kenji. It was a small blue stone, shinning a bright neon blue while emanating an aura of the same color. It was shaped like a diamond and had a white power button on the center.

"Take it"

He looked at the stone for a few seconds before grabbing it. It felt incredibly cold to the touch. So much that he felt his fingertips would turn purple and fall off at any moment. But it was also a pleasant and invigorating sensation. It was an odd, yet overwhelming feeling.

He had never seen such a stone before. It looked like a crystal more than a stone, but also had an otherwordly look to it. Almost like a rare item from a fantasy videogame or movie.

"That's a CPU memory, also known as a goddess memory" Explained Croire while looking at Kenji turning the item around in his fingers and examining it closely

"...What do I do with it?"

"Easy, just swallow it!"

The young man looked at the tome with a raised eyebrow

"If you have it in you, it will give you a new life"

"(A new life)" Thought the young man while looking at the CPU memory and reflecting on what Croire just said to him

At that moment, he thought about his current life. He had no friends nor any plans for the future. He abandoned his studies and had nothing left to wish for in this damned world.

Even if what was happening looked too shady, even if eating that weird object killed him, Kenji couldn't care about it at this point anymore. He simply shrugged before opening his mouth and swallowing the CPU memory whole without a second thought.

"Oh? You're a brave one, ain't you?"

It wasn't bravery, it was simple impulse. Instead of having to live a dull life on a world he felt nothing but anger for, Kenji preferred to risk it and take the chance.

Suddenly, he felt a strong heat on his chest. The young man placed his left hand over the center of his chest and clenched it. He could feel the stone throbbing inside his organs, beating as if it were a second heart. This sensation grew stronger and stronger until Kenji closed his eyes and wrapped both arms around his torso before falling down to his knees and lowering his head.

It was then that the overwhelming beating finally exploded into a blue shockwave that pushed the rain away and almost made Croire jump from her book.

After a moment or two of silence, he raised his head and opened his eyes slightly to look at Croire, who noticed the power button symbols that replaced his pupils along with the new dark blue color the irises adopted. He looked at her for a short moment before his consciousness finally drifted away and his body fell to the ground.

"Whoa...That's the first time I see a man synching with the CPU memory that well..." Said the tome as she floated closer to the young man and made a grin "I bet this one will make quite a mess over there"


Among the darkness, Kenji heard a voice. He couldn't tell what it said, but he felt it was calling out to him. A short moment after that, something sparkled in the distance. It was a distorted light, wavering like a reflection on water. It took a moment for him to notice that it was actually a flame. A small, clear blue flame floating in the middle of darkness.

Almost as if guided by instinct, he slowly reached out to it. But before his fingers could reach it, the flame became much brighter. So bright that it blinded him. Kenji felt like he was caught in this endless light before it suddenly became dimn. He then slowly opened his eyes and realised the light he was feeling now was sunlight hitting him on the face.


After a few seconds and blinking twice, He slwoly sat up and placed his hand on his head.

"A dream?"

While trying to piece together his thoughts, Kenji recalled meeting Croire and eating the odd stone.

"Oh, right…"

Thinking back on it, He though that eating that strange looking stone maybe wasn't such a good idea after all. Then again, eating any type of stone wasn't a good idea. But that itself was probably just a bad dream. Or at least that was what he thought until noticing his surroundings.

Looking around him, he saw he was in a bedroom. But this one was far different from his bedroom. This one had a notably larger bed with a silver frame and dark purple blankets. There was also a silver dresser and a wooden desk on the opposite side along with a window facing his bed.

"Where am I?" He said to himself while looking at this room he knew nothing about

Suddenly, the door opened and Kenji saw a young woman going into the room. It was a fair-skinned young girl with a large bust. Her hair had a light creamy pink color and matching eyes; her hair was somewhat long and curled along the edges, she was also wearing a black headband with a c patched on the side.

She was wearing a tan-white wool styled tank top with big neck and un attached sleeves and matching styled boots, but with small ribbons/fuzzy balls at the top. She also wore a red plaid skirt, a black choker with a small heart on it, black-brown knee socks with light pink heart cut frills, and carried a black hip purse, and heart shaped buttons. Like her headband, both her purse and the heart on the choker had a C logo.

"Ah, you're already awake?" Said the young girl with a smile after turning her head and noticing Kenji was awake "How are you feeling?"

"Erm...Fine, I guess..."

"Thank goodness! You didn't wake up since yesterday, so I was worried you had some sort of internal injury"

"I-I see..." He replied before getting up

"Please wait! You shouldn't get up just yet!"

Despite her attempts to keep him on the bed, Kenji got up anyway and walked closer to the window.

There were a few questions in his mind right now, but at the very least he wanted to know where he was. Looking through the window didn't help at all though.

What he saw weren't the neighborhoods and tall buildings he was used to. Instead he saw a completely different place. He saw a large town that spread as far as his eyes could see. With flying signs, aircrafts and buildings bearing a far more futuristic appearance than those of his own hometown. It was as if he had been sent to the future.

"(Wha-What the hell?)" Thought the young man with a baffled expression

"Erm...Are you okay?"


Kenji turned around and saw the young girl looking at him with a mixture of confusion and worry. It took a moment for him to asnwer due to what he just saw, but nonetheless managed to form a decent answer.

"Yeah...I'm okay..."

"I see...My name is Compa, what's yours?"

"I'm Kenji"

"Where are you from?"

"I…Erm…" He said with slight nervousness.

Right now he needed to answer something that required knowledge about his current whereabouts. But unfortunately, he was absoluterly lost as tho where he was.

As far as he was concerned, that wasn't even his own town. And probably not even his own world

While seeing him struggle to answer, Compa made a shocked expression.

"Kenji...could it be you..."

Kenji looked at her and made a shocked expression as well, could it be that she figured something?

"Lost your memory?"


He simply stared at Compa with a frozen expression for a moment before reacting.

"Ah...y-yes! I…Can't seem to remember anything other than my name…My mind feels all blurry" He said while pretending not to remember anything. Kenji wasn't sure how, but a golden opportunity was placed in front of him, and he was going to take advantage of it.

"Oh no!" She said with a concerned look

He didn't really feel proud for lying to Compa after she treated his wounds, but saying that he had amnesia was probably the only way for him to explain his lack of knowledge about this world.


He raised his head and looked at her again.


"Is this yours?" She asked while picking up a large pitch black object laying next to the bed he was in.

"A sword?"

"That's right...You were holding tightly on to it when we found you unconscious in that alleyway"

Kenji took a moment to loook at the weapon Compa held on her hands before grabbing it and analizing it. It was a large, pitch black sheath. After removing it, a sword that was just as dark as the shadows was revealed. It was slightly larger than an average straight sword and seemed to be heavy from the way she was struggling just to hold it earlier, but he didn't have any trouble carrying it with one hand.

Both the sword and sheath were in quite a good state. And despite being the very first weapon he held in his whole life, something about it felt familiar.

"Is it yours?"

" is..."

"I see..."

It took a moment for Kenji to asnwer, but he sounded honest enough to convince Compa of being the owner of that weapons.

"Kenji...How about you eat with us?"

He looked at her and nodded before putting the sword back on the sheath and following Compa through the hallway. They walked down the stairway until arriving at a place that looked like a dinning hall, where he saw a group of three girls eating. All of them were fair-skinned as well as Compa.

The first one had emerald eyes and light brown hair that was about waist length. Most of her bangs were long and reached down to her eyes, curling outwards or inwards to her face, with a split on the upper corner side. A few parts of hair frame her face while more of it reached her chest, about the length of the hair she was wearing in a ponytail, held with a leafy green hair piece.

She was wearing a black tank top and short-short style one piece with silver detailing and a belt around her waist. Over it, she was wearing a dark blue, oversized jacket with black, silver, and white detailing. It was open and had a big loose belt that seemed to hold a lot of objects that resembled old nokia phones, each one of a different color. She was wearing matching boots.

While the second one had light purple eyes and a matching shade of hair, it was shoulder length with somewhat messy bangs with many strands sticking up and a few of them framing her face. She was wearing two gamepad-shaped hairclips.

She also wore a big white hoodie-like dress with purple striped cuffs, lining, and a purple hood. The outfit had pale, ice blue and light lilac accents. As well as a zipper section, two big round pockets, a big zipper with an N on it, and strings resembling a plug. Around her neck she wore a simple white choker. Her lilac shoes had blue and white accents and were also worn with blue and white striped stockings.

And finally the third one bore a resemblance to the second girl. But she had longer hair and instead wore a sailor uniform. She also had a more innocent look, and seemed like quite the timid girl, judging by how she tried to avoid eye contact with him.

"Ah! It's the alley man!"

"Don't call me that!" Snarled the young man while a vein mark popped on his forehead

"How are you feeling?" Asked the first one

"There's big trouble, Iffy!"

"What happened?!" She retorted while standing up

"He seems to have lost his memory!"

While the girls with light purple hair made shocked expressions. The other seemed skeptical. And she stared at him, but he simply looked to the side in an attempt to try and avoid eye contact.

"I-I see…" She said while sweat dropping "Does he at least remember his own name?"

Compa nodded before speaking

"His name is Kenji"

"Woah, that's an odd name!" Said the purple haired girl bluntly

"You're not really one to talk, Nepko..."

"Never mind that, I'm Neptune! But you can call me Nep-Nep or Nepko if you want!" Said Neptune with a cheerful tone and smile while looking at him

"I-I'm Nepgear...I'm this nation's CPU candidate"

"(CPU candidate?)" Thought the young man while raising an eyebrow, unsure what that tittle meant, or if it even was a tittle to begin with.

"So, what should we do with him?" Asked IF to the other two

"I can let him stay with me for the time being"

"Compa, you can't really take an unknown man into your house…" Replied the guild member while looking at the nurse and sweat dropping

"But he's got nowhere else to go!"

"Even so..."

"I know! Let's leave him live here with me and Nep junior!" Said Neptune while looking at IF.

"Eh? Are you sure?" Asked the brown haired girl "Even if you are you, he's still a guy, you know?"

"It's fine, it's fine!" Replied the pink-haired girl "I mean, it wouldn't be nice of me as the main character if we just tossed him out into the street like that"


Kenji looked at her for a moment. By her carefree and child-like appearance, he didn't expect her to act like such a mature person. Perhaps looks were not something to be judged, after all.

"Besides, he looks like a total loser, so we won't have to worry about romance situations!"

"Bi-big sister..." Said Nepgear while sweat dropping

At that moment, the mood was totally destroyed, just like the image of Neptune Kenji was starting to build within his mind.

"N-Nep nep…That's not something you say so bluntly right in front of someone" Said Compa while sweat dropping.

"Sorry, sorry! It just kind of came out!"

"(Somehow, I get the feeling this brat is going to be a royal pain in the ass)" Thought Kenji while looking at her laugh

"Don't worry though; as the only male character in the game to have a proper avatar and name, I'm sure you'll get more baddass after a few chapters"

Kenji simply looked at her with an eyebrow raised. He had no idea what she was talking about now.

"Either way, you can keep talking after you eat, just sit down for now" Said the nurse before turning her head and beaming at Kenji "Come on Kenji... let's sit down"

At first, the young man wanted to refuse, because he didn't like to sit around large or loud groups of people, and this certainly looked as loud as it could get, but the rumbling of his stomach answered before his mouth could.

Without any room to argue, he sat down with everyone else and proceeded to eat.


Kenji leaned against the balcony and looked at the view of Planeptune once more. It's been almost two weeks and half since his arrival to Gamindustry. And he managed to obtain quite a bit of information, mostly from IF or Histoire.

Apparently, this was a different world referred to as Gamindustry, where four CPUs or "Goddesses" constantly competed over shares, a sort of energy obtained through the faith of the humans living in this world. Or at least that was what the tome and this nations oracle, Histoire, told him about.

"Neptune, how many times do I have to tell you before you take it seriously?!" Yelled Histoire at Neptune, who was playing games

Kenji turned his head and looked at the small tome lecturing Neptune over his shoulder.

Apparently, due to the perky CPU's lack of work ethic, Planeptune was suffering a serious downfall in shares. And this did not bode well with Histoire in the least.

Tired of listening to that lecture every day from the sidelines, Kenji decided to go out on a walk. Maybe then he would get some peace and quiet. On his way out, Histoire noticed his attempt to leave and called out to him.

"Kenji, where are you going?"

"To take a walk...Maybe do a quest or two" He said while picking up his sword.

A few days after arriving, Kenji learned about quests given at guilds, and that they were good to get some spare change without much effort. Without much else to do, he dedicated most of his time to doing quests. He didn't really enjoy having to work, but fighting monsters sure beat high school or regular jobs any day of the week. And not only the rewards were quite decent, but there was something very pleasant about having his own money for spending too.

"Alright, but do try to be careful"

"Yeah…I'll try"

After leaving the basilicom, he met Compa and IF, who were going to visit Neptune.

"Ah, it's Kenji"

He raised his head and looked at them.

"Oh, it's you two…"

"Friendly as always I see" Said IF with a raised eyebrow while sweat dropping.

"How are you doing today, Kenji?"

"Fine, I was just about to take a walk"

"Oh, ok then... Take care"

Without anything more to say, Kenji walked past them and left. Afterwards, Compa and IF went into the basilicom, only to find a Neptune with paralyzed legs and an exhausted Histoire.

While Compa treated Neptune's paralysis from sitting down on her legs so much, IF spoke with Histoire.

"Histoire, did you find anything about him yet?"

"I'm afraid not, I've checked the Planeptune citizen's records twice and even asked the other nations regarding the subject, but we didn't get a single lead yet"

"It's almost as if he didn't exist…"

Meanwhile, as the two discussed about him and his identity, Kenji had already left the town and was in a cave, fulfilling a monster elimination quest.

At first it was difficult to fight monsters, and he did even get beat up by them quite often. But the young man grew accustomed to it quite fast. One thing he did noticed was that ever since his arrival on Gamindustry, his body felt faster and stronger. And the way he tore monsters, even the strong looking ones, to pieces within just a few days of fighting proved it.

After finally clearing the quest at hand,he went back to the guild and claimed his reward. But he didn't go back inmediately and instead decided to do a few more quests to kill time and monsters. After doing another 10 quests, he finally called it a day and went back.

"Hm…That should do it for today" He said to himself while checking out the amount of credits he had obtaned through quests "I guess I'll go find somewhere to eat"

Fortunately, his efforts today gained him more than enough earnings to be at ease for a few days. Or at least it would as long as he didn't do any extreme spending, which was highly unlikely, as the only things he used money on were food.

He searched for a place to eat and found a good ramen restaurant. Kenji sat down and ordered some ramen with crab and an egg. One of the many combinations he had been trying out ever since his routine of eating after completing quests began.

"Here ya go sonny!" Said the chef while placing the bowl on the counter


He split the chopsticks and calmly ate at his own pace. He always preferred eating slowly and enjoy every bite of his food rather than just chomp it all down in one go.

While eating, Kenji thought about the quests

"(Quests are getting a bit boring lately...maybe I should start doing the harder ones)"

Once he was finished, he put down the chopsticks, placed the cash next to the empty bowl and got up.

"Thanks for the food…"

"Come back soon!"

Kenji got out of the store and looked around him. The day didn't seem to advance too much during his meal, and he didn't really feel like taking on more quests again, since the meal made him feel full enough to get a bit sleepy.

"(Guess I'll go back and take a nap or something)" He thought while yawning

Kenji walked back to the tower, hoping that there would be at least some silence. Unfortunately, that was the last thing he found back in Planeptune's tower.

"You better get on with it and explain properly!"

"If you cheated somehow, I'm gonna rip your freaking head off!"

"I've got to admit as well, this is quite infuriating"

"Gals, Gals! calm down! I swear I had nothing to do with it!"

When entering, Kenji found Neptune surrounded by three other girls who seemed very aggravated for some reason. One had black hair worn in twin pigtails with red eyes and wore an odd-looking, yet well-made dress; the other was a short girl with short clear brown hair and greyish eyes. She wore a white a brown winter coat with a matching hat that was a bit oversized for her. The third and last was seemingly slightly older than the other two and had a much larger chest along with being the tallest one. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes and wore a green dress that looked kind of princess like.

While watching the three girls ganging up on Neptune, Compa and IF noticed Kenji's presence

"Ah, Kenji! Welcome home!"

"What's with all the fuss?" He asked while approaching them and pointing at the four women with his thumb

"Those are the CPUs from the other nations... It seems they're angry because Planeptune's shares suddenly skyrocketed and theirs went down"

"Oh…I wonder if those quests had anything to do with it…"

"How many quests did you do today?"

"Just 10 or so I think…"

"Good work!" Said Compa while smiling

"Huh...No wonder there was such a sudden shift" Said IF while placing one hand on her chin "That's odd, though...I thought only CPUs could change the balance of shares that strongly..."

As the sudden thought ran through the guild member's mind, Neptune's lynching only got worse by the second.

"That's bullshit and you know it!"

"I didn't do anything at all this month! Protag's word! I just lazed around playing videogames and snacking! Just ask Histy! She can totally say I'm not lying!"

Histoire lowered her head and sighed with certain dissapointment as all stares diverted towards her.

"Although it's not something I'd like to admit, Neptune is saying the truth. She hasn't moved from this place at all"

"Then how the hell did this bitch's shares go up so much!?"

"That would be this man's doing" Said IF to catch everyone's attention while pointing with her thumb at Kenji.

The four girls and the tome turned and looked at Kenji.

"Ah, Kenji. Welcome back. Where have you been?" Asked the tome while floating towards Kenji

"He's been doing quests all day long again today"

"I see. Good work as always"

Behind the tome, the three girls approached Kenji and stared at him intently.

"Neptune, who's this man?" Asked Noire

"That's Kenji, but I call him "the alley man" "

"The alley man…?"

Noire then turned around and looked at Kenji as if he were some kind of pervert, which made him feel quite uncomfortable.

"Please don't get the wrong Idea" Kenji said while sweat dropping.

"Let me explain" Said IF while getting up.

IF proceeded to explain how they found Kenji unconscious on an alleyway, about his "supposed" amnesia, his involvement in the current shift in the balance of the shares and most importantly, the reason why Neptune wrongly calls him "the alley man"

"I see…I think I understand most of it…" Said Noire while looking at Kenji "…Though I still can't believe this man could be behind the sudden shift in shares"

"Why not?"

"I mean, how were you be able to increase the shares so much!?"

"I just did quests…lots of them"

"That's bullshit! You'd need to do a shit-ton of quests to get that many shares!"

"Well I did"

"Stop lying!"

"Actually…" Intercepted Histoire, who caught the three girl's and Kenji's attention "While you were arguing among each other, I checked the guild's records. There's written proof that an individual matching Kenji's description completed large amounts of quests every day in a constant manner...More than enough to cause the current shift in share balance"

"E-Either way…if you really did that, then you'd better stop! You hear me?!" Said Noire while throwing daggers at Kenji with her stare


"Because it's frigging bad for us when we lose shares!"

"People would think we're useless, and that wouldn't be good" Said Vert while closing her eyes

"Maybe you really are useless…" Said Kenji with a neutral tone

"WHAT!?" Yelled the three at the same time, each of them with eyes as wide as plates from the shock.

"I mean…if one random dude like me could gain enough of those shares to move Planeptune from the bottom of the barrel to the top in just one week, then you girls are either lazier than that one, or maybe your people didn't believe that strongly In you to begin with"

Now Kenji had done it. The expressions of pure anger in the faces of the three goddesses showed their blood was boiling.

"YOU FUCKER! DON'T GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF!" Yelled out Blanc while bringing out her hammer and getting ready to crush heads with it

"Woah! Blanc got really angry!" Said Neptune with a slightly scared expression

"How dare you say whatever you want!? Do you know how hard I work every day for my nation?!"

"Considering you're here pointing fingers at others…not very hard"

A vein popped on Noire's forehead before she made a bloodthirsty expression.

"My, it seems this man needs to learn how to give some proper respect"

"How about you try giving me some respect first, you bimbo!"

A vein popped on Vert's forehead before she made a murderous stare, just like the other two did.

"Abababababa! Blanc, Noire, Vert, please stop! Don't fight in the basilicom!" Said The tome in a panic before looking at the young man "And you too, Kenji. Stop provoking them!"

"You think we're gonna let what this fucker said just slide!?" Yelled Blanc while holding back the urge to bash Kenji's face in with her hammer

"A-At least let me arrange a location for you to fight properly! But please, not inside the basilicom!"

"Tch…fine…" Said Blanc while dismissing her weapon

"I'm sure we can arrange for the coliseum to host the fight" Suggested IF.

"Sounds good to me. That way we can humiliate him in front of everyone in Gamindustry" Said Noire with an evil smirk.

"I agree with Noire. Humiliating him in front of millions is much better than just beating him up where no one can see" Added Vert, who now had a smirk similar to Noire's

"Hey…Methinks everyone is making scary faces" Said Neptune while sweat dropping with a weak smile

"I think that could be the understatement of the century…" Retorted IF while sweat dropping as well

The three girls went to the balcony, transformed to their HDD forms and prepared to take flight, but not before turning around and threatening Kenji one last time.

"You better show up when the time comes! If you don't, I'll hunt you down and hang your head on my wall!" Said Blanc before turning around and leaving.

"You better man up and not run away!" Added Noire before turning around and flying away with an arrogant laugh.

"I'll make sure you regret your lack of respect towards us" Added now Vert before being the last one to leave.

While Kenji watched the three of them fly away, he lowered his head and sighed.

"(Man…looks like I've got drawn into something extremely annoying)"

Meanwhile, Nepgear was just coming back from a shopping trip through town.

"Big sister, Histoire. I'm back….Did something happen?"