Hello everyone. I'm sure the tittle of the chapter itself helped you figure it out already but I unfortunately decided it was time to properly put an end to this.

Today I finally decided to announce that I'm officially discontinuing Blueflame Heart. I'm sure this is sad news, especially to those who were so patiently waiting and bearing with my slow upload scheludes, but there is simply no point in trying to avoid the unavoidable anymore.

As for the reason why, there's a myriad of explanations I could give. Because of college and work taking most of my time now, because of my new-found interest in drawing which I've been dedicating myself to these last few months, etc. All of them are valid reasons and do, in a way, take part in this decision but to be quite honest the first and main reason I'm finally putting this story down for good is because I have lost any and all interest in it. HDN in particular is a franchise I used to love but nowadays it's quite the opposite. If anything, I've grown to hate it for reasons I'd rather not talk about.

So yeah, I'm sorry to those who liked the story and to those who wished to support it and were so patient, but this is where it ends. I even considered deleting the story but I'll probably leave it here as it is for those who wish to come back and re-read it.

Of course, now that my schelude is beginning to clear up I might try to return to my other story "The Apex" since that one has been lingering in my head, but I do not wish to make any promises since the last thing I want is to crash your hopes after bringing this wrecking ball of a bad news.

And that's about it, really. Again, I'm really sorry it ended this way and I truly thank all of you who read the story up to this point and to those who enjoyed it.

Thank you all, and goodbye.