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"Oh, Danny, where are you," Dick said in a sing-song voice.

Dick was wearing the uniform his parents were wearing. Right now, he was looking for his twin brother, Danny. They wearing playing hide-and-go-seek. And Danny was a great hider. But Dick was a great seeker.

Dick stopped walking when he was next to the wooden pole that kept the circus tent up. He glanced at it and smirked. He walked around one side and charged. He tackled a boy who was wearing the same uniform as him to the ground.

"Gotcha Danny!"

"Yeah, you got me. Now let me up."


Dick then started to tickle Danny. Danny laughed and tickled back at Dick. A tickle war started, both boys tiring to get the other while protecting themselves. They were gonna keep going until a voice rung out.

"Danny, Dick," a female voice yelled out.

Both boys looked at the entrance to see their parents in their uniforms

"It's time to start," their dad said.

"Coming Mom and Dad," both voices replied in unison.

The twins proceeded to race each other to their parents. The nine-year-old boy's uniforms matched. They shared their mother's icy blue eyes and tavern black hair, but the style was like their fathers.

"Come on boys, time for the circus to start," their mom, Julie, said. Their father, Haly, ruff their hair.

"Doing this for the first time together. Can't wait, can you boys," he asked.

Both boys wrenched their heads away from their Dads hands.

"Yeah," Dick said.

"Can't wait," Danny said.

"Come on," their mother said.

She started walking to the main tent, followed by her husband and sons. A couple of minutes later, they were a platform high off the ground. Danny and Dick watched their parents on the high rope until something caught Danny's eye. Or rather, someone.

Oh, no. It's him. Tony Zucco is here, but why? Danny thought.

"Dick, Dick," Danny whispered as he shook his brother's shoulder.

"What Danny," Dick said worriedly, noticing his brother's panicked look.

"What's the man Batman saved us from doing here," Danny said as he pointed to Tony who was in the crowd with two of his other men.

Dick worried looked turn panicked, "I don't know."

A creaking sound was heard above the both of them.

Both looked up to see the metal wires moving loosely. Too loosely. And that the screws were missing. Both boys panicked looks turn to a one of horror as they looked back at their parents.

"Mom! Dad! Get off the high rope," Both screamed.

Their parents looked at the metal wires and saw the screws missing. But it was too late.

The wires broke free. The parents only had enough time to say both their son's names before they fall to their deaths. The crowd screamed as both parents fell to the ground. Dick and Danny fell to their knees.

"Mom, Dad," both said as they clung to each other, trying not to let the tears fall.

Dick and Danny ran inside their father's lab. He was also a scientist that researched ghost. He often went into his lab when he had no training or when Danny, Dick, and Julie were asleep or too busy. They closed and locked the door, fell to the floor, and cried.

Both cried their hearts out, hugging each other in a death grip. A beeping got Danny's attention. He looked to where he saw something his dad was working on.

"Dick, that thing is beeping."

Dick looked at the machine. He got up along with Danny and went to take a look. Anything to distract them from their parent's death was more than good right now.

They looked inside the machine and taking each other hands, they stepped in. It was dark, and they couldn't see where they were going. Which is why Danny tripped. Danny out his left hand on the wall while Dick put his right hand on the wall to stop Danny from falling forward.

"Thanks, Dick."

"Your welcome."

A whirling sound caught the boys attention.

They looked around them and saw the machine start to turn on. They looked at where their hands were and saw that they were touching cables that were touching each other. (When their hands touched the cables, it moved them into touching the other, turning the machine on).

They looked at each other and tried to get out of the machine, but it already turned on. Too bad that their father's lab was soundproof.

They screamed as they were shocked. What was only a couple seconds felt like hours to them. Finally, it stopped. Both boys fell to the ground. They crawled out of the machine. Danny looked at his brother.

"Dick! Look! The colors your wearing are opposite! Your hair and eyes too!"

Dick looked down at himself. He looked back at Danny.

"Same for you!"

Danny looked down at himself. Then, white rings appeared at his waist, splitting in half. One going up and one going down. He looked back at his brother, seeing the same thing.

"Dick, what do we do?"

A couple of hours later, Dick and Danny stood in front of each other. Danny was getting taken in by the Fenton's who were in the crowd while Dick was getting taken in by Mr. Wayne, who was also in the crowd.

Both brothers hugged each other, the only hug they will be able to give each other in a while.

"Remember Danny, don't tell no one about your powers."

"And you the same."

Dick hugged Danny tighter.

"Be safe with the Fentons, Danny."

"Be safe with Mr. Wayne, Dick."

Both boys pulled away.

"I hope the Fentons take good care of you," Dick told his brother.

"Same for you with Mr. Wayne."

Dick and Danny smiled at each other.

"Bye Dicky Duckie."

"Bye Danny Doggy."

They hugged once more and parted. The boys fare-welled and walked away. When they vehicles they were in drove in the opposite dictation, they waved to each other through the back window. And went away to their new life with their new families. But they one day hoped to see each other again.

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