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6 years later, Amity Park

Danny felt, he felt, well he didn't know his feeling.

He felt guilty for lying to his friends, human or ghost. He felt bad for not telling his friends he already had powers and for faking like he didn't know how to control his powers. He had no choice but to break his promise with his brother, he felt guilty for not telling his friends about his brother. Danny most of all he felt sorry for not speaking to or looking up his brother in 6 years.

So, he is feeling guilt and regret.

But now they were gone. Sam, Tucker, his adopted parents and sister, and his teacher, all killed by his future self.

No, not future self Danny thought as he shook his head.

You promised not to become him and you plan on keeping that promise Danny thought to himself. But at least he got to say good-bye.

Their ghosts selves came to him, saying that he tried to save him and that was all that mattered. His adopted parents told him that they loved him and always accept him and that they were sorry for hurting him. Danny told them it was OK and that he loved them.

His adopted sister told him to let go that he wasn't able to save them and that this was probably might to happen and that she loved him. Danny told her that he will and that he loved her.

His teacher told him that he was a remarkable boy for being a hero and trying to do his best in school. Danny told him thank you and that he will finally get away from all the kids at school, making them all laugh.

Tucker told him that he was his best friend and was glad to be friends with someone like Danny. Danny told him thank you for being there all those years for him.

Sam, she told Danny that he was the bravest person that she ever might and that she loved him. Danny told her thank you and that he loved her. Sam and Danny kissed and a real kiss and not a 'Fakeout-Make out' kiss.

They crossed over after that. So, Danny didn't felt guilt and regret anymore. In fact, he felt happy. Happy that his adopted family, friends, teacher forgave him. Happy that they moved on. So, Danny didn't know what he was feeling.

Right now, he was in the Ghost Zone, wearing a black cape to hide him in the shadows. He was staying there for now until his wounds healed. Then he would find Dick. He would go and find his brother.

6 years later Gotham City

Robin felt guilty.

He felt guilty for lying to his friends, human or metahuman, Kryptonian, Martian or Atlantian. He felt guilty for not telling his adopted dad about his powers. He felt guilty for fighting crime without his powers when he could be so much more useful with them. He had a couple of close calls from time to time. He felt guilty for not telling his friends about his brother and most of all he felt sorry for not speaking to or looking up his brother in 6 years. Dick needed to find Danny, but every time he tried something happens that prevented him.

Like right now. He needed to take down Klarion.

"Klarion has been seen being collecting flowers that glow red and making more of them grow," Aqualad said.

A picture of the red flower appeared on the screen.

"Our mission is to stop him from reproducing the flowers in fear that they might be dangerous as well as to try and identify the flowers," Aqualad said this as he stood in front of the team in the bishop.

The team were flying to the outskirts of Gotham City, hoping to stop Klarion.

This has gone too far long Robin thought. After this mission, nothing is going to stop me from trying to find my brother.

Robin was hiding in the bushes, watching Klarion from a close distance. Close enough for him to see Klarion, but not close enough for Klarion to see or hear him. The rest of the team was with the League, observing the scene before them. He was supposed to be with them, but something told him to get closer.

Robin looked at the flowers. He pointed his computer glove at it. It analyzed the flower before it gave him the information about it. Information that he is so glad to have right now.

"Blood Blossoms - A blood-red flower with anti-supernatural properties. Ghosts are rendered powerless and in great pain when in the Blood Blossoms presence. The red vapor the flower releases eats a ghost from the inside out."

Robin shivered at that.

"The only way to alleviate the pain is for a human too-"

"Robin," a voice said in his head.

Robin stopped. "Miss Martian?"

"Robin, where are you? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. As for where I am well, where are you guys?"

"Look upon the rocks. Klarion can't see us."

Robin looked at where Miss Martian said and saw the rocks as well as some shadow outlines. He was across the clearing from them.

"I see you, guys."

"Robin, Batman wants to know where you are."

Robin took a deep quiet breath.

"Across the clearing, in the bushes."


"Too late to go to you guys. Klarion will see me."

A couple of seconds went by before Miss Martian replied.

"Batman says to be careful."

"Oh, believe me. I'm going to be careful."

Miss Martian caught off the link.

I don't want to be eaten by red vapor from a red flower Robin thought.

Robin continued to where he left off. "Is for a human to eat the Bloom Blossom. The flowers are edible to humans and a human's stomach acid will destroy it, thus ending the pain the ghost is in."

Robin pressed save on the computer glove.

"At least there's a way to end the pain in case if it happens to me."

But also revealed my secret in the process he added in thought.

Klarion was doing as was reported but what was different was that he had some wanted super villains guarding him.

"All right team, get ready," Aqualad said over the intercom.

A few seconds later Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow zeta jumped down from the rocks, followed by Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, and Miss Martian. Robin emerged from the bushes.

The heroes surrounded the villains.

Batman then stepped up.

"The games up Klarion, we have you surrounded," he said while walking up to Klarion.

Klarion growled and lunged out at Batman while his back was turned to the nearest crook. Robin's eyes widened under his mask.

"Look out," warned Robin as he ran up to counter Klarion. Batman quickly turned and saw Robin attack Klarion.

"Robin," Batman yelled as he tried to help him, but the other villains started attacking.

Robin kept attacking Klarion when Klarion suddenly grabbed him and threw him a couple of feet right, farther away from the other heroes.

Robin got up to attack again when he suddenly felt dizzy.

"Ugh.." he moaned as he clutched his head and looked down.

Instantly, his eyes widen. He was almost surrounded in a complete circle of Blood Blossoms. He slowly put his hands to his sides, moving his feet closer together. Klarion saw all of this.

The heroes managed to knock out the other villains. Batman realized that the fighting between Robin and Klarion stopped. So he turned to see what was going on, only to see Robin in the almost circle of Blood Blossoms and Klarion staring at Robin.

"Robin, are you okay," Batman said.

All of the heroes stared at Robin who had not moved. Robin looked at the flowers, only to see red vapor rising out of the flowers.

"Hmm. Afraid of Blood Blossoms, hero" Klarion asked as he reached into a pocket, pulling out a red flower, "There is only one thing that's afraid of Blood Blossoms."

Robin's eyes widen. HE KNOWS Robin thought in alarm.

"And you are one of those things."

"What are you talking about Klarion," Superboy said with narrowed eyes, tensing his body, ready to run to Robin's aid.

The other heroes did the same. Klarion turned to them.

"That your friend here is not who he says he is. Then again, I wonder how none of you saw that he was a demon all along."

"What," Batman and Robin's team said as they looked at him as Robin's eyes widen. The Justice League just stared at him.

No, no, no, no, NO! I didn't want them to find out like this Robin thought.

Klarion then threw the flower he had onto the empty space, completing the circle. The red vapor surrounded Robin's body. Robin closed his eyes and let out a pain-filled scream.

"Robin," his name was yelled from all heroes. Robin heard a loud thud through his scream.

Someone knocked out Klarion was his first thought.

Someone pulled Robin out of the circle. Batman Robin thought. He knew the feeling of his hands.

"Robin, Robin! It's okay, it' okay! I got you!" yelled Batman as he held onto the boy.

The red vapor still was around him. Robin kept screaming.

"Make it stop! Make it stop," Robin shouted.

"What do we do. The red whatever-it-is is still surrounding him," Kid Flash said.

"Eat them," Robin shouted before screaming.

"What," all heroes said.

"The flowers! They're edible! (scream) Stomach acid can destroy them! (scream) Hurry! It feels like I'm getting eaten from the inside out," Robin yelled and screamed.

Imminently, his friends started eating the flowers, destroying the pain Robin was in. The red vapor disappeared.

"It's working," Green Arrow said.

Robin sighed when the last flower was eaten. He slumped in Batman's arms. His friends knelled down to get closer to him while the adult heroes stood behind them, worry in all their eyes.

"Robin, are you okay," Batman asked, bringing Robin closer to him.

Robin opened his eyes slowly and they gasped. They could all see Robin's eyes glowing a neon toxic green. Robin saw it in the reflection in everyone's eyes.

"T...tha...nk youuu," Robin said shakily.

Robin's eye's rolled to the back of his head and he fell limp in Batman's arms, everyone yelling his name and telling him to stay awake.

Danny held his chest. He was hiding in a cave no ghost went to. He was in pain for the past minute. The same pain the Blood Blossoms made him feel. But, it felt like someone else's pain.

Who is feeling this pain and I hope it's not who I think it is, or I'll have to get major payback to the one who hurt my brother Danny thought as the pain ended.

He falls asleep.

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