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Robin morphed into ghost form and flew to Danny's falling form. He caught Danny in his arms and landed back on the ground.

Danny had bruises and scrapes on his face. His eyes were closed and he was motionless.

Elly runs up to them as Robin sits on his knees on the snowy ground. Robin moves Danny to his knees which are bent underneath him. He shakes his brother as Elly sits on her knees across from Robin. After a couple of seconds of nothing, Robin and Elly start crying, realizes that there's nothing that they can do. Elly moves her head to Danny's chest while Robin moves to Danny's shoulder while his stroking the left side of Danny's head, both still crying.

To them, Danny was gone.

Batman walks up to them and kneels next to Robin, placing a hand on Robin's shoulder. His face was emotionless, but a couple of tears fall from his face.

To him, his son was gone.

Artemis, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian fall to their knees, letting tears fall or crying. Superboy and Aqualad just slumped and breathed heavily, trying not their glazed eyes start leaking tears. Valerie, who had arrived during the meteors blasting and before Danny's fight with Dark Dan, lands next to them and calls back her helmet, tears falling down her face.

To the teens, their friend was gone.

Some members of the Justice League have tears fall from their face, some are shaking their head, Superman is looking down at the ground. Omni Lantern is shaking his head.

To them, a hero was gone.

The Ghosts from the Ghost Zone are shaking their heads, some like Jay had tears in their eyes.

To them, their Savoir was gone.

Everyone was thinking this happened way too soon.

Elly cried into Danny's chest, remembering every good moment she had with him.

"Hey, Danielle!" Danielle stopped and turned around. Danny flew up to her.

"Yeah, Danny?" Danny smiled at her.

"I made something for you," Danny held out his hand. Danielle gasped. It was a necklace made of ghost ice. It was heart-shaped and the words "Little Sister My Mine" where written on the front.

"When you change forms, it will change color too," Danny said.

"You think of me as a little sister," Danielle asked, taking the necklace.

"Yeah, I do."

Danielle smiled at him. "Thank you! I'll never part with this unless I have to!"

Danny looked at them before an evil thought came to his head. Flying up to Elly, he poked her.

"Tag! You're it!"

"Huh," Elly said in confusion.

"We would have been here sooner, but Danny just had to sleep in." Danny let out a sound of protest as everyone started laughing.

"Why were you sleeping in," Miss Martin teased. Danny glared at her until Elly spoke.

"He was playing Doom," Elly yelled. Danny let out another protest and shouted, "Elly!"

Everyone laughed at Danny. Said boy just crossed his arms and pouted.

"Hey, Danny, you hungry?" Danny didn't answer.

"Danny?" Still no answer.

Elly walked over and leaned close to Danny. A couple of seconds later, she was moving back, laughing.

"He's asleep," Elly shouted. It was true. The combine of stopping the fight and fixing everything had tried Danny out so he fell asleep as soon as he hit the couch, or so the teens thought.

The other teens joined in on the laughing.

"How about a bargain," Elly whispered, afraid that if she spoke too loud, they would be found. Danny shook his head.

"The only thing that they would want to bargain is giving us a beat down," Danny said.

Robin wasn't paying attention to them, he was instead looking for something to help them get out their mess. His eyes landed on something near the pool and an idea struck him.

Robin turned to his brother and sister. "Distract them." Both turned to them as like he was nuts.

"What," both shouted, forgetting to stay quiet.

"Aqualad! They're in the training room," Superboy's voice called out. The three siblings heads turned towards the doors.

"Look! Just do it! I got an idea," Robin said. Robin flew towards the pool, leaving his brother and sister to do what he asked.

Danny and Elly appeared in front of Superboy and Aqualad just as they entered the room. Danny and Elly laughed nervously, unable to say a word at the two angry teens in front of them. Superboy and Aqualad did one look before saying at the same time, "Where's Robin?"

As to answer, water sprayed on both of the teens, washing them clean of glue, glitter, and feathers.

Once clean, the two formerly angry teens looked at Robin, who was holding a hose in his hands. Robin dropped the hose and smiled nervously.

"I had to hose you two down," Robin said.

Elly just cried as she remembered, remembered everything fun she did with Danny once she joined the team.

Robin cried into Danny's shoulder. He too was remembering everything that he did with Danny.

"Oh, Danny, where are you," Dick said in a sing-song voice.

Dick was wearing the uniform his parents were wearing. Right now, he was looking for his twin brother, Danny. They wearing playing hide-and-go-seek. And Danny was a great hider. But Dick was a great seeker.

Dick stopped walking when he was next to the wooden pole that kept the circus tent up. He glanced at it and smirked. He walked around one side and charged. He tackled a boy who was wearing the same uniform as him to the ground.

"Gotcha Danny!"

"Yeah, you got me. Now let me up."


Dick then started to tickle Danny. Danny laughed and tickled back at Dick. A tickle war started, both boys tiring to get the other while protecting themselves.

Taking a deep breath, Robin, hesitantly and shakily, said something that only his twin would know.

"Dan...Danny dog...doggy?"

Danny gasp. Only his twin could know his nickname. Not even their parents knew their nicknames! It was something between the two of them only!

Then he saw it eyes Robin's eyes. Dick's smile, Dick's laughter, him and Dick playing hide and seek the day their parents died, and the hug that they gave each other. So just as hesitantly and shakily, Danny said something only Dick would know. He had to make sure it was his brother.

"Dic...Dicky duc...Duckie?"

Robin let out a shaky breath, a smile appearing on his face and tears starting to form under his mask. Robin nodded his head. Danny let out sob like gasp as Robin stoked the side of Danny's head like he did to calm Danny down from a nightmare he woke up from. Tears fell from Danny's eyes and tears slipped through Robin's mask.

"Danny, little brother," Robin said quietly.

Been since my parent's death that I cried like this Robin thought.

Danny sobbed as Robin brought his other hand and stroked the other side of his head. "Dick, older brother."

Robin let his sobs loose as he wrapped his arms around his brother's neck as Danny's wrapped around his waist.

Danny buries his face in Robin's shoulder as Robin started to stroke Danny's head again. Both fell to the ground as their knees could no longer support them. Robin pulled Danny into his lap while Danny moved his face from Robin's shoulder and buried it in the crook of Robin's neck.

Robin had his back against the wall, Danny was between his legs with his back against Robin's chest. Robin had his left hand warped around Danny's waist and his right hand stroking the side of Danny's head.

Robin glared at Danny. He raised a hand and tried to hit Danny across the head. But all Danny did was turn intangible.

"Oh come on! That's not fair!"

Danny laughed. Robin glared at Danny.

"Sorry, but I can't help but laugh at the name you made."

Robin shook his head before continuing.

Robin looked right at Danny's eyes. "I know your still there, Danny. I can feel you. It's not your fault."

Danny looked at him, his eye's flashing back to neon toxic green for a second. Robin smiled. "You're my little brother, and I know you can beat Freakshow's control. Because you're stronger than him!"

As soon as Robin yelled the last sentence, Danny yelled out, moving back and clutching his head.

"Your not the fault or the blame, Danny," Robin spoke seriously, "Dark Dan and you are completely different people. It doesn't matter that your alternate beings of each other. You are you and Dark Dan is Dark Dan. Your strong Danny, and being able to go through all that proves it. No matter what, we still love ya, Danny."

Robin just cried into his brother's shoulder. Everything that they went through, it just can't end like this!

No one could see Clockwork appear above them, for he was unseeable and unheard at the moment. Clockwork spoke.

"Some great sacrifices like this, the person is given another chance. You already had your second chance Daniel, but it is not yet your time. You have a family and friends who need you. Let their tears of love and memories heal you. Return to them, Daniel. Return to them. Your time has not yet come, and it won't for a very long while."

Clockwork vanished.

Danny breathes softly, so softly that Elly didn't feel his chest move. Danny could hear them crying. Danny didn't want them to cry over him any longer.

Danny moved his right-hand to Elly's head and holds it while his left-hand grabs Robin's hand that is stroking the side of his head, making both teens gasp.

Robin gasps at the emotions that he was feeling. The feeling of love and care and joy. Those feelings are not his.

Elly and Robin moved back and look at Danny's face. Batman, who had been watching everything and kneels behind Robin, looks at Danny as well. Danny's eyes flutter open.

Danny smiles at the three of them, causing Robin and Elly to yell his name. "Danny!"

Robin and Elly hug Danny. Danny grins his signature grin and hugs back.

Members of the Justice League and Omni Lantern look at the three. The Ghosts look alert. The teens look up with a look of hope, even Superman looks at the three with hope as well.

Robin and Elly move back and Danny smiles at them. Batman gets up and holds his hand out to Danny. Danny looks at him. All Batman says is, "They're all waiting to see what's going on."

Danny looks at Robin and Elly who move back. Danny couldn't resist smiling at his sisters and brother faces. And the feeling of joy and happiness from his brother.

Danny grabs Batman's hand and Batman pulls him to his feet. The reaction is instant.

The Justice League starts clapping and smiling. The Ghosts start cheering. The teens are laughing and hugging each other or for the boy's grabs each other's shoulders and high-five. Superman smiles and nods to Danny while Omni Lantern smiles.

Danny looks around at how many people are happy that he is alive. Artemis, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Valerie run-up to Danny and give him a big group hug. Danny smiles at all of them and looks at them all.

Robin went to Danny's side as Elly jumped into Danny's arm for a hug. Robin hit Danny upside the head.

"Never scare us like that again," Robin shouted, trying to sound angry but the smile on his face ruining it. Danny just laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll try to not scare you like that again," Danny said. Robin shook his head fondly. Danny looks at them all.

"Clockwork was right, as always," Danny said.

At their confused looks, Danny explained, "Clockwork told me that only an equal positive power can destroy an equal negative evil power. I was the positive and Dark Dan was negative. When I was out of it, I heard Clockworks voice. He told me to go back, that my time is a very long way off, that you guys needed me."

Elly gently punched Danny in the chest, "Just don't do something like that again. We're so glad that you're alive."

Danny laughs and said, "I couldn't leave. I had you guy's who needed me."

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