A/N Hey everyone. I should be working on the dozens of WIPs I have lined up but this is something near and dear to my heart. Tuck Everlasting is one of my favorite novels that I had forgotten about. I read it and saw the movie almost eight years ago but then the musical made its appearance this year and I recently listened to the soundtrack and all of the feels just came back. So naturally I had to write something. If you haven't read this masterpiece by Natalie Babbitt I highly encourage you; it's a love story like no other. And if you have, please enjoy this little fragment. If there are some details that seem a bit off, my mistake, like I said it's been awhile :)

Below is a letter I'd imagine would be left for Jesse after he'd discovered Winnie's headstone.

My Dearest Jesse,

I have recited what to say in this letter for the past 83 years, but when it comes pen to paper, I have trouble. The words do not come easy. But the memories do. They do not fade, do not waver. They are unwrinkled; forever suspended in a moment that will never end.

I would like to think time transpasses love, but really it is love that transpasses time. The time you are not bound to. The time we choose to ignore.

I suppose you must be angry at me for leaving you with an empty promise.

I hope you do not deem me selfish for it.

A wise man once told me that life is a wheel. We all have our place. That we should not fear death, but a life unlived.

And Jesse Tuck, to be with you was a life surely lived.

I know you must be disappointed. I know you are sad. But I beg of you to only think of me in passing. Just for a moment and let me be. Let the memory of me soar. For you will breathe infinitely. You have until the end of eternity to grow in more ways than physicality. Hundreds of thousands of years will pass and I will just be a feeling. Something that once was on your timeline to nowhere.

Understand that there was not a day I did not think of you.

The eve of my wedding, the day I bore my children, you were right there. You never left. You are still here. In every croak I hear outside my window, in every ripple of water, every lap I have ever learnt to swim.

Jesse Tuck, you are everlasting in more ways than one and I thank you for it.

Know with all your might that this choice was one of no easy measure. But I did not wish to be stuck; that was a feeling I had known all too well before. I wanted to turn and spin and grow and change. To live a life with consequence. To have a future that wasn't the same as my past.

I did this not to cause you the anguish you surely feel. And I pray that one day you will have a peace in my decision. For, my life was not measured by time, this is what you taught me, it was measured by a series of moments dotted like constellations in the sky. For the night has stars but only the collection of them are remembered. Are valued, are named. They reappear over and over. Give the dark light; meaning.

And if you and I do not meet again. If I do not see you at the pearly white gates high above the clouds. Just know, that I saw heaven in your eyes, every time.

I seal this letter with the drops in the vial that holds forever.

May you find a blessing in the curse.

I love you,