One-shot time!

Title: Feelings

Pairing: Fang x Boboiboy / FangBoy / FBBB

WARNING(s): Teen!AU, No-powers!AU, Shounen-ai, BoyxBoy.

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters used in this story except for the plot. Thank you.


Fang was enjoying the evening breeze at the park until someone poked his left cheek. He turned around and saw his friend. He motioned him to sit down next to him, which his friend happily obliged.

This friend of his was non-other than Boboiboy.

After a few years of rivaling each other, they decided to call it a truce. From always bickering at each other, they are now close friends. And both of them were satisfied with that.

It's just that, '… I love him…' Both of them thought.

Too afraid to ruin their friendship, both decided to stay shut about their feelings.

After a year of calling truce, Fang realized how cute his friend was. He noticed that he has soft black hair, light fair skin, and beautiful brown orbs.

He knows it's wrong to feel like this towards his friend, especially after they had just started hanging out like real friends.

He had no other choice but to just stay shut about it, even though it will hurt himself in the end.

Seeing some males or females being with him would surely irritate him to no end. Sometimes he would swing an arm around Boboiboy's shoulder as if to tell them to back away from the shorter boy.

Oh yes, Fang really loves Boboiboy.

Boboiboy on the other hand, was having the same feeling towards Fang.

He first thought it was just a normal feeling, but then it grew even more. Causing him to sometime blush when the other looked at him, or when they make eye contact.

Boboiboy realized his friend was not just handsome, but also tall and masculine. He was always seen playing basketball in school. And this attracted many ladies indeed.

He was surely jealous when some of them dared to give Fang chocolates on Valentine's Day. He would turn around from them and grit his teeth in annoyance, sometimes giving them a death glare.

Boboiboy sure doesn't like anyone being with his Fang.

Both of them wanted to be more than just friends.

Fang glanced to his left to face Boboiboy. Boboiboy looked amazing in his eyes. He was enjoying the soft breeze that hit his face, feeling the warmth.

Feeling that someone was watching him, he opened his eyes and saw Fang staring at him. He quickly turned his face around, trying to hide the blush that crept onto his face.

Fang didn't bother to look away. Instead he moved closer to the other and placed his hand on Boboiboy's face.

"Boboiboy." He called.

Boboiboy turned towards Fang, "Y-yes?" He managed to squeak.

Fang took hold of Boboiboy's chin and slowly lean down. Soon, both of them were staring deep into each other's eye, not breaking contact.

Fang closed the gap between them after he whispered, "I love you."

Boboiboy was on the verge of tears and pulled Fang closer. The kiss was short but it was full of meaning for them.

Boboiboy whispered back, "I love you too, Fang."

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