Alrighty! This is fun! I get to re-write everything from the ground-up. And with a second chance comes better grammar(Hopefully) and a more understandable storyline. Another thing is that I'm re-writing it on the same story, rather than posting a revision as a separate story, saves me time.

For those who don't know: This is a re-written version of my story Minecraft: Another World's War. This story's title is the same, however without the "Minecraft:" in the title. Makes it feel more like its own rather than being "Just another Fanfic".

This chapter includes the Prologue of the story as well as the first chapter. The former of which will have no perspective.

Chapter 1:

The Beginning, The "Accident"!



Flashback text

In Game Text

?'s Point of View(POV)

7:30 A.M., January 25th, 2105.

The sun shone through my window as I awoke to the morning. I sat up in my bed as I was greeted by my german sheperd named Jack.

"Morning Jack." I said, he let out a small bark in response and licked my face like dogs do.

I got out of bed and walked towards my drawer to get some fresh clothes, I changed into a black T-Shirt and blue jeans, and put my favorite silver necklace on, it had an interesting light blue gem in the center of it.

"Nineteen and still going." I said, sighing to myself happily. Silver Greywitcher, my name was certainly an odd one. I had blue eyes and white hair, that... wasn't dyed.

I'm not as old as I think I am, but I still have yet to say goodbye to my childhood. Adulthood isn't very fun, you have to get a job, a drivers license, nowadays a phone's rather necessary and you often never see people outside of your work-friends. My remedy? Video games, especially indie computer games. Always so unique, so creative.

Having a sustainable job, a single-story house, a car that I never use, a phone, and a pet was certainly a fun experience, but being able to go back and be a kid again was just... amazing.

I wasn't always home though, because I was currently trying my luck as a parkourist, if that's even a term. I do the hardcore stuff like handstands over high places, flips, wall running and other cool stuff like that. My dog, Jack, was also a very fit thanks to this.

I opened my fridge and grabbed some milk, set it on the counter-top and grabbed my quick and easy pancake mix. The stuff wasn't healthy, but I didn't really have anything else to eat till I went to the store to get stuff.

I turned on the stove, stirred the pancake mix, and fed my dog. Multitasking is almost too easy when you're scatterbrained. I finished making my breakfast and put the things I used away in their places.

Looking to the clock on my microwave I noticed that it was almost time for my work. I grabbed Jack's leash from a kitchen drawer and led him to the front door, after putting on his leash and fastening my shoes, I went to open the front door.

As I did so, I was met with a FedEx delivery man, who had a package in his hand.

"Mister... Greywitcher?" he asked, looking at the name on the package.

"Yup," I replied.

He handed me a clipboard.

"Would you like to take our quality survey?" he asked with a nervous smile.

"No thanks," I was never a fan of these surveys, all I did was purchase a few games. I handed him the clipboard back after signing it, and he left.

I rejoiced in my mind, cringing at the box, as it held two of my newest games inside. I was looking forward to playing them so much, I swore that when they came in I'd skip work. But now that they're here, it's a Friday. I wouldn't get paid at all if I didn't go, as my boss refuses to send me my money in checks, it's always cash... which isn't very efficient. I grimaced, as not this week's pay check is needed in order to survive the next.

"AGH, screw it, I'm goin' to work!" I thought to myself. I summoned Jack and put his collar on him. And as I tightened Jack's leash, he attempted to lick my face.

Soon after that, I exited my house with Jack in tow, on my way to work.

4:45 P.M.

"Good god, I thought the day would never end!" I said to myself with a relieved sigh.

I sat down at my computer desk and booted up my desktop.

After weeks of waiting, I'm finally about to get the game. And I hadn't really done EXTENSIVE research on it. All I know is that it's a block-y open-world game with creative properties. It apparently has a rather large database of creatures. I know of the 5 basic ones: Creepers, Skeletons, Spiders, Endermen and Zombies. Though that was, of course, only 5 out of many NPC creatures in the game.

The extended list has Dinosaurs, Mythical Beasts, Comic Book monsters, and more. What's more is that your character gets their very own story! The newest version of the game has billions of different stories for characters, so that even in the Multiplayer, you're one of a kind no matter what. This whole game was a result of more than a decade of work. It has 200 full time developers who're updating it constantly, and a constantly progressing NPC A.I., it literally almost has it all.

I've been waiting for such a long time to play it, since the only way to actually get it nowadays is to order it online and have it shipped to your house. Buying it online was dumped as a marketing idea, since people wouldn't have to pay for shipping the stuff, all in all a good business decision, only downside is that not everybody has the game.

I inserted the game disc and booted up the game. The loading screen popped up, giving me three options: Story Mode, Online Story Mode, and Creative Mode. I supposed I would have tried Creative Mode, however, it was darkened from the selection, and did not allow me to click it. Same thing with Story Mode, which I assumed to be the Single Player mode.

I looked at the manual that came with the game, going to the Creative and Story Mode sections. Turns out the only way to play the single-player Story Mode and Creative Modes was to have the first Achievement in the Online Story Mode.

I sighed and loaded the topmost option; the Online Story Mode.

Welcome to Minecraft! From here on you will be able to create your own Character that you will be using the entire game!

"Well that's... interesting..." I thought aloud.

WARNING! The choices you make in the character creation will affect your character's custom-made story!

"Yeah yeah. Stupid game, just let me create my character!" I clicked past the warnings and on to the character creation screen. There were so many options! But one of these options struck me as odd. There was a "Photo creation" option that required my Computer's digital camera.

Curiosity over took me and I clicked on it. The game asked me to take a picture of my face and I did so, as soon as my picture was registered, my character's face was created. I set my character's clothing design to match my desires: a black T shirt with simple blue jeans and some running shoes, along with a few custom accessories such as my special necklace, a stainless steel watch and a white hoodie that I set to wrap around my character's waist. The screen also had a section for winter garb, so I selected it.

My character's cold-weather outfit consisted of a white cotton sweater and thick black cargo pants as well as a pair of steel-toe boots.

Every last detail I had entered became precise with each adjustment, and it was amazing how closely it resembled my own face. My character posed and moved his limbs around in a stretching manner, and was then thrown into the game. It was at this point when I started to feel a little tingly.

My monitor began to light up brighter than it normally should, to the point where the screen was just plain white. I felt a little nauseous for a second before blacking out completely. Jack was barking loudly as I drifted off slowly, feeling unaffected by the noise he was making in an attempt to keep me awake.


There was fire everywhere, and a tall male figure stood before me. His eyes were empty, and oddly white. He loomed over me, and moved closer as he examined me. He let out a chuckle before he spoke.

"Who are you?" He asked in a booming voice. I didn't answer, yet somehow, after looking deep into my eyes for what felt like hours, he backed away."Silver Greywitcher. It appears you've been brought here by someone."

A sense of dread and shock coursed through my body, and the hairs on the back of my head stood on ends. He stopped smiling and put on a look of crude disappointment.

"The one who has summoned you, do you know who they are?" He asked, I shook my head and he sighed."Well, it appears you've met with an... interesting fate."

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out and I felt a lack of breath.

"Do not fret, it'd be remarkable if you could breath in here anyway. I am Herobrine, friends and close acquaintances call me Hero. I honestly couldn't tell you what I am even if I wanted to. However I can indeed greet you: welcome to the world of Minecraft, the world where everyone has their own unique story."

If this was supposed to be the intro to the game, I was more or less still terrified at how unbelievably surreal this felt. It was physically impossible to understand this, and I was awestruck.

"I know, it sounds like it'd be a perfect world. But... it isn't anymore perfect than the one you came from, there are wars, plagues and even evils. You, Silver Greywitcher, are a most interesting character. Out of all the people who have come through here, you are the third to show emotion, and look to be physically aware that you are here." He said, seeming to examine me.

Slowly I began to feel the lack of being able to breath get to me as I started to get a painful headache. He grinned evilly, backing away from me slowly.

"Indeed, it shall be a most interesting bout." He said maniacally, laughing after speaking to add to my terror. The floor seemed to suddenly give out as I fell into a dark abyss. By this time my consciousness was all but gone, and everything faded white.


I felt my head bang against something hard on what I assumed to be the ground. I held onto my head as my ears were ringing loudly, adding to immense pain surging through me.

"Oi, you ok?" I heard a voice, it seemed feminine."OI!"

My vision cleared and the ringing stopped, and I looked up to greet the figure standing above me.

"Who-" I didn't finished my sentence, as I looked up and I was surrounded by ENORMOUS spiders."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Screaming at the top of my lunges, I inched away from them, only to find that there wasn't a wall behind me, only more spiders.

"Name's Sydney Spirde, and you need to calm yourself son." My eyes followed the voice to a rather short looking young female with purple hair, she was slightly pale and had red eyes, and some odd red beads in her hair holding up her two pigtails.

I shot up and frantically looked around for an opening in the horde of spiders. Whereas the female in front of me looked annoyed by my fear.

"Dude. Chill." She said, grabbing hold of my face and staring at me in the eyes. I tried to calm down, but the fact of the matter was... I have extreme arachnophobia. I whimpered lightly, curling myself into a ball."Holy crap dude, you okay?"

"F-f-fine... just fine..." I said, scared for my life.

"OI! You gotta chill for a second! SERIOUSLY!" She shouted, I jumped slightly at the sudden shouting, and then I had realized that she wasn't talking to me. All the spiders, every eight set of eyes glaring at me with a blood-lust.

"SYDNEY! WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON DOWN THERE?!" An angry voice shouted from an overhang above me.

"THERE'S A MAN!" The small girl shouted back at the voice. Once hearing this, the figure jumped down from the impossible height, landing in front of me.

"Hm... Hi there." She said cheerfully, seemingly in an attempt to calm me. It worked, for the most part, but part of me was kinda questioning why all the giant menacing and probably venomous spiders were all retreating.

I didn't respond, the feeling of helplessness set in, as my body began to move on it's own. At some point, I was even lifted up off the ground. The girl before me looked strikingly similar to the smaller counterpart next to her, as from being taller and having longer hair.

"State your business." She said gently, sounding a tad bored.

"I... I don't know." I replied bluntly, the anxiety had not yet left me.

"It's alright, everything's alright." She whispered in an attempt to calm me down, the patronizing tone making me more annoyed than anything. I uncurled myself and stood up.

"Atta boy!" Sydney said with encouragement.

A brief moment of calm serenity, then I felt a sharp pain in my head. I held onto it tightly, wincing in agony. Both the two girls before me flinched. I could feel my muscles tense up, and the air became rather thin.

"This isn't good. Sydney grab our gear, we're taking him to the surface."

"Yes ma'am!"

I hadn't really been paying attention to the environment, but I now noticed that we happened to be in a deep cave system seemingly underground. The current cavern was so large I couldn't even see the roof before my vision was clouded by darkness.

"How the hell did you even get down here?" She asked me, lifting me up by my arm and slinging it over her shoulder. I happened to be significantly taller than her, so upon her first step forwards, I collapsed onto the ground."A cave in?" She continued to ask.

I shook my head in response, I had no idea how I was here, or where 'here' even was. I propped myself up as best I could and walked with her to wherever she was going. It took my best efforts to stay conscious, as the heat and lack of oxygen sent pain surging through my body.

"Don't worry bud, we're almost to the portal." She said with a slightly strained voice, it was obviously taking most of her efforts to keep me upright.

Ahead of us was a glowing purple wall that seemed to move with my eyes. She urged me forwards, as the much smaller Sydney rushed ahead of us, coaxing us onward. As soon as we were within a few feet of the purple wall, Sydney ran into it, disappearing instantaneously. The girl under me tossed me forwards, causing me to ram the wall.

However, I was never met with a wall. Instead I fell forwards and landed on what felt like cement. For the first time in what seemed like forever, I felt fresh air touch my lunges, as the sudden change from mainly carbon dioxide to oxygen stung my nostrils.

"HALLELUJAH!" I shouted at the top of my newly refreshed lunges.

"Someone's happy." The girl who threw me through the 'portal' said behind me.

"Well duh, wouldn't you be after breathin' in that horrendous underground air?" Sydney asked her, smiling as she too took a deep breath. I wasn't too sure if she meant my lack of air, as I couldn't tell the difference.

"Hey there." I turned around and greeted them.


"Sup!" Sydney shouted over her.

"My name is Skyla Spirde, I'm Sydney's sister. And who might you be?" The girl asked cheerfully, her tone changing as soon as she seemed to breath the fresh air.

"I'm... uh... I'm..." My brain seemed to have stopped functioning properly. Either I just realized I had amnesia, or my head colliding with the bottom of that cave REALLY knocked me. Then again, I did just have one of the most traumatic experiences of my entire life, and I just ran through a moving purple wall, so it's understandable that I'm not 'all there' as of yet.

"Spit it out, we don't have all day bud!" The littler girl coaxed me, shaking me by my shirt.

"Chill Syd. Maybe he doesn't remember." Skyla said kindly as I literally knocked on my own head to try and hit something back into place.

"Sil...-ver. Silver. Silver Greywitcher." I stood up happily, successfully remembering my name.


"Good job! You figured out your own name. Now, count to five!" Sydney said sarcastically.

"Don't patronize me, little girl." I snapped back, a tad annoyed at her constant rude attitude.

"The heck's a 'patrolice'? A type of ore?" Sydney seemed absolutely stupefied by my retort, which restored my dignity, even if only by a little.

"Excuse her." Skyla said apologetically, I nodded in response.

I scanned my surroundings briefly before looking back at the two girls who had saved me from dying of suffocation. Looking over them again, both were rather pale, and seemed a lot shorter than I originally anticipated. Sydney only stood at about waist height to me, and Skyla was barely touching my shoulder's at the peak of her ponytail. And upon second inspection of them, I felt goosebumps for whatever reason.

There was mostly a thick treeline surrounding us, aside from a path to the east of the portal, and a mountain to the west. To the north there was a small hill that lead up to the treeline, while to the south it was the opposite, a small drop-off into the forest.

"We should head back, this is Hostilite territory, and we most certainly not welcome here." Skyla spoke firmly, and Sydney nodded. I heard something loud sound off in the distance, almost like cannon fire.

"Sounds like they're under attack! We should go help them!" Sydney said in a plea. I was still in the dark about the situation, and as the cannon sounds got closer and closer, I started to smell smoke.

"Sydney we can't. YOU can't. Not now."

"Might I interject?" I asked, but received a glare from both females. Going with my better judgement, I stayed out of it, however the increasing amount of smoke concerned me.

"Sierra and Cece are out there!"

"Tell me Sydney, what can we do?" Skyla turned her glare to Sydney, who had suddenly put on an expression that mixed anger and sadness. Sydney turned to me with sadness in her eyes.

"You can do something, can't you?" She asked, I shrugged and looked around. There was a small campsite not even twenty feet away from where we had arrived, and there were a few crates, one of which had a sword laying next to it.

"Not without knowing what's going on- LOOK OUT!" I rushed towards Skyla quickly, as an arrow flew from through the treeline above. I shoved her out of the way as the arrow landed."RUN!" I shouted.

I ran towards the mountain, while the two girls tried to run back to the portal. However, before they could reach it, the portal exploded from the other side. The purple wall vanished as the black arch fell in front of them. Behind it stood a large... werewolf?! It seemed to smack it's teeth clad jaws together, as a small flame ember escaped out of it.

"What the hell is going on here?" I asked myself mentally as I changed directions, I ran towards the crates where I saw the sword laying on the ground. My goal was to grab the sword, and fend off that wolf-thing while Skyla and Sydney found a way to escape this area. I reached the sword, but when I looked up, I was greeted with a girl who wore nothing more than a green speckled hoodie jumping over me, she had amber yellow eyes behind orange sports goggles and honey colored hair.

I grabbed the sword and turned around, the girl in the hood had already made it to them, and was somehow fighting off the large man-wolf. It sliced at her quickly, as she flipped far out of it's reach. The clapped it's jaws, this time instead of embers, the wolf spat out a plume of fire at the girl.

"Come to me, contents of the soul! Forger Weapon: Commodore's Cannon!" The girl in the hood chanted, as she did a light shone from her chest and flew outwards to her hands. The light took the shape of a large blunderbuss-like rifle and the light vanished, revealing the weapon."Suck on this!"

She dived forwards, narrowly avoiding the flames as she aimed the rifle towards the werewolf's chest awkwardly. She pulled the trigger and an explosion blasted from the barrel of the gun, sending the wolf-man flying backwards in a bloody mist, and the girl back from sheer recoil. She quickly regained her posture and pulled a small cannonball out of her pocket, she snapped the gun, bending the barrel down as she inserted the singular ball into the barrel. Popping it back up she looked to me, aiming the weapon with her gaze.

Sydney jumped in front of the girl, who raised her weapon's barrel back into the air.

"MOVE IT!" The girl shouted harshly, but Sydney didn't move.

A large pack of werewolves jumped into the clearing, entering our vision. I held my sword up to face them, and the girl rushed in front of me. What came next was an elegant exchange of blood, explosions, and death. The werewolves moved to gang up on the girl in the hood, while two split off, one going for me and the other for Sydney.

I held up the sword to block a swipe from the werewolf, and was surprisingly ineffective. The attack sent me barreling backwards, however I was able to catch myself and land properly.

"Alright asshole. Try this!" I rushed at the beast, as it swiped at me once more with it's left claw. I ducked under the attack and countered with my own, I jabbed the sword into it's leg. It howled in pain, kicking me away. It roared at me and charged at me, balling it's claws into a fist. This time I was able to block the attack successfully, propping my hand against the flatter end of the blade, allowing me to stop it more effectively.

I used it's momentum to get under it, throwing the fist over me as I slashed at it's other leg. It fell to it's knees as I stabbed the sword into it's back repeatedly. Eventually it had to get down on it's hands, and I had a shot at the neck. I slid under it and slashed at the neck above, cutting the throat like butter.

Standing up in front of it, I grinned in triumph, and looked over to my previous saviors. The wolf that had charged them fell to the ground, dead. Meanwhile the girl in green had defeated a good seven or eight in the time it took me to take down the one successfully. I panted, my breath seemed heavy as I hadn't fully recovered from lacking oxygen not even ten minutes ago.

"Try anything, and I'm pulling the trigger. Drop the sword and put your hands on your head." I heard the voice of the girl in green. I did as I was told before Sydney and Skyla rushed over.

"Cece stop it!" Sydney cried, stepping between me and the armed female.

The girl that was referred to as Cece sighed angrily.

"You two are coming with me. Silicia can decide what she wants of this man."

"Cecelia, you know what she'll do to him." Skyla said, seeming to protest.

"You suggest we hand him to the Passivians?" Cece asked in annoyance."Didn't think so."

I turned to the girl who had me at gun point, and then to Sydney and Skyla. Both of them had looks of disappointment, but Sydney's had more anger in it.

And so, we walked down the path. Or... more accurately, we kept a quick steady jogging pace. The sounds of howling and explosions sounded off in the distance. Just now had I realized: we were running through a war zone, and this girl in green named 'Cecelia' was on the defensive.

As the explosions came closer and closer, I wondered to myself: why the heck I kept getting knocked out. An explosion went off in front of me and Sydney, blasting us back. Sydney landed on me, and my consciousness faded for what felt like the tenth time today.

End of chapter

Silver's adventure begins! He finds himself in a place unrecognizable, what will happen to him? Who are the Hostilites and Passivians? Find out in the next chapter:

Chapter 2: The Root of the Conflict.

Tadaa! That marks another start of a glorious stanky adventure with my favorite idiotic OC: Silver. So far I've done nothing in terms of plot, and so far there's only 4 characters who you still don't know ANYTHING about aside from Silver's origins prior to being sent into the mysterious world.

I've gone over this chapter a few times in terms of grammar and dialogue checks, and it's fine. I might change the chapter ending 'sequence', but I like it so far. I hope you all enjoyed the first ever chapter of Minecraft: Another World's War.