Chapter 4:

Revelation to Competition.

Silver's Point of View.

The very next morning, things were utter hell. I was forced into a small fighting arena, with Wendy as my suggested opponent. Only god knows why.

"Can I at least explain what happened?" I asked with a yawn.

"Hell no. You dare lay a finger on our commander, you're lucky we didn't kill you on the spot." Charlotte glared at me from the side of the arena, as Sydney and Skyla watched in anticipation.

"KICK HER ASS SILVER!" Sydney shouted in a scream, the others were put off by this as they then looked to me for my response.

The events that transpired the night before took the entire base and sent it into a state of bloodlust. The fact that they found Wendy in my room, but not me, they assumed the worst and searched endlessly for me. When they found me, I was tied down to Skyla's bed, almost enjoying myself as she cuddled up against me. Much to my disbelief, Skyla didn't do anything more than kiss me that night.

In accordance to what had happened, everyone except for Wendy had gone ballistic, and I kinda had to fight my way to her in order to explain the situation. Charlotte and the werewolves wanted my head, but Wendy humored them by forcing me into a fight that I likely couldn't win.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you." She said with a grin."I've actually wanted to take a crack at you myself for some time now."

I let a sigh escape my lips, as I merely put my hands in my pockets. I taunted her by cocking my head to the side, gesturing for her to start off. She charged forwards, her gauntlet glowing red. The only way I'd be victorious in this overall situation is if I'm able to disarm and temporarily incapacitate her without actually harming her. As they say: no harm no foul.

She shot her gauntlet-clad right fist towards me, I sidestepped to her left, easily avoiding the punch. I started examining her movements, looking to see when there were proper openings. Her fighting style consisted of PURELY brute strength, showing that she obviously hadn't attempted hand-to-hand combat before. Her right fist was her primary attack method, which left her ENTIRE left side and lower body fully exposed for an easy counter.

For someone like me who USED to have a black belt in Mixed Martial Arts, specifically Muay Thai, every movement she made was so sluggish and clunky that I was never short of breath, nor had a hard time evading her. Eventually it went on long enough that I got bored and started shouting tips to her every time she missed me.

"Tighten your form." I said as she launched herself at me, swinging her entire right arm in the punch. I tapped her in multiple places on her body.

"H-hey!" She flushed pink as she jumped away.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Charlotte shouted in anger.

"Every time you miss me, I'm going to tap every possible opening for me to attack, so you can get a feel for just how little you know how to fight." I said with a grin. Wendy tightened herself and merely began shooting jabs at me. They were still slow as all hell, but she pulled back quick enough to where there wasn't an opening, and she even managed to create distance between us.

She slowly started to get tired, and the amount of openings went from split seconds to entire 2 to 5 seconds between attacks. I noticed this and kept dodging until she seemed warn out. Eventually she jumped back and propped herself on her knees. I used this moment to dash forwards, pulling the gauntlet off her arm and kneeing her HARD in the kidney, the universal one-hit knockout weak spot. Wendy fell to the ground, unconscious and, for the most part, uninjured. I had also acquired a new Forger Weapon: Wolven Bane.

One thing I noticed immediately upon putting it on, was that it was incredibly lop-sided. The energy emitted from it was easily controllable to the wearer, so I tried to move some of the energy to my other hand, successfully, and surprisingly, creating a second gauntlet on my right hand.

"W-what?! HOW?!" Charlotte asked, in utter disbelief. I responded by looking to her with an evil grin.

"I'm surprised she wasn't able to do this in the first place. The strength boost is obviously halved and the Mana intake is doubled, but considering the strength boost can go on infinitely, it's not really a concern." I said, pounding my fists together to create a shockwave. It felt utterly amazing, and my arms felt light.

"Miss Howler doesn't have much Mana, so it's understandable." One of the elder-looking Werewolves spoke with an affirmed nod.

In this world of Minecraftia, there were two forms of energy a person could generate: Mana, and Sol. Mana is an essence of energy that must be created and constantly generated from someone's being. Sol is an energy that innately resides in someone. While one person can create and generate lots of Mana often doesn't have a lot of Sol, likewise when the positions are reversed Mana can also be created through a Forger Weapon, there are many uses for it. Forger Weapons rely on the amount of Sol a person has in them, and it takes 1 "point" of Sol to summon a Forger Weapon. Some Forger Weapons have a minimum Mana intake, such as physical augmentation and ammunition-using Forger Weapons.

I learned this from one of the books I read last night.

Wendy was the type to have PLENTY of Sol, but practically no Mana. Charlotte was the exact opposite, she would use her Mana to create fireballs and float in the air. There are ways to test one's level of Sol and Mana, measuring Sol involves physical exercise, while measuring Mana involves a mental challenge. People can have an even balance, and even a high amount of both.

I looked down to the unconscious Wendy before I sat down on the field, de-summoning the two gauntlets I had gained. She twitched for a moment before she shot up, regaining her consciousness.

"Whoa..." She said, looking at me.

For her, it all ended in less than half a second, as her senses were cut almost in half by the exhaustion.

"You're sluggish, clunky, and have no way to fully utilize your Forger Weapon. Suggest learning swordplay, or learning how to minimize Mana intake when using both fists." I said, standing up to greet her. Sydney squealed in excitement, and I could hear Skyla talking to the Hostilite group about me, but I only heard my name.

Wendy looked up at me, as I was taller, and smiled.

"Then I guess that means you can keep your head." She said, taking a happy tone as opposed to a defeated one. She was a good sport, I'll give her that, but she's still rather stupid. We shook hands.

"Yes, now I'd like to explain myself." I turned to the people in the audience, who were all looking at me in disbelief.

Utter silence now, everyone waiting for my explanation.

"Wendy here was drugged, last night when I was in the library she and I had a brief conversation before I left to go to my room. There may have only been a short interval of time between me leaving the library and her following me, but something definitely happened. That, and during the time she was trying to seduce me, her breath smelled different than it did when we were in the library."

"What kind of drug could do that to someone?" Sydney asked, raising her hand as she questioned me.

"There are a number of hallucinogenic potions that can be created with common knowledge. One SUCH potion is a type of quote on quote "love" potion that affects the one who drank the potion to temporarily become sexually attracted to whoever they had interacted with last. It's an interesting type of potion, I must say."

Everyone turned to Silicia, who was drinking an alcoholic beverage. She stood there for a second before she realized everyone was watching her.

"Fuck you. I didn't do it, I was too busy fearing for my life last night. Fucking muts scratching at my IRON DOOR." She said angrily, likely half drunk. I stared at Cece, who was the next most likely candidate.

"Uh-uh." Cece shook her head, sitting back in her seat as a werewolf dropped a giant scoop of drool onto the top of her hoodie.

Sierra stood up quickly before darting away from the stands, summoning her Forger Weapon in the process. She was damn fast too, I'll give her that. I ran after her, signaling everyone else to not follow her.

It was relatively easy to follow her tracks, as there were multiple injured werewolves trailed behind her. I soon realized that she was fleeing the castle, but if she tried to flee the entire camp, she would stand no chance. If she stood any chance at surviving this, I needed to stop her before she got out of the castle.

I made my way to a window and jumped out, the height from the jump possibly capable of killing me.

"GAH! Cometomecontentsofthesoul Forger Weapon: Wolven Bane!" I shouted, summoning the two gauntlets. I dived, arms first towards the ground.

Upon impact a tingling feeling shot up my arms, and instead of pain I had a slight sting in my palms. She jumped through the front gate of the castle, crossbow ready. A horde of werewolves trailed after her.

"Hey there." I said, waving to her. She shot at me in response, barely missing my left ear."Ok, someone's on edge."

"I'm not in the mood for your games, Silver." She took aim now, as all the wolves behind her stopped."MOVE AND HE GETS IT!"

"Look, Sierra-"

"SHUT UP! You're such a stupid man, resisting your desires, and then acting as if nothing happened." She glared at me.

"It's called morality. Besides, I haven't been here for more than a week anyway. Hard to get into the mood when I'm so immensely uncomfortable with my surroundings." I said in reply.

Sierra flinched slightly, taken aback by my words. I realized several things in this moment, and one of which was that she seemed like the type to get stronger when angered.

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" She shot several bolts at me, which I effortlessly blocked and evaded.

"Tell me Sierra, why're you trying to run away?" I asked quietly, signaling the werewolves to back off.

"M-my plan failed, and these damned muts would rather kill me than spare me." She said in reply, aiming her crossbow to the werewolves.

I thought for a moment about what I could say, and even when I thought about it, there wasn't much to say aside from these words:

"Utterly pathetic. If you're not willing to lay down your life to see the results of your efforts, you're worthless." I said to her with a frown.

"WHAT'D YOU SAY?!" She glared at me, summoning a second crossbow and aiming both towards me.

"It's simple: you are a coward. I will repeat myself: If you're unwilling to lay down your life for your ambitions, then you're worth no more the dirt on this ground." I stomped on the ground, kicking up dust, gesturing to prove my point.

She glared and shot multiple bolts at me. I rushed her, evading the many bolts before I was taken off guard and one hit me in the shoulder. I stared her in the eyes consistently the entire time, keeping a straight face as I grabbed onto her crossbows, pulling them from her hands. They had an obvious cool-down, but as I connected the Forger Weapons to my body, she fell to her knees. I kept my gaze as she looked back into my eyes.

No Point Of View

"The ability to bring another to their knees with their will alone. And he didn't swing even once. I'm impressed, to say the very least." Silicia said, leaning against a window that overlooked the courtyard Silver and Sierra were in.

Werewolf soldiers approached Sierra and put her in chains, taking her back to the castle. Cece took a swig of the same type of alcoholic beverage Silicia was drinking earlier.

"It's called intimidation." She said, putting a hand on her hip.

"Not entirely, no. Notice that our skeleton friend didn't show one lick of fear. He was able to convince one of the most stubborn people I know to lower their weapon, and with only three sentences of speech, had them kneel before him. THAT, my explosive friend, is what I call a king."

"Yeah, but you're not exactly in any position to say that. Anybody you can bed becomes a quote on quote 'king.' So it's not really valid, but I see where you're coming from." Cece said tossing the drink to the ground."Guess it's time we set off. Orders from the boss just came in, we've gotta head home."

A large portal warped into the room out of nowhere, as two men fully clad in golden armor stood on either side of the portal. The two of them stepped through it, and the portal vanished just as Charlotte entered the room, blasting down the iron door with all her might.

"DAMNIT!" She said angrily.

Some time later, Silver and Wendy had both returned to the library. Silver was looking into the further details of Forger Weapons, as their were many things he still didn't know. Wendy was simply there to accompany him.

Meanwhile, Skyla and Sydney had still been bickering in the arena area, completely unaware to the situation that had unfolded. They eventually made their way to their room, neither speaking to the other.

"So... you let them go?" Wendy turned to Silver with a question, her tail swishing playfully behind her. Silver merely sighed and set the book he was reading down.

"I didn't let them go... they outsmarted me. My original theory was that they planned to get me on bad terms with you and your people before taking me hostage once again and using me as a disposable weapon. I would never have thought they'd use the situation with Sierra as a distraction." He replied with a frown, picking the book back up and reading it.

Wendy fidgeted, looking around awkwardly as a nervous smile appeared on her face. Silver noticed this, but kept reading. The information had caught his attention more than the obviously love-struck wolf-girl.

As he learned, there were many different ways to use a Forger Weapon. Some weapons such as swords and axes can also provide you with an enhanced form with light armor. Armored Forger Weapons work similarly, but with the opposite affect, they would provide an enhanced form, but with a weapon instead.

The book also told of how it is possible to have more than one Forger Weapon through the use of Mana. These would be called Smith Weapons, a subtype of Forger Weapons that don't really merit unique power, rather they are a manifestation of one's Mana. As that suggests, rather than using up one's Sol when summoning, they'd in place use Mana, making them easily more accessible to those without special training or Sol energy.

A Smith Weapon user, AKA a Smith, could also operate under a Forger Weapon user, as when multiple Smith Weapons are near, Forger Weapons become more and more powerful.

"OOH! I have an apprentice back home who has a Smith Weapon!" Wendy said, leaning over Silver's shoulder as he read.

"Really now? Interesting. He must be the opposite of you then. Plenty of Mana, but no Sol energy." Silver replied, not lifting his eyes from the book. Wendy's ears drooped, as he wasn't paying her much attention it seemed.

There was an awkward silence between the two, but Silver didn't mind, as he kept reading. Wendy sat in the seat next to him, tapping her fingers on the table.

"Anywho, you... you doing anything later?" She asked in a quirky tone.

Silver let out a sigh in response, closing the book. He wasn't irritated, he just felt like a jerk for ignoring her, and so he diverted his attention accordingly.

"Not really, I mean there really isn't anything TO do besides research. If you've got any ideas, I'm all ears." He said with a smile, leaning back in his seat.

"Then, would you mind going into the nearby town with me tomorrow? We're going there anyway to buy some more rations for the soldiers. D-don't misunderstand though, it's just that... you seemed bored with only reading all the time." Wendy stuttered a bit with her words, as her face was flushed pink.

"You know what? I would not mind, not at all." Silver said with a smirk, his thoughts alluding to the question she had asked him yesterday. She didn't know this, so she asked.

"Is that... an answer for today or yesterday?"

Silver stood up and approached her, as he played with her wolf ears stupidly. She blushed as he did this, letting out a yelp when he nipped it lightly with his thumb and index finger.

"I'd say... both. Both is good." He said, whispering the words in her ear. He moved away from her, allowing her to catch her breath.

Wendy took a deep breath and stood up on her feet, facing him.

"Jerk." She said in a pouty tone. He smirked, and they both left the library.

Charlotte peered around the corner of a bookshelf, seeing the situation that just unfolded with a wicked eye. She scowled at Silver before he had fully left the library. Her hatred for the young man was present, as the group of people who barely knew him warmed up to him ever so easily.

Though as much as she disliked Silver, she couldn't deny the fact that he was cunning. Of course, this made her hate him even more, seeing as he well respected leader, who'd never shown such affection for any other, was now fawning over someone she'd just met. There were dozens of men who had this type of attitude towards her, yet they were turned down. Perhaps it had to do with the mysterious Mana that surrounded him, or maybe it was because of how admittedly handsome he was.

Truth was, the more she thought about him, the more she hated him. And the more she hated him, the more she was utterly confused by him. He seemed like the type of man to just up and break the heart of a woman at random, yet so far he's done nothing but earn the respect of everyone he's met FLAWLESSLY.

It didn't take long before she began muttering to herself, and with that she was subsequently found out by a werewolf wearing a white robe and glasses.

"Can I help you, lady Gaztor?" He asked, leaning over and speaking in a calm tone.

"Oh, no Samuel, but thank you." Charlotte said with a smile. Samuel Wittinger is a werewolf librarian and historian working for the Passivian army.

"Very well then, oh and before you go, there is some information about this human man we have in our castle that you might want to take a look at. You seem busy right now, but-" Samuel turned to walk away but Charlotte stopped him.

"I'm actually not busy in the slightest, what type of information do you have?" She asked bluntly, as Samuel sighed.

"For one, I have found a number of old folk tales and prophecies that speak of one similar to him. They describe his appearance and his ability to control the souls of others, in other words, he can control Forger Weapons other than his own." He said, picking out a number of books and scrolls from his cart.


The two of them went to the back of the library, where they were sure to not be disturbed. Little did they know, they were also being watched. Sierra hid carefully behind a number of bookshelves, careful to hide her presence. Much to the chagrin of the Passivians, Silver had recruited Sierra into his "following", which he had already gained several others, two of which in the form of Sydney and Skyla. This "following," would come to be a group of people who'd agreed to using Smith Weapons to assist him in the future. He'd also roped in someone who'd interestingly tried to "free" Silver, Skyla and Sydney, in exchange for his loyalty to the Passivians. His name was Daniel Hughes.

Silver's Point of View.

Wendy and I had gone to check up on the two spider sisters, as they had gotten into an argument beforehand. I was told this argument was over me, but further investigation proved that it was not the case. Apparently they'd been in a constant feud over something in relation to their parents, and the only thing I knew about it was that their parents were dead.

I knocked on the door to their room, as I heard Sydney sniffle before responding.

"Who's there?" She asked with yet another sniffle.

"Sydney it's me, can I come in?" I asked her, leaning against the door. My movements were interrupted by Skyla, who'd been sitting outside.

"I guess I was wrong then." She said, pushing me away from the door.

"The hell, Skyla?"

"You REALLY wanna go right now? Cause I'll tear you to fucking pieces." She glared at me, and I could hear the door open up.

"Silver?" Sydney asked, tears in her eyes.

Skyla let out a huff and walked off. I signaled for Wendy to go after her and bring her back, as I let Sydney hug me for a moment.

"Explain please." I said to her, pushing her off me. She sniffled and wiped her eyes.

"Just a few weeks before you came here, Skyla and I were living happily with our parents underground. We thought we were safe down there. Then both our parents were asked to fight alongside the Hostilites, and they obviously said no. This kinda made their leader angry, so he killed them both on the spot. The only reason we were allowed to live peacefully for the past few weeks underground was because neither of us wanted to take our parents' power. And now, with all that's happened, Skyla wants to use that power to protect me... but... she can't do it unless I give up my right to the powers."

"Easiest problem to solve, ever." I thought to myself, while I could use this situation to my advantage, both of them weren't in too good moods. I pat Sydney on the head and turned to walk away.

"Silver, please don't do anything. I know you might want to help and all, but this is a problem that me and her have to solve." She said behind me, I looked back and smiled at her.

"Silly Sid, you're smart enough to know that this is a problem between the two of you, but not smart enough to realize the simplest solution." I said, now walking away from her down the hall.

I looked around for Wendy, only to find her tied up in giant spider webbing not too far down a second hall. I untied her and kept walking, searching for the other purple haired menace. Wendy followed close behind me, quietly as to not disturb my search.

We eventually found Skyla moping in the castle's kitchen, stuffing her face with cookies. She noticed us and quickly hid herself under one of the counters.

"Skyla? Quit it." I walked over to Skyla and pulled her out from under the counter."Stop acting like a child, would you?" I asked her, a little upset.

"Shut up." She fell over and literally rolled back under the counter. I let a sigh escape my lips as I grabbed her by her feet and pulled her out from under the counter again.

"I'm trying to help you, and I'm not gonna stop bothering you until this problem you have is solved." I said, picking her up and seating her at one of the tables in the kitchen. I sat down on the opposite side of the table, and Wendy sat next to me.

"Yeah? Good luck with that." She said back at me with an angered glare. She crossed her arms over each other and sat there.

"Well?" I asked impatiently.

She looked away from me, as tears began to gather in her eyes.

"Ever since you showed up, me and Sydney hadn't been able to leave that underground because of the Hostilites. Now, we're out and about without a care. The current leader of the Hostilites thinks it's his personal right to have control over every hostile mob in this world, but as you can tell with Charlotte, striking a deal with the Passivians is also an option. But... we spiders don't like them either, and we were basically being forced to choose between the two..."

"And when your parents declined, he killed them and chose to wait for either you or your sister to inherit your parents' powers." I tried to keep her going as she trailed off.

"Yes, and despite that we decided that neither of us would inherit the powers to protect the other. However, with all that's happened so far, my incompetence has gotten her into trouble she shouldn't be in. And if one of us were to receive the powers now, we'd be seen as Passivians, and that's a good thing because the Hostilites will leave us alone-"

"Let me stop you there. So your solution to this problem is to basically go down the same road as your parents in order to protect Sydney? If that is the case then you'd only end up killing her. If this big bad boss of the Hostilites wants you on his side that badly, he'll fight to get you. And as selfish as this is going to sound, starting an entirely separate conflict in this war will do nothing but bad for ALL of us." I said in an accusing tone.

If she were to attain these powers her parents once had, then the boss of the Hostilites actively recognizes that they can be their most valuable asset, or their biggest threat. If that's the case, then both Skyla AND Sydney won't live even if under the presumed protection of the Passivians. This... Hostilite leader... I could feel my curiosity peak, as I wanted to learn more about them.

"You're right, that was very selfish to say... but you're right. You're in no position to be giving me advice on what I should and shouldn't do!" She stood up, glaring at me furiously.

"Correct you are, but answer me this: do you underestimate my ability to protect you two?" I asked in a stupid manner.

"Excuse me?" She was taken aback by this question.

"I repeat myself: do you, Skyla Spirde, underestimate my power?"

She shook her head, and I stood up to meet and surpass her height. I leaned over and put a hand on her shoulder, grinning happily.

"I will protect the both of you with my life. I do owe you, after all."

I had a plan, a plan that would greatly affect the future of this world. Sure, I may only have been here for about a week, but this world, it fascinated me. I wanted to know more, and my uncanny urge to control it took over. I, Silver Genwitcher, will rule this world of Minecraftia as a king of the world.

End of Chapter

With a goal in mind, Silver admits his love to Wendy and swears to protect the Spirde sisters! Will his goal be realized? Find out next chapter:

Chapter 5: Oppose the Trinity.

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"Wait what? That's not right..." you may be thinking, but oh NO! This protagonist is aiming for WORLD DOMINATION! As bad as that sounds, think of it like this: you enter a new world with a mysterious power that will obliterate any other supernatural power in that world, wouldn't you want to at least ATTEMPT to do something on that scale? No? Ok.

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