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That was all they heard before the ship fell from the sky. Tendrils of earth and stone rose from the ground and wrapped itself around the bow and starboard sides of the Argo II. Jason tried desperately to chop them in half, but there was no point. The golden sword of his simply snapped. In fact, the entire situation had such an overload of irony it was scary.

Then it got worse. As Hazel, Jason and Frank held on as tight as possible to anything they could above deck, Piper dashed for the openings to the bowels of the ship. With the giant boat flip flopping around like this, Annabeth was in immediate danger! She was unable to move or block the flying objects and her being unconscious and all could lead to her being thrown about, which – in a worst case scenario- could kill her! Or at the very least, make her more unstable in her already failing recovery.

And who knew what Leo had done with Percy.

Grabbing hold of the stair railings, Piper nearly fell down them as another whip of dirt crashed into the boat. Snapping her head back around toward the deck she watched, helpless, as Hazel was flown through the air by the sharp blast. It was almost in slow motion, her wild hair flew in her face as her body was flung like a ragdoll.

Then another body crashed into hers. Jason! He grabbed Hazel by the waist and flew them away from the falling debris of the splintered deck.

Sighing in relief, Piper quickly descended the stairs, "Leo! Percy! Where are you guys!?"

Suddenly the ship teetered sideways sharply, and a shriek ripped its way from her throat as she crashed into a cabin room door, tearing it off its hinges and tossing her roughly onto the wall of the room. But the motion didn't stop there. She grunted in pain at the impact of being tossed about, and landed on the ceiling. The ship had been turned entirely upside down.

"The gods shall bow to my power! And their children shall be their sacrifice to their new ruler!"

"No" Piper whispered to herself. "It can't be."


"Leo!" Piper screamed his name. That was coming from the med bay! Scrambling onto her feet, she dodged the totaled chandelier and jumped the door frame, "Leo I'm coming!"

"Leo are you all o-"She stopped dead in her tracks, standing in the dilapidated door way of the wrecked med bay. "-kay?"

Leo's body was on the ground, his chest was hitching and jerking, clearly desperate for air. His eyes were wide open and empty, staring at nothing. Coils and stem of soil and stone were crawling down his mouth and throat, forcing his jaw open painfully wide, choking and suffocating him.

She tore her eyes away from him, about to throw up when she caught sight of Percy on the other side of the room.

And what she saw will never be erased or healed in her memory; if Leo's poor fate wasn't bad enough.

It looked as though Percy was kissing Annabeth as first glance but what really caught Pipers eyes was that Percy's lips weren't actually touching Annabeth. Her body was limp in his fragile arms, but he held her up as if she weighed nothing at all. His face was just above hers, and his mouth was open. Piper spectated, horrified and disgusted in a way she didn't know existed as dirt spilled from his mouth, a tendril of stone and earth slithered its way into Annabeth's slacked jaw.

Piper did throw up this time.

Percy's head whipped towards her, and what she saw, was NOT Percy. Mud dripped from the corner of his lip. Then a raspy, ancient voice emerged from him. He didn't speak, but it definitely came from him.

"You all belong to me, child. You were born and created from me!" The voice began to shriek, "AND YOUR BODIES SHALL RETURN TO ME!"

Percy's head was thrown back, and then gravity, along with Piper's sanity disappeared.

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