"Wake up! Wake up and look after the bacon. It's Dudley's birthday everything has to be perfect." Petunia Dursley screeched.

Sarcasm dripped from Hades' thoughts*everything is perfect about Dudley according to you. However, everything you say is a lie so, he is not perfect, magic is real and I do have cat ears and a tail. So suck on that bitch!*


*Shit did I say that out loud?*

"Nothing, Aunt Petunia. I didn't say anything" Hades replied quickly.

"Good then, watch the bacon like I said."He quickly climbed out of his bed. Which was in the smallest room in the house and had been his room since he was dropped off by his bastard parents.
Hades quickly sorted his sapphire blue hair in the mirror on the light blue walls of his room. As he gathered his shoulder length hair and put it in a neat pony tail and with his practiced hands, his hair was perfect with his bangs covering his forehead, framing his crystal blue eyes. He was happy now with what he looked like. His hair perfect, his cat ears sat perfectly clean on his head and he looked pretty by all the neighbours standards, even though they couldn't see his kitten ears.
He quickly ran down the stairs to quickly get to the bacon. So today started like any other day, but he was excited because he would finally get to go to the zoo for the first time.

He couldn't wait, but a nagging feeling passed through his body. He knew he shouldn't have thought so soon.