Hi this is the original Author of this story and I want to apologize not writing for over 6 years. I was 17 the last time I edited the last story and I just didn't have inspiration to write. when I decided to re-read this story I was shocked at how jumbled up the story was.

So I'd like to apologise for not writing to the best of my ability and then leaving the story without doing anything to it for over 6 years.

I've recently decided to start writing again. So I'm using this story as the base for the story, but the one i will be making is much different than this one was heading. So please if your still interested in reading a Harry Potter, cat boy story, please go to my account and look for the story called Harry Potter, the boy who lived? Are you joking! otherwise this story will not be adapted on. It will still be a HarryxMale character but it will no longer be a HarryxVoldemort/Tom Riddle. It also won't be a mpreg, sorry if I'm disappointing anyone.

Sorry Again

Hope you enjoy my new story

Angel xx