Level of Displacement

Chapter 1

A.N: This is a crossover between Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek The Original Series. I'm hoping that it'll work out.

Silence. Then a deafening CRASH as a large black hole formed, catching the Enterprise in its lethal grasp. The Enterprise strained against the black hole's mighty pull, but to no avail. Then, slowly, the Enterprise was pulled in, bit by bit.

"Scotty, put everything you got into the Warp Core!" Kirk yelled.

Scotty thought about it for a second, then yelled back through the intercom.

"If we eject the core and detonate, the blast may be enough to push us away, but I cannae guarantee it!" Scotty said.

"DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" Kirk yelled.

Scotty ran down a corridor, and yelled at the crewman,

"Get out of here!"

"Yes, Sir!" the crewmember said. Scotty wasted no time running over to the controls. Quickly tapping several commands, he watched as several of the warp cores were ejected into space, to be sucked in by the black hole.

The cores detonated, causing an enormous shock wave that slammed into the Enterprise, taking out its power and throwing the crew to the ground, and knocking the entire bridge crew unconscious. The Enterprise was pushed away for a second, then continued to fall into the black hole.

To certain doom.

Kirk looked at the black hole that was forming near Saturn.

"My god, Spock. What is that?"

"Uncertain, Captain. It's readings do not match anything we have seen before."

"Captain, something's coming out of the black hole," Sulu said.

Kirk quickly turned his head to face the screen.


The black hole appeared on the viewscreen. Then, slowly, a ship was being pulled out of it. Kirk's eyes went wide.

It was the Enterprise, but bigger. A lot bigger. And it was sleeker, and looked a lot more advanced.

Kirk didn't say anything for a moment. Then he reacted.

"Open communications to the other ship. Let's see why they're here."

"Yes, Sir. Hailing frequencies opened. They are responding," Uhura said.

Kirk turned to the screen.

"Onscreen," he ordered.

The view of the black hole was replaced with a view of… him.

Kirk Prime stared in shock. Kirk Alternate also stared in shock.

Kirk Prime was first to speak.

"I'm Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise. To whom am I speaking?"

Kirk Alternate didn't answer for a few moments. Then he spoke, haltingly.

"I'm also Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise."

"I think you should come over here and discuss why you're here," Kirk Prime said.

"Two hours?"

"Two hours."