Crazy Chiyo: Azu Road

A Mad Max: Fury Road/Azumanga Daioh cross-over fanfic by: Otakuguy10

NOTE: I do not own nor claim ownership of the Mad Max or Azumanga Daioh franchises. This is just a fanfic.

PLOT: Due to recent budget cuts, a certain Tokyo high school suffers extreme financial hardships and must go to great lengths to make up the lost wages.

Chapter 1

The screen is black and barren, just like the students of a particular Tokyo high school. An electric Moped cranks to life, its tiny motor purring like a kitten. Literally. A young girl's voice echoes across the Japanese wasteland:

"My name is Chiyo. My world is cute and kowai. And yes, I said creepy, not cute, although I'm not sure who's cuter…"

The darkness suddenly cuts to a shot of a leather-clad lass standing on a hill with a ruined city in the foreground. Her red pigtails waft lazily in the barren breeze. The moped from before idles next to her.

"…Them, or me…Chiyo Mihama!"

The camera cuts close to the girl and she turns to face the camera. Her visage is visibly soiled and unwashed, but otherwise quite cute.

Without provocation, Chiyo darts for the moped and hops on. She guns the throttle and takes off down the embankment towards the town. She puts along at no more than 20 miles per hour. A plume of dust rises up behind her in her wake.

From out of nowhere, a crew of bicycle riders (yes, plain old foot-pedaled bikes, not motorcycles) flew on screen, towards Chiyo and her buzzing scooter. The teenagers wildly brandished wooden spears, perfect for sticking in between the spokes of the escaping girl's bike, and they raved and shouted madly. It didn't take long for the crew to catch up to Chiyo and spike her tires. Chiyo immediately flew forward of the bike and landed in the sand a few feet ahead of the crashed moped. She was thankfully wearing a helmet and pads so her injuries were minimal.

Before Chiyo could arise, a younger girl ran up and stepped on her back, keeping her down. The hooligan above Chiyo pointed a water-pistol at her and squirted it several times. Her body was bare-chested and painted a ghoulish tone of white, except for her eyes, which were heavily shaded.

"That's for running over Danbo!" Shouted the girl, her dirty green locks brushing over one eye. Meanwhile, the other War-Girls ogled over Chiyo's scooter. It had taken a beating, but nothing Yukariosa couldn't fix.

As they saddled back up on their bikes to make their way back to the ruins of Tokyo, they dragged Chiyo and her damaged scooter from behind them. The voice from before called out again:

"I exist in this Japanese wasteland, a school-girl reduced to a single instinct: get to school on time…"