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Uverworld (Colors of the Heart)

Chapter 1

This can't be real?

It was yet another day in the new world. From pirates to marines sailing across the grand sea one could only wonder the infinite adventure that awaited while past the red line. The afternoon sun beaming on the salt water reflecting its beautiful aurora across the sky. Not too far away from Hand Island was the retreating ship of Monkey D. Luffy the self proclaimed 'King of The Pirates!' He sure was enthusiastic when it came to fulfilling his dream. That's what he liked about him. That's why he respected him so much. He was not only his best friend but also his eternal rival. The 17-year-old pink haired Marine knew the time for them to meet again wasn't now.

"Luffy-san, I still have a long way to go. But someday, I'll catch up to you!"

"Yea, Yea Captain Coby-san. We are ready to depart now." This made a frown form from the obvious brush of his declaration.

"You don't have to be so formal Helmeppo-san" The blonde haired man with sunglasses just smirked.

"Forgive me Coby-san…you know how hard it is to not be professional in front of the other soldiers." After all the two of them have been through hell and back together. How could coby ever ask him to call him sir? It felt weird hearing it from one of his closest friends.

"Anyway, it seems we should leave before the sun starts to set" now turning around making his way past his friend helmeppo he walks toward his navy fleet ship. Yes, he was in total command of it since he was the captain of said ship. That realization never hit him. He could only think how he was before he meet Luffy. The scared, weak coward of the Alvida pirates. Sometimes he envisions what may have happened if he never meet luffy in the first place. That sent a shiver down his spine. He knew…deep down that he would still be nothing to this day if he stayed on that ship with alvida and her crew. The chore boy was his title then. It's funny now since he is the one commanding a unit of men. This just shows he was one-step closer to reaching his all time goal. Becoming a Marine Admiral.

Now walking up the plank leading to his boats dock he could only rethink on the corruption Bilic tried to spread through Hand Island. Coby knew something was wrong with the man. He had a snake hand puppet. He was clearly mentally dysfunctional in many areas. Someone ruling over anything should not be so…left field. Coby had made his men and the ones once under Bilic's reign apologize to the citizens of the island. Coby believed in doing things the right way no matter the aftermath. However, he also knew the sacrifices that needed to be made for the good of the world. Even the justified had blood on their hands because of a forced hand. 'Absolute Justice' The meaning carried a weight no normal being could understand. It was as powerful as it sounded. Coby knew what that meant. He knew that one day even though Luffy-san was his most admired friend that a high chance was toward taking his life. That was what it meant to be on the battlefield. He knew he would have to be prepared to take his life.

Shaking his head to rid him of those thoughts. That's right, hopefully none of these things will occur anytime soon. In fact, he wish it never had to be.

"Luffy-san…" now making it onto the dock of his ship he looks back at the island giving it one last look over. He would be leaving this place and heading back to 'Head Quarters.' He would have a lengthy report to write before filing it on the situation that took place. He walked toward his chambers thinking he would get a head start on that task.

"Captain Sir! We have found some strange ancient artifact in a cave near the outer edge of the island. We feel you should take a look at it sir, since it could regard the Secret Weapon sir!" one of the lower ranking marines said as they saluted him to show respect. Coby was now interested. What exactly was this ancient artifact they spoke of? Especially since, it was a possibility to be linked to the Secret Ultimate Weapon that was said to have the power to destroy the world. One of the reasons why Luffy's crewmate Nico Robin was wanted dead by the government in the first place. Her people are said to be able to decipher the ancient writings engraved on them.

"Thank you for your report. Please lead the way." Coby looking over to helmeppo who nodded his head understanding what coby's look meant. As they made it to the cave, they entered it looking around for any out of the ordinary sights.

"Over here sir!" walking closer to the strange looking pillar that seemed to have four sides and all had some type of strange righting on it. Coby however did a little studying in on Robin's people and the fact that their language was something as old as 'Before Christ'. These are indeed old hidden messages telling the reader something if they knew how to decode it.

"Strange, this looks to be some kind of glyph. I can only make up some of it. And It seems to be some type of…warning?" Coby said as he touched it running his hand over it gently. Helmeppo had his arms crossed as he stood a couple of feet away from him.

"You mean you can read some of that? What does it say?" Coby could only bring the hand that was touching the pillar to his chin in thought. This was clearly very advanced even for someone as smart as him. But he could spot things here and there.

"Truth be told I can only read a small portion of it. But it seems to be a type of message or code of some sort. Placing his hand back on the glyph he uses it to help him follow along the text.

"Dance with the tornado. The truth lies inside the heart of the deep. You will find everything before reaching the end if one's insight is more powerful than greed. The power to slay a giant and conquer the seas. The right hand of David and the Left of Solomon but only one can spread light on the truth… " with what? What did this message mean?

Now looking at the shocked face of helmeppo as he had a hard time believe his friend coby just ready some crazy message. He then glances to the sides of the cave and spots art drawn in the middle next to the glyph. The right side was the art of David and the left was Solomon.

"Right hand of David and left hand of Solomon…could these drawings be a part of the message?" coby asked as he walked over to them looking hard at both figures. One holding a sling and whip while the other held a sword and shield. Coby had to think carefully. This could be some sort of riddle or it could be a truth under another truth. It was complex in every aspect. Walking closer to the art he looks at the weapons of choice. The sling was in David's right hand while the sword was in Solomon's left.

"The power to slay a giant?" Looking between the two, he had to think hard. This could be a trick question. One would usually pick the sword over a sling any day in a fight with a giant. But what were the benefits of using a sling? Well for one it was a long-range weapon and having a great amount of distance could be good for any fight. But that wasn't the only reason. Maybe it wasn't the fact that the sling itself was dangerous but the person wielding it? But the same could be said for a sword so that couldn't be it either. Wait! That's it! The truth will be reviled before the heart of the deep. The heart! And the deep was this cave! So it must mean before the heart of the cave. But they were already past the heart…unless.

Coby quickly scanning his surroundings once more looks at the glyph and notices the back has movable tiles on it. It seems he was supposed to decode them to what the right answer would be. But what would happen if he failed? That thought was pushed aside for now as he walked back to the pillar.

"The power to slay a giant isn't in the weapon but the heart of the one wielding that weapon. The truth is beyond the heart of the deep and the light that shines is the knowledge of understanding." Coby said as he finished placing the tiles in place. But suddenly the cave they were in stared to shake violently as helmeppo and the other soldiers had to brace themselves thanks to this earthquake.

"W-what is this?" suddenly the David and Solomon figures started to pull apart.

"The truth before the heart. This must be it…" Coby said in awe not noticing the text on the glyph next to him was starting to glow as his hand was still on it. Coating his hand it now started to travel up and over his body.

"C-coby!" helmeppo shouted as he tried to run over to his friend only for boulders to fall in front of his path blocking him from making it.

"GAAHH!" Taking out his two knives he quickly cuts though the boulders rushing in. Wait, where was coby? He was just here a second ago? Looking back to front and side-to-side. What the hell is going on here?


It was a nice morning he supposed. Well it's not as if he was really excited to get out of bed. And god knows he wasn't a morning person. Sighing to himself, he could only drag his feet as he leaves his dorm room. His room was big enough for two people especially since there was another bedroom that just sat in the place. This Brown haired boy known as Tsukune Aono was…well a normal human. He himself didn't know how someone could make such a mistake and enter him into a school for monsters.

"Tsukune-kun good morning!" Ahhh…there did seem to still be hope for him yet. Turing his head to the familiar voice he could only smile at the girl of his dreams. Moka Akashiya, the most beautiful thing he has laid his eyes on.

"Moka-san" he said as she walked closer to said boy.




"Moka-san…" said pink haired girl started to lean in closer and closer. His heart was pounding in his chest. Could this be the day were they finally kiss? He was going for it! It was now or never! Leaning in to meet her the two seemed to be in a daze.

"Tsukune-kun…I" What dammit! Tell me you want me!

"W-what is it Moka-san?" oh please, please say you want to.


"AARRGGHH!" He should have known it was too good to be true. The pink haired vampire bit him and was sucking his blood once again. This great start wasn't looking so great anymore.

"TSUKUNE-KUNNN!" Now getting tackled while knocking moka off at the same time. A pretty blue haired girl known as Kurumu Korono was forcing the brow haired teen in her huge bust. Maybe she didn't know she wasn't suffocating the boy but that didn't stop her from squeezing harder.

"Kurumu-chan get off of him! He can't breathe!" an angry moka stalked over as her and the blue vixen had tug of war with the boy sadly.

"He's my destine one! Why don't you go find yours!"

"W-wha? I knew tsukune-kun first. So he's mine!" both continuously tugging on the teen crying anime tears of pain. Definitely going to be a long day.

Chapter End

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