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"I see you finally made it here"

"What do you mean, what has you on edge?"

"If my intuition is correct, I would say they are searching for whatever cause the destruction the occurred earlier this week"


"Sir we have just returned from our patrol, it seems like whatever was there has been moved or escaped somehow"

"Excellent, I will do some investigating myself in the mean time look and see if there are anymore leads within the school"


"Is this high enough?"

"Whats with these weird looking ads"


"What where is everyone, I thought our club just started is it over already?"


"I'm so embarrassed, oh no, I wonder if tsukune really did peek?"


"Moka-san wa..wait for me!"

"Moka-san it wasn't on purpose"

"Kya what's wrong with him all of a sudden?"

"Who the hell was that guy?"


"That sneaky…. dog"


"I can't believe tsukune really did that"



"Well I guess it is a full moon tonight isn't it?"


"don't even think you have a chance in hell"



Opening Theme:

Uverworld (Colors of the heart)

Chapter 5

(Oh Hell No!)

"Coby-senpai….Moka-san" Yukari Sendou the genius and also the very person to take the first years number one spot for her amazing grades. While she was watching the retreating form of the very people she was thinking about. She was greeted by some familiar faces who seemed to want to give her complements on how wonderful she was.

"Congratulations yukari-san it would seem you have taken the number one spot again as always" the person spoke with a hint of annoyance before continuing with a sickening grin on their features.

"As I'd expect from the girl genius of yokai academy, even though you're just (11) it seems you get to skip ahead to high school for nothing" they said still smiling "so listen up, please don't go around acting all high and mighty because in my eyes you are just an immature brat who reeks of her mother's milk. I also heard your little friend made the top spot for second years. You both make me sick! Thinking your better than the rest of us!"

Hearing this the young girl was a little uneasy "class representative?" looking at him with worried eyes before the president started talking again. "You know both of your presences are enough to make me sick, so get lost half breed" he said with a voice full of hate. But this also drawing the attention of nearby students.

"No way, look it's the class president talking to the hafu girl. She's in so much trouble now." Someone said in the crowd seeming to cause more trouble.

Growing tired of things the president moves a little closer to yukari before whispering in her ear "after all you are a witch aren't you?, just looking at you makes me want to puke, I can't even believe you're in the same grade as me it's annoying" he said bitterly.

This actually was hurting yukari's feelings, so she used her magic wand to make some rocks fly off the ground and strike the class president in the back of his head enraging him future then he already was. "Hahaha, you definitely deserved that" yukari said trying to play as if she wasn't hurt by his harsh words, but still the class pres wasn't going to let he get away with what she just did to him "you little shit, I'll gut you!" he yelled now trying to strike her before out of nowhere "STOP!" a more than willing moka called out trying to protect yukari from being hurt.

This surprised the president a little "I'm sorry I know I have nothing to do with this but I can let you use violence toward girls" moka stated with a determined face.

"Moka-san…" tsukune seeing the situation trying to call out to her wondering why she would just jump into their argument.

More students were now surrounding the scene "look, look its moka-san. She's trying to stop the class rep from bullying the little girl!" some were talking among each other. Seeing this the rep knew he couldn't continue here.

"Damn this is the second time I was stopped by a pink haired annoyance!" he thought as he scanned his surroundings. "There's too many spectators now, damn" wishing he could have finished her off when he had the chance. But that's what he didn't understand. How was she still alive? How was Coby still alive? Where was tatchibuno when you needed him?

"You had better remember this yukari, no one will save you next time. And your first savior is in for a beating as well" he spoke with venom before speaking to his followers "come on lets go her smell is making me sick" now with all three walking off making their way through the crowd. Feeling they moved away far enough they let out a held in breath they were holding in. Sweat trickling down their faces. What the hell was going on here? How were both of them alive? Did tatchibuno fail after all…him of all people? The rep felt sick, something was clearly wrong here but what? Damn, damn, damn, damn!


After the whole incident not too long ago yukari, moka and tsukune where sitting outside in a food courting area talking with one another.

"Oh thank you, thank you sooo much! You really saved me back there! My name is Yukari Sendou, and it's nice to meet you!" yukari spoke with an amazingly powerful glee. Hearing this moka remembered that name from somewhere but where? Oh, that's right!

"I heard that even though you're in the same grade as us, you are only eleven years of age. And even ranked number one within the first years" moka finished really impressed by the little girls feats. It was amazing how a young girl like yukari could work her way up to the top even in the advanced classes that even moka herself sometimes had trouble with.

"Wow, you're really smart aren't you yukari-chan?" moka asked her happily.

"What? She's only eleven years old and she's already in grade school?" a dumbfounded tsukune asked himself to make sure he heard right. Feeling embarrassed by the praise of her role model. Yukari starts to blush while making it seem as if it's not such a big thing.

"Wha... I'm not… it's not…that cool…I mean, I'm just…" but she was so nervous trying to speak her mind in front of her other interest.

"You're the one who's the cool, pretty and even sweet person moka-san. You know, I actually…I…I" her hat covering and shadowing her eye. Man, this was so hard for her. She was her female idol and she was chocking up…how lame. No, she couldn't fail now. She won't fail…this was her moment. She needed to make it count dammit! Looking back up with burning determination, she jumped toward moka catching her in a hug.

"I wuvv you moka-san!" getting a surprised look from moka and tsukune both. Eh…what did she just say? Did they just hear her correctly? They could have sworn she said she was in love with moka.


"WHHHAA!?" tsukune shouted not believing this was going down in front of him.

"Every time I saw you in that classroom across the hall I feel in love with you a bit more. But after you saved me today I have made up my mind" now pressing her head on moka's pillows. "Please go out with me! Is that bad to date someone like me?" yukari asked with puppy dog eyes before moka answered "as a friend yeah of course."

"YAAAAYY I'M SO HAPPY!" yukari yelled with joy.

A migraine, it was powerful. Like it was sneaking up on its prey waiting to pounce fiercely. And it pounced, and it pounced heavily if anything. Tsukune literally fell out of his seat. All he could see was the blue sky as birds every now and again passed over his vision. Just what in the hell is going on today? This day if not seemed like it was going to suck…horribly.


It seemed to be a little later within the day. Moreover, our bubbly vampire seemed to be on her way to her next class. While walking through the hallways though, moka however…was also not alone. With her, she seemed to have little hands that were clinging to her each individual breast. As she was walking, this stimulation was causing her to moan from her sensitivity.

"Wow moka-san's chest is even bigger than it looks!" said a more than happy yukari.

"Is that moka? wow is that girl groping her?" some of the students were asking each other with the males of course with hearts in their eye's because of the sexual display before them.

"It's so soft! I feel like I'm dreaming…" yokari stated before moka and her started to fall to the ground because moka was reaching her limit "stop…for some reason I can't move!" Moka now paralyzed from the yukari special attack "Titty Twister!" Moka has never faced such a powerful foe in her entire life. Such a thing to be able to take ones mobility was freighting yet pleasant.

"WAIT! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TWO DOING!?" a flustered tsukune asked while his tongue looked like it belonged in a snake's mouth.

"Oh it's you, please don't interfere because I know all about you…Tsukune Aono" yukari stated before standing up continuing. "Grades are middle of the middle, Athletic Ability: average almost like a human, no Hobbies or Special abilities you're a picture perfect ordinary boy" she finished while tsukune looked like he was on cheaters for being busted.

"You and moka-san are like the sun compared to mouse…wait that's insulting to mice. You're just way to different! I love moka-san and I don't what her to be brought down because of people like you. The only person who can go near moka-san is senpai! That's why I'm declaring war on you…"Magical Wand!" yukari chanted as she brought her wand over her head giving it a flick or two. Moka and Tsukune were thinking the same thing as one another.

"Who was this senpai person she was talking about?"

"I'll make sure you never come close to moka again!" the young witch finished before out of nowhere brooms started to fly out of nearby closets and attack tsukune .

"W-wait…whaaa!" tsukune said trying to run away.

"Tsukune-kun!" a worried moka called out to her friend. This wasn't what she had in mind when she thought of spending time with the two. This was starting to get out of hand.

"Ha-ha-ha, its magic! I used my magical wand to control those broomsticks. And if you didn't know already I'm a witch. So using my magic I'll fight off any boy that tries to get close to moka-san…other than senpai of course" she said to a dizzy eyed tsukune and whoever else was listening that happened to be male. The now dazed tsukune thinks about what yukari just said. Who did this little brat think she was? Coming in between him and moka out of nowhere. This girl was really starting to piss tsukune off.

"I bet you wouldn't say those words to Coby-san. He scored the highest of all the second year students and is even the most popular guy in school!" he said starting to get off the ground.

"C-coby-san? You mean Coby Redfield the "Rouge Prince"…my senpai?" a surprised yukari asked almost if she couldn't believe it. Her face even paled a little bit. No way could this baboon know her senpai. They were literally worlds apart from each other. Her senpai's greatness was near untouchable. And would she say even near that of perfection! She refused to believe the two could be associated with one another.

"That's right! He's the only coby-san in this scho…wait…did you just say he was your senpai?" the shock could now be seen on both moka and tsukune's faces. Yukari though wasn't having it.

"How can someone like you be friends with not only moka-san but my idol-senpai as well? I don't believe this!" an astounded yukari said aloud looking at tsukune as if he was snot hanging out of someone's nose.

"Y-YOU LIE!" yukari yelled pointing her finger at him as she refused even more to think that this…this cockroach was able to be around her two special people. Ugh! This really ticked her off!

While this was going on the class pres from earlier was ease dropping from around the corner "that little shit, just you wait" he said before walking back off.


Coby was walking from his class that just finished. It wasn't very hard at all but it did give out a decent amount of homework. As he was walking, he did not notice someone struggling with a large quantity of papers.

"Ouch…" a female voice said as the sound of papers hitting the floor as well. Coby turning his vision over to the voice spots a cute violet haired teenage girl. Now that he thinks about he knows this girl from somewhere. Wait! Wasn't she in his math class?

"Hey…you ok? Let me help you with those" now neatly picking up the remains of the scattered papers the boy then offers her his hand to help her up. She could only smile at the gentlemen like gesture and took it kindly.

"Thank you for that. I was on my way to the student council room. Oh, by the way my name is Lilith Aensland and I am the President of the student council." She said with a bright smile causing coby to give one of his own.

"It's nice to meet you…my name is.."

"Coby D. Redfield right?" Ok…It's not surprising for others to know his name but that was kind of…you know…weird?

"Uh…yeah, how did you know my name Lilith-san?"

"Because you're in my math class!" He knew he remembered her from somewhere! Man was he slipping since he got here.

"My apologizes Lilith-san I seemed to have overlooked your presence in class" now scratching his cheek nervously he watches as she gives him a cute pout.

"You don't have to be so honest coby-san…but at the same time that's what I like about you. And I could use someone like you in the student council coby-san what do you say?" she said moving closer to the boy as he could only step back out of reflex. Well it's not like he wouldn't but he also made a promise to his friends. So stilling his will…man was this hard turning down a pretty girl like this. But it had to be done

"Lilith-san I'm truly honored you feel so strongly about my character to invite me into the student council..." the girls eyes seemed to sparkle as she felt he would accept her request.

"However, I'm sorry but I must decline your offer. Don't get the wrong Idea I would had we spoken earlier but I have promised my friends to join their club when I was ready. Again forgive me." He said with an apologetic face. She knew it wasn't his fault that he was turning her down. But she won't give up on him.

"I understand coby-san but I too want you in my care. So please think about it." She said giving him a small bow before walking off leaving the boy to stare at her retreating form. Little did he know this very girl knew a lot more than his favorite color.

"I will have you. Just wait Coby-kun..."


After the events with Lilith, Coby ran into kurumu while on his way to his next class. They were both talking yet kurumu had to ask him something because it was eating away at her. So doing what she thought would get his attention she grabbed him on the arm of his jacket and looked down causing her hair to shadow her eyes.

Coby seeing this gave her his full attention "something wrong?" he asked waiting for her to speak before feeling her grip on him increase.

"Listen…I need a favor if that's alright?" she asked now looking up to him with gleaming eye's that showed her desire in whatever it was. Coby still looking into her eyes immediately answering her feeling slightly put off by the sudden action.

"Uh…sure, but what is it?" coby asked with a confused face as his head tilted to the side.

"Kawaii!" kurumu thought before shaking it off.

"Can you promise to keep this between the two of us?" she asked him as her head went left and right to scan the hallways just to make sure no one could overhear them. Nodding his head slowly as she suddenly grabs his scarf bringing him down to ear level. Coby had the decency to blush. After all kurumu was being pretty bold at the moment even if it was for something completely different than what he thought. BUT IT DOESN'T HELP THE FACT THAT SHES BLUSHING LIKE CRAZY!

"Um…if it's alright. C-could you…you know…tutor me sometime? I mean… I'm really struggling in certain subjects…sooooo…." Man was he an idiot. Of course, she just wanted him to tutor her! What else could it have been? He really cracked his self up at times. Funny though he couldn't laugh even as funny as this was. Wait...why is his eyes tearing up?

"Uh…sure. Yeah definitely…whenever you fell you need help I'll try my best alright kurumu-chan?" this could only bring a bright smile to the blue haired succubus's face. She knew he would come through for her. He was truly a good friend. Cute…but just a friend. Yep…ok he was hot but he wasn't tsukune. The brown haired boy had stolen her heart after all. He was her destined one. Speaking of which! Said boy seemed to be rounding the corner at the end of the hall.

The brown haired boy was now walking towards the clubroom while yukari had moka with her. Causing pain for him earlier, it ended up with him just leaving to let out some of his frustration on the whole ordeal.

"Yukari thinking she can just stop me from being with moka, who does she think she is?" he was asking no one in particular before spotting some people who looked familiar "huh that looks like… oh it is coby-san and kurumu-chan. "Coby-san, Kurumu" tsukune called out to them now waving in their direction. Looking back they both turned to the voice that called out to them "Tsukune-san/Tsukune-kun!"

Kurumu now thinking of what to say to change the subject of what she and coby were just talking about was now biting her lower lip. But tsukune noticed something and brought it up immediately "what's going on kurumu? Why are you holding onto coby-san's scarf?" he asked looking at her causing her to look down at her hand that was still gripped around coby's scarf.

Coby also waved his hands to dismiss the misunderstanding. Now jumping away from each other kurumu turned her head to look elsewhere while trying to explain herself because she did not want tsukune to see her red face. Thinking now would be a good time as any to dip set.

"Hey listen, I'll just see you guys later alright!" coby said quickly making his escape. Was that close or what?

"Damn you leaving like that coby! If anything you made it look even more suspect!" kurumu could only think in slight panic. Damn her terrible luck. Calming herself, she tries to answer without messing this up further that's to someone.

"It…it's nothing I…I was…I mean, we were walking together since we meet up after leaving from our last class!" she said sputtering her words. Ok so she messed up. Sue her would you? She was already placed in an awkward situation thanks to coby bailing out like he did. However, she looks a little harder and saw tsukune's condition. That was a perfect distraction to use on him and change the topic.

"Oh no, Tsukune your hurt!" she said moving up to him and checking his wounds causing said boy to pout at remembering his painful experience "please don't remind me, it was a nightmare" he said as they started to walk and talk together.


"Yukari Sendou?" kurumu asked looking over tsukune's injuries as she tried to clean and patch them up for the boy. "Yeah that girl is such a pain!" All his cuts and bumps on his features seemed to ache as he continued to speak.

"And even though we have things to do thanks to "Yukari-chan!" I can't even speak to moka-san"

"It's that bad huh?" kurumu asked knowing that she was inwardly happy. Hearing that moka would not be in anytime soon was actually excellent news! This meant she could have more time to get closer to tsukune her destined one.

"He-he-he, now is my chance to get closer to tsukune-kun while moka is occupied. Hope that little brat stalls her for a little longer" she thought excitedly.

"Well you said she was a little kid right? So maybe she is just someone who doesn't know how to express her feelings as well as we can." Kurumu said sitting up a little straighter. "I mean if you ask me she just sounds confused about what she really wants!" she finished getting a look from tsukune.

"I guess…but for her to be so violent to everyone who gets close to moka-san is too extreme!" tsukune said rubbing his cheek hoping it would ease his pain. Kurumu now thinking it would be a good time to explain to tsukune what she heard going around the school.

"Well, I've heard rumors about that girl too. I mean, even though she is called a girl genius or something. It sounds like she's a selfish little kid and no one in her classes likes her because of her continuous pranks."

Leaning forward a bit "really?" tsukune asked but didn't know yukari was listening the whole time outside of the window. Ok now she was really pissed off at this brown haired baboon.

"I will totally destroy the closeness tsukune has between moka-san and idol-senpai!" yukari said almost too happy. She even had her own diabolical laugh to boot. "MUWWAHAHAHAHA…Magical item Warawara-kun!"

"Like I was saying earlier I…huh?" Tsukune's arm now moving without his permission without even knowing it moved toward kurumu's face now cupping it in his hand causing said girl to blush.

"Tsukune-kun?" a flustered kurumu could only stare into the boys eyes. Wait a minute. Why was his arm moving on its own? Something is definitely not right here! Feeling his other hand move closer to the girls breast area he barks.

"I CANT STOP!" Now laughing twice as hard, yukari used the dolls hand to make it go a little further down.

"Ah tsukune-kun please be more gentle"

"K-KURUMU-CHAN REALLY! I-I CAN'T CONTROL MY BODY. IT'S MOVING ON ITS OWN!" Tsukune screamed beyond flustered from her words. Yukari knew it was time to finish the deed. Here comes the best part!

"Don't think I'll let you off the hook so easily" she said with an evil smirk moving the doll. This was too much fun!



"Oh no, I'm late. Everyone is probably waiting for me." Moka said to herself nearing the clubroom. Strange…she could have sworn she heard voices coming from the room. "MY GOD!" she can hear tsukune yell.

"Well The classroom sure sounds lively today" moka said with a smile now opening the slider door. "Sorry for being late. What's…wrong…everyone?" moka asked before her heart fell out of her ass from seeing tsukune groping kurumu earning an aroused noise from the blue haired female.

"M-moka-san, listen…it's not what it looks like I swear! tsukune said in panic.

"WHA!?" moka asked still looking at tsukune used his own hands to lift up kurumu's skirt knocking the girl out of her stupor.

"KYAAAA!" kurumu yelled before all you could hear was slapping noises echoing. Dammit, today seriously sucked.


"OK SOMEONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT GIRL, IM SO PISSED RIGHT NOW!" an enraged tsukune yelled with a steaming face and a huge handprint showing he was slapped from earlier. "Ok now…let's calm down alright everyone" moka's attempt of defusing the situation to no avail.

"You are way too easy on her moka-san! You have got to tell her that she is being a bother. I mean it's for yukari's sake as well!" tsukune finished before moka had to think.

"I suppose…"but her words caused yukari to wonder if she was really getting on moka's nerves.

"Am I really a hindrance to moka-san?" she asked herself feeling bad all of a sudden. All she wanted was for moka-san to be with her and her senpai. That's all!

"If yukari-chan is always with you moka-san then won't she lose all of her friends and end up totally alone!?" tsukune asked not knowing that it caused yukari to jolt in her spot. Did he have to say it like that? Whatever he was just some nuisance in the way of her perfect love story. His opinion didn't matter to her in the slightest!

"I don't mind I'm a genius after all, and I don't want such low ability friends. I already have senpai…and moka-san. That's all I need or want!" she said before lowering her witch hat to cover her eyes "so I don't mind, after all I was always alone from the beginning before Coby-senpai came and saved me" she said looking up with a hurt but forced smile. This also caused everyone to quiet down and look at her feeling some pity.

"For the first time in forever I knew what it was like to have someone I could call a friend." Ok, now tsukune felt like shit.

"Yukari-chan…" tsukune said now really feeling guilty. Man how did he always end up looking like the bad guy here? Now reaching a hand out to comfort the girl before out of nowhere a metal pan slammed onto of his head causing him to spit out blood in a comedic way. HOW COULD HE FEEL SORRY FOR THIS BRAT! He got played and big time! Feeling the pain of his foolishness as if to tell him this was what he 'deserved' for falling for such an easy trick.

"HA-HA, GOT YOU! GOT YOU!" she was laughing but the sad look her moka-san was giving her.

"W-why…why are you looking at me with such and expression?" she asked aloud still looking at her female idol before stepping back and turning around running in a full sprint.

"Yukari-chan wait!" moka reached out for the girl

"Why are you going after her? If she wants to be that way we should just leave her!" tsukune still upset but his words also made moka slightly furious.

"Tsukune-kun how dare you be mad at her! Why can't you understand how she feels like Coby-senpai does? It's not fair that you get mad at her but don't know what she's going through!" Moka finished huffing before quickly running off to find the hurt young witch. Tsukune however, was speechless. How did this end up being his fault? Was he not beat on constantly by the same girl his moka-san was defending? Yea, he somehow always became the bad guy.



"That girl is only 11…, man she is so bratty I mean why do we have to be in the same class as that baby?" some students were talking about yukari as if she wasn't even there. "She even wears that disgusting witch costume" another said laughing "witch huh, aren't they closer to humans?, you have no reason to even be at this academy little shit!" more where taunting her.


"That's right before I met senpai no one would ever want to be around someone like me. He was the only one but it was fine…I didn't really mind if it was just me and him forever." Yukari said to herself with a expression betraying the words she just spoke. Not paying attention to where she was going she ended up bumping into someone .

"Owww, stupid! Hey, why don't you watch where you're walking!" yukari finished looking up only to bump into the worst people possible. "What's that? You're the one who bumped into me yukari-san! How rude! You are a damn shame to the academy!" the person said getting yukari to back up in fright.

"C-class representative" starting to move closer to her so he could whisper "remember when you disgraced me in front of all those students earlier? I'll never forgive you for that!" the rep said with a nasty long tongue coming out of his mouth "I've been waiting to get you alone. But don't worry I have something planed for your senpai as well"


"Moka-san" tsukune still feeling down from their argument earlier.

"Well…you do really get the feeling she is a witch. After all it could be because most monsters hate them" kurumu said looking a little sad thinking of the face yukari made.

"Hated race?" tsukune asked .

"Yea don't you know? It's hard to tell whether a witch is a supernatural or human right?, so long ago they were called boundary. Anyway, they are said to be able to walk the realms of both the human and supernatural worlds. However, today their race is called half-breeds. And they are usually discriminated against" she paused before continuing. "But not only are they hated here but in the human world as well. Yukari must have been in a world of their own" kurumu feeling bad for the young girl.

"Maybe she really was all alone all her life" Ok he gets it already! Tsukune looked as if his neighbor's killed his dog. What has he done? Forget that, what would Coby-san say if he found out he hurt yukari's feelings? Uh oh…he's going to be sick.



As coby was continuing to walk through hallway to his next class he couldn't help but feel like someone was watching him. Whoa, now that he thought about it there were always eyes on him. Ok, maybe he was just over thinking things. Well…whatever, he guesses he'll just try to ignore them.

"On to my next class then…" continuing on his way there. That is until…

"COBY-SENPAI!" coby suddenly hears a familiar voice as he turns his vision to spot the pink haired vampire running as fast as she could toward him.

"Whoa! Isn't that moka-san? Wait! Is she talking to Coby-senpai? Are they dating?"

"WHAT NO WAY! They would be the pink haired duo of the school. How dare that good looking pink bastard steal moka-sama from us desperate males!" Students were talking as moka still made her way toward coby.

"Moka-san, what's wrong? You're out of breath" it was true. Moka came to a halt in front of coby placing her hands on her knees huffing to provide her lungs with oxygen.

"C-coby-s-senpai…"huff….huff" I…I can't find yukari-chan anywhere! Please you have to help me!" Moka said gaining a shocked and worried look from the boy. What did she mean she couldn't find yukari? They met each other?

"What do you mean moka-san? Tell me what happened" Coby said as he walked closer to her.

"W-well her and tsukune-kun had a fight and…" Oh no, they had a fight. Coby can guess what probably happened. Tsukune probably said some hurtful words to her and made her upset. Coby had to make sure to find her before she gets herself into trouble.

"Come on moka-san we have to hurry" without thinking about it, coby scooped up the already tired moka bridal style surprising her and causing her to blush.

"Kyaa! S-senpai, what are you doing!?" now jumping with her in his arms she grabs around his neck for support only blushing harder.


"AYHH!" yukari screamed as she was thrown harshly against a jagged tree "so disgusting, a witch is such a disgusting being" the talk class rep said as his body was slowing morphing gain scales and hideous razor sharp teeth his and his underlings true form were 'LIZARDMEN.'

"Understand? We have no need for a girl like you in our school. So why don't I just rid this academy of you permanently!" He said causing a scared yukari to try to use her magic wand to protect her from them.

"So boys what do you think we should do with this little shit?" he asked his clique. "I know! Why don't we eat her whole! I'm sure no one would miss here anyway" one of them said.

"Hmm…your right maybe I should just gobble her up in one gulp!" The rep said now opening his mouth wide so he really could finish her quickly. "Try not to kick too much. You might give me indigestion" seeing this yukari was terrified. Why did this have to happen to her?

"Coby-senpai…please help me!"


"AAAAHHH!" yukari was yelling waiting for everything to end only to hear a sickening crunch like noise.

"KRTCH!" Noticing it wasn't her since she felt no pain. She opened her eyes to see someone with their fist digging into the face of the lizard formed class rep. He was sent sailing about thirty feet before sliding to a stop.

"UUURGHH, YOU BASTARD!" the rep yelled grabbing his face in agony.

"I…Idol-senpai?" a shocked yukari called out. She knew he would come for her. He was always going out of his way to make sure she was ok. But she still didn't want him to get hurt because of her. If that happened…then she would never forgive herself.

"If any one of you laid one of your filthy hands on yukari…" coby started with a strong gaze as he stood up straight after his purposely-weak punch. He wasn't playing with this people anymore but he wasn't a cold-blooded killer either. He told them to stay away from her before. And they crossed that line…so he would at least break some bones…at least.

"Yukari-chan you're alright!" moka was happy they found her before anything bad happened. Moka and coby came upon these lizard monsters trying to harm young yukari. Moka hated senseless violence and detested the fact she already asked these male students to leave the young girl alone. She was upset. Right now, moka actually wanted to show them why not to mess with others…but as she was now she knew she couldn't do much of anything. After all, her other self was the fighter between the two. Moka also felt how coby was letting off an uneasy amount of killing intent. He was clearly upset enough for the both of them.

"Moka-san…please look after yukari while I handle this" coby said in his serious mode as his face showed he was no longer up for negotiating. Yukari was clearly worried for both coby and moka's safety not wanting them to get hurt because of her.

"Please…senpai, moka-san, get out of here! They will try and hurt you if you don't leave!" yukari yelled in a pleading tone hopefully to get them out in one piece. She didn't want this! Her most important people could be in harm's way. Why did she have to be cursed with a fate such as this? However, yukari did not feel coby's KI because it wasn't aimed in her direction. Therefore, she was thinking maybe that he just got a lucky hit on the rep when he wasn't looking. She didn't know how truly powerful her senpai really was.

"I'm sorry yukari-chan. But I will have to decline you this once. I will never abandon you" coby said now walking a little further in front of yukari just as moka made it over to the girl. Coby started to talk while staring down the lizardmen.

"It's ok anyway, because I would easily lay my life on the line for you yukari. I'm not afraid to die protecting the ones who are precious to Me." coby said as he continued to look forward.

"Senpai really is amazing after all" Moka said as she could only look at his back as her respect for him only grew larger. This is the side of her senpai she liked. It's as if the things coby had, tsukune didn't have. And the habits tsukune had, coby lacked. However, some thing's they did share in common. Maybe that's why moka felt so drawn to coby. Wait! What was she thinking? Moka had to shake her head to get rid of her roaming thoughts. She also wanted to speak her mind to the young witch.

"Please yukari…don't act so tough. It's alright to ask someone for help when you can't make it on your own." Moka said with her own smile. "You say that you love me, but what you really want is for someone to be kind to you right?" moka said now looking back to Coby "Aren't you just playing pranks so people will notice you? But you seem to already have someone who cares greatly for you yukari-chan. But senpai doesn't have to be the only one there for you." moka said looking back to the girl. Moka and her senpai's words surprised yukari greatly.

"W-wha..what are you saying you two? Get out of here! I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to either one of you!" but even though she said that coby and moka didn't budge an inch.

"We're not leaving you yukari, because I and coby-san both care about you more than you know. That's why we want to help you. And also why we will never leave you alone yukari-chan…never!" moka's happy yet sad expression showing her pain for the girl. Coby hearing moka's words couldn't help but smile before continuing on his own speech.

"You said you were ok with being alone?...You say that no one would want to ever notice someone you?…I did didn't I yukari? Am I not anyone?" coby now turning and giving her a warm smile.

"Yukari… no one was made to be alone…no matter who they are. So let me and moka be there for you so you don't have to hurt anymore!" now turning back to the fight about to take place.

"How would I ever be able to look at myself in the mirror if something happened to you knowing I could have done something to stop it from happening?" Yukari could not believe that moka and coby were willing to risk so much for her. "I-idol-senpai, Moka-san…why?" she asked herself with small tears forming in her eyes.

"Because we are your friends/because we are your friends!" moka and coby somehow said in perfect harmony. Eyes watering even more…it was too much. This was too much for her little heart. But why did she feel so happy? This was a high even greater than the first time. It was like falling in love with the same person all over again.

"You are all so pathetic. To think you can act so high and mighty teaming up on a young girl" now rolling up his school uniforms sleeves he was ready. Coby was bearing an intense look on his face. This only caused the class rep to get annoyed. This was the same pink haired nuisance as the first time. Getting in his way all the damn time. Who did this pretty boy think he was?

"This has nothing to do with you! Why are you even interfering? If you get in my way again I'll kill you too." Hearing this coby's face seemed to go 3 times more serious if it were possible.

"Don't insult me…this has everything to do with me" coby said as a burst of power propelled off his body so fiercely that the ground and dirt underneath him was knocked everywhere ." Yukari is one of my most precious friends. I will not let you walk all over her." Yukari was next to moka amazed by the unwavering will her senpai was displaying. "C…coby-senpai" yukari was blushing thinking about coby's words 'coby-senpai, I'm so glad that I met you… you were always so nice to me. I will never forget how you taught me what it was like to have a friend…thank you...' she thought with a genuine smile.

Feeling his power the rep knew he could not take coby on alone. Something felt wrong as well. Like his strength was suddenly living his body.



"H-huh? " turning around he finds that both of his lackeys seemed to be face first into the ground. But what nerved him was the fact their eyes seemed to be rolled into the back of their heads. Drool following in suit. What the hell did he do to them. No what did he do to him? Taking a step back to gain his footing, he felt heavy. He knew he wasn't going to be conscious much longer.

"Uhhhh…" Also falling forward he hits the ground unconscious. The looks of surprise were edged on everyone's face including Coby himself.

"W-what just happened?" Moka asked as she has never seen anything like that before. One second they were ready to fight. The next they were face down in the ground without taking a single hit. And as she turned her vision to her senpai she could see him looking at his hands just as surprised as she was. Was this his doing? Just what in the world did he do?

"W-was that king's haki?" Coby thought to himself as he never suspected himself of having it. This was truly something. Funny how the will to protect yukari brought out this power.

"A-AMAZING!" yukari shouted beyond dumbfounded by her senpai's power.

"MOKA-SAN, YUKARI-CHAN!" Everyone turning to see tsukune and kurumu running up to them "are you guys alright" kurumu asked before she seen the unconscious lizardmen."Sooo…I'm guessing that's a yes then?" she said with a sweat drop.

"Yukari…I'm sorry about before. Maybe if I would have understood you a little better yukari-chan…" tsukune really did mean it. He really started to feel bad after moka gave him a good scolding. Hearing this her tears were starting to build up again.

"Even after I did such mean things to you…" Tsukune only shook his head. "It wasn't that bad. So from now on lets be friends ok yukari?" Everyone in this group were being so nice to her. Do they realize the effect they would have on her?

"Y-you…guys…uuhhwwaa!" all of a sudden the young witch started to ball her eyes out. Could you blame her? "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"She was crying as hard as she could while coby looked away into the distance. "Yukari, there is nothing wrong with crying. Especially when it's a heart as fragile as yours. So from now on we will try to be there as much as we can so you won't have to cry anymore" coby said trying not to look at her so she would not feel uncomfortable while she was crying. But surprisingly she got up off her knees and ran into him. She couldn't help but hug him really hard.

"I love you senpai!" coby could only smile softly at the girl while moka, kurumu and tsukune choked on nothing but their spit. Rubbing the top of her head all he could think about was making sure she and the rest of his new friends could live happily.

Moka couldn't help but admire her senpai. He was an incredible person without a doubt. However, she would definitely question if he was really human or not even though he gave off the feeling and scent of one. Yes, because what he did not too long ago was still fresh in her mind and she wasn't the only one pondering on this new bit of information. Her inner self seemed to be fascinated with this new chunk of information. A human with such abilities did not make sense. What was he hiding from her?

Yukari looked to have recovered from her depressed state so since her two most favorite people were together…

"Moka-san, coby-senpai by any chance do you two like each other?" she asked with an innocent curious look causing moka to blush. "W-what?…" moka couldn't even talk. She was past the point of flustered of course. As she took things with strong, apportion. Now coby wasn't dense. Actually far from it. Nevertheless, he for some reason did misunderstand how the question was intended.

"Well of course I like moka-san. Why wouldn't I?" coby asked with confusion as said pink haired girl just blushed a bit deeper. Embarrassed she shoves coby with a push.



"S-SENPAI! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ALL OF A SUDDEN!?" yep she was definitely flustered. The others could only sweat drop at the comedic scene. Once again, tsukune was glad he wasn't the coby who was currently embedded in the tree twenty feet away from them. He could hold onto that loss from him.

"Sooooo…I'll take that as a yes?" the little witch pushed the topic further.

"YUKARI-CHAN!/YUKARI!" they yelled.

"Ok, ok…cant I at least fantasize every once in a while?"


Two weeks have passed since yukari started to change for the better. Currently moka and kurumu were walking in the hallways of the school carrying supplies for the newspaper club activities.

"It's really nice to see that yukari-chan has changed a lot within this short amount of time" a smiling kurumu said actually happy for the young witch."She even apologized to all the people she played pranks on and to her fellow classmates. It sounds like everyone's mood has become more thoughtful and she's seems to be opening up to people a lot more bit by bit" kurumu finished causing moka to smile.

"I'm glad, it means that yakari is finally growing up" moka said before they decided to round a corner. These past two weeks have been great. Moka got to spend time with everyone. Tsukune would let her suck his blood when she got the urges. However, she wouldn't lie. If she could get a taste of what her 'coby-senpai's' blood was like she would be…wait what was she thinking again? Tsukune's blood was her favorite…but also her only. Ok, now she really wanted to taste coby's blood. Maybe it was riper then tsukune's or maybe it was thicker or…sweeter? Ugh! Now her curiosity was getting the best of her again. She needed to avert her imagination elsewhere. And it would have worked if it wasn't for the fact that she walked passed a class…wait! Now taking a couple of steps back she looks into the classroom finding only two students in it. One being her senpai and the other was some…hold on was that a girl?

"So remember when trying to figure out the area of any shape you need to multiply"

"Oh, silly me. I see now, so I can carry my total sum over to my equation box?" earning a nod from the boy as he had his cute glasses down over his eyes looking like a scholar.

"That's right Lilith-chan you seem to be a fast learner"

"No, no it's thanks to you senpai" the girl was now touching his hand that held his pencil in it. Moka who was now hiding behind the wall next to the door as she used her corner vision to peek into the room. Just who was that girl to coby-san? Moka didn't even know that she sat the box she was carrying on the floor so she could grip the edge of the door so she could lean in to hear better.

"Just what is she up to?" moka's eyes narrowed looking at the violet haired girl as she rubbed coby's hand affectionately. Moka had to gasp.

"Uh...Lilith-chan?" Coby was slightly blushing from the contact he was receiving from the pretty girl. Bet you all are wondering how this came to be in the first place? Tutoring…that's what! She was so impressed with coby's intellect she even tried to invite him to the student council so he could be with her. Yea…someone from the student council who is usually nine times out of ten already smart. Was asking for torturing lessons? Yep…something was up and moka could feel it.

"Hey Moka!"

"KYAAAAAAAAAH!" moka jumped in surprise. Her heart felt as if it would explode in her chest. That scared the hell out of her! Looking to who called her it was kurumu who had a confused look on her face.

"Moka what are you do…" pulled to the wall moka puts her hand over her mouth as she tries to explain.

"Coby-senpai is in that classroom with some girl! Some girl kurumu! I don't trust her…she gives me a bad vibe" Moka said as she quickly turns her attention back into the room. Kurumu wanted to see what was going on too so she peeked under moka. Well one thing was for sure. Moka wasn't delusional. Who was that girl anyway? She seemed like she was pretty close to their senpai.

"Uh…moka" kurumu tried to get her attention.

"…" nothing

"Moka…I don't…"


"But we're spyin.."



"Shhh!" every time she tried to say something moka would be so focused all she could do was shush her while trying to listen in. Sure, she didn't like how close coby was to this new girl but moka was downright stalking right now. Wait! That girl was doing something.

"I'm going to be serious with you coby-kun…I want you" a pin could drop right now it was so quiet.

"L-lilith-san what are you saying? Sure we have class together but we barley know each other" coby countered flushed by her bold claim.

"I have been watching you for a long time now. Trust me when I say I want you…badly" ok, red flag! She was the stalker here! Moka and kurumu's eyes widened with understanding when they heard that.

"S-she's after Coby-senpai's heart?" Moka asked loud enough for kurumu hear.

Ohhh no…un-uh. She couldn't have their senpai! After all…wait why couldn't she have their senpai? He had the right to date anyone he wanted right? But…senpai was almost perfect. Truthfully, moka didn't think any girl could be right for coby.

However the girl in the room seemed to get out of her seat and walk into coby's personal space. Lilith now jumped on said boys lap straddling him. OOOOOHHHH NOOOOO!

"L-Lilith-san what are yo…" no other words could come out thanks to a pair of lips smashing into his own. Shock wasn't even the word coby would describe it. But for some reason he couldn't fight her off or was it he didn't want to?

Oh hell no! Not now, not ever! "GET OFF OF HIM!" Moka and kurumu rushed in the room shoving the girl off of the boy as the kiss between their senpai and the girl was interrupted. The girl could only narrow her eyes at the two intruders who dared to ruin her time with her beloved. Moka, kurumu and Lilith seemed to have a stare down.

"What the hell do you think you're doing to senpai?" kurumu asked receiving an agreeing nod from moka who looked upset that this girl was boldly throwing moves at her…or their senpai. She liked tsukune…she liked tsukune!

"Uh…girls?" coby started to ask only to receive a glare from strangely all three of them.

"Ok…shutting up now…"

"So what? What does it matter to you two? I know all about you Moka Akashiya, Kurumu Korono. My name is Lilith Aensland and I'm not a pleased to meet either of you to by the way. But that aside…don't you two already have a boy you like? Tsukune Aono was it?" Lilith asked causing both girls eye's to go wide before looking down at the ground awkwardly. She was right, what was coby to them beyond that of a friend?

'I love tsukune-kun b-but…' moka and kurumu thought at the same time.

'Why did I act like that all of a sudden?' Moka thought, 'it shouldn't matter who senpai is in a relationship with right?' Thinking it thorugh quickly she gained an determined look on her features. 'But he is still my precious friend and friends don't let friends date bad people!' She justified in her mind.

'Tsukune is my destined one. And Coby-san is a good looking guy, he is bound to have girls after him.' Glancing up at the girl who was now grinning like she had won the argument. 'But NOT to this girl!'

"So what if we like tsukune" Kurumu said, "Coby-kun is still our friend and we won't let some common ratchet thot come in and take over his life!"

"I Second that!" Moka chipped in.

"That doesn't even make sense…" oh now she understood. Lilith trying to turn the tides against them. "Or is it that you both are really in love with coby-kun?" Both girls gasped and blushed profusely.

"T-t-that's not it! W-we care because he's our friend…right kurumu?"

"T-that's right! We're not going to hand coby-kun over to just any school whore!" Kurumu said gaining a loud "Yeah!" from moka as the atmosphere got heavier.

Man could someone please save him from this hellish catfight? That was until moka and kurumu grabbed him by the arms and drug him into the hallway before they started to lecture him about the girls he should and shouldn't date. However, Lilith wasn't giving up. She will have him.

"Coby-kun you will be mine!"

Now nearing the club room moka was clearly still bothered from watching coby make out with that…slut! Coby said he would meet them in the clubroom. Moka and kurumu declined and followed the boy around. Surprisingly on there way to the club room they meet up with tsukune. Moka and kurumu ended up telling the brown haired boy what happened with coby and the Lilith skank. Tsukune on the other hand just shrugged if off since he didn't see anything wrong with it. Truthfully from his perspective, his friend was getting some from a hot girl and why not take full advantage of it?

"You see Coby-san that's why its important to choose carefully of which girls you should be dating. After all most of these girls seem to be moving too fast. Right tsukune-kun?" Moka asked looking over to the boy in question. Again he could only shrug it off. Just where was the harm in letting coby do his own thing? Wait!? What was this intense pressure coming from? Looking over to his side he could see moka and kurumu with a face that screamed 'say the wrong thing and I'll end you.' Purple miasma seemed to ooz from the girls. Oh SHIT!

"C-Coby-senpai you dumbass!" He cried out fearfully, "You don't date whores!" He finished looking at moka for approval who was now smiling. He then looked at Coby apologetically getting a betrayed look from the pink haired male. Man did he look like an ass right now. But it was either that or he would get his shit snapped up by the girls. No way was that happening.

'Sorry coby-san but it had to be done...'

"You see Senpai even tsukune-kun agrees with us!" Moka continued to smile as coby tried his best to find a distraction. Come on! Anything, something...anywhere. Wait!

"We're here!" Tsukune called out suddenly as he looked back over to coby who looked at him. Ok maybe he earned points back for that one. Nice one tsukune! Moka was still upset about the matter but decided to let it be for now. This wasn't over yet.

"COBY-SENPAI! I WWUUUUVVV YOUUUUU!"The little witch yelled while catching said boy in a flying hug. This caused moka and kurumu to both drop their boxes and fall over before getting back up. Even tsukune looked shocked at the sudden appearance.

"YUKARI-CHAN!?" moka yelled gaining yukari's attention "oh good afternoon! I have just admitted into the newspaper club today! So please help me with everything ok!" she finished with a beaming smile but getting looks from moka, tsukune and kurumu. Seeing this made her to fiddle with her hands cutely.

"Well you see…it's just…I love moka-san and then I also love senpai too…SOOO LETS BE ALLLL LOVEYY DOVEYY TOGETHERRRR!" this caused moka and coby to smile a little while running around the room. "KYAA! WAIT YUKARI-CHAN!" moka called out as if the action would stop the little witch holding onto the back of coby's jacket.

Yep this was going to be a fun year indeed.

Chapter end

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