"Oh Bella, yes just like that, don't stop"

Charlie threw his head back and moaned at the delicious feeling of his daughter's mouth on him, he closed his eyes and was in pure bliss. He was having some private bonding with his daughter when his wife Renee was out shopping. It had been weeks and it was driving him crazy to not touch her.

He remembers the first time they were alone. Renee had said that he should spend more one to one time with his daughter before in a year times she would be off to college. Talking to Bella in her bedroom about spending time with her, it was that moment that Bella had confess her forbidden feelings for him. They had then made love for the first time, taking her virginity and when his cock had entered that tight little pussy of hers, it was pure pleasure. Even though he was rough with her at times, she was still as tight as the first time.

She was perfect, his baby girl

He groaned as she took him in deeper. They only had a very short time. Renee would be arriving home any minute. She bobbed her head up and down his cock, using her hand, she stroke the length that didn't felt in her mouth, in time with her mouth. Her other hand reached down to fondle his balls. To Charlie, she did this like a pro and wondered if she had and practice with other boys. No he thought. She's my little baby girl

"Shit" he swore as she sucked suddenly, swirling her tongue around his cock.

"Yea that's it baby girl, swallow dads big cock" Charlie moaned as pushed his cock down her throat.

The pleasure was building up inside him and he became undone. With a cry, he came in her mouth, which she gladly swallowed, cleaning it dry. When she was finished, she placed himself back into his trousers and gave him a passionate kiss. He stood up looking her into her pretty brown eyes.

"I love you, daddy" she whispered, pulling him into a hug.

"I love you too, baby girl"

"So when is our next bonding time?"

"Well" he began, hugging her tighter "I tell you what, sines our time was cut short, how about I send your mum to a spa weekend and we can continue our fuck fest"

"Oh daddy, you're a dirty man and I'm you're dirty girl"