"Go sit on the bed, baby girl"

Bella rushed over and sits on her bed, dipping her fingers into panties to play with her neglected pussy. I pull my shirt off over my head and take my pants off, letting my cock spring free, stalking over to her.

I descend upon her body, first sucking her pink nipples. Bella fucking loves me sucking her nipple as much as I do. she rubs her needy little pussy on m thigh that is in between her legs, as I assault her tits.

"ungg, daddy, please fuck me, daddy" my baby girl begs. I choose to ignore her sines I'm still sucking her perfect little tits.

"fuck baby girl" I mumble around her nipple, she is getting hornier by the second, continuing to ride my thigh for all she's worth.

right when she is about to cum, I pull away and rip her cute purple panties from her body.

I sit back and stare at her pussy for a few seconds. its so fucking beautiful. I love watching her pussy tacking in my cock

diving in face first, I suck her clit, feasting on her sweetness, Bella is mewling and writhing and burying her hands in my hair. my tongue goes to her entrance, where I start thrusting it in and out and my nose is buried in her clit. I ban barely breathe with the way she is grinding her pussy on my face.

"oh, fuck. daddy, oh,yes! fuck!" my baby girl cums all over my face, I crawl up to her and kiss her mouth, letting her taste herself on me.

"do you like the way you taste baby girl?" Bella licks her lips, savouring her taste.

"mmm, yes daddy" Bella says " do I get to suck your cock now?" she asks so innocently.

"not tonight baby girl. I'm too eager to fuck you pussy" I say while rubbing my cock up and down her slit, making my girl go wild.

her little pussy is so fucking sensitive. "do you want daddy to fuck your sweet little pussy, baby?"

Bella moans, her eyes filled with lust "yes daddy please fuck your little girl"

not wanting to wait any longer, I hole her legs apart ad push past her sweet pussy lips, and thrusting in my cock into my girls tight fucking pussy. This is fucking heaven

I relish in being in her hot, tight pussy for a few moments before Bella gets frustrated tries moving herself on my dick, making her tits jiggle.

"patience, baby girl"

Bella huffs, clearly irritated. "oh daddy, I want your cock so badly. please!"

"Bella, I'm warning you" I say sternly while rubbing her clit, still not moving my cock "let daddy take care of you, okay?"

Bella relaxes at hearing this, she loves me taking care of her.

slowly I pull myself out of her pussy and thrust back in hard, watching her beautiful tits move up and down with each thrust. my eyes travel up to look at her face, looking straight at me with her eyes filled with lust and her full bottom lip caught in her teeth, i stick my thumb in her mouth, allowing her to bite on it.

"you're so fucking sexy, baby" I murmur.

my eyes shift back up at her bouncing breasts, and I stare at them, mesmerised at the way they jiggle in time with each of my thrusts, "daddy loves your titties so much, baby girl"

I pick up my pace, and I'm rewarded by seeing her tits jiggle even more, not being able to resist them, I put one of my hands on to her luscious tits while it bounces, and the other hand starts rubbing her clit, wanting her to come before I do.

"of fuck yes daddy" Bella moans. "that's it, daddy right there!oh, oooohh fuck !"

Bella arches her back, and scrams out her orgasm. her pussy clamps down on my rigid cock, and I fell over the edge with her, felling her with my hot cum.

"fuck, Bella! my sweet baby girl!" I continue coming down form my high while slowly thrusting in and out of her with my softening cock

"I love fucking you baby girl, and I have a surprise for you, can you guess?"

"no daddy, what is it?" Bella say softly

"I'm leaving Renee, so its going to be just you and me baby girl" I hope Bella with be happy with this news

"I'm so happy daddy, now will can fuck when ever we want to"