"Define 'dorky.'"

"You know. Dorky."

"If I knew I wouldn't ask, dumbass."

"Okay, fine. Go to the library then-"

"Where the fuck is that?"

"Hell if I know. Just - go to the library, find the girl with the biggest glasses, and ask her out."


"And actually follow through. This ain't no prank asking. You lost the bet, you gotta pay up. Take that girl to a movie or something."

"I'll probs take her to a museum."

"That's the spirit, Zuko. Now go. Also pics or it didn't happen."

"Fuck you, Jet."

"Love ya, too, buddy."

Class starts at 8 tomorrow, better shower tonight since I'll want to review O-chem before that. APUSH might give me trouble, but honestly the format of AP French will be the worst. So. Tomorrow, shower, O-Chem, school, then wait for Sokka by studying APUSH and AP French. I got this.

Katara was quietly organizing her tomorrow as she waited for her brother's football practice to end.

More like organizing her life.

Each day she actually succeeded in her self-created tasks, she got closer to her life out of high school.

If she played her cards right, and got good enough grades, she could graduate in May with her older brother. Schools would be crazy not to take her then, and she'd probably get great scholarships so Dad wouldn't complain so much about both of this kids going to college at the same time.

She knew Sokka didn't think those complaints were jokes, as evidenced by the dramatic improvement in his grades.

(Katara saw his shift from a B- to a B+ average as dramatic, the little nerd.)

(Sokka would probably manage an A- average in this last semester that would show up on his transcripts. Not that he would brag about that to anyone but Suki, who was doing better than him in classes simply because a small hip injury was keeping her from off-season soccer.)

Katara expected nothing from her afternoon but quiet studying before her loudmouth and lovable brother gave her a ride home.

Instead, she heard a soft and unsure cough.

She looked up and there was Zuko Lee standing on the other side of her table, looking like he wanted to be anywhere but there.

"What do you want?"

He stammered for a moment, then fell silent as he drew himself up. "Go to the museum with me? Please, and only if you want to? Not today, obviously, but Friday after school. Or next Friday if that's better."

"I- what?"

"I'm asking you on a date, genius."

"I gathered!" Katara snapped back, drawing her books closer to her. "And I don't know if I want to go with you."

He seemed to deflate a little. "I thought you might like a free afternoon that's still intelligent, I guess."

Katara bit back a retort that she'd love to go to the museum, without him, and instead settled into her chair. "Fine. Right after school?"


Her phone buzzed, signalling her brother's impatient call. She stood, sweeping all of her things into her backpack to sort later. "See you Friday, then." And she hurried out the door.

On Friday, Zuko Lee met Katara in the library, again, and the two walked out to his car.

It was stilted and awkward, to say the least.

The car ride wasn't much better. Zuko left the radio off, but didn't bother to facilitate conversation, leaving the car in total silence.

They were stiff and awkward in buying their tickets - "It's a date, woman. I pay, and you're going to see all the exhibits." - and they kept a steady distance between them as they wandered through the first exhibit, one on Ancient Greece art and history.

Of course, then they got through to the Renaissance art.