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It was Monday morning and his alarm begins to sound off only to be punched off by a sleeping Ichigo wanting a few more minutes of sleep. A few minutes passed and the alarm went off again and, like before, Ichigo slams his fist on the alarm shutting it off and finally decides to get up. The former substitute soul reaper groggily got himself out of his bed and sees that it was 7:09am.

"Yup, time to get up." It was almost two years since Aizen's defeat and Ichigo's powers have since vanished after using Mugetsu. Ever since then he couldn't see spirits, hollows or soul reapers for that matter; but today is another day on his final year of high school.

At first, after the winter wars, Ichigo had to play a lot of catch up with his school work since he was gone for most of that school year. At first, Hat and Clogs wanted to make it up to him by pulling a few strings here and there but Ichigo wasn't one to take shortcuts especially when it came to his education and especially now that it's his final year and he needs to get ready for college.

He still has no clue on what he's going to study. He goes to his closet and when he opens it he was half expecting Rukia to be in there but alas no. Over the last couple years, Ichigo steadily started to miss his friends from the Soul Society. Rukia, Renji, Ikkaku, Toshiro, Yumichika, Rangiku, hell even Byakuya and Kenpachi.

He hasn't heard from them since he lost his powers even though again Kisuke would ask if Ichigo ever wanted his powers back. But every time he asks him Ichigo would stop and think. "Should I have my powers back?" Ever since losing his powers, Ichigo has finally gotten a chance at a normal life and for once he rather enjoyed it for the most part.

Granted there were always the usual thugs who just want to start shit for the sake of shit; but even if his powers were gone he still had his training and his experience in his past battles actually helped him a lot with his thug problem. Nowadays, most would just avoid him at all costs after several thugs tried to take him but he took them all and brought them down to the floor bleeding and begging for mercy in seconds. After picking out his clothes for the day, Ichigo heads to the bathroom and showers for the next 8-9 mins before stepping out and heading back to his room to get dressed.

Once dressed in his school uniform, Ichigo goes downstairs with his book bag in hand and meanders over to the dinner table where his sister Karin was already eating her breakfast. Yuzu was busy in the kitchen finishing cooking breakfast as usual, but he just took a piece of toast and made his way over to the door.

"Hey Ichigo! What about the rest of your breakfast?" Yuzu asks, already in her uniform as she looks over her shoulder to her older brother while quickly doing dishes.

"I'm fine with toast thanks." Ichigo replied as he munches down on the piece of toast, but before he could open the door to leave.

"MORNIN! I-CHI-GO!" Coming from above and into the door, Ishin comes at Ichigo with a fatherly double drop kick only for the teen to simply move out of the way, making Ishin crash into the wall...again.

"Damn...damn it boy, why did you dodge?" Ishin slowly gets up after his failed attack.

"Because I've grown tired of your stupid sneak attacks, plus you're starting to play the same attack every morning and it's really starting to get annoying and it's pissing me off, old man!" Ichigo shouts at his father as the man removed himself from the floor only to fall back on his knees, crawling over to his late wife's memorial.

"Oh dear Masaki, I feel like I failed as a father. Our boy will be just another punk on the street! I pray for his futu-POW!" Before he could finish his dramatic speech, Ichigo came and slammed his book bag over his crazy father's head.

"Will you knock it off already!? and second, will you ever take down that ridiculous memorial of mom and just use a picture or something? Geez!" With that, Ichigo leaves his house and slams the door behind him.

"You know dad, if you just act normal for once Ichigo won't be so pissy everyday." says Karin in a bored, monotone voice as she and Yuzu leave for school as well.

"But...what did I do?" Ishin asked, pretending like he hasn't done anything.

Walking through the streets of Karakura towards his school Ichigo was in a real bad mood after another of his lunatic father's attempts to 'make' him a better man and as he walks with his deepen glare as the other students would avoid him out of fear that he would unleash his wrath on them."Damn, it's not even noon and already I'm pissed off" Ichigo said to himself as he strolled down the sidewalk. Even though Ichigo had been living a normal life, his father remained the idiot goofball that he always knew...or at least thought he knew.

As he walks towards Karakura High, Ichigo remembers his father explaining everything to the young man from how they're related to the Shibas, to the fact that Ishin himself was a former captain, and how Ichigo's mother was a spiritually aware human just like he was.

The reason he stayed in the world of the living is because he had to give up most of his spiritual power to save Masaki from dying and turning into a hollow. The more he thought about what his father explained to him the more he wanted to know if there were any more secrets that were kept from him all this time.

But his train of thought was gone when he heard a couple of thugs laughing and making inappropriate comments. Ichigo looks over to the other side of the street to see three guys surrounding a very attractive red-haired girl wearing his school's uniform and from the looks of it, the uniforms was a little too tight for her and actually showed off her body a bit.

"Hey, babe why not ditch school and hang out with us?"

"Yeah I bet we could have a REEEEEALLL good time; ya know what I mean?"

"So wadda'ya say babydoll? Wanna hang with us? We're Karakura's Triple 7 Gang! We're real legit up in this bitch town."

Ichigo had heard about these jokers before. Supposedly, they're a new gang in town that came over from some other town not too far from Karakura and started to throw their weight around against other gangs and even going so far as forcing smaller gangs to join them; but really they're no different from the other gangs Ichigo had dealt with in the past. They always use cheap intimidation tactics and the numbers game to get their way.

"Oh I'm sorry, you guys seem nice but I have to respectfully turn down your offer" says the busty redhead and just as she was about to pass them, the three gang members blocked her path.

"Come on babe, just hang out with us. We'll be real gentle with ya, right fellas?"

"Yeah!" The trio starts to close in on the girl, leading her to back up against the wall with no way to get out.

Even being surrounded by intimidating thugs, the girl just acts like nothing was wrong, just sporting a smile. "Sorry guys, maybe a rain check, kay? Later." Just as she was going to go under one of the guy's arms, the other blocks.

"Hey! You have any idea who we are? You have any idea who you're dealing with, huh?"

"She already said NO! Why don't you clowns take a hint?" This caught both the trio and the girl's attention as they look over at Ichigo unable to standby any longer. The former substitute soul reaper walks over the trio and confronts them.

"Listen punk, this ain't any of your business! If you know what's good for ya, you'd keep walkin'!" Acting on his bravado, the leader of the trio walks up to Ichigo, getting up in his face.

Which was a bad decision on his part as Ichigo, without warning, gave the lead guy a strong headbutt, knocking him to the ground and giving him a broken nose on the first hit.

"Well guess what? Now it is my business!" Ichigo then lets his book bag fall to the ground, seeing that this could take a bit.

The leader shuffles himself back up with his gang backing him up. "Alright Strawberry Bitch, you're dead!" The trio rush towards Ichigo to give him a real gang beat down (if only they knew of Ichigo's strength).

A few minutes later, all three gang members are on the floor beaten to a pulp with Ichigo standing over them victorious, but still has his usual scowl on his face as he goes back to his bag only to see it being held by the red-haired girl.

"Hey thanks for the save, hero" says the girl with ever present smile on her face as she hands over Ichigo's bag to him.

"Nah, don't mention it." Ichigo as he takes back his bag from the girl as she hands it over to him.

"My name is Rias by the way."

"Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Nice to meet you, Ichigo."

"So I take it you're new around here."

"Why, yes. I just transferred here today."

"Really? Little weird doing that during the middle of the semester."

"Well certain things came up with my folks so I had to come here."

"Oh ok I can get that." Says Ichigo as he remembers his little tussle with his father this morning.

"But you know I'm kinda lost, so can you show me the way to the school."

"Sure I can walk you there." Ichigo and Rias walk together towards Karakura High leaving the gang members on the ground sobbing and moaning in pain.

Once they reached the school grounds Ichigo and Rias are greeted by Orihime with her morning smile and usual cheery disposition.

"Morning, Ichigo!" Orihime shouted, waving her hand up to greet her friend.

"Hey Orihime." Ichigo waving her back calmly while Rias just looks at her with the ever present smile on her face.

"Oh, who's your new friend?" she asked after walking up to them.

"I'm Rias nice to meet you." Rias giving her hand to Orihime to shake.

"Oh, it s nice to meet you, Rias. My name is Orihime Inoue, I haven't seen you around before. Are you new here?"

"Why yes, I just transferred today in fact. I got lost on the way but Ichigo helped me out."

"Ah it was no big deal." Ichigo waves it off like it was nothing.

"Oh Ichigo's always there to help. In fact, last summer Ichigo practically stayed in my house just to protect me from the mecha robots that were going to take over." Orihime exclaimed, waving her hands about comedicaly.

Rias just looks at Orihime like she had two heads as a sweat drop.

"Orihime that never happened." Ichigo says deadpanned almost face palming

"Oops, hehehe, silly me, I must have dreamed it." she responded, rubbing the back of her head, completely embarrassed.

"Of course you did, are you eating your carrot chocolate and vanilla ice cream before bed again?"

"Silly Ichigo, I have carrot vanilla mixed with chocolate ice cream and wasabi sauce before bed. I heard somewhere that wild food gives you the most amazing dreams!"

Both Ichigo and Rias just stand there looking at Orihime and then Rias looks over to Ichigo with a confused and concerned look on her face.

"Ah...don't worry this kind of thing is normal to her, and though it may sound strange her cooking is not that bad."

Just as Orihime was about to say something the school bell rang alerting them that it s time to get in.

"Welp better get in before the gym teacher gets his panties in a bunch. He's been going on and on about me being some delinquent when I'm just trying to graduate this year."

"Oh I see, so you're a senior." Rias said.

"Yeah hopefully I could graduate this year." says Ichigo as the three head into the school with Rias still follow them.

"So Rias, any idea on which home room you're going to be in?" Ichigo asks as they continue to walk in the halls

Going through her pocket Rias pulls out a piece of paper with information on her home room. "Why yes, I am heading to room A-15."

"What a coincidence! That's our home room too!" Orihime exclaimed.

"Alright then let's get going." Ichigo leading the way when suddenly...

"I-CHI-GO!" charging at the orange haired student at the speed of light was the ever hyper Keigo but just as he was about to tackle Ichigo. Only to find his face against Ichigo's foot.

"Hey Keigo." says Ichigo nonchalantly as he keeps on walking like nothing happened.

"Is he going to be alright?" asked Rias with a concerned look on her face.

"He's never alright. But that's Keigo."

"I...chi..go...why?" Keigo still lying on the floor until Mizuiro passes by him.

"Huh, what are you doing on the floor, Mr. Asano? Don't you know it's bad for your health?" says Mizuiro, another classmate who walked up to the scene.

Once in the home room, everybody took their seats and their teacher Misato Ochi introduces Rias to the class.

"Alright everyone this is Rias Gremory and she is going to be joining us this semester." says Ms. Ochi as everyone in the room begins to whispers with the guys saying about Rias being a major bombshell while the girls are talking about how pretty she is.

"Well Miss Gremory, I hope you would feel at home with us and you can take any of the spare seats we have available."

"Alright then." Rias looks around and spots a seat and takes it only because the seat is right next to Ichigo.

Once she takes her seat Ichigo glances over in her direction.


"Well you did help me out this morning." and by saying that the whole room begins to whisper coming up with crazy conclusions of Ichigo and Rias already dating, that they are related in some form or that they already "did it" causing many to snicker and laugh which got Ichigo s attention and annoyance.

But with a single glare shot from Ichigo the whole room went silent.

"Yup still got it." says Ichigo which got Rias giggling.

On the entrance of Karakura a group of teens enter all wearing different school uniforms than the ones of Karakura.

"So is this the place that Buchou-senpai is?" says a brown haired young man with a pervy look to him that would probably be on a watch list.

"Aye, aye her demonic presence can be felt here." says Akeno the raven haired queen of the group as she acts as the temporary leader of the group.

"But why would she come all the way here in this middle of nowhere town?" says Koneko the petite one of the group with white hair, hazel eyes and her most noticeable feature being her long bangs and her cute kitty hair clip.

"Maybe Buchou-senpai is looking for something?" asks Asia with her ever present innocence, her hands folded in front of frame.

"But then why here specifically?" Kiba says as the handsome young man with short blonde hair with grey eyes walks into the entrance of Karakura and looks around curiously with the rest following suit.

"Hmmmm...maybe we should split up and look around and see if we could spot her. Plus we can cover more ground that way." Akeno suggests as she takes the main street.

"Good plan, if one of us finds her call with your phones or just send a flare spell." says Kiba as he takes the left side of the town.

"Alright then everyone pick your street and let's look for Rias."

"Right." and with that the group splits up taking the streets of Karakura town in search of their missing buchou.

Back at Karakura High, it was lunch time as Ichigo, Orihime and Rias head up to the roof of the school to have their lunch without having the entire class watching them. Joining them is Tatsuki wanting to know more about Rias and Ichigo's relationship much to the former substitute soul reaper's chagrin.

"Come on, Ichigo spill it."

"There's nothing to spill Tatsuki. I just met Rias today after I took care of some punks that were bothering her, no big deal. Why are you so interested, anyway?"

"Oh so you played prince charming saving the damsel in distress, huh?"

"Shut up! I just saw those guys and their stupid faces all up in her business so I knocked them straight into next week, end of story."

"Oh Ichigo you can tell her how you whisked me away from those bad men like a knight in shining armor."

Ichigo face palms as they reached the rooftop, the warm sun greeting them as the open roof was completely free for the group to use.

Then on the roof they see a large brown skin teenager and a pale skinny teenager sitting on the floor of the roof. They were eating their respective lunches by the end of the roof in their usual spot but when they heard the door to the roof open they look over and sees a few familiar faces and a new face coming over to them.

"Yo Chad, Uryu." Ichigo calls them as the trio approach the two.

"Hey." said Chad raising his hand to greet Ichigo.

"Kurosaki." Uryu replied, pushing his glasses back up on the bridge of his nose in a casual manner.

Uryu then spots the new face of Ichigo's group. "And I take it you're the new student of his class right?"

"Why, yes my name is Rias Gremory. Nice to meet you."

"Ishida Uryu, it's a pleasure."

"Wait, how do you know she's on my class?"

"Word tends to spread quickly Kurosaki."

"Did you know that Ichigo saved Rias from a bunch of a-holes"

"Yeah and then a pack of killer robots from space rampage through the streets and Ichigo used his kung-fu powers to save the day."

"Oh Orihime you and your wild imagination." Tatsuki said, ruffling Orihime's hair a bit.

Once Rias says her introductions with Uryu she turns her attention to Chad and delivers her introduction to him as well which Chad responded with a simple "Hello" .

With introductions out of the way Ichigo, Rias, Orihime and Tatsuki join Uryu and Chad for lunch. While having lunch, Ichigo ends up spitting his drink after Rias says that Ichigo saved her from being raped by a trio of no good delinquents. While Rias tells the story, in one of the hospitals of Karakura, a trio of bandaged-up gang members suddenly sneezed at the same time.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a devious pair of eyes appeared behind Rias followed by two small, anxious hands reaching around her and taking hold of her enormous chest catching Rias completely off guard. "Wow! Well with breasts like these, I'd want to tap that all the way to next-POW!" said Chiziru who was thankfully interrupted with a straight karate kick to the face from Tatsuki, knocking the girl away from Rias.

"Jeez Chiziru! Here lies an innocent girl who just got harassed and threatened and here you go entering full-on creep mode as usual!" said Tatsuki, scoffing at the perverted girl now huddling in the corner and rubbing her bruised face. "Why...can't I have nice things?"

Meanwhile in the streets of downtown Issei continues to look for Rias but suddenly as he takes a right and bumps right into a strange thin and tall man and falls on his butt. Issei looks up and he sees the man before him. He wears a flashy outfit with very out of style shades and a hat that's screams too much flash.

"Oh sorry mister I didn't see you there." says the teen-devil as he gets up from the ground.

"BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA! No problem whatsoever my young, clumsy friend! I was just searching this area for no good, evil spirits that need a good talkin to! That's what I do, after all I am Don Kanonji, Spirit Medium come to exercise evil spirits from this world!"

Issei just looks at the guy and all he can think about is: 'Wow this guy looks like he was spit straight out of the 70's.'

"Um...yeah sure and I can tell you're doing an awesome job there, you keeping the bad spirits out and all." As he looks at him more Issei starts to remember the man in front of him and it clicked in his head. He was that crazy spiritual guy from TV bragging all the time that he vanquishes evil spirits and stuff. His parents were actually big fans of his but Issei never got the appeal since he just thought the guy was either a quack or a very good con-artist.

"Why thank you! It's always good to see loyal fans coming out to cheer and support what I do; but for now I should ask you to leave this area straight away! I sense an extremely, ultra-bad spirit around here and Don Kanonji has to take care of it pronto before someone gets hurt. So run along, boy! I'll take it from here!" As he spoke, the man spun around and twirled his staff around. Though he did seem quite out there, he was not wrong about a spirit being in the area, but he ultimately failed in pinpointing where or who exactly it was.

"Ah yeah actually I'm looking for someone." says Issei as he continues to look around.

"Aren't we all? Hehehe!"

"With crimson red hair."

"Ohhh now that might be a bit of a challenge, but a young guy like you should find one lickety-split! Now run along and get to safety! You don't wanna end up dead, do ya?!"

'Says the guy who's talking to a devil right in front of him. Not to mention I already died once and was brought back.' Issei thought.

"Nope but hey it was nice meeting you sir." Issei then gives the strange man a small bow and leaves the area continuing the search for Rias.

"Rias...just where are you?"

Back at the school, the bell had rang to end classes for the day. All the students walked out the doors, chatting with their friends on their way home from school. Ichigo and Rias had said their goodbyes to the group before walking toward his home. Ichigo meant to ask where Rias was staying earlier, but got distracted once they arrived at school. "So then you got a place to crash while you're here?" he asked, carrying his school bag over his shoulder.

"Oh...uh actually I don't have a place...yet." Rias to one side rather sheepishly avoiding Ichigo's gaze.

"Hm? What do you mean not yet?"

"Well...I kinda didn't think things through when I first came here. I was just mad with a thing I have with my folks and I just want to get away from it all, you know."

"I guess I can understand that. Still you shouldn't stay far from home for too long. Your family's gotta be worried about you."

"But Ichigo...there's something I have to tell you."

Just then, before Rias could tell Ichigo, Akeno appeared before the two of them, her signature smirk on her face as she posed on the sidewalk. "Well well! I knew you had to be somewhere around here, I was hoping I'd get to you first. What have you been up to, Rias?" she asked in a seemingly sweet voice, though Ichigo thought it was fake and took up a defensive position before the girl.

Seeing Ichigo on the defensive Rias quickly gets between them. "No Ichigo it's ok, Akeno is...my Queen."

"Wait she's your what now?"

"It's like I said before. There's something I have to tell you and it's important."

Before saying anything Rias takes a deep breath and looks at Ichigo directly to his eyes and she speaks.

"Ichigo...I'm a devil...and I'm in real trouble...can you please help me?"

To Be Continued!

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