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After the announcement Burent, Marion and Siris' bodies were teleported away. Leaving Renji, Tatsuki, and Koneko in the battle damaged plaza.

Renji then falls on his rear while letting go of his zanpakuto as he could feel the pain of his broken shoulder and the fatigue kicking in.

"Renji!" Tatsuki shouts worried for her teammate with Koneko close behind her. As Tatsuki approaches Renji she could see the damage of his shoulder and arm and it was not good.

"You need to get back to the base, Orihime and Asia can heal you," Koneko said with a serious yet calm tone.
"Yeah….I figured." Renji said and then in that moment, Rias contacts them.

"Renji, I'm getting you back to the base."

"Yeah….I can't exactly fight with just one arm." Renji said as a teleportation circle appears in front of them. Tatsuki and Koneko give Renji a helping hand lifting him up on his feet.

But before they have the chance to approach the circle it was quickly destroyed by a blast of magic.

"What!?" Tatsuki said in shock as they turn around and see another trio of Riser's peerage.

Leading them is a well-endowed young Chinese woman with shoulder-length black hair and blue-green eyes. Her hair has two Chinese-style buns on both sides of her head, while the front features bangs that form a slight V-shape across her forehead.

Her outfit consists of a navy blue qipao with gold accents, a white sash around her stomach, and black, low-heeled shoes. The qipao is open at the chest area, giving view to her cleavage. She also wears black arm guards over her forearms.

The second on her right is a young woman with long pale blue hair and amber eyes. She has tanned skin and is seen wearing a belly dancer-like bikini made up of a metallic underwire brassier and a silk loincloth that exposes her sides. She also wears a silver colored tiara and neck rings with a ruby and blue gem respectively.

Other accessories that she wears include ruby orb earrings, a snake-themed bracelet on her upper arm and a transparent pink veil across both her arms. In the palm of her hand, she carries a magical crystal ball that is releasing a strong aura of magic and probably what destroyed their teleportation circle.

The third on the left is a young woman with light brown hair and green eyes. She wears of a full set of silver armor with black accents that appears to be a cross between a European knight's armor and a Japanese Samurai's armor and wears a headband that goes across her hair and forehead.

She is equipped with a broadsword and a dagger, both of which are held with brown belts slung across her hip. The broadsword is slung on her left hip, and features a red jewel on the pommel and has bandages across the handle for grip. The dagger, which is located behind her hip, features a gold hilt with bandages on the handle.

"And just where do you think you're going?" said the lead girl.

"Just great...just what we need," Renji said

"Hey! We're not ready to fight yet!" Tatsuki growled at the three girls.

"So what? There's nothing in the rules that we can't fight you guys right after the last battle! I am Xuelan, a rook!" Xuelan said as she introduces herself.

"I am Shuriya, a pawn. You will be crushed under our power!" Shuriya said with pride as her crystal ball begins to spark with magical elements.

Lastly, I am Karlamine a knight like Siris that you defeated." Karlamine said as she pulls out her sword and points it at an injured Renji.

-Studio Room-

"Is this even allowed?" Serafall quickly goes into the rulebook re-reading the current rules only to find no such rules against their actions.

"While the concept of the rating battle is still pretty new, maybe the rules should have planned out better," Kisuke said as he takes a look at the rules himself while at the same time pulls out a notepad and begins to write something down.

"Seriously, whoever made these rules should be fired!" Serafall said with a pout while Sona and Tsubaki could only watch.

-Soul Society, Squad 10 Barracks-

"Ahhh…..I'm pretty sure that's not allowed," Momo said with the rest watching the battle unfold

"Can someone get a referee, a judge or something I'm calling foul," Rangiku demanded while in reality, she can't do much about it.

"This isn't a ball game Rangiku," Ikkaku said as he takes another drink from the fridge in the room.

"Hmmm...at least this keeps things interesting, to say the least," Shunsui said watching the battle while taking another swig from his sake.

"Heh! At least I'm having fun so far watching this!" Kenpachi said with a grin as Yachiru rests on his shoulder watching the battle as well as munching on some extra snacks that she brought for the show.

-Team Gremory's Base-

"Damn it I can't believe them! This sucks, is there any way we can go in and switch out with them or something!?" Issei said with an outrage.

Rias could only bite her thumb while trying to figure out on how to bring Renji back. She could create another teleportation circle but she fears that their current opponents would just destroy it again.

"Rias make another teleportation portal!"

Rias looks up and sees Ichigo looking at her with determined eyes. "Ichigo, even if I create another teleportation portal they would surely destroy it before Renji could have a chance," Rias said

"Then we're not going to give them that chance, I have an idea. If they want to bend the rules, then so will we!"

-Location: Damaged Karakura Plaza-

"I shall avenge Siris' loss to you soul reaper, I challenge you even with your injuries," Karlamine said as she charges towards the injured Renji.

"My eyes are set on the karate girl, Shuriya that leaves you with that pipsqueak," Xuelan said as she walks towards Tatsuki

"Oh very well but I'll make sure she will suffer," said Shuriya as she goes up in the air using her magic and flies away from the plaza and towards another location of Fake Karakura Town with Koneko following her in hot pursuit.

But before the fights would begin another teleportation circle appears behind Renji and Tatsuki. From above Shuriya sees the teleportation circle and quickly turns back and fires a ball of explosive magic.

"Oh no, you won't!" Shuriya shouts as she fires her attack.

"Getsuga Tensho!" Out of the teleportation circle, a wave of spiritual energy comes out and wipes out the explosive magic sphere and almost hits Shuriya.

Out of the circle is Ichigo Kurosaki and Kiba Yuuto as the former quickly grabs Renji and places his good arm over his shoulder while taking his Zabimaru with them. "Come on, I'm taking you back!"

"Wha-Ichigo!?" Tatsuki said in shock as Yuuto quickly takes Renji's place.

"Don't worry I came to fight in Renji's place," Kiba said as he uses his Sword Birth to create two short swords as he takes a battle stance next to Tatsuki.

"Don't let him get away!" Xuelan ordered as she, Karlamine and Shuriya quickly give chase to Ichigo and Renji only to be intercepted by Tatsuki, Kiba, and Koneko respectively.

"Sorry but you're going to have to fight us!" Tatsuki declared with a tightened fist as Ichigo brings back Renji into the teleportation portal before it dissipates into nothing.

"Damn it, we should have finished him while we had the chance! But no matter it's high time to put you all in your place!"

"Ok now, this is crazy now everyone is bending the rules!" Serafall said in a fit.

"Like I said, they should have really planned it out more," Kisuke said as he keeps writing down something in his notepad while having the rule book next to him.


"How dare you take away my opponent! You will feel the sting of my blade!" Karlamine said as she and Yuuto quickly clash with each other as Kiba uses his sword birth exchanges his short swords and summons a long sword to fight Karlamine's broadsword.

"Don't worry I'll be sure to not disappoint you," Yuuto said politely as both knights would strike at each other with great speed and agility as they take their fight towards the streets of Karakura.

Koneko then follows Shuriya into the treeline towards the heavily wooded area as the dancer pawn uses her magic to create a fog around them. "I may be a pawn but let's see how she fares against my magic.

That leaves both Tatsuki and Xuelan as they begin to throw and trade blows with each other with Xuelan's fast kicks hitting their marks, Tatsuki counters with her expert level Karate even going as far as parrying Xuelan's strikes and throws her combos of punches and kicks.

They both backed off taking a breather as both are covered in bruises but they are not even close to being done.

"Heh...you call that Karate?" Xuelan said with a smirk as she wipes away the sweat from her forehead.

"What you say!?" Tatsuki shouts as she grinds her teeth as a tic begins to appear on her forehead.

"You may hit good but, I got to be honest and tell you something sweetie, your karate looks like something out a cheap martial arts movie….and I don't mean the good kind." Xuelan taunted crossing her arms over her chest as she looks at Tatsuki by the side with a smug smile on her face.

-Team Gremory Base-

"Welp, she went and press Tatsuki's big red button." Ichigo plainly said while watching the fight on the large monitor.

"What do you mean?" Issei asked wondering what Ichigo said.

"Oh, it's just that Tatsuki has a trigger whenever someone makes fun of her karate. She's very prideful of it." Orihime said with a sweat drop on her forehead as she heals Renji back to full health she remembers the last time someone made of Tatsuki's karate.

"How bad is it exactly?" Rias asked curiously being the first time she hears about this.

"Well….the last time it was a rival student of another karate school and he called her karate sloppy and amateurish. Next thing he was put in the hospital for six months." Ichigo said with a deadpan tone as he watches on.

"Oh, my" Rias said while both Issei and Asia gulped at the same time in fear mentally noting to never press Tatsuki's big red button. Uryu simply sighs knowing whats coming while Chad just watches on with Ichigo.

"So...basically she just dug her own grave?" Akeno asked mostly out of curiosity instead of fear.

"Yup," Ichigo answered

-Location: Damaged Karakura Plaza-

Tatsuki could not feel anymore insulted in all her life. She takes pride in her karate it was the martial art that took her to championships and pulverized a good number of bullies and perverts that tried their luck with her. Now here comes this bitch who just waltz-like no big deal and mocks the very martial art that she loves and compares it to a cheap movie knockoff!?

"No…This won't stand!...no..this...just...got...PERSONAL!" Tatsuki thought as her anger reaches new heights.

"Now my Kung-fu, on the other hand, is more refined and mastered, I can kick with precise accuracy and gra-


Before Xuelan could finish Tatsuki delivers a powerful strong kick hitting directly at the rook's mouth and sends her flying a few feet and landing on the tile floor of the plaza.

But Tatsuki wasn't done yet, oh no she will make this girl pay for what she said. Tatsuki stomps over to Xuelan and grabs her by the hair and delivers another powerful kick at her face and like before Xuelan was sent flying several feet. But by this point, Xuelan comes back up on her feet only to come face to face with an enraged Tatsuki.

"Crap! What even is she!?" That's all that Xuelan could think as she keeps parrying and deflecting Tatsuki's onslaught of strong punches and kicks only to have several lands on her body and Tatsuki even attempting to judo throw the kung-fu expert across the plaza only for Xuelan to quickly land on her feet and begins to counterattack by unleashing a barrage of kicks of her own only this time her feet are now covered in flames to strengthen her strikes.

Seeing this Tatsuki simply dodges the kicks as they sail past her head and body as she begins to charge up and soon enough her hands and feet are covered in flame-like spiritual energy.

"Ok! Now I'm ready!" With little time to let Xuelan react Tatsuki begins by kicking three times one on her calf, the second on her waist and finally on her face in under a second, next Tatsuki punches Xuelan right on her face repeatedly forcing the kung fu expert to back away and deflect the last two punches by Tatsuki.

"Am I supposed to be impressed!" Xuelan asked her breathing being ragged with an annoyed voice as she goes towards Tatsuki and throws another burning kick to her only for Tatsuki to catch the kick with her spiritual energy covered hand.

"Are you gonna keep talking shit all day!? Or are we going to throw down!? Tatsuki yelled as she throws Xuelan's kick away and stomps her foot down on the tile floor breaking it.

"Then bring it!" Xuelan shouts. Both warriors of martial arts let out their battle cry as they charge into each other and it became a close combat brawl of the ages. It's like watching two masters unleashing every punch and kick they have and that each blow is an explosion of spiritual and burning passion.

"Kyaaa! Hyaa! Cha! Oh! Ha!

Shea! Shea! Sheeeea!






"Rising Falcon Kick!

As they keep dishing out their techniques Xuelan's fighting aura has become like that of a tiger while Tatsuki's is of a dragon as they keep going at it blow for blow and they are not slowing down. Their fight can be felt from afar reaching both Kiba and Koneko respectfully.

"My….such veracity," Kiba said while striking and parrying Karlamine's sword swings while in the forest Koneko momentarily stops giving chase to Shuriya and looks back to where Tatsuki is. "She's really a lot stronger than she looks."

Meanwhile, Shuriya remains hidden and targeting Koneko as the dancer from the start of their fight was using the magical fog she created as a cover and has constantly been attacking Koneko with hit and run tactics but the petite devil could still smell her and was able to dodge her magical blasts with ease. "Damn it! I can't land a hit on her!" Shuriya bites down on her cloth in frustration as she hides behind a tree up in the canopy.

Then she looks over and to her surprise, she lost sight of Koneko.

"Looking for someone?" Koneko said as she appears behind her and before Shuriya had the chance to even turn around Koneko puts her two hands on the pawn's shoulders and pulls her down from the tree canopy and as they fall the Gremory Rook delivers a sharp right kick to Shuriya's side and quickly delivers a sharp elbow to her abdomen and finally Koneko spins around and gives Shuriya a powerful leg drop on her stomach and sends the Phenex Pawn directly towards the ground below creating a small crater. In the center of the crater, Shuriya lies there with her eyes white blood coming from her mouth. She's knocked out.

Koneko simply lands on her feet as she sees Shuriya's body teleported away.

FIGHT OVER! Pawn Shuriya from House of Phenex Retired, Rook Koneko Toujou from House of Gremory Wins!

"Wow what a finishing move by Koneko!" Serafall said glee loving the finisher of the fight.

"Yes, it's quite the technique I wonder what she calls it?" Kisuke asked wondering

"I bet it's something super cool like Lion's Barrage or maybe Tiger's barrage!" Serafall said as several names of the technique run through her mind.

Meanwhile, in the streets of Fake Karakura Town both Kiba and Karlamine where clashing at each other while speeding around the area eventually reaching towards.

-Location: Abandoned Matsukura Hospital-

The two knights eventually reached the abandoned hospital as they go for another clash at the front of the building. The sound of swords clashing can be heard as both knights of their respective houses keep going at it Karlamine even went so far to pull her dagger on Kiba only for the blonde to deflected it with a small sword he created using his Sword Birth.

"Argh! Damn you!"

"It was a nice try."

Kiba then exchanged his long sword for two sharp edge long katanas while Karlamine stays steadfast with both her hands on her beloved broadsword then flames begin to emit through her blade.

"Hm...I see you've been holding back."

"I wanted to finish you without have to use my full power but now I know that's no longer an option," Karlamine said as she swings her flaming broadsword at Kiba releasing a wave of fire towards the blonde.

Kaiba was quick to react and ducks under the flaming slash wave and quickly almost as if he was using flash step himself Kiba quickly swings at Karlamine only for the swordswoman to block it with her dagger and tried to counter Kiba with the Gremory knight parries her counter strike and once again both warriors back away creating some distance in between them.

"You know despite that we're enemies, I can't help but enjoy our little duel. I'm actually having some fun." Kiba said with a genuine smile as he uses his Sword Birth again and summons a long two-handed sword.

"Yes, I agree. I was told that I was destined to fight one with special swords!" Karlamine said with conviction in her eyes.

"You mean a Demon Sword user like me?" Kiba asked

'No, actually my destiny is to duel a Holy Sword user I'm afraid." Karlamine said correcting Kiba.

But when Kiba heard the words Holy Sword Kiba's mood has completely changed like Karlamine flipped the switch by accident. From his usual calm and polite self to a more serious business side that only comes out whenever the holy swords would be brought up.

For a moment Kiba closes his eyes and keeps his composure reminding himself of the current situation he's in at the moment. But he really wanted to know more as he looks towards Karlamine.

"Please, if you know more of the user of the holy swords. You must tell me, I need to know as much as I can!" Kiba demanded even if it was small information he's willing to take it even by force if needed.

Karlamine stares at Kiba and she can see that he's troubled by the holy swords but then again what devil doesn't. But apparently, from her point of view, it looked like it was something personal with the blonde knight. Not one to lie or keep secrets since she does follows the honor of a knight Karlamine speaks.

"Sorry but I only know of my destiny to duel with a holy sword user, but I do not know who it is yet," Karlamine said honestly but then an old memory returned to her. "But if it helps, there is one that I've encountered a few years back and she was part of the church and is wielding a holy sword but I do not recall her name. But I remember her orange hair tied in twin tails." Karlamine said as she remembers it even if the memory is a little hazy.

"Is that all you know?" Kiba asked wanting to be sure.

"Yes, I swear on my honor as a knight of Phenex!" Karlamine said replying with conviction.

Even if it's a small description it was enough for Kiba at the very least he has a lead, granted it's a risky one that involves a follower of the church. But for now, he'll worry about that later.

"Very well, pardon for interrupting our fight with that. I just wanted to know." Kiba said more or less returning to his normal self as he readies his sword to do battle again with Karlamine.

"It's alright as long as we can continue our duel, I have no objections," Karlamine said with her sword becoming enflamed once again and both knights charge at each other and they clash once again.

-Location: Damaged Karakura Plaza-

Meanwhile, Tatsuki and Xuelan keep going at each other fists for kicks as both fighters refuse to go down. Tatsuki tried to create another spirit ball only for Xuelan to interrupt her attempts time and time again and punish Tatsuki with a barrage of kicks.

Leaving Tatsuki to rely on her karate skills while she parries and blocks the kicks with several managing to make their mark. If she wants to win this for the team she has to make every move count.

"Give it up! You can't win!" Xuelan said delivering another barrage of high speed burning kicks forcing Tatsuki to evade only to be hit hard by several of Xuelan's kicks and in the process almost destroying her old gi as it's filled with burnt marks and holes thankfully Tatsuki was wearing a tight white sports bra underneath the old gi. And with one last powerful kick, Xuelan sends Tatsuki flying and she lands right into the fountain.


"Oh, I didn't know it was bath time? But then again you apparently needed one, your odor is that of a monkey." Xuelan said continues to taunt and torment Tatsuki as she spits out the water and blood in her mouth.

"Keep talking, just keep talking you're not going to last long," Tatsuki said as she slowly steps out of the fountain as spiritual energy starts to form around her as she discards her damaged gi.

"Really? Says the girl I've been pulverizing to a bloody mess up til now. Forget it you're losing and so will the rest of your team." Xuelan said going straight towards Tatsuki and throws another burning kick to her head.

But before the kick could land Tatsuki parries it as a strong spiritual energy continues to flow from her.

"Wha-what the?" Xuelan said feeling the spiritual power coming down on her but not enough make her buckle down.

"I won't fall, I won't lose, especially to you!" Tatsuki said taking a stance with one foot forward while the other crouching in the back slightly as the spiritual energy begins to calm around her.

"Hmm...that's nice, but it's time to end it, it's over for you!" Xuelan said as the flames in her hands and feet ignite and have become hotter than before not wanting to waste another minute with her Xuelan dashed towards Tatsuki ready to finish her off for good.

"Yeah...it is over….for you at least," Tatsuki said as she takes a deep breath and waits for the kung-fu expert to come to her. Tatsuki extends her right arm and then she closes her eyes.

Xuelan fires the first kick, Tatsuki parries, Xuelan throws another kick, Tatsuki parries, Xuelan throws another sharp kick, again Tatsuki parries. Finally, in her frustration, Xuelan unleashes a powerful barrage of swift and powerful kicks and with every strike, Tatsuki parries each and every single one of them.

Then it was Tatsuki's turn as her eyes open. She quickly deflects Xuelan's high kick and delivers a sharp kick of her own hitting Xuelan against her hip and then with everything she had in her Tatsuki unleashes her ultimate attack!

Tatsuki unleashes a barrage of kicks of her own as she spins like a hurricane and dealing damage like a hurricane as she continues her endless assault. Xuelan couldn't react as each kick was fast and powerful as the next. She tried to block and parry the kicks but ultimately her attempts failed and for her trouble, she got a broken hand for it and with one last powerful kick to the mouth Xuelan was beaten as she falls back on the tile floor skidding back a little and just lies there. "Damn...you."

FIGHT! Rook Xuelan from House of Phenex Retired, Tatsuki Arisawa from House of Phenex WINS!

"Woooh!" That was all Tatsuki said as she falls on the floor breathing heavily and then before long Koneko finds her.


"H-hey, you finished?"

"For a while, Kiba is still fighting," Koneko said and speaking of Kiba.

FIGHT! Knight Karlamine from House of Phenex Retired, Kiba Yuuto from House of Gremory WINS!

"Heh...just forget about it, we might as well won this whole thing...hehehe," Tatsuki said as she struggles to get back up with Koneko giving her a hand to get back to her feet.


"Don't mention it," Koneko said plainly.

"I see you two have finished with your respective battles," Kiba said while he may have won the duel with Karlamine he still got some injuries courtesy of the bandaged knight.

"Yeah, I think we should head back, I could use some healing," Tatsuki said to her devil friends.

"Yes, I agree. We may lose some ground but we can recover it easily." Kiba said with a smile as the teleportation circle appears before them.

"Alright then, let's head back," Tatsuki said as they walk towards it.


"Wha-" Kiba said startled as the three stopped and hearing the announcement. But unbeknown to them a magic circle slowly falls towards the three and without warning, a large explosion hits all three of them and knocking them all out of the battle.

Knight Kiba Yuuto, Rook Koneko Toujou and Tatsuki Arisawa from House of Gremory Retired!

To Be Continued!

Ending Theme: Broken Youth by NICO Touches the Walls

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