Hello, Fanfiction world! Name's NeoShadows, and man, does it feel good to be back in the writing spirit of things.

For those of you unfamaliar with me, I usually stick to writing Fairy Tail fics, but as of late, I got caught up with work and life and stopped writing, for like, a year or two. Can't remember with my crappy excuse of a memory. But, three months ago, my new laptop came back from some repairs, and while looking over my old documents, I felt the need to write again. I just couldn't get back to writing Fairy Tail yet, so I decided to see if I could get my creative juices flowing again by diving into something new that I enjoyed. Que this new story.

RWBY was always an anime that I loved since stumbling onto it when RoosterTeeth had begun uploading a few of its episodes on Youtube. And after reading many a fic, I couldn't help but think of my own stories to write. Now, with my laptop all good and crispy, I decided, why the hell not? I need to get back to writing anyway.

So, I decided my first fic would be on The Gamer Jaune. Which, if I was honest with myself with, was getting kinda old with all the fics here centered around it. But I couldn't stop my mind as new ideas were born. I wanted to take another spin at this new genre that's been popping up.

After all, in some games, there's more than one player.

I give you this fic for your reading pleasure, folks! I did my best on the first chapter. Hope you like it.

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Chapter 1: Bad End.

Vale was in disorder. The emergency sirens were flaring and panic was spread wide onto the people of the city as Grimm emerged from the ground blown out from under them. Amidst the afternoon, the people were treated to the sight and horror of the creatures of darkness pouring out from the aftermath of what looked like train carts exploding from the earth along with four young huntresses. A short pause followed before the screams of terror erupted and the Grimm ran wild on the helpless city folk. If left alone the creatures of Grimm would spill the blood of all the civilians in the city.

It was the sight of several Grimm cornering Team RWBY that greeted Jaune and his team as their air ship flew into the scene.

Jaune took a deep breath as he readied himself. So, it wasn't a butt dial like Nora thought. It looked like Ruby had been trying to call for help but had been disconnected during the mess of whatever this was. Looked like it paid to listen to your gut. Then again, it was currently doing back flips as the air ship settled above the scene of the four huntresses fighting off the hordes all alone. He gripped the handle of his sheathed sword in anticipation, not fear! He wasn't afraid of fighting off the Grimm! Especially not those odd lizard-like Grimm with the stubbly yet powerful legs and big crushing jaws drooling in anticipation of digging into his soft, subtle flesh!

Ah, who the hell was he kidding? He was scared, so very scared of what awaited him down there. Even his team knew that. He could feel their worried gazes aimed at his back while he tried to stop his body from trembling at the sight below him. They were waiting for him to give the order, to lead them into battle. He was their leader after all! He was supposed to lead them. He was chosen to after all. So, what was he waiting for?

The truth was he didn't deserve to be their leader. He didn't deserve to be part of this team, to be a Huntsman, to even set foot on the battlefield like them. Jaune was a liar. A lucky fool that lied his way into one of the most prestigious combat schools in Remnant. He didn't have the skills to pay the bills like everyone else. He had never even completed any basic training to begin with for god's sake! All he wanted to be was a hero, one that everyone could acknowledge and look up to in awe like the ones in the fairy tales his mother and father read to him at night. But he couldn't fight, not like them. He was weak, pathetic, and way over his head. He was a sad excuse for a Huntsman, let alone a hero.

What could he do?


Blue eyes snapped wide open in alarm as Jaune turned his attention down to Team RWBY's fight. They were tired, hurt, and running low on both dust and ammo, but they were still fighting. They were fighting to protect the civilians who had no power to defend themselves with, no weapons, no experience nor skill. Jaune grit his teeth before steeling himself. Now wasn't really the time to be beating himself down over his lack of skills. It was time for action.

"Nora!" he shouted in a commanding tone, catching the ginger haired girl's attention as he turned to her with a grin that quickly got her grinning back widely, "You know what to do." he nodded.

Nora's grin widened further as she readied Magnhild, "You mean it?!" she asked giddily as she jumped on the tip of her toes.

May god, or Oum, help them all. Except the Grimm. Jaune had little sentiment for what he was about to unleash.

Catching the sight of a large King Taijitu bearing down on the red hooded form of Ruby as she was fighting, Jaune pointed his finger on the new target for Nora's attention, "Yup! Nora SMASH!" he shouted in a battle cry as his team followed to jump out the ship.

Ren felt a twitch in his eye before shaking his head, his long black hair swaying back and forth with the motion. Since when did that become their battle cry? He winced slightly as his hyperactive partner yipped loudly in joy before blasting off the air ship with a loud 'wheeeee' from her grenade launching hammer. Oh well, Ren sighed as he and Pyrrha followed their leader onto the battlefield. At least she had found a few new victims to distract her for a while. Hopefully they'd tire her out when she was finished with them.

As they landed, the green clothed teen could only sigh as he watched Nora deliver a devastating one-hit K.O to the two-headed black and white snake. It went down with a mighty fall, slowly fading away to darkness in its descent. Poor thing didn't stand a chance against the endless ball of energy that was Nora. Who was he kidding, she'd probably come back as energized as before.

Adrenaline pumped though Jaune's body as Team JNPR landed onto the streets of Vale. He smiled in relief catching the eyes of Ruby, Yang, Blake, and Weiss as they stopped their fighting for a moment to look at them. Those girls looked dead on their feet, but they were alive. A loud roar broke the moment as a horde of Grimm swarmed the two teams, barreling down on them with killing intent.

"Alright, first things first!" Jaune spoke loudly as they unsheathed their weapons, the familiar weight of Crocea Mors settling into his grasp as his teammates looked to him.

He was scared. He feared the attention falling onto him. Of the responsibility of leading his team into the fray. But like everything else, Jaune was going to swallow it back. If he wasn't a Huntsman, if he wasn't a leader, if he wasn't a hero, then he'd just have to fake it. Fake it until he made it. Until he could no longer distinguish his lies from anything but the truth, until his skills were nothing to laugh at, until they could all no longer see him as some damsel in distress. Right here and now, he was going to play the leader and hero. Until the day he didn't have to fake it anymore.

Pyrrha smiled softly as she took in the sight of her partner and leader. Jaune was standing tall despite his shaking legs and trembling arms. He had learned a lot in his short time in Beacon. Jaune didn't realize it yet, but he was truly growing into the role of a Hunter. He was leading and he was ready to fight even though he didn't believe in himself. It made her heart flutter a bit.

But it was alright if he didn't believe in himself, that's why he had his team. They could do all the believing in him for him.

"Protect the civilians!" Jaune roared as both Ren and Pyrrha quickly nodded before dashing off to pick off the Grimm chasing after the panicking groups of people running in fear. Running after them he shouted, "And help whoever needs the help! Focus on protecting the civilians first and then take out the Grimm! Don't waste your time on them when you can be saving someone!"

Pyrrha and Ren and even Nora grinned at their leader's orders, the Valkyrie firing off several pink missiles from her hammer from on top another twined Grim snake. "Understood!" they shouted back confidently before working on their leader's orders.

Jaune took another breath in as he readied himself, "Alright, I can do this." he told himself as he tried to get his blood flowing by jumping back and forth on his feet, "So, who's first!?"

A twitch in the yellow haired Huntsman's right eye popped up as a loud heavy thud alerted him to whoever answered his lone battle cry. He slowly turned around to come to the familiar, and somehow ironic sight of a black furred Ursa breathing down at him with glowing haunting yellow eyes of malice. He gulped before laughing nervously at the Grimm that stood a few feet taller than him.

"Oh, for fucks sake."

The Ursa roared, blowing back his hair before aiming a left swipe of its claws at the knight. Falling back onto the training he'd received from his red headed partner, Jaune quickly blocked the blow with his shield. He grunted as he threw the twisted black bear's paw back and quickly jumped a space back from it as it stumbled from the shock of the parry. He took another breath in, readying himself before madly swinging his sword at the Ursa with a loud cry.

"Take this! And that! And some of this! And what about this! And don't forget about this!" A left swing at its chest, right swing at its neck, two slashes at its lower abdomen, a falling strike at its center, and several wild swings at most of its upper body followed the rain of blows as he cried out his attacks. Red splashes of Grimm blood splattered the ground as the Ursa was helpless to make a move under the flurry of swings from the odd knight. And with one final swing at its neck the Ursa stumbled back from the boy, it's eye's looking back with something akin to surprise before a fountain of red liquid gushed from its numerous wounds. A low growl escaped its throat before it fell back with a thud, the ground stained a deep red as it bled out.

Jaune blinked once, twice, three times. He rubbed his eyes to get rid of any dust, and even pinched himself before remembering that his Aura kind of defeated the purpose of it as he stared at his handiwork. Holy crap! Did he do that?


"STAY BACK! I GOT A SWORD AND I'VE JUST LEARNED HOW TO KILL WITH IT!" Jaune yelped in fear as he turned his sword to the owner of the deep voice. His blood was still pumping and it didn't look like it would be calming down today.

The form of the monkey tailed Faunas, Sun Wukong, jumped back with a scream before shoving a gold badge at the sword swinging blond haired knight in front of him, "I GOT A BADGE AND IT'S LAMINATED!"

Sun's partner, Neptune, was a little more controlled and relaxed at the sight Jaune pointing his blade at them. It was Sun's stupid little announcement that got him jumping in the first place after killing a Grimm. Guy was still stuck on kill mode. He raised his hand and placed it onto his partner's right shoulder to calm him down, "Relax, Sun. Jaune's not going to kill you. It's your fault for startling him in the first place. Don't you know not to sneak up on a Hunter as their killing Grimm? They might end up mistaking you as one in their adrenaline fueled vision."

Sun blinked in confusion as he lowered his badge before pointing at himself, "Mistake me? But I'm so soft and cuddly. Come on, pet my tail."



"Wait, Sun? Neptune?" Calming his breathing down, Jaune looked back at the two Mistral students with confusion as he lowered his sword down a bit, "What are you guy's doing here?" he asked before they looked back at him deadpanned faces.

"Oh, you know. We were strolling through the neighborhood, walking our little pet Iguana, Iggy, before we took notice of-THE HORDE OF GRIMM CRAWLING OUT OF SOME CRATER FROM THE GROUND, JAUNE! WHAT ELSE DO YOU THINK WE'RE DOING!?" Sun roared just as several thuds caught their attention. The monkey Faunas felt a twitch in his eye before he swung his two gun-chucks over his shoulder. He pulled the triggers and was satisfied to hear the death cries of what he guessed were Beowolves fading away.

Neptune quickly slid his goggles down and aimed his plasma rifle straight at Jaune, confusing the knight before he ducked under the three shots fire towards him. Standing back up he turned his sights behind him to see the dying wisps of three Creepers shot down before they could sink their teeth into him.

"Come on, Sun. What did we talk about your rage for?" Neptune chuckled as he slid his goggles back to his forehead. Sun grumbled to himself as he kicked a loose shell from his guns. "You're not going to rage quit again, are you?"

"One time! That happened one time! And I'm sorry, but it's kinda been stressful with all the fighting and Grimm popping out of nowhere. And to have a fellow blond point their thing at me hurts."

"Eh, sorry about that?" Jaune smiled nervously. He didn't mean to, he was just caught off guard was all. He just wished he didn't call his sword a thing. At least not in that sentence.

Sun sighed before grinning back at the knight, "Nah, it's alright. Neptune's right after all."

"Always am."

"Shut up, anyways, I shouldn't of shouted like that. I couldn't help it. That was just so cool!" Sun pumped his fist before swinging his right hand around wildly in gestures he had seen from Jaune, "That thing didn't even stand a chance! You took it out like a boss. Hey!" he shouted excitedly before jumping towards Jaune and pulling him towards him with one arm across his shoulder, "You wanna be a detective like me and Neptune here!? You know, after we save the day and kill all the Grimm."

Jaune sighed tiredly at his fellow blond's energy. How the hell could he be this full of energy in the middle of a breach? Besides, he was going to be a sheriff. That was just like a detective, only he was going to be like a cowboy that went bang bang with guns, ate beans over an open fire, and rode ponies with thick mustaches like Prof. Port. He really shouldn't be listening to Nora's explanations.

"Maybe we could talk about this later?" Moving Sun's arm off himself, Jaune finally took notice of the flying military bullheads soaring above them. That was a sight for sore eyes. Looked like the Atlas military was ready to play too.

All around them Atlas robots began to fall from the sky, their guns locked and loaded as they began to fire upon the Grimm terrorizing Vale. The thought of the military coming in to save the day should of put his mind at ease, but it didn't exactly mean he could just sit down and watch as they saved day. He could still do his own part in helping the people like he had ordered his team to. If the robots could focus on eliminating the Grimm, then they could focus on saving the people.

Hearing several close gunshots fired, Jaune looked back towards Sun and Neptune, the two already falling back to fending off the Grimm. It looked like they didn't need to be told what to do. Steeling his nerves again, Jaune took one last look back at the duo as they tag teamed against a Death Stalker and a few Creepers before running off into the city to help any trapped civilians. He had only killed one Grimm so far. Hopefully that was all he was going to have to kill today.

Through the chaos and disaster brought about the Breach of Vale, one lone Huntress was beginning to tire. Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Corporation, was silently cursing to herself as she fought off several well sized Beowolves by herself. Following the Grimm invasion, the team of RWBY split up among themselves to cover more ground in slaying the creatures of darkness. They were exhausted from their previous fighting against members of the White Fang that had planned the attack. Even so, they couldn't have been discouraged from protecting the people of their mistake. They could have stopped it, all of it. The bombs, the train, the White Fang, but they were too slow, too powerless against their new foes.

The low dark chuckle of a familiar White Fang member rang in Weiss's ears as three Beowolves jumped at her. She tsked before spinning on her feet, a white glyph produced from her Semblance spinning along with her as she cast her attack. She swung her rapier before the three Grimm, stopping them dead in the air as a sculpted arc of deadly ice cut right through them. Jumping back, Weiss quickly changed the dust on her weapon to fire. A small swarm of Creepers charged at her only to be roasted to ashes as a jet of hot flames devoured their hides. No rest was in sight though as the sound of an odd whistle caught her ears, warning her of the flock of Nevermore circling above her. Thankfully they weren't bigger than the one she had fought with her team during their initiation, but they could still kill despite their size being no more than that of a large dog. Several black feathers rained down upon the young white haired fencer, whistling through the air. Weiss weaved around the peppering assault all the while casting her ice glyphs to shoot back at the flying Grimm with deadly icicles of dust.

She huffed as the last of the annoying beasts fell to her ice. First thing she was going to be doing once all the fighting was over with was start a nice hot bubbly bath for herself. Hopefully she could beat Yang to it before she got to their dorm room.


'Dammit!' Weiss grit her teeth in frustration at the sound of Boarbatusk before she found herself casting a glyph to block against the spin dash the creature was well known for. The thing wasn't letting up as its tusks were slowly whittling down her defense. The glyph was flashing, fading in and out as it was slowly losing its power.

She was running out of energy to cast her Semblance. She should have known, with all the nonstop fighting she'd been going through she had been using her dust and energy without a care to survive. It wouldn't be long until she was completely empty.

'Looks like I'll have to reserve what little I have then. No problem, fencing it is.'

Calling off her glyph Weiss twisted around the saw that was the Boarbatusk before it could ram into her. The beast shot past her, crashing right through the remains of a deserted store. It huffed before turning its gaze back at the white themed girl. But in the moment it was ready to curl up for another attack, Weiss dashed at the dark pig, raising it up in the air with a strong slash under it snout. A series of lightning fast fencing jabs stabbed through the under belly of the beast seconds later as she flipped its belly before her with her blade.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips before frowning at the sounds of growling behind her. Was there no end to these things? Well, this was the fate of a Huntress, she supposed as she readied herself in a fencing stance. Fighting the Grimm to the very end.

Dashing back into the midst of the Grimm, the young heiress was oblivious to the dark intent following her every move. As it watched the beautiful snow white girl cut through the pack of Beowolves with signs of labored breathing and sweat running down her face it grinned wickedly, the slow start up hum of its revving blade hiding it's amused chuckles.

And here he thought he lost his chance at killing a Schnee. While Adam had called backed the remains of the White Fang stationed at Mount Glenn the Lieutenant had stayed back to get a status of their losses. It was honestly an excuse to hunt down that snotty little Schnee brat he had taken down earlier. He was so close to ending her, to seeing the beautiful sight of her blood splashing around as it ran along the buzzing chain of his chainsaw. But he missed his shot, their plans had gone off too early and now the Breach had arrived before its time. It was time to cut their losses before it all went down without any fruit to bear.

But he couldn't leave just yet. Not when he was so close to sending a devastating blow to the Schnee family as payback for all their mistreatment of his people.

Damn the consequences of returning back to the White Fang with her blood staining his clothes, he'd take any punishment Adam dealt to him for disobeying his orders. His leader would understand, it would come as a strategic plan in weakening the head of the Schnee.

The Lieutenant's chainsaw roared to life as it's cruel teeth spun madly in hopes of tearing though the flesh of the spoiled girl.

In the end, all that mattered to him was the beautiful sight of the Schnee's mangled corpse bleeding out in front of him.

A cold chill shot through Weiss's body as her rapier's sharp blade ran through the last of the Beowolves around her. The dark furred body slid off her blade with a sick shlick before the haunting sounds of a revving chain stopped her dead in her tacks. Cold sweat ran down her forehead as she turned around only to quickly call on her glyph to shield her against the wide swing of a familiar dark gray chainsaw. Sparks flew as the shield faded in and out before eventually fading away to nothing. Weiss bit back a shout of frustration as she moved to dodge the blow only for the long length of the chainsaw to slam into her abdomen. The damn thing was like a long blade! Thankfully her aura had protected against the blade's chains gutting her and splaying her organs onto the dirty ground around her. Instead the attack had sent her flying back and slammed her into a broken wall close by.

"Heh, heh, heh! Did you miss me, little Schnee?" The Lieutenant chuckled darkly as he watched Weiss gingerly hold her abdomen with a pained wince. Poor little thing. Like a bunny wounded in a hunt. Or a Faunas. The thought made him grip the fore grip of his weapon until his knuckles cracked. Not like her kind could tell the difference.

"Does this not seem ironic to you, little Schnee? Once humans had hunted my people down, LIKE ANIMALS!" he shouted angrily, narrowing his eyes behind his mask as he watched the wounded girl summon those annoying little patterns in front of her. An onslaught of speared icicles soon fired upon him. The Lieutenant saw the attack and laughed. He swung his chainsaw with a mighty swing, smashing the poor excuses for dust to shards. A series of white glyphs quickly spammed all around him, the sight bringing back deja vu as he soon found the heiress bouncing back and forth through her semblance. "We've played this little game before! But if you want a repeat, then FINE! COME HERE!"

Watching the girl aim for his back, the Lieutenant weaved his body to the right and brought his rough hands behind him to catch the girl's face as she shot from her glyph. Icy blue eye's looked back at him with surprise and a hint of fear. The look alone brought a wolfish grin to his face, the expression hidden from view due to his mask.

Weiss's blood ran cold as she struggled to free herself from the man's grasp. She quickly spun the dust chamber on Myrtenaster to lightning dust to shock the manic man into freeing her. The horrifying empty click of the chamber made her eyes widen in panic. How was she out!? She'd been saving her dust!

"Out of dust, out of luck, huh?" the Lieutenant taunted before catching her attempt to switch to another element. He sneered before grabbing her wrist just as she moved to aim the end of her rapier at his chest. "Do you think your aura can protect you forever!? Let's find out!"

A loud snap rung in his ears as he snapped Weiss's wrist in the wrong direction, her cry of pain muffled only by his hand gripping over her mouth tightly.

Aura was a nifty little thing. It protected from some deadly blows. But physics was still physics. If something was bent the wrong way then not even aura could protect against it.

Myrtenaster dropped from her broken right hand with a clatter. A shameful tear escaped her scarred eye as she was left helpless before the maniac's hands. Not taking any chances with the girl's odd Semblance, the masked freedom fighter kicked the elegant weapon far behind him.

The Lieutenant laughed loudly at the scene. He dropped the girl from his grip only to swing his chainsaw before her feet could even touch the ground. The edge of the weapon slammed back into her abdomen as before, the sawing teeth tearing against her aura as it he ran its entire length from the fore grip to the tip before sending her flying. Her body bounced against the ground before skidding to a stop against some smoking debris.

Weiss gasped in pain as she laid on her side, her left hand moving to hold her stomach in pain before the feeling of wetness made her stop in fear. Moving the trembling hand to her face, her fears were confirmed at the sight of deep red staining her palm. The chain broke through her aura, not completely, but enough to open a sick gash on her above her stomach.

Her aura had reached its limits. With no rest since the fighting began it didn't have a chance to recover from all the damage she'd sustained from the entire day. Like static she could see the thin layer that was her aura flicker around her arm as she tried to stand back up. It suddenly stopped, leaving her with a final flicker of white. A strong stab at her wound brought her falling to her right side. It reminded her of her broken wrist as it was left bent horribly with blood trailing down her fingers.

She tried moving up, to at least try getting some space away from the deadly White Fang Lieutenant only to struggle as her legs failed her. They trembled as she raised her upper body up by her left arm so she could be sitting up before the Grimm masked man as he took his time in reaching her.

This wasn't good. Her weapon was out of her reach. Her aura was down to zero. Her right hand had been broken. And she couldn't even stand on her own feet. Pain and fear racked her body as her lips trembled at the sinister chuckling coming towards her.

This was fear. Pure unadulterated fear. The kind she thought only the Grimm could produce. The man before her was a monster. Even with all her training against the Grimm she couldn't take him down. He shrugged off her best attacks and glyph combinations as if they were nothing when she could take down dozen after dozen of Grimm without breaking a sweat. Weiss tried backing away from the Lieutenant with her only good arm only for him to reach behind his waist and take out a concealed firearm. A standard small pistol carried by members of the SDC aimed at her before he fired a round at her left shoulder.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!" Weiss screamed in horrible pain as the bullet pierced through muscle and bone and exited out a small bloody hole from her shoulder.

"And just where do you think you're going, princess?" rough and cruel fingers tangled themselves in her snow-white hair before yanking her up on her feet by her hair.

Eyes once full of confidence and pride now looked back at the Lieutenant in pain. It made him laugh. How the mighty have fallen. A frown crossed him though as he noticed something else in those blue eyes. Beaten, broken, and bleeding in a dirty white combat dress the heiress still had a spark of defiance in her. She hadn't even shed a tear since he had snapper her wrist. She should have been a bawling mess of fear, begging to spare her life with promises of fortune and riches beyond his wildest dreams. Yet, despite the fear, the girl was refusing to show anymore weakness. How prideful.

The Lieutenant raised his chainsaw with one hand and leveled it against the dirty pale neck of the heiress, his voice cold as he looked the girl in the eye through the holes of his mask, "Beg. Beg for mercy, little princess."

Through the pain, Weiss smiled weakly at the masked man, "Would you even listen?" she chuckled tiredly as she felt her limbs turn to lead.

He grinned savagely, "Good question. Did your ancestors listen?"

Weiss was tired. Tired of all the fighting. Tired of all the hate her name brought her. Tired of her lineage always being what others noticed before her. How many people had died because of the Schnee name? How many uncles, aunts, close relatives and friends, even kind workers, had died because of the mistakes of people she had never met? Because of the blood running down her stomach and trickling down her feet to a puddle made up of a family that abused an entire race of people.

And here she was, Weiss Schnee, heiress to a corporation that overworked a people for having animal appendages, who had finally found a place where she could be herself with a group of people that looked at her as Weiss, just Weiss, not Schnee, who was finally free of the shadow of her father and name and only seen as a fellow Huntress in training, about to be killed for said name that had brought her nothing but a curse.

The Lieutenant's chainsaw roared madly as bits of her blood splashed off from its teeth onto her skin. She was going to die. All alone. But, if anything, she could at least die proudly smiling back at the man's face. She could at least die robbing him of seeing her dead with fear. Though her name may bring her grief, she was still a Schnee! And a Schnee lived with dignity, even to the bitter end.

'Ruby, I'm sorry I can't be there with you any longer. You're going to have to find someone else to keep you from dozing off in class. God knows you can be an idiot, but you were a better leader then I expected. Yang, your puns were stupid and immature. But I'm going to miss them, I hate to say it, but some of them were actually 'punny'. I really must be dying. Blake, I'm sorry for all the trouble my family has ever caused you and your kind, but I'm happy despite all that hatred between your race and my family, we could still become friends in the end. I truly wish I could help fix things between them. I'm going to miss you guys, you were as close to sisters as my own big sister, Winter.' Weiss looked back defiantly to the Lieutenant with a big proud smile stretching across her bloody, bruised face. The act made him roar in anger before he pulled back his looming chainsaw for a decapitating swing. The heiress closed her eyes in acceptance, still refusing to shed a tear before her demise. She would rob him of that joy no matter what.

'Father, Winter, I'm sorry your daughter and sister died such an ugly, unpleasant death. But know that I died a Schnee, proud until the end. I'll miss you all. And all of the people of Beacon that had become my friends. The teachers, the students, the other teams, and even-'

The image of a nervously smiling blond in a black hoodie with blue eyes flashed before Weiss's mind before the Lieutenant swung his deadly chainsawing weapon.

'You, Doofus.'


A loud clang stopped the Lieutenant's swing inches from shredding Weiss's neck open and lobbing her sweet little head off in a gruesome tear of flesh. He was confused for a moment as he frowned at the very loud clang. The sound was close, almost as if it had come from right next to him. A dull pressure caught his attention. Tilting his head to his right side as he paused his execution, the Lieutenant was surprised to see a worn out gray blade slammed into his side. And linked to the blade was a trembling blond haired boy in a black hoodie and armor straps. Blue eyes glared at him with a rage that the boy's body struggled to contain.

When the hell did this brat sneak up on him?

"Let her go." Jaune growled hoarsely as he dug his sword deeper against the Lieutenant's side, silently cursing the miracle that was aura as it stopped his blade from doing any real damage.

A gut feeling. He was having a lot of those today. While he had been sneaking around the town for civilians in need of help, he had picked up on the faint sound of screaming. This shouldn't have surprised him seeing as the roars of the Grimm were being matched by the panicked cries of fear from the people of Vale. But the faint scream had dropped a heavy rock of lead into his stomach. The sound was hard to pick up on, but his gut was pointing him to the East of his current position. And it was telling him to not ask questions and shut up if he knew what was good for him.

So, he had run, his heart speeding up in its beats as an unbearable force gripped it tightly with every second that passed him by. His stomach felt sick as a deep laugh rung in the air followed by what sounded like the loud vroom of a chainsaw. All the running had robbed him of his breath as he stopped to lean on a wall that had been torn out by a larger Grimm. Leaning against it, Jaune caught a sight that had seared itself into his memories. The beaten, bruised, bloody, dirtied form of Weiss, dragged up by her elegant ponytail by the hands of a tall White Fang member. Her eyes closed and smiling proudly in the face of what was imminent death. At that point he didn't know what followed next as he felt an explosive white rage send him flying off his feet and swinging his family's sword at the bastard touching Weiss.

The Lieutenant scoffed at the weak pressure hitting his side, "Back off, brat!" he yelled furiously as he followed with a swing of his long chainsaw.

Jaune moved his sword back and quickly raised his shield to block the sawing teeth of the Lieutenant's cruel weapon. He grit his teeth as he felt the incredible force of strength behind the blow but dug his feet in place. Weiss was still in his filthy hands and there was no force on Remnant that would stop him from taking her away from this bastard.

'Jaune? What are you. . .' Weiss fought the weakness in her eyes as she stared weakly back at him with confusion. How the hell did he find her? Wasn't he supposed to be leading his team? Then again she wasn't with her own team either. That's what got her in this mess to begin with. Well that, and being a Schnee.

"Don't worry, Weiss." Jaune smiled back with a grimace as he caught his Snow Angel looking back at him with lidded eye's. He turned his head back at the larger man, grinning in determination he didn't know he possessed as he moved his sword hand behind his waist for a little present he picked up while charging at the Lieutenant. Looping Crocea Mors in the crisscross of his belt, Jaune swung the familiar point of Myrtenaster straight at the white tribal mask of the Lieutenant. "I promise I won't break it."

Now how the hell did this thing work?

A red dye colored the rapier's blade as it switched to a fire dust in its chamber. What quickly followed was a stream red hot flames pouring from the point of the multi dust chambered blade to devour the upper body of the Lieutenant. Even with his aura up the flames created from dust still burned the White Fang member's skin a light pink. The Lieutenant lost his grip on Weiss's ponytail as he jumped back to escape the surprise attack.

Fumbling with the controls of the elegant rapier, Jaune shut off the flames spewing from the point before quickly kneeling down towards the horribly injured form of Weiss. He grit his teeth at what he was seeing. From up close he could see just how badly she had been beaten. For god's sakes, her right hand was twisted and swollen in colors of sick blue and green. Blood was still leaking from a nasty gash on stomach. Remembering a lesson from class regarding aid, Jaune took the still burning steel of Weiss's weapon and moved it towards the bloody ripped flesh of her stomach.

"Please, bear with it for a sec." he pleaded to the heiress as he took her face in his left hand. Blue weary eye's looked back at him with a wince before nodding back as she grit her teeth. If the wound wasn't closed, then there was a chance she would die of blood loss. It wasn't the most favorable way to seal a wound, but it was all they had at the moment.

The weak cry of pain as Jaune pressed the hot steel against the bloody wound made him sick to his stomach. The burning flesh smelled horrible. And even worse he could swear he saw tears gathering in her beautiful icy blue eyes as she bared with the pain.

A bellowing cloud of smoke suddenly jumped above the Huntsman, parting away to reveal the falling long blade like chainsaw of the Lieutenant dropping down onto them with killer intent. A snarl escaped Jaune's lips as he let go of the rapier and reached back for Crocea Mors. Pooling all his strength into his both his arms, the young knight swung his sword in a two-handed swing. The mad sawing teeth of the Lieutenant's chainsaw met the ancient blade and suddenly found itself fighting to overpower the boy's battered blade.

"YOU!" Jaune roared over the buzzing of the chainsaw, his eyes wide in a rage he had never felt before. His knee's buckled for a moment before he forced them still under the almost overbearing force clashing against his own. "You did this! I swear, I'm going to end you!"

The Lieutenant laughed at the poor attempt of a threat, "Just try, kid! You're way in over your head!"

Seeing Jaune begin to struggle over the power clash, Weiss fought through the new pain of her wound being cauterized and reached with her only good hand to her weapon. She struggled for a bit as she had forgotten about her left shoulder being shot through, but forced herself to work the dust revolver of Myrtenaster through the pain. The chamber spun to the last of her dust and she was going to make sure it was well used.

"Jaune! Move back!" she yelled, catching the blond's attention before he nodded his head with a grunt. Abandoning the blade clash, Jaune jumped a space back. The long reach of the chainsaw was ready to tear into Weiss, causing the Lieutenant to grin in victory only to curse loudly as once again that annoying little toothpick that was a rapier was aimed at his body, the blade alight with a sickly green hue.

A powerful gust of wind stopped his blade's teeth from sawing the heiress to pieces, trapping him still before the strength of the wind evolved to a twister. The force tore him from his spot, the powerful winds sending him flying off his feet and crashing into the rubble surrounding them with a shout.

Dropping his guard for the moment, Jaune scrambled back to Weiss as she held back a shout of pain. Simply raising her weapon caused incredible pain to run along her arm.

"Weiss! Are you alright!?" Jaune asked worriedly as knelt down before holding her body against his chest. He winced noticing the action caused her to hold back another shout of pain as he soon found her familiar glare staring back into his own blue eyes.

"Are you really that thick headed, Jaune? What do you think?" Weiss scoffed weakly as she squirmed lightly against his grip.

Jaune smiled weakly as tears gathered in his eyes at the sight before him. He used one of his hands to rub away the dampness. "Sorry, Snow Angel. Guess I wasn't really thinking."

"Heh, you seem to do that a lot when you're around me."

"Yeah, I guess I can't think straight when I'm around someone as pretty as you." he sniffed with a weak smile. Weiss rolled her eyes. Even now when things weren't exactly bright, the idiot could still find some time to flirt with her. What a numbskull.

But, sometimes even she had to admit that his little comments were endearing.

The small little moment was shattered under the bellowing roar of the Lieutenant kicking up a cloud of dust and dirt from stabbing his long chainsaw into the ground beside him in frustration. The man was a literal tank. Then again he was fighting two Huntsman in training, one drained from constant fighting, and the other not even truly qualified to be a hunter in training to begin with.

But that didn't matter to Jaune.

He was afraid. But that fear had evolved to rage. Jaune liked to think he wasn't an angry person by nature. He was a goof, a dork, a wannabe hero with no true skills other than a large aura pool that was only recently unlocked. But even he had a breaking point. And the broken shards of that point had been reduced to ash from the burning rage that was now driving him to stand before a man that could honestly kill him on the spot with little effort. But there was a weight held against his chest. One that he couldn't lose because of his lack of talent or skills. All that mattered was that he could stand and fight, and honestly, that was all he really needed right now.

Moving back up with Weiss held in his arms like the princess she was, Jaune began to walk towards the broken shambles of a wall, all the while with the Lieutenant's eyes trailing him for any signs of running. Jaune should have honestly made a break for it with Weiss, but the Lieutenant would catch them. All he could do was distract the lunatic. Distract the Lieutenant long enough for the plan running through his head to play out.

Stopping before the slab of wall that towered over him, Jaune slowly moved the fragile form of Weiss to lay her back against it. She looked at him with confusion, noting the raw determination etched onto his face. Since when could he make a face like that?

"Listen to me, Weiss." Jaune whispered lowly to the heiress as he moved his left hand to the pocket of his jeans. He smiled, hoping to ease the look of worry on her face, "I want you stay right here. Don't move a muscle, you're beat up enough as it is. Just let me do all the fighting, help will come soon, I promise."

Weiss was at loss for words. She wanted to argue with him, but lost her voice as she winced in pain from the numerous wounds stretching across her body.

Jaune gave her one last smile before standing straight up. He turned his eyes away from the beautiful wounded angel to the lunatic wielding a chainsaw like a long blade. The man reminded him of those horror movie villains that tortured their victims with sick pleasure.

The Lieutenant chuckled at the sight of the boy. What a surprise. He had hoped to be done with his little personal vendetta and make his way back to the White Fang with the head of the little Schnee as a present for Adam. But the boy had derailed his plans like the trains that crashed through Vale. The boy wasn't a threat though. He had surprised him, but he doubted the blond boy had anything left in his sleeves to play. It would take a bit longer, but the Lieutenant was sure to walk away with the Schnee dead at his feet by the end of the day. Even if it meant another body lying next to her.

"What are you going to do, boy?" the Lieutenant sneered as he watched the boy shift the sheath tied to his side to a shield of white with golden arcs and raise it in front of himself. For some odd reason his free hand moved to the back of the shield, his fingers seeming to dance around the back of his forearms from his point of view. "A kid like yourself has no hope of taking down a man with such experience as I! I'm stronger! Faster! Tougher than you could ever be!" he pounded his scuffled chest with his free hand before leveling his chainsaw at Jaune.

"You're as good as dead as the little princess you're stupidly protecting! Do you even know what her family has done to my people!? If you believe in justice, then step aside and let me splay her remains across the ground! Or die a waste of time!"

Jaune scowled furiously at the man, sick of his words.

"Honestly, I don't understand what the Schnee name means. I know it's a big company or corporation that deals with Dust, but that's all I really know. So, I don't really have an opinion on their past dealings, and I honestly don't care. Because Weiss is Weiss. The pretty Snow Angel that I've admired since coming to Beacon Academy. Her family's name, IT MEANS NOTHING TO ME!" Jaune roared loudly before whipping out his concealed secret weapon attached to the back of Crocea Mors shield.

The see through surface of his scroll caught the Lieutenant's attention. He looked at the outstretched hand in confusion before snarling in rage at the screen's contents. A beacon like icon was flashing red as a loud beep rang in the air. The words 'Send To: All Contacts.' could be seen in red text. A small thumbnail was attached to the alert, a picture of Weiss laid against the broken wall, bruised and bleeding, and in need of help.

An emergency beacon. All scrolls had a function to send an alert to any nearby Huntsman and Huntresses for help during emergencies. The beacon bypassed any locked screens and rang in such a high volume that it was impossible to ignore unless you were dead. It sent coordinates with the built in trackers in each Beacon issued scroll. All students were taught to answer them, especially during disasters such as now.

Jaune didn't have the power to stop the Lieutenant. He wasn't stupid, he didn't have the power nor skill to fight someone beyond his level. He didn't even have a Semblance to give him an edge. But he did have friends. And they were more than enough to save Weiss for him.

All he needed was to be a distraction until they reached them. Ruby of all people would be here in no time. So, all Jaune had to do was play punching bag. If there was one thing he was good for, it was taking a beating.

"All that matters is that I stop you from ever laying your filthy fucking hands on her again!" Jaune roared as he unsheathed his sword from his shield and got into a stance Pyrrha had drilled into him.

Dead, dead, dead, DEAD! That boy was fucking DEAD! The Lieutenant was done playing games with these kids. He was aiming to kill in one blow! The alert the boy had sent out could reach the Atlas military that was flying above them with their droids. If he didn't finish things up now, then he'd never get a chance like this again. He was ending things now!

Weiss was in shock. That was his plan? To stall for time until their friends came to save them? That could take minutes he couldn't buy. Even as her Scroll let out the loud beep of the beacon alert sent to all their scrolls, Weiss knew it would be all for nothing if Jaune couldn't hold the Lieutenant off long enough for them to arrive. He'd die. And the thought terrified her more than her own death.

That stupid idiot. Her good hand gripped Myrtenaster in frustration as there was nothing she could do to help him fight. A sudden thought came to her though as she looked to Jaune's back.

While she couldn't wield her weapon anymore or use her dust, Weiss still had enough energy to use her Semblance for one more glyph. And it was just the one she needed.

Jaune and the Lieutenant aimed their blades at another, intently focused on one another and unaware of the golden wisp that shot into the knight's body. A yellow clockwork glyph spun underneath Jaune's feet, unknowingly hastening his abilities and his aura.

Weiss smiled at the now glowing back image of Jaune. If she was honest, she'd have taken anyone else to protect her than him of all people. Jaune was weak and Weiss was pretty sure he had never won a single match combat class against anyone. He wasn't fit for the image of a great huntsman like the rest of them. But he had heart. And that Weiss could admire. Her eyes grew heavy as the day's events began to catch up to her. She'd just take a small nap for a while. A few minutes. Surely the rest of team RWBY would make it back before she woke up with more help.

After all, how could they miss the shining beacon that was her knight in white armor standing in front of them?

A powerful gale blew up from the two man's charging strikes as they suddenly met head on with their blades clashing in a shower of sparks. They grit their teeth in frustration before moving back their blades for a flurry of strikes aimed to kill. The Lieutenant swung his chainsaw in a one handed side swing. Jaune quickly slammed his shield back at the blow, surprising the Lieutenant at the force as his long chainsaw was deflected away. Taking the free shot in sight, Jaune raised his sword above his head, failing to take notice of the white hue cladding his weapons and body, before dropping it in for an overhead slash. A bright white arc followed the falling slash, catching the right hand of the White Fang off guard as he suddenly found himself guarding against the arc of energy ramming into him. The blade broke his guard, knocking him away with a shout of pain.

The Lieutenant growled angrily before dashing back to Jaune with a lighting quick wide swing. Jaune once again blocked the blow but found himself pushed back as the Lieutenant enhanced the swing with his aura. The Lieutenant followed it up with an under head slash of his chainsaw, the sawing teeth cutting against Jaune's aura as it ran its entire length with the swing. Jaune stumbled back from the savage slash only to face an onslaught of wild slashes and an elbow to his face. He gasped in pain before his breath was robbed of him from a knee jab to his stomach kicking him a few feet off the ground.

Jaune didn't know what exactly had gotten into him, but he was suddenly back on the attack as he grit his teeth through the pain before grabbing the back of the Lieutenant's head with his left hand. He then delivered a savage headbutt to the man's temple that sent the faunus stumbling back in pain. Jaune didn't waste any time as he charged at the stumbling Lieutenant with his shield. The Lieutenant was rammed back from the strike and left off guard against the flurry of wild sword strikes. Each swing was followed by arcs of white aura slamming into his own aura, weakening it bit by bit with every swing.

"BACK OFF!" the Lieutenant shouted in frustration. He swung his chainsaw with a strong right to end the assault aimed at the boy's head.

Jaune gasped in pain, his reflexes failing to end his attacks to block the deadly weapon. The chainsaw got a good hit in as it slammed into the left of his face, leaving a nasty, bloody bruise. If it wasn't for his aura he was sure that would have been it. The knight quickly retaliated with a rising slash of white energy trailing his blade.

A lancing streak of aura knocked the Lieutenant up as it slammed underneath his chin from the slash. A sudden crack formed on his Grimm mask, chipping off a piece as he stumbled back to grab his face. Jaune let loose a breath he had been holding, thanking the wisp of aura cladding his body. He didn't question it, all that mattered was that it was helping him fight back. The wisp of aura suddenly began to weaken though, sending him into a panic. Unknown to him the Haste glyph was running out of time.

'Just a bit more!' Jaune openly grit his teeth as he shifted his shield back to its sheath. He didn't know where all this power was coming from, how he was able to move so quick, or how he was capable of creating arcs of aura with every swing, but whatever was allowing him to fight on even ground with the walking tank, he desperately begged to stay with him just a little longer. 'I DON'T CARE IF THIS POWER COMES WITH A PRICE! I'LL GIVE YOU MY SOUL, JUST LET ME PROTECT WEISS A LITTLE LONGER! SO, PLEASE STAY!' Jaune cried before his aura flared wildly. He abandoned his defense for gripping Crocea Mors two handed for more power. The gestured causing the aura whipping around him to gather around the blade as a conduit, almost as if it answered his call for one last go.

"You stupid little human! Why won't you die!?" the Lieutenant raged before gripping his chainsaw tightly by his side. He stomped his right foot in front of the other as he got into a stance. He roared loudly as he channeled his aura into the muscles of his legs and used the added boost to disappear in a burst of high speed.

Jaune's eyes moved back and forth for any signs of the deadly White Fang Lieutenant. He panicked, remembering Weiss was left wide open for an attack as she slept. He turned to run to back to her, quickly reaching her only to miss the Lieutenant appear in a blur of speed behind him, his long chainsaw raised high in a diagonal slash.


The Lieutenant dropped the tearing edged teeth of his pseudo blade onto Jaune with little mercy. It landed across Jaune's right shoulder, fighting to tear through what remained of his aura.

Jaune openly grit his teeth as his blue eye's flew open in agony. He could feel the sawing teeth against his skin, his aura struggling to withstand the savage buzzing teeth. But he couldn't move back now. His body was all that was blocking the Lieutenant's chainsaw from Weiss! He had to take it!

Sparks flew as the chainsaw dug deeper against Jaune's aura, making some headway as it began to tear into the straps of his chest armor and hoodie, 'JUST BEAR WITH IT FOR A LITTLE LONGER!' he told himself as he glared furiously back at the Lieutenant. His aura began to flicker, alerting him he didn't have much time left before he was done for. But that was fine, he told himself as he moved Crocea Mors back with both his hands gripped until his knuckles turned white.

Just one second. That's all he needed.

The aura spiraling along the blade of the historic gray blade suddenly stopped, pausing still before flaring wildly like raging flames. Jaune poured everything he had into his sword as he dug his feet deep into the ground. His aura continued to flicker in the face of imminent death as he readied for one last attack. If this didn't at least knock him out for a bit, than nothing would.

Two synchronized yells startled Weiss awake in time to see the ending of the two men's fight. A flash of bright white blinded her as she watched Jaune deliver a devastating swing of Crocea Mors into the side of the White Fang Lieutenant with enough force to kick up a strong gale. The wind pressure dug up patches of earth underneath the two as the Lieutenant screamed in pain. A large white diagonal arc slammed into his gut that stretched several blocks across him. It tore through his vest and even cut into his skin as his aura desperately fought against it. In the end it was all for nothing. The arc picked the Lieutenant off his feet before carrying him away, sending him flying away like a firing bullet. It crashed him through several shops lined behind before bursting in a ray of light, leaving the Lieutenant under a rubble of broken cement and wood bearings.

A tear ran down Weiss's dirty cheek as she watched Jaune sigh deeply and drop his blade beside him. He paused, struggling for his Scroll before looking down at the screen, blinking in confusion before smiling tiredly. He fumbled to shut it close for a moment, dropping it in the end before turning back and grinning sheepishly towards her.

A numb feeling fell over the bottom half of his body, but Jaune ignored it in the face of the beautiful Snow Angel looking back at him.

Weiss smiled with teary eyes in the face of her hero. The idiot did it. He won. He beat the walking tank, a man that she had failed to defeat by herself. His favorite hoodie was torn across the shoulders and his chest armor was loosely hanging by one strap, but he was alive. The idiot pulled a miracle before their friends could reach them. All by himself.

"You big, dumb, idiot." she sniffed as she fought the tears in her eyes. The heiress was afraid to wake up to Jaune missing an arm or half dead. It was nightmare she didn't want to wake up to. Looking over him she was glad to note he only looked banged up from his fight. She made a mental note to buy the fool a new hoodie for saving her life. Hell, she'd take him out clothes shopping after today if she could. God knows he needed a new wardrobe seeing him wearing those sad excuse for huntsman gear.

And, if he wanted, Jaune could consider it a date. Maybe finally answering one of his proposals would make them even. If only a little.

Weiss tried moving up to Jaune, only to wince and sit back down with a huff. It would take some time for her aura to replenish. She just wished it would hurry up so they could leave this dreaded place and get some real help. She needed a splint for her right hand and some disinfectant for her wounds, especially her cauterized stomach and shot shoulder.

She looked back with a small grin at her knight in shining armor, "You know, you really had me scared, Jaune. I almost thought you'd mess up and fall on your own sword instead of dying by that maniac." she joked lightly before frowning in worry as she noticed Jaune had yet to take a step towards her since turning back to her. She bit her lip, fighting off the sudden dread that crawled down to the pit of her stomach before speaking again in a trembling tone.

"S-So? What a-are you waiting f-for, d-doofus? Y-You can p-pick me up! Come on! Let's g-get out of here a-already before that lunatic wakes up!"

A tear suddenly ran down Jaune's cheek as he smiled brightly at the heiress with shut eyes. A tremendous rush of numbness cut through his body. A trickle of blood ran down his lips.

The sight terrified Weiss before she reached her trembling shot arm towards Jaune.


"Sorry, Weiss."

A fountain of blood gushed like a sprinkler of water from a large tear across Jaune's body that stopped at the left of his hip. Blood spewed from his mouth as his lungs filled with red and he lost feeling to his legs. He fell forward with a gurgled cry only to be caught by Weiss at the last moment. The feeling in her own legs trembled in pain as she stood with the gruesomely wounded knight before falling back to back with the wall behind her.

Weiss fell into a panicked hysteria as she held the bleeding out Jaune in her arms as he continued to smile. Tears fell down her face as she shook his body, trying to get an answer out of him. She sobbed at the sight of the blood staining her combat skirt, pooling underneath them in a dark red glisten.

"Eh, heh heh, heh hehe hehehe, AHAHAHAHAHA!"

A loud crushing boom drowned out her cries as the haunting rev of a chainsaw stopped her from what she was doing. A cloud of dust blew up from a ruined shop across from her before being blown away from a great swing of the Lieutenant's chainsaw. The force parting it with a gale strong enough to break the wall behind her to pieces and smack her like a wall of air.

The Lieutenant's body shone with dark gray light, his aura brought out for all to see it in all its glory. He grunted in pain as his left hand was pressed against his bleeding stomach. Somehow, without shattering his aura's defenses, the blonde haired boy's attack had deeply cut into him. Not only that, but he was sure that his aura was reduced to a one fourth of what it had been before he took the hit. The boy had been making some small headway against his defenses, but for him to do so much damage in one hit was ridiculous! But he supposed it was worth it. Looking back at his two targets he was happy to see the large pool of blood running underneath them.

Just before the boy's sword struck him, the blond brat's aura had lost its fight against his chainsaws teeth. The Lieutenant had been hoping to completely rend the top half of the knight's body from his waist, but he'd have to settle for the sawing a large tear from the boy's shoulder into his chest. Without his aura all he needed was a second for the revving teeth to cut through bone and muscle before his long chainsaw was torn away at the bone of the blond brat's hips by the large arc of aura hitting him.

That was all he needed though. The Lieutenant chuckled darkly, letting go of his wound before dragging along his chainsaw to walk menacingly over to Weiss.

Nothing on Remnant could save the boy from a wound like that. Plenty of the kid's major organs had been torn and the blood loss he had already suffered couldn't be fixed with a simple blood transfusion. As it was he was barely grasping at the sliver of life he had left.

"What will you do now, princess?" The Lieutenant roared with laughter as he stopped a few paces from Weiss's frozen form. Tears continued to trail down her cheeks as she looked back up at him with pure horror in her eyes. The sight made him grin widely. Now this was the scene he had been hoping for. For the spoiled brat to die with such a lovely little face.

"Nothing!? A shame! I was actually having fun playing with your little meat shield! But this is fine, that lovely face you're making is more than enough to make up for all the trouble you caused me!"

He rose his chainsaw high above himself with gusto. This time there would be nothing to get in the way of his prize.


A loud roar entered his ears as he dropped his chainsaw towards the white heiress, confusing him as a sense of deja vu for the second time today hit him. That wasn't him roaring.

A hard knuckled fist smashed into the Lieutenant's face with tremendous force a second later, completely cracking his grim mask with little effort. And once again he was sent flying from a powerful blow off his feet. The Lieutenant gasped in pain, breaking through a slab of rubble, kicking a dust cloud up as he fell on his back.

The fuck hit him!? A truck!?


Burning bright red eye's glared at the Lieutenant's slowly rising form with hellish intensity. Yang's shoulders shook with a rage she had never felt before and one she had never wished to feel. Her right hand was outstretched from a powerful right hook jab and in her left was the red screen of her scroll blaring with a loud siren ring. The scroll cracked, shattering into sparking bits as her fingers turned to a fist with a loud crack of her knuckles.

The Lieutenant sighed in frustration. Great, just fucking great! Another annoyance. The boy's stupid alert made it to someone close by. It wouldn't be long until the Atlas military responded. He'd have to end this quickly.

Two straps of shotgun shells flew up in the air before Yang swung her arms back, the shells falling into the chamber of Ember Celica with a click. A sizzle of yellow like fire bellowed from the busty girl's body as her once yellow hair dyed into a hot platinum and her Semblance roared before her. The ground underneath her cracked from the sudden rise in pressure around her as bits of rubble rose up.

"Don't move! This will only hurt until you're dead!" Yang roared madly as a single tear fell before evaporating from the intense rise of heat cladding her body.

The yellow haired boxer unleashed a flurry of left and right hooks aimed at the Lieutenant, each swing firing a shot gun shell of blazing lead. The Lieutenant quickly shot off the spot, missing having his body being turned to chunks of swiss cheese. Several rounds followed after him as he weaved through the bullet hell firing at him. He tried to swing his chainsaw to swat the shells away, only to find some black ribbon striking his wrist. It coiled, halting his attack as he soon found three shotgun shells exploding against what little aura he had left.

Smoke bellowed from the shots, parting ways to show off the three holes burned into his vest. The Lieutenant huffed as sweat rolled down his face before growling and swinging his head to his right. Looking back, the familiar sight of Blake Belladonna, traitor of the White Fang, came into his sight. Gambol Shroud in its kusarigama mode twisted around his wrist, holding him back from making another move.

Cold yellow eyes glared back into his eyes. The Lieutenant hadn't expected to be seeing her again after ruining his plans to kill the Schnee earlier. But at least this way he could kill two birds with one stone. Hunting the traitor was on his to do list.

The Lieutenant smashed his free arm's elbow into the cat faunas face, grinning in victory only to be robbed as Blake's body faded away in a shadow after image.

"I'm beginning to hate Semblances!" he bellowed madly before blocking against a vicious jab at his chest. Another explosion hit his body as the smoke parted to reveal Yang aiming another shotgun fueled punch. He swatted the girl away before she could land another hit, only to weave to the right from a bullet aimed to his head. Blake frowned as she watched the Lieutenant dodge Gambol Shroud's shot before shifting it into its dual blade from. She dashed and met her former freedom fighter in a crossing of blades. She swung the bladed sheath of Gambol Shroud at his side. The Lieutenant kicked her away before she could connect the blade. He smirked only to be reminded of her blazing partner coming in for a flurry of boxing jabs. He swung his chainsaw and countered each swing. He panted with every exchange, his prolonged fights finally taking their toll. It was made only worse as he found himself tag teamed by the black haired ninja jumping in to the assault with her own blades weaving into Yang's punches.

Weiss looked back at her two friends fighting with shock as she continued to hold Jaune's bleeding body against her chest. They found them? She was sure that the next time they saw her she would be a mangled corpse.

A hoarse chuckle took her attention away from the fighting to see Jaune looking back at the B and Y of RWBY pushing the Lieutenant back. His breath was ragged and his chest seemed to be struggling to rise with every second.

"I-I-I knew t-they'd g-get h-here in t-time." Jaune smiled weakly with blood stained lips. He closed his eyes happily as he looked back to Weiss with a grin.

"S-So d-don't w-worry. E-Everything's going t-to b-be f-fine n-now, Snow A-Angel."

The idiot. Tears splashed against Jaune's face as Weiss could only hug him tighter to her chest. Even now he was still worried about her. Why? All she'd ever done to him was ridicule him. She treated him coldly, ignored his advances, and thought of him as nothing more than an annoyance that couldn't take no for an answer. A guy like him wasn't even worthy of attending the same school as her, let alone speak to her so casually. So, why would he sacrifice himself for a girl like her? How could a guy like Jaune. . .fall for a girl like her?


Weiss gripped Jaune's body tighter as a familiar young voice called out his name. Turning her crying eyes up, her fears were confirmed at the sight of Ruby standing in front of them with teary eyes.

"I got your message. I told you we were on our way." Ruby sniffed before dropping on her knees. She looked to Weiss, almost asking her if there was anything she could do to help, only for her partner to sob and slowly shake her head. The red hooded girl bit the bottom of her lip as tears ran down her face.

The message was clear. There was nothing they could do to save him now.

The Lieutenant coughed in agony as Yang broke through his guard and fired off an entire clip of shotgun shells into the wound Jaune had inflicted. His aura waned, flickering as the explosive shells sent him stumbling back. He grit his teeth and raised his chainsaw back for a powerful spin slash. Blake cut him off though, switching places with her partner to take the blow. Her shadow took her place as a feint. Catching him off guard, she took the opportunity to deliver several strikes with her blades. He could do nothing as he felt his aura suddenly cut through, a powerful slash of Blake's blade tearing through his vest and skin to draw blood in vertical line of gushing red.

The pain caused him to fall back and defend. The White Fang Lieutenant brought his chainsaw's long and large frame to block the two girls charging at him.

His plans, they were falling apart! He was winning, he had been so close to killing a Schnee only to be stopped by some brats that weren't even real Huntsman! All because one boy sent out a message. A boy he could have killed like that! But now, the Lieutenant was on the losing end. All he could do was defend and try to make a retreat. Live to fight another day. Even without his aura he could still fight them off long enough to escape. He was a well-trained, grown adult! He couldn't lose to some kids!

Two teardrops flew across Yang and Blake's eyes as they charged with their respected weapons at the Lieutenant. The image of deathly wounded Jaune bleeding out with a large tear across his chest burned into their minds. Yang's left fist burned brightly and Blake's dual blades flared with purple energy. They would make sure that if Jaune couldn't get up, the man responsible wouldn't either.

"THIS IS FOR JAUNE!" They roared together before swinging at the Lieutenant's guard.

Two aura clad blades cracked the frame of the White Fang Lieutenant's chainsaw with an X slash, the force and pressure behind them smashing through his own body like an unseen force to imprint a bloody cross cut. But that was nothing compared to the fist of the busty blonde. Yang's explosive fist smashed the Lieutenant's weapon to pieces, sending the bits flying everywhere like an explosion had gone off. The huntresses's attacks continued. Several well aimed slashes tore into his body, sending his blood flying in a wild flurry. Blake then jumped back and waited for the explosive finish.

The Lieutenant began to fall back, quickly catching himself before he could fall on his trembling feet. He wouldn't go down like this! He glared hatefully back at the traitor only for his face to be knocked to the side by an explosive right hook. Again, and again a series of left and right hooks landed against his face, the yellow haired girl firing shotgun fueled fists as she bobbed and weaved in his sight, making him see multiple blondes. The world spun back and forth in his eyes, blurring to a hazy image. The Lieutenant's mind was going blank. The pain, it was too much to bear. And with one last rage fueled punch straight to his face, his teeth shattered followed by his body being slammed back to the ground with an explosive boom. The earth broke off into chunks of dirt as he laid in a smoking crater. The broken earth fell back down and pelted his now auraless body, adding on to the list of injuries he sustained.

A gurgled groan escaped the Lieutenant's lips as he looked up at the slowly setting sky. He couldn't move his body, he couldn't even feel it at this point. Blood splattered against his heavily bruised face, his teeth lying around him in shards.

He failed. He had embarrassed the name of the White Fang. Adam would tell stories of his failure to warn off any rogue White Fang members. He should of just ignored the voice inside his head telling him to hunt the Schnee down.

The White Fang Lieutenant's eyes rolled to the back of his head, the pain finally being too much for him as he passed out.

Yang sneered angrily at the downed form of the Lieutenant. Oh, no. She wasn't done yet. She cocked back her fist loading one last shell into Ember Celica. She'd be damned if he lived and Jaune died! That wasn't fair, that wasn't how the world worked! She wasn't just about to let the bastard live a life behind a cell when her own friend lost his protecting her teammate! That wasn't how things worked!

She began to march to the Lieutenant's body, only to be stopped by a hand catching her shoulder. She turned back to the hand's owner with fury burning in her red eyes, only to be met by Blake's sad frown. The bookworm shook her head with a grimace.

"Stop. There's been enough death for one day." She pleaded, gesturing her head back towards her leader and Weiss in Jaune's last moments.

The red in Yang's eyes instantly died away, replaced with regret and remorse. Her purple eyes filled with tears.

They were too late. They didn't make it in time. She tried holding back a cry seeing all the blood drenching Jaune's clothes. If they had only ran a little faster, if they had only received the message a few minutes earlier, if only they had stayed together instead, if only they had stopped this disaster from happening in the first place to begin with, then Jaune wouldn't have to be dying on the ground.

How the hell could she kill monsters when she could't even save a friend? What the hell was the point of all this power in her hands if she couldn't stop her friend from dying?

Walking towards the three, Blake and Yang knelt down to greet Jaune besides Ruby. Their leader's face was buried into her friend's bloody chest, not caring for the red liquid staining her face as she sobbed pleas for him to stay. The sight dug a knife into their guts. It drove home that there was truly nothing they could do to save him.

Jaune's heart beat was slowing, it only had a few more beats left before it finally gave out. It was taking everything in his power to stay conscious right now. But now, seeing team RWBY gathered around him with the Lieutenant fallen across from them where he couldn't hurt anyone, he could stop fighting it. There was no point in fighting the inevitable.

"Looks l-like y-you g-guys won." Jaune grinned. "S-Sorry all I could do w-was stall. Guess I-I wasn't f-fit t-to b-be a Hunter a-after all. A-All I could do was k-kill one G-Grimm." he chuckled sadly as his own tears began to slid down his cheeks.

"M-Mom and D-Dad w-were r-right. Maybe I-I s-should have s-stayed h-home."

Jaune wasn't cut out to be a Huntsman. His parents had known that from the start. He wasn't gifted or physically fit to be one. Even if he had been trained he would have still fallen short compared to the other Huntsman and Huntresses. His dreams of being a hero like his ancestors were just that, dreams that would die away with him. In the end, it was all for nothing. He had wasted everyone's time on him, the failure.

But that was fine. Listening to the Weiss's heartbeat, her living heartbeat, was more than worth it all. If someone as great as her could live, if people as amazing as team RWBY and the remainder of JNPR could live, then it was fine if he died. In his parents stories, he remembered the heroes were strong, unbelievably strong! But they were never strong enough when the time came. Someone close would die a tragic death, a hero's death, or sacrifice themselves for the greater good. And that death would push the heroes to become stronger, to break their limits to reach heights never thought of before.

Jaune wasn't one of those heroes though. He was simply the friend who died. And he was okay with that. Because that meant that everyone else would become the heroes. And they would save the day. They would become stronger, that he whole heartily believed.


Jaune's eyes widened in stunned silence, finding himself staring straight into the silver tear filled eyes of Ruby of all people yelling at him. Her team looked to her in surprise, not believing that she of all people would shout at him with such anger.

She didn't care though. Ruby shook her head, fighting the sobs escaping her as she looked Jaune in the eye.

"You did more than stall, Jaune! You saved Weiss's life! So, don't go thinking you couldn't do anything! Being a Huntsman is about more than killing Grimm, it's about protecting people from danger!" she cried.

Yang nodded, wiping her eyes of tears, and chuckled down at her fellow blond.

"That's right! If it wasn't for you, Blake and I would have never taken him down. He was already dead on his feet the moment we got here. You really did a number on him!" she closed her eyes with a grin, hoping to hide away her sorrow and grief.

"If you'd stayed home, then Weiss wouldn't be here right now." Blake gently smiled, pausing for a moment. She reached for her bow, the only thing hiding her faunas heritage, before freeing her cat ears for all the world to see. Her cat ears drooped, her eyes glimmering with unshed tears.

"It's people like you that gave me hope that faunas and humans can get along together. Despite Ruby telling you and your team about my heritage, you didn't judge me. You just looked at me like another friend. It makes me sad, wishing I had gotten to know you more than just a friend of my friend." she chuckled as more tears ran down her cheeks.

Weiss smiled sadly down at Jaune as he began to sob at all the kind words. He was trying to hide it, but Jaune was scared of dying. She could feel it as his body trembled and his lips quivered. Moments ago she had planned on dying with a smile too. But he had saved her from that. So, the least she could do, is save him from dying with fear. And send him off like the hero he was.

Jaune's eyes suddenly widen in shock as the next moment he knew he found the soft, sweet lips of Weiss gently kissing his own bloody lips. It only lasted a moment, but that was all he needed as his fantasy came true.

Weiss pulled back from the small kiss with a bright smile despite her runny red eyes. His heartbeat began to die away as he finally felt deaths cold embrace take him in.

"Maybe you're right, maybe you weren't cut out to be a huntsman. But to me, you're my knight in hooded white armor. To me, you're my Hero. And I'll never forget that."

"And your my first friend at Beacon! I'll never forget my fellow awkward team leader!"

"Blonds stick together! Even in death, you'll be in my memories, Vomit boy!"

"I may not have known you well, but I'll never forget a hero like you. We're fellow book lovers! Even if comics aren't technically books, you're still a friend."

Jaune shut his eyes with a small smile. In the background he could swear he could hear others calling his name, the sounds of scrambling footsteps shaking the earth as they raced towards them. He was sad to die without saying goodbye to his team, to his partner who believed in him, and his friends who cared for him. But he was done. There was nothing to do now.

At least he died a hero to them. He didn't save the world, he didn't save the day from the bad guys, he hadn't stopped a great evil from awakening or anything as worldly important as that. But he had saved a friend, that was more than good enough for him. And, hey, he even got his first kiss from his crush! That was more than he could have ever wished for.

It was on this day that Jaune Arc, leader of team JNPR, died. He didn't die alone though. He died in the company of friends, surrounded by people that loved him.

And if he had to say, death had never felt any warmer.

Blue eyes shot open in a wild panic as Jaune Arc fell back to the ground with a scream. He suddenly found himself staring up at the bright cloudy sky, gasping for sweet air.

Did he just die? Did that really happen? No, he was sure he was dead. He remembered specifically being nearly cut in half by a chainsaw wielding maniac. That was real. Really real. He could swear he could still feel its teeth tearing through his intestines. You couldn't fake a feeling like that.

So, where was he if he was dead? Jaune sighed as he tried to calm his wildly beating heart down. Looking around he could say he was in a forest. Which was weird. Was heaven a forest? No, he was sure his mom had told him heaven was made up of clouds of cotton candy, rivers and lakes of 'Everybody likes Grapes' soda, bushes of French fries and burger flowers, and his dogs and cats that went to live up north at a nice lady's farm. Which made him wonder why they would be in heaven if they were living on a farm. Hmm, food for the thought.

'I'm confused. So confused. I'd thought heaven would be a lot nicer than this. Huh, kinda reminds me of the Emerald Forest.'

"Jaune!? Are you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

. . . .Eh?

Slowly sitting up straight, Jaune was left even more clueless to the sight of Pyrrha standing in front of him. She looked slightly winded as she panted lightly. The scene brought back a sense of Deja vu. He could have sworn he saw what looked like her aura clad her body before fading away. Looking down at his hands, he was shocked to see them clad in his white aura before they too faded.

Did. . .did she just unlock his aura? Again? Alright, seriously, this was starting to freak him out. He was dead, dead as a cookie that fell before the clutches of a hungry Ruby. He shouldn't be reliving this moment right now! That didn't make any sense! The hell was going on!?

"I, uh, yeah, I, um, yeah! I-I'm alright, Pyrrha." Jaune answered with a shaken smile.

Pyrrha frowned before shaking it away. Guess unlocking aura affected people differently. And with all the aura he had locked away, Jaune was bound to feel odd having it flowing through him. Taking his hand, she began to thank whatever force had placed him in her sights. She blushed lightly as their hands touched.

She'd been hoping to meet a boy like him at Beacon.

A mild buzzing caught Jaune's attention from his jeans right pocket. He frowned in confusion, remembering he had dropped the damn thing after fighting the White Fang Lieutenant. Moving his hand back, he smiled sheepishly at his partner, missing the slight frown as he let go of her hand before opening his scroll.

'Pyrrha's interest in you has grown! Affection leveled up! Affection Lvl: 4. Status: Happy, worried, and longing. Until next level: 13/700EXP.'


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