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Chapter 36: A Special Place Tucked Far Away.

The second morning to the start of break was a lot different than Jaune expected it would be. He had originally thought he would be trying to sleep in with the others for once without classes to wake up to. Even Nora would give in and sleep a little longer before jumping out of bed to wake them all up for a day of shenanigans. He had also planned on finding some way to enjoy himself with games and comics galore. He may have been a huntsman in training, but that didn't mean he had to be training all the time. A guy like him needed some time off after all the crazy events of the last few months.

But, sadly for Jaune, he wasn't a normal student. He was a Player, 'blessed' with the body and gifts of a Gamer. Things such as breaks didn't exist for him. For everyday was simply another day to activate an Event.

Like yesterday's run in with a dark-skinned beauty with a knack for art. Just talking with someone would lead to another adventure in the day of one Jaune Arc.

"Are you sure you've packed everything you need, Jaune? Extra clothes, Dust, toothpaste, underwear! You didn't forget your Captain Pete's sleeping pajamas, did you?!"

Red faced in embarrassment, Jaune gestured Pyrrha to calm down as the red headed worrywart fussed over him. At the docks of Beacon's Bullhead bay, the members of team JNPR were seeing off their leader on his way to a mission. While everyone else was enjoying some free time to relax their weary bodies and stressed minds, Jaune would be gone for an entire week on a patrol mission. They hadn't expected that when he came back to the dorms with scuff marks on this clothing and singes. Jaune had explained to them that he had run in with a friend who was in need of one more person to join her team to set out on the mission. It wasn't a surprise to hear that he had agreed to join. It was just like their leader to help anyone in need.

But what Jaune had failed to mention was that said friend was an older, curvy, dark skinned, third year huntress. Pyrrha fumed when she found out said friend was Lavender. She still hadn't forgotten how the older huntress had tricked her gullible leader to pose nude for a portrait. But Pyrrha couldn't just tell Jaune that he couldn't go on the mission. That would be rude. Lavender was also a sweet and caring girl too, if not a little flirty and childish. Still, she wished she could have at least gone with them too.

Moving Pyrrha's fretting hands away, Jaune gave his partner an easing smile, "Pyrrha, I'm fine. I have everything I need for the mission. Can you please stop acting like my mom already? It's kinda embarrassing for a girl as pretty as you to be hovering over me like her." he coughed uncomfortably with a burning flush over his cheeks.

That was enough for Pyrrha to back off with her own blush. Did he say pretty? Were her subtle attempts to get her leader to notice her finally working? Was this the beginning of her long awaited romantic romcom?!

It was clear someone was reading too many romance novels lately. Blake was to blame somehow.

To the side of the usually lively team, the members of team RWBY were saying their own good-byes. A certain Dust heiress could be seen vainly hiding her face from embarrassment from the red blur of roses running around her.

"Are you sure you'll be okay!? You've never spent a night out in the woods, right?! What if you forget your underwear!? Or you have to go number two in the woods? Wouldn't that cause a scandal or something? Can you even survive without your BFF by your side? Can't you take me with you? OH! What if-"

Having had enough, Weiss snatched the hood of Ruby's cape amid her blitz. Ruby choked, her finger scratching at her neck from the tight grip. Not again! Not like this, not like this!

"What do you take me for? I'm a huntress, I knew that at some point I would be camping out in the outdoors. And it wouldn't be my first time. I have gone on a trip with my beloved sister to experience firsthand the hardships one faces while settling down in the wild. I'm not some dainty snow angel." Weiss rolled her eyes.

Yang snickered, her eyes focused on another blond being fretted over by his team, "That's not what our resident knight says. This must be a dream come true for him. Spending a week away from his team, your team, alone, together on a mission with no boundaries or prying eyes." she teased in a low husky voice that brought an almost unnoticeable dust of pink to the heiress's face, "In that time he'll comfort you, fight alongside you, might even share a room together. And finally, that mighty, cold, Snow Angel will finally fall for idiot knight at long last! Go White Knight!"

Weiss growled, snatching the annoying small decorative flags in Yang's hands. She thought she put an end to the dragon's annoying shipping shenanigans months ago!

Yes, it was true. For the next week, Weiss would be away on a mission patrolling a small camp alongside a third-year huntress. Normally first years wouldn't be allowed to take missions until the second semester ended and they had passed their first mission alongside an actual huntsman. But because the mission was low level, a simple patrol for a week at most, it was fine. Not to mention she would be working alongside a third year as part of their team, so she would be following their lead as support. It wasn't a combat heavy mission, just watching out for any Grimm wandering too close to a camp site. Nothing serious compared to the many mission second years normally take once they've been cleared for missions under the academy's watch.

Honestly, Weiss hadn't even wanted to go along on the mission. While it would have been a learning experience for when she did start taking missions with her team, she had wanted to spend her free time off actually relaxing with her team. She wouldn't admit it, but she wanted some quality time with her friends. It had been a crazy first few months since she had arrived. From initiation, a battle with butchers invading the city, the epidemic arising from Forever Fall, and the revelation of Blake's past, it had certainly been nothing she could have ever expected. After all the chaos had finally settled, Weiss had wanted to simply relax and enjoy her time with her team doing normal activities for once.

But then she had run into Lavender, the mature, yet childish artistic huntress two years above her. Since joining the Art Club a month back, Weiss had found a friend in the Atlas born huntress. Funny enough, Lavender was a Brosse, a family of artists responsible for some of the most valuable pieces of art around Remnant. Her own family was lucky enough to have had Lavender's father commission a family portrait for them. Not Weiss's fondest memory, but it was still an impressive painting. The two had quickly became friends, finding their situations rather similar. And as one of her cherished friends she had made without the help of her status or name, Weiss was willing to do just about anything to help her. To an extent of course.

A pout later, and some begging, and Weiss had found herself now a part of a three-man team. With Jaune of all people. Weiss wasn't even going to question how Lavender had roped Jaune into this. The artsy woman's impressive bust and curves probably helped in some way. Weiss supposed it wouldn't be all that bad. Lavender was a good friend. Jaune... was also a good friend. It was hard to believe that, but it was true. Leaving her team for a week wouldn't be so bad. Now if only Yang would stop with all the ridiculous accusations and teasing.

Blake sighed as she pulled Weiss back from jumping the grinning blonde bombshell.

"Can we say good-bye like normal people?" she asked hopelessly.

Yang shrugged, "Normalcy is for boring people."

Fixing her combat dress's skirt, Weiss huffed.

"I'll only be gone for a week. There's no need to make a big deal out of it. And it's only a patrol mission, nothing overly dangerous about it. The worse Grimm to wander about the forests of the Emerald Forest are Death Stalker's, none of which as big as the one we fought against in Initiation. I'll be fine." Weiss rolled her eyes before fixing her belongings.

Blake eyed said heiress's belongings. The many briefcases of carry-on luggage were stamped with the Schnee emblem. No doubt packed to the brim with expensive junk in the cat ninja's opinion.

"Are you sure you're going to need all that? Didn't Lavender say you need a week's worth of clothing, toiletries, and your weapon? From the looks of it, you're packing to move out." Blake said mirthfully.

"This is all essential! The forests are a treacherous place for huntsman and huntresses. I need all the ammunition I need." Weiss said stubbornly with a pat of one of her briefcases. The case snapped open, revealing to the girl's flat expressions the many vials of Dust held within.

"Weiss, I know your fighting revolves around Dust, but I don't think you need a small army's worth with you. What's in the rest?"

Weiss crossed her arms over her chest with a huff, "First aid, several pairs of outdoor clothing, towels, cleaning products, rations, a disposable toilet, spare parts for my weapon, bottles of fresh water, cooking utensils-"

"But you don't even know how to cook." Yang cut off Weiss quickly, hoping to stop her friend from continuing. She was still taken back at the disposable toilet bit.

Weiss simply pointed back to Jaune, now trapped in one of Nora's famous bear hugs, "But Jaune does. If need be, he can cook for me. Camp food is not famously known for its flavor." she said distasteful wrinkle of her nose.

"So, you're not against going on a mission with Jaune? A few months ago, you would have been up in arms with the idea. I thought you didn't like him." Ruby asked curiously.

When they had all first arrived at Beacon, Weiss had shown her clear dislike for Jaune and his flirtatious ways. If it wasn't for their teams being friends, Ruby wasn't sure that Weiss would have ever bothered to talk with her best male friend. If she remembered right, the heiress had believed Jaune was only interested in the benefits of the Schnee name. Which was dumb.

"That was months ago." Weiss clarified with a lecturing tone. She glanced back at the blond knight, her eyes softening ever so slightly, "Things have changed since then. Jaune's a... friend, I suppose. While his flirting and false bravado were off putting, the more I got to know him, the more I realized I was being a hypocrite. I never liked to judge books on their covers alone. I treated the dork the exact way others did me. Hard to believe, but there's more to meets the eye with Jaune."

Jaune had been a complicated puzzle to solve once she bothered with him. He was nice, goofy, friendly, overly simple minded, insecure, an idiot, and yet so complicated. After learning about all of the things he had survived and gone through, Weiss was still surprised he could be all that and more. She had learned so much of the blond knight she would have never thought to believe. And if she never bothered to talk to him, she would have missed out on such a friend.

This mission with Jaune would actually help to get know more about him. And Weiss was actually happy for that. She didn't want to simply be a better friend with her team, but with her other friends as well.

That, Ruby could understand. She nodded her head proudly in reference to Jaune. A dork he may be, but Jaune was pretty cool.

"It just sucks that you're going to be gone. What are we going to do without the W of RWBY? It's not fair that you're the only one going on a mission." Ruby grumbled.

"I'm doing it out of a favor for a friend. Lavender has been a great help with my own semblance during our sparing matches. And a Schnee always repays the favor."

"Hurry up, White! The Bullhead's ready to leave now! We can't miss our ride or we'll miss out on introductions at the camp!"

Hearing the loud hurried shout from her team leader for the mission, Weiss went to finish up her good-byes. She was more than ready to leave, until she found Yang and Blake holding back a large majority of her luggage. She fumed.

"What's the big deal!? I need those in order for my mission to go swimmingly!"

Yang shook her head, "Princess-"


The blond bombshell rolled her eyes, but continued, "You don't need all this crap. I think you'll be fine with one case full of your clothes, bathroom junk, and Dust. Like you said, it's a simple patrol. Don't go overboard, you'll only be wasting resources you could need in the future. I would have thought a chick borderline OCD like you would understand that." Yang said in disappointment, inwardly snickering at the aghast face on the rich girl's face. Sometimes the girl was too easy to play.

Begrudgingly, Weiss grabbed two of her suitcases and left the rest to her team to take back. As much as she hated to admit it, Yang was right, for once. She would just have to make do with what she had now. It was only a patrol mission, so there really was no need to take too much. This was just another test, she nodded firmly. A test of how well she could deal with such situations in the future.

Weiss was ready to leave with a wave and a smile before she felt Ruby nearly knock her off her feet with one last glomp. She sighed at the sheepish but worried silver eyes staring up at her. Against her past self, she patted her leader's head with a small grin.

"I'll be fine. I have a third-year huntress leading our small team, and Jaune if it's any consolation to you. You'll see, a week will pass by in a blink of an eye. And I'm sure you girl's will find something to occupy your time until my return." Weiss reassured Ruby and the rest of her team. As the small reaper let go to step back with the rest, Weiss gave them one last smile and lecture, "Just don't make too much of a mess while I'm gone. Learn some restraint and behave. Because I will not be cleaning up whatever mess awaits me when I come back. As huntresses, I shouldn't have to worry about you all while I'm absent. Got it?"

She didn't wait to hear an answer, spinning around to rush over to her temporary team waiting by the roaring ship out of Beacon. She already knew that her team wouldn't listen to her. And that was alright.

It wouldn't feel like home if Weiss didn't come back to a mess and sheepish grins as she opened the door.

Ruby slumped as she waved at the Bullhead carrying away not one, but two, of her best friends. It just wasn't fair! How were they all supposed to be a team if one of their members was missing? She had been hoping to make up some team building activities this week, but now all those plans written in Weiss's freshly bought binder were going to go to waste until next week.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Ruby looked up to find her sister, Yang, grinning down at her.

"Don't worry Rube's! Weiss will be fine and back before you know it! In the meantime, we can just hang out with Blake! I actually know of this club we can hang out in, the guy who owns it kinda owes me one." Yang said excitedly, "I was hoping to bring along the rest of JNPR too, but it looks like we'll have to do with six people instead of eight. Might as well invite them too, I know Pyrrha must have taken Jaune leaving pretty hard."

To prove her point, Yang pointed her thumb back to the three-man team that was JNPR. The famous celebrity huntress in question was slouched over, a dark depressing cloud drifting over head as she mumbled at the loss of her precious best friend, leader, and crush. The poor girl looked like she was ready to fall over. Someone was a little too dependent on the dense blond knight.

"I guess Pyrrha does need this sort of thing." Ruby admitted with a snicker. She like the rest of their friends knew of Pyrrha's not so subtle crush on Jaune. Ruby thought it was cute, if not hilarious. How Jaune had yet to see it was beyond her.

That was enough of a yes for Yang to accept. Pumping her fist, she was ready to run over to their sister team before the sight of a high raven ponytail walking over to the JNPR bunch caused her to pause. She frowned, watching as Tsuki Yumi began to talk with her friends.

Yang wasn't petty, at least she didn't believe so. She wasn't the kind of girl to turn a cold shoulder to others for no reason and even she would have something to say. Her mother taught her better than that. But there was just something about Tsuki that rubbed her the wrong way. The dark ebony hair, the pale moon skin, the red eyes, and the girl's own views of strength just ticked her off.

It didn't help that the older girl looked very similar to the only photo she had of her birth mother.

"What does Tsuki want with JNPR? I would have thought she wouldn't have any reason to talk with them since her Vomit-boy's flown the coup." Yang scoffed.

Blake wasn't sure either. She eyed the deadly huntress with skepticism as Tsuki nodded her head to Ren in some kind of understanding before glancing back at them.

"Well you could always ask her. It looks like she's coming over."

Yang scowled mildly, watching as Tsuki was indeed walking over. Even while they were on break, the ebony bandit girl didn't bother to change out of her combat gear. She appeared as serious as always.

"What do you want, Devil-Tits?" Yang glowered, earning an eye roll from the older huntress.

Tsuki cocked her hip with a distasteful scowl aimed at Yang, "Still with the names, Little Dragon? I would have thought you'd grown out of them by now."

"Look who's talking? Now, what do you want?"

"It's more of what I need from your leader, not you." Tsuki ignored Yang in favor of her attention falling on Ruby. The younger girl couldn't help but gulp under the eyes of the stern woman.

"Uh, what can I do for you?" Ruby asked nervously, shifting under the intense gaze.

A small smile came to Tsuki's lips, taking both Yang and Blake back. The raven girl hardly ever smiled, saving such expressions for her own team and Jaune alone.

"I have a favor to ask of you, Ruby. From one huntress to another. Your friends of team JNPR already agreed to help, but I would need another team to lend me their strength as well. And despite my own feelings concerning a certain... brat." A growl and a crack of Yang's knuckles went ignored by Tsuki, focusing only on Ruby, "I do not doubt your team's strength even when short on one member. And strength is what I'm in search of."

"Strength for what?" Blake couldn't help but ask with suspicion.

Tsuki gave Blake a quick glance before sighing as she began to explain.

Reaching into her bountiful chest, she brought out a stamped document for the first-year team to see.

"Due to my own team being unable to participate in my mission, I am in search of members of six or more to lead in a hunt. Forever Fall is under the reign of four out of control King Taijitus, and I've been appointed to slay the beasts before the end of the week. Even I am not so arrogant to believe I would do it alone without giving up my life. By now I believe you know what I am asking." Tsuki grumbled.

Yang quirked a brow, finding what she was hearing hard to believe. She couldn't help but grin. Oh, she was enjoying this.

"And what, pray tell, are you asking?" Yang said with a shit eating grin.

Tsuki's face twitched but held herself back from acting on her impulses. She had to be the bigger person here.

"Will you, team RWBY, lend me your hands on this mission?"

The week for teams RWBY and JNPR was looking to be quite eventful.

The small plane ride to their destination was a grueling struggle for Jaune. A gurgled burp fell out of his lips, causing Weiss on the seat opposite of him to grimace in disgust. No doubt she caught a hint of his breakfast. If the Bullhead continued to shake like this, she would be getting a good eye of what he had ate as well.

It had only been half an hour since they had left, yet for Jaune it felt like hours had passed. Not even his Gamer's body could combat his motion sickness it seemed. He was really going to have to invest in medicine to deal with this problem if he was to be taken seriously as a huntsman. Right now, he looked pathetic.

"Oh, poor little Yellow! Don't worry, we'll be there soon enough." Feeling a hand comb back his hair, Jaune thanked Lavender for the small comfort she provided him. Why couldn't his Snow Angel be as nice?

The older dark-skinned huntress had seen how ill Jaune had grown once the plane had taken off. Smiling kindly, she patted her own lap for him to use as a pillow for the rest of the ride. Jaune didn't refuse. It was a once in a lifetime gesture! He'd truly be an idiot to turn down napping on an older girl's lap. And it helped to some degree. His stomach was still churning but he had yet to upchuck his last meal.

Though he really wished that Weiss wouldn't glare at him the entire ride there.

Being useless as he was at the moment, he could listen to the two huntresses discuss their mission.

Turning her scornful glare away from Jaune, Weiss decided now was as good as time as any to go over the details of their assignment before they arrived.

"So, what does this patrol entail, Lavender? This is my first real mission, as well as Jaune's, so we don't know what the proper proceedings for a mission of this caliber are."

Lavender made a small noise of surprise, taken away from her petting of the blond boy on her lap.

"Well, this is a patrol mission, so it's nothing too complicated. For the rest of the week, we will be provided meals, housing, and anything else they can provide during our stay. The camp we will be watching over is settled in the Emerald Forest close by to Beacon, so we won't be too far from campus. A few towns actually border outside of Vale, kinda like a fence. But unlike Vale, they prefer the more simplistic traditions, sticking to focusing on community instead of technology. You could consider them hicks, like Jaune!" Lavender said brightly.

Jaune would have argued but groaned as another wave of nausea hit him.

"We go in, watch out for Grimm wandering too close to the camp grounds, and go home with a nice pocket full of Lien! It's really that simple. These are the kinds of mission you first years will be taking soon enough once your second semester exam is over with."

"Second semester exam?" Weiss hummed curiously. She already passed her first with flying colors. Now her second exam wasn't too far off.

"It's nothing tedious like before, so don't worry. Your team will be shadowing either a local huntsman, law enforcement, or teacher on a mission. Complete the mission and boom! Exam complete. As long as you listen to your mentor, everything will be fine!"

No, they wouldn't.

Jaune frowned deeply at the thought of the end of the second semester. He knew the events that were to take place, of the horror of Grimm crawling from the shattered hole in the plaza of Vale, and the lost lives that would follow. The Breach would happen. At least that's what Ren had told him countless times when questioned. And there was nothing he could do about it.

'Last time, I could only do the bare minimum in the disaster. Not this time though! I'm an actual huntsman in training, just like the rest are. I can do better. I will do better.'

This time he would save as many lives as he could. And not leave his friends with a pathetic corpse to grieve over.

"You okay, Yellow?" Jaune heard Lavender ask with sudden concern. It was then he noticed he had been gripping her thighs tightly, bringing a slight grimace to her face. Guilt replaced his thoughts.

"S-Sorry! Just got hit with a really nasty wave of nausea." Jaune apologized sheepishly.

Lavender was still concerned but dropped the matter. She was never good with dealing with people, not like her leader. She went back to explaining the mission, her hand back to stroking Jaune's soft locks.

"While this is an easy mission, it is not without its dangers. Grimm are well known for trespassing camp grounds every once in a while, so expect some combat. Though nothing as dangerous as Alpha's or, god forbid, Deviants. Just the usual litter of grunts. With our skill level, we should be able to easily clear away any Grimm before they ever touch the camp grounds. We wouldn't want those kiddies to be spooked while they have their fun." Lavender said brightly.

"What kind of camp is this anyways?" Weiss wondered curiously. She didn't have enough time to do any research on the camp when Lavender had dragged her along. And seeing as she never went to camp before, she was curious to know what they did.

Lavender tapped her lips in thought, "Well, I haven't really looked into it either. Honestly, this is the first time I've ever done this sort of thing. In the three years I've been in Beacon, my team hasn't had to guard any camp grounds before. Just little village patrols. I'd never even camped before until I began taking missions." she laughed softly.

Hearing that brought some relief to Weiss. It was good to know that she wasn't the only one.

"The life of us wealthy isn't always so glamorous, is it?" she said softly.

Lavender smiled gently, glad to know someone in kind.

"No, it truly isn't. It makes me envious of such lovable oafs, like Jaune!"

Jaune groaned at the light barb. Again, his nausea didn't allow him to comment.


At least the moment earned him some Exp in both girl's Friendships.

Arriving at their destination, the three huntsman found themselves dropped off at an airship docking bay still miles away from the camp in question. Bullheads didn't travel too close to the towns due to a lack of docking bays, so they would have to travel by train the rest of the way there. Which meant another hour of laying on Lavender's lap for Jaune. He was truly thankful since he hadn't once thrown up on the way there. Now that they made it to the town close by to the camp, Jaune was hoping that would be the end of anymore trips aboard any kind of vehicles.

He was of course wrong.

"W-Why me?"

Jaune dropped his head in defeat as he sat down a bench outside what he guessed was an appliance store. An old one at that. Pretty much everything in this town was old school with barely any kind of technology. Even the road was just dirt instead of asphalt. Except for the neon lights from the strip club a few stores down. That took him by surprise, it was the first time he had ever seen one.

What was his cause for distress again? Well that had to do with having to wait for a bus to take them into camp. Of all the forms of transportation he was bad with, buses were by far the worst. He couldn't recall a single time he hadn't thrown up riding in one. And he really didn't want to have the girls mad at him for painting their uniforms with his breakfast. Just thinking about the bus ride over made him queasy.

"We really have to find a solution towards your motion sickness, Jaune. It's ill-fitting of a huntsman to be defeated by something as lowly as a bus ride of all things."

At the sound of a jingle from the door to this right, Jaune found Weiss and Lavender step out of a nick knack store. With nothing to do but wait, they decided to browse to kill some time. He hadn't gone in favor of settling his stomach for the next trial ahead. From the looks of the small bag in her hand, the heiress had actually bought something.

"What you get in there, Weiss?" Jaune couldn't help but ask.

A small blush came over Weiss's cheeks at the question. Looking away from the blond knight, she answered while showing off her purchase. Jaune was surprised to see a small plush dog, white and black, seeming to have been hand knitted. It looked cute.

"It was just a compulsive buy! I n-normally don't buy such silly trinkets, I swear!"

Did Weiss Schnee just stutter? Adorable.

Jaune wasn't the only who thought so. Lavender gushed at her younger classmate, teasing her with a knowing grin on her face. Like Weiss, she had also bought something.

"What about you, Lavender? What did you get?"

Having no shame in what she bought, the artistic huntress proudly showed off the... box of crayons in hand. Jaune stared flatly at the mature one of the group. The way she was showing them off reminded him of a toddler.

"Why?" He had to ask. He really did.

"I'll have you know that these crayons are made from local wax! You can't get them anywhere else! Besides, I needed something to doodle with in my boredom. I really don't feel like wasting my expensive supplies on my breaks."

Again, Jaune had to ask, "Doodles? Aren't you a really gifted artist? Aren't doodles beneath someone of your caliber?" he asked strangely.

Lavender huffed, crossing her arms with a bounce to her breast. The reaction got the usual blush on Jaune's face... and a grumble from Weiss to the side.

"You don't paint caring about what others think of your work. You paint and draw from the heart, and if the heart is feeling silly, you doodle! Not all art has to be sophisticated or pristine. Art is supposed to be fun. Liberating. No one is beneath such freedom." the last sentence was said beneath her breath, Lavender's tone carrying sadness.

Shaking her head of such feelings, Lavender brightened back up and reached into her bag. It seemed she wasn't done showing off her recent buys. Jaune frowned, finding a pin shoved into his face. He squinted, finding a bronze pin with a silver painted shield and crossing swords decorated onto its surface.

"While I was browsing, I noticed this neat little pin! It reminded me of you, so I thought it be nice to give you a little something for coming along. Aren't I sweet!" Lavender giggled as she handed Jaune the pin.

'Knight's Pin received!

Knight's Pin: A nice little pin bought from a quaint little town away from the kingdoms. Grants a meager +1 to Strength. A simple item with no real value.'

No real value? Jaune would have to argue with that. The happy gleam in Lavender's pink eyes had its value to him. Ignoring the slight almost unnoticeable boost to his Strength, he pinned the little pin to his vest.

Another bag was shoved in Jaune's face, greatly surprising him when he noticed it belonged to Weiss. He couldn't help but stare at her, causing the white heiress to huff with another blush.

"I found something that you might like too. Just don't think too deeply about it!" Weiss scowled stubbornly. She knew how Jaune had always flirted with her in the past. As of recently, his attempts had dropped. It was as if he found himself more focused on more important matters. Which was good, if not a little surprising. She just wanted to make it clear that she still had no hidden feelings for him, no matter what Yang teased.

Inside the small bag, Jaune found a wrist band made of black steel chain links. Small little trinkets shaped like dark wisps were tied to the chains.

'Ward Band, Received!

Ward Band: A small band made to wear off the dark forces that bump in the woodland night. Grants a 15% protection against Grimm/Negativity. A local item made by those who enjoy the occult. A tourist item bought for those who camp outdoors.'

Equipping the chain band, Jaune could immediately feel a sudden bump in his aura. It was times like this that he cursed himself for not equipping the special gifts he found. He really needed to start a habit of that. He smiled gratefully for the gift. It was funny, back when he had still been a normal teen he would have been gushing at the present from his crush. But since he had begun taking his training seriously following up to his first semester exam, he felt that he had finally matured. At least enough not to start flirting with Weiss shamelessly.

Still, even he wasn't made of stone to not blush at a gift from a girl he had been crushing on.

"Thanks, Weiss. It's nice of you to think of me. Guess we're going to have start thinking twice about calling you Ice Queen." Jaune joked.

Weiss nodded her head with a smile, "Even I am not so cold hearted to not be so considerate of others from time to time." she said to herself smugly.

To the side, Lavender pouted. Her eyes swept back and forth between her gift and Weiss's. She felt shown up. And she had her pride as a woman to consider. With a huff, she sat down hip to hip with the blond knight, taking him by surprise. She looked up at him with a quivering lip, her eyes widening in her best puppy dog gaze.

"You still think my gift's better, right, Yellow? It's the sentiment that counts. And the feelings." she whispered lowly while unbuttoning one of the buttons to her school blazer.

Jaune swallowed at the now exposed dark tanned skin leading to her breasts. What was happening right now?

Weiss was irked at the display by her senior. And the large mounds she was showing off. This wasn't some competition! If it was, she would have won. Clearly her gift was better than some little tin medal. Her eyes fell on Jaune, quirking a brow, daring him to watch what he said next.

Jaune grew anxious. It felt like he was stuck in the middle of a landmine. He could already see Lavender discreetly reach into one of her small pouches clipped to her skirt containing her Dust chalk. He needed a distraction. Fast.

The sound of a blaring horn was just the thing to take the attention off him. Jaune sighed as the girls turned to the road leading into town, finding a beaten down yellow school bus. Sadly though, it meant he would have to endure a bumpy ride to camp. He couldn't help but glare at the monstrosity.

Was it possible to gain the Ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes? He'd love that right now.

A dirt cloud was kicked up as the old bus parked right in front of the nick knack store, bringing a round of coughs from the three teens. With a creak of gears and metal, the door to the bus opened and someone stepped out to greet the students with a bright grin.

"Hello Huntsman! I hope you all brought your go-getter attitudes today, because we have one heck of a day awaiting us!"

Both Lavender and Weiss had to blink for a brief second at the sound of the voice before glancing back at Jaune, finding the knight still glaring at the bus. For the strangest moment, they could have sworn they had heard their teammate talking. Once the dirt cloud settled, they were finally able to meet the driver of said bus in full view. They met a tall lanky man with pinkish skin, blue green eyes, and a pearly white grin. He wore a long green shirt with a brown vest, shorts, and boots, seeming to be ready for whatever outdoor activity would pop up. The man's hair was auburn with a puff that resembled an leaf above his forehead.

Noticing them staring at him, the camp counselor introduced himself with an even wider cheery grin.

"The name's David! And I will be personally driving you all to our sweet little camp, Camp Campbell! Or as I like to call it, paradise. I hope you all prepared for one of the greatest camping trips of your life!" David cheered energetically.

The amount of joy and energy in the man's voice was a little grating on Weiss's ears. Dear god, he sounded even more happy go lucky than Ruby, possibly borderline Nora. She had no idea such a person could exist. Not to mention those brilliant white teeth. It was blinding!

Being the leader of the small team, Lavender stepped up to greet David with a smile of her own.

"It's a pleasure to meet you David! My name is Lavender Brosse, and I will be leading the patrol team watching over your camp for the next week. We hope you treat us well during our stay!"

David nodded his head cheerfully, "Of course we will! Nothing but the warmest welcomes for our new friends staying in camp! Why, you'll feel so at home, you'll never want to leave! I know that's what happened to me." he explained with nostalgia, his eyes tearing up at the old memories of yesteryear, "I was just a young boy who never experienced the joy and wonder of camp until I saw for myself! Since then, I couldn't bear to leave! And I've never been happier!"

Weiss subtly stepped back from the man. Was she seeing things, or were their literal stars in his eyes? Not wanting to be rude, she made her way to Lavender's side and smiled politely.

"It's nice to meet you, David. My name is Weiss Schnee. And I hope we can get along during our mission." she introduced herself before her eyes went wide as David took her hand to shake furiously.

"It's super nice to meet you, Ms. Schnee! I know our little humble camp will please even a sophisticated individual like yourself! It's not every day that we get a celebrity roughing out doors with regular folk like us!" David said enthusiastically.

Weiss fought back the roll of her eyes. Celebrity? Hopefully nothing would come up with her status being known. One of the reasons she wished to become a huntress was to escape such attention. Though David didn't appear to be like the many who brought up her status as an heiress. He was at least humble.

Now that David had met the young huntresses, he turned to greet the last of the team sitting on the bench. The smile on his face faltered just a tiny bit at the blond boy glaring holes into the camp bus. Weird, but that was just another word for quirky! Stepping in front of the blond's line of vision, he greeted him with another patented grin. That seemed to be enough to snap Jaune out of it.

"Howdy, stranger! Or should I say future friend! My names David, and we will all be working together for the next week to make our Camp Camp safe and secure! What's your name, Mr. Huntsman?"

Feeling silly for glaring at a bus like it was his mortal enemy, Jaune stood up with a sheepish grin while shaking David's hand.

"Sorry about that. The name's Jaune Arc, David! It's nice to meet you!" he laughed awkwardly before finding his arm furiously shook. For a skinny camp counselor, David was strong.

"The feelings mutual, Jaune! I just know that this is going to be the best week ever! Not only will the kids get to meet real life huntsman, but the camp games are this week too! Just thinking of all the fun we're going to have has me up at night!" he cheered.

Jaune found himself smiling beside his team as they watched David go off explaining all the camp activities they offered.

"I like him. You don't meet many people these days who love camping with all the technology available to them in the major cities." Jaune said wistfully.

Weiss and Lavender weren't listening. They were too busy looking back and forth between Jaune and David. The sounds of their voice, so similar yet so different, had taken them back.

"-and knives, and chess, and dance, and weights, it's Camp Camp!" How David was able to repeat all those camp activities in one breath, Jaune would never know. He was still astounded at literally everything the small camp provided. It reminded him of his own camp activities with his sisters.

"That's a lot of activities! I can't believe you guys do just about everything. It kinda reminds me of when I would go out camping with my sisters and get dragged into all their hobbies." Jaune smiled.

David beamed, "So, you're an outdoor man, Jaune? Dare I ask? Do you know how to play a guitar?" he asked hopefully.

Jaune grinned in pride, moving his hand out to reach into his Inventory to proudly show off his wooden guitar. The sight of the guitar made David squeal before surprising Jaune with his own from inside the bus.

"You wouldn't mind if I taught you the Camp Campbell camp song while we head to camp, would you? I know the kids would love nothing more than to hear a duet!"

It had been a long time since Jaune busted out his treasured guitar. He wondered if he could still play it on memory alone. Then again, The Game made playing instruments easier since it dropped him into a mini game. At the mention of being taught a new song, a new notification dropped onto Jaune's HUD.

'Camp Cambell Is The Place For You and Me, Song Tutorial now Available!


Well, it would kill some time. And maybe even distract him from his motion sickness if he was busy with the Tutorial. Tapping Yes, he found a tutorial lesson ready to play.

"Sure, why not? I'd love nothing more than to add another song to my list!"

An excited grin spread out on David's face. Finally! Someone who was willing to sing his favorite song of all time! He couldn't stop himself as he began to lead the huntsman into the bus and teach Jaune the strings along with the lyrics. He could already tell that this was the beginning of an incredible week.

"This is going to be the worst fucking week ever."

It was still morning for fucks sake. And he was still nursing his freshly brewed mug of coffee. Max was not ready to deal with the camp's shit right now. Especially when Gwen had the entire camp up to wait for David to come back from town with their special guests for the week. Oh, they must have been 'special' guests alright if they thought it was a good idea to spend even a day in this hell hole of a sorry excuse for a camp.

Just another day in his own personal hell called camp. People might call Max a cynic, but he preferred realist. He wasn't ignorant like so many others his age. The world wasn't full of rainbows, ponies, and a fat man named Santa. They lived in a world were the worst of humanity was manifested in monsters for god's sake. So, you had to forgive him for always wearing a scowl on his face when everyone around him acted like ignorant idiots.

Except for Nikki and Neil, they were alright in his small book.

Max was starting to go off track. Where was he? Oh, right. He was too tired for standing around for nothing. He grumbled into his mug, finding some relief in the dark brew.

To his side, a girl with a short mint green haired in twin ponytails, bounced excitedly on her feet. She was more than eager to meet their special guests. Especially after David had told them of their profession.

"Huntsmen! Real life huntsmen! Oh, I can't wait to meet them! Do you think they'll tell us stories of their hunts? Do you think they smell like blood? Do you think they'll let me use their weapons? Do you-"

"Nicki, shut the hell up. When I'm done with my coffee, then you can assault my ears with endless questions." Max said tiredly. Of course, Nikki didn't listen to him and continued to ask questions about the huntsmen.

On the other side of him, a thin boy with brown hair, blue eyes, and what Max liked to call, a nerdy face appeared to be just as tired as him.

"Seriously, do we all have to be up to meet a couple of huntsmen? Activities don't start until later today, but we had to wake up an hour early just to say hello? This is bullshit." the nerd grumbled.

Max rose his mug to that, "Preach, Neil, preach."

"Aww, aren't you at least a little interested in seeing some real-life huntsmen? I mean their jobs let them fight monsters with cool weapons! It's nothing but adventures for them!" Nikki squealed in glee.

"Right, because living day by day fighting off monsters born from humanity's worst emotions, surviving on the coin from death missions, with a short mortality rate, is cool." Max scoffed. Maybe when he was younger and more stupid, he would have been just excited. But he knew better. It was nothing but a job that would lead to death. Only idiots with death wishes would ever think about becoming huntsman. Which explained Nikki.

Neal nodded, "I'd rather stick to a profession further expanding my knowledge, not one that kills me any day. Like a chemist or robotics expert."

"Basically, any job that will forever mark you as a nerd. No action or spine whatsoever. Wise choice, Neil."

"Shut the hell up, Max."

"Hey, quiet in the front row! That means you, Max!"

Said dark tanned skin boy quirked an annoyed brow at Gwen. The fuck did he do?

Sighing to herself, Gwen went back to her earlier explanation to the gathered campers in front of the camp entrance. It wouldn't be long until David came back with the hired huntsman, so it was up to her to lay out the rules to them about their new guests. She narrowed her eyes at the usual troublemakers with suspicion.

"As I was saying, when the huntsmen arrive, you will do well to remember that they are not to be bothered. And even though they are still in training, they are still huntsmen. Which means no pulling any pranks on them, no asking them to hold their weapons, no bothering them while they're working, and no questions about their line of work that leads them to the sudden realization of their own mortality." That last directive was directed at a certain dark-haired cynic. She did not want one of the huntsman to run off and quit because of Max's bleak views.

"I make no promises."

Gwen slapped her own face at Max's flat response, "God damn it, Max. Please, we can't afford your shit right now. The huntsman trainees weren't exactly cheap, you know. And you know how much of a cheap ass Mr. Cambell is. So, just chill with your shit for a few days. Can you do that?" she asked desperately only to get an annoyed glare in return.

"And why exactly do we need huntsman now? We never needed them before. What, something going on that you're trying to hide from us? Hard to believe that you guys just decided to randomly bring in trained killers for no reason. I mean, what could they possibly offer a bunch of children safely playing in the woods?" he said accusingly.

He had Gwen there. Never in Max's grueling time in camp did they ever see huntsman lurking around the camp grounds. There wasn't any need. As shitty as a camp as Camp Cambell was, with all its safety hazardous, crappy meals, dim witted staff, poorly planned activities, and crappy equipment, it never had a Grimm problem. Rat problem, yes. But no big bad wolves. So why were huntsmen suddenly visiting the camp for patrol?

To Gwen's credit, she didn't appear nervous as she answered as best she could, "They're not real huntsman, they're students here to learn how to perform a simple and basic patrol mission. All they're doing is standing around in mock guard to see how it feels when they actually have to watch out for Grimm in settlements. Consider it a lesson, or a field trip for them. It lets them get some experience and we get to talk with young huntsman, to an extent." she said strictly, getting a groan from the campers. She crossed her arms, eyeing each of the usual trouble making suspects.

'Gotta watch out for Nerf. I'm sure the huntsmen are strong, not to mention they have auras to protect them. But anyone that can scare off a nine-foot bear with a small pocket knife isn't someone to take your eyes off.' She eyed said over weight ginger boy. As usual he wore a simple yellow shirt that stretched over his stomach, cargo shorts, and wore a sadistic happy grin as he currently had held a smaller boy in a head lock. He was a problem she had no idea how to handle. A child he may be, but he was as much a threat as the Grimm, so that was a no. She'd let David fail at that.

Gwen wasn't sure what to do with the small boy at Nerf's mercy. He wasn't exactly a threat per say. He was just a small boy with dark hair, blue eyes, and an innocent smile. But something about the kid sent shivers down her spine, especially with his odd accent and dog photos, 'Dolph should be fine. As weird as he is, and creepy, he's the least troublesome one in the bunch.' Her eyes turned to the next campers under her gaze, finding two kids playing magic. One was a dark-skinned girl with freckles, round glasses, blue eyes, braces, and dark brown hair. She was oddly enough dressed as an elf, pointy ears and blue cape proudly displayed as she rolled a dice.

'Nerris might be a problem if any of them use Dust. I can't have that girl playing LARP with real magical stones. It'd be a disaster waiting to happen if she god forbid got her hands on some Fire Dust. Even without aura to activate them, she'd somehow shoot a fireball.' The LARP girl could be handled though. Eccentric she may be, but she wasn't a problem like many others. No, the real problem came in her rival. Gwen wasn't sure how, but the boy facing Nerris, dressed in yellow dress shirt and black vest, top hat, basically what you would see some street magician wear. But Harrison wasn't like those street magicians. The things that brunette kid could pull off still made her scratch her head in thought.

Still, he was like Nerris, Gwen could handle him. The same could be said about Erid, Preston, and to some extent, Space Kid. All of them were out of control in their own right and made her want to scream into a box and rip her hair out from the roots. But no, the real problems came from the three brats she was currently glaring at.

Max, Neil, and Nikki. The Usual Suspects. The only kids she had ever thought she'd be fine with the Grimm taking bites out of. Neil and Nikki were trouble in their own rights, there was no doubt about that. Neil despite his nerdy attitude was surprisingly diabolical and had a mouth on him when you messed with his precious science and logic. Nikki, Gwen was pretty sure was secretly raised by wolves, and always sought adventure at every possible corner. It was no wonder she was kicked out of the Flower Scouts. But when put together with Max, the little hell spawn cynic, they became the nightmare trio.

'That's the true hurdle here. Nikki is going to be all over the huntsmen, asking them a torrent of questions about their hunts. Neil is probably going to want to take apart their weapons for science. And Max... I'd rather not think about what he'd do to them. We can't afford their headmaster suing us for psychological damages to his students.'

This was going to be a tough week for sure. But with the Camp Games in a few days and the odd stirrings in the woods causing sighting of Grimm from the locals, even Mr. Cambell had thought it wise to hire some huntsman to make sure everything was fine. Of course, he went the cheap route, hiring students from the local academy. Now if only he would listen to Gwen's other complaints to the camps many safety hazards.

To Gwen's relief, the sounds of the old broken-down bus reached her ear. It was about time David came back, she could only handle the kids by herself for so long. Now that he was here with the huntsmen, they could move onto introductions and try to go about their normal routines.

A foreboding tingle ran down Max's spine as the crappy dented yellow bus pulled over. For some reason, he wasn't sure about meeting the huntsmen. Something was wrong, very wrong.

"For god's sake, please stop! I will literally pay you a king's fortune to stop singing right now!"

"Even I have my limits! Oh god, I think it's stuck in my head! It's repeating over and over, and I can't make it stop!"

No sooner did the bus's doors open did Max see two blurs of white and purple dash out in desperation with cries of terror. It was only then did he hear the hell the two girls had escaped.







With their legs kicking in sync up in the air to the rhythm of that dreaded hell song, Max could only watch in slow horror as David got off the bus, grinning ear to ear, with a blond teen matching his stupid grin. Both singing along, their voices matching another perfectly like long lost twins as they played the notes to the song with matching guitars. And in harmony they finished off the song as one.


No, god. There was no god in this shit hole of a world. The proof was right in front of him. Loud and fucking clear.

"There's two of them. Please tell me this is just some mess hall food induced nightmare." Max said lowly in horror as he stared at the two men happily singing a camp song with blank eyes, "Because I refuse to live in a world where there's another dim witted, thick headed, naive, dumbass who thinks the world is all sunshine and rainbows!"

But no, this was real. He even pinched his arm hard enough to draw blood. The nightmare was real. At least he wasn't the only one shell shocked, Gwen was gaping at the blond teen beside David. She didn't want to believe what she was seeing either.

David could only contain his excitement for so long. Sweeping his arms out widely, he just had to introduce the hired huntsman, especially his new best friend!

"Camp Cambell campers! I'd like to introduce to you our very special guests for the next week! Meet the leader of the small team, Lavender Brosse! And the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company in Atlas, Weiss Schnee!" he proclaimed loudly, pointing out the two huntresses staying far back from him.

Weiss's brow twitched in annoyance. She didn't want the campers to know her status as an heiress! She was a huntress first, heiress second. At least she only got a few small 'oohs'. Which... was kinda insulting.

"And last, but definitely not least, I would like to introduce you all to Jaune Arc! Who I am officially making a co-counselor for the remainder of his stay!"

"Co-counselor?" Gwen snapped out of it with a weird frown, "I don't think that's what he's being paid to do, David. Clearly, he has much more important things to do than help us out with activities. Did you even ask him?"

Jaune decided to answer in David's stead with a wide grin, "Yup! And I said yes! It'll be just like when I camped with all my sisters doing random activities again! Besides, I'm sure you all could use the help!"

David nodded his head vigorously, "Indeed we do! We have many events planned for this week, so I thought it would be a stupendous idea to make our special guests co-counselors! After all we have the FlowerScouts and WoodScouts coming by for the Camp Games too. If we want to make this event the bestest of all time, we need all the strong, helping hands we can get!"

He was sure Mr. Cambell wouldn't mind the free help, he would even encourage it! With so many events coming up this week, they really could use the help. Besides, it would be fun for the huntsman in training! They were still kids too, and what kid would turn down the chance to have fun in the outdoors? David knew he wouldn't.

Finally fixing herself off after the traumatizing experience, Weiss looked to Lavender with question.

"Co-counselors? I thought this would be a patrol mission? You didn't say anything about having to work around the camp."

"It's fine, White! What better way to keep watch over the kids than playing counselors? That way we always have an eye on the kids. Plus, it'll help break the boredom that usually comes with the mundane work that is patrol in simple little locations like this. Just go with it!"

Weiss huffed, but decided not to make a big deal out of it. She supposed it could be fun. Just no more campfire songs. Ever. She shivered at the very catchy song David and Jaune had song on the bus ride over. It was just too much for someone like her.

Gwen was still on the fence about letting trained warriors help out with the club activities. But some help around the camp would be appreciated. Who knows? Maybe she could finally stretch her legs out and relax a bit with the extra hands.

"Fine. But we are going to have to take them away for a while to explain to them the proper procedures. Which means the kids get a good hour of free time." Gwen relented in the end. It wasn't a bad idea, and that was coming from David of all people.

Whooping in joy, David didn't waste another moment dragging Jaune and the others along with him into their counselor's office. Gwen rolled her eyes. She felt sorry for the two huntresses about to suffer through David's very lengthy explanations on the Do's or Don'ts involved in camping.

Fighting a shiver at the thought, Gwen glanced back at the campers sternly.

"While we go get our guests situated, you are all free to do whatever you want in the meantime. Just don't cause too much trouble. We don't want to make a bad impression. If that's possible." she muttered to herself before following after David and the others.

Once the adults left the campers alone, they all went off to do their usual things. Causing their special blend of mayhem for the newest co-counselors to get a taste the moment they stepped out. But for Max, he was rooted in place. His green eyes stuck in a thousand-yard stare at what he had just seen. It was actually worrying Neil as he waved his hands in front of the cynic.

"You okay, Max?"

"Two of them."

Two of them? Neil could only hypothesize that his friend was referring to the blond huntsman in training. He began to connect the dots while Nikki repeatedly poked at Max's cheek.

"I suppose that new guy does sound a lot like David, scarily so. But so what? It's not like they're long lost twin brothers or something. Just because they sound alike doesn't mean that we suddenly have two Davids." Neil tried to reason, "I may be a non-believer of god, but even I would think that if there was some kind of omnipotent being controlling all of existence, even they would be merciful enough to only make one of him."

"Two of them."

Oh no, he was losing him. Max already looked pale and ready to begin another of his many attempts to run away from camp. And Neil didn't feel like building another contraption to get them out of this hell.

"It's just for a week. You can do this. Then it's back to the usual mundane camp activities. Be strong Max, be strong."

"But," Max said weakly, his entire world ready to crumble at a simple touch, "there are two of them!"

Neil sighed. There was no talking him out of his personal dilemma. Oh well, no one could say he didn't try. Reaching for Max's shoulder, he began to drag him away with Nikki following close behind. They might as well relax before things went crazy as they usually did. And who knows? Maybe things won't be so bad.

"And with that, you three huntsmen in training are now ready for the spectacular roles as co-counselor! Aren't you excited!?"

Jaune nodded eagerly as he was handed a spare key to the counselor's office along with Weiss and Lavender. While the two huntresses couldn't really care less about the extra work, he was excited. It had been so long since he could do something as normal as camping. He was having flashbacks to his days of camping out in the Anima woods. Good times, good times.

The tasks of a co-counselor were simple. Watch out for kids, make sure they didn't get into trouble, help with activities, and lend whatever hand they could when needed. Seeing as they were tasked with patrolling the grounds, they had decided that either Weiss or Jaune would keep watch alongside Lavender every few hours while the other stayed behind with the campers for protection. Weiss had jumped to be the first one to go on patrol with their temporary leader, leaving Jaune with David and Gwen. Which he had no problem with.

With the long-winded explanations over with, David decided now would be a good time to get the day started with some activities. Lavender and Weiss were quick to begin their own work, leaving him behind with David as Gwen lead the girls out.

"So, what's the first activity of the day?" Jaune asked as he watched David go about the room in search of supplies. His own eyes wandering around the office before stopping at an odd board. 'How Many Times Max Has Smiled: 0. Wonder what that's about?'

"Oh, well I've decided we should start with the usual. Some archery, fishing, bird watching, scavenging, the works! After all, we got to get ourselves ready for the big Camp Games in two days!" David explained with a hefty bundle of random supplies in his arms.

Jaune chuckled lightly as he helped with the load, "Camp Games? What are those?"

"Every year we and the other two camps close by participating in some good old sportsmanship, competing in various camp activities from each camp! It's a lot of fun and allows our campers to build bonds with other kids their own age."

Now that sounded cool. Jaune wished that he could have participated in games like that. He mostly found himself roped into whatever activities his sisters were doing when he camped out. Thankfully his dad had been around to take him away from all the hair dressing to show him some useful skills.

"The kids must be excited. I know I would be." Jaune said with some envy.

At that, David stopped his searching. His back was stiff as he scratched his head in what looked like a behavioral tick. Jaune knew that tick anywhere.

"Well, they might not show it, but I know that they're excited for the games! What kid wouldn't? Times may have changed, but the fun of the outdoors won't ever dwindle!" David said brightly, his face turned away from Jaune as he hunched over a box of random items.

Now it was Jaune's turn to scratch his head. Despite the bright tone, it didn't sound like the auburn camp lover was all too sure. It almost sounded like he was trying to make himself believe that.

With the last of the activity items on hand, David quickly made his way out with a wave of his hand.

"This should be it! Just grab that last box behind ya and follow me out! We can't keep those kids waiting for long after all!"

Shutting the door behind him, Jaune was left inside the office by himself. The various supplies in his arms were quickly sent away into his Inventory as he spun around for the last box. But once his fingers grasped the cardboard box he felt the familiar twinge of the world stopping in place. Time itself was paused by godly forces. He couldn't help but sigh as he watched the wooden cabin office be replaced by pearl white walls. An all too familiar voice spoke up.

"Welcome, Little Player, to A Moment of Respite! Did you miss me?"

That wasn't an easy answer. Turning around, Jaune found Husk's bagged face grinning widely. The godly merchant casually lent back against the clean walls of his domain, tipping his wizard's hat up in greeting. Jaune was mildly irritated at his presence. While Husk wasn't the worst of the three gods, he was still one of the beings that made his life complicated.

"Husk, what are doing here?" Jaune asked with a scowl.

Husk wagged his finger at the blond knight's tone, but still found himself smiling cheerfully.

"Hey now, it's not my fault you found a Moment of Respite. That their little key David gave you is at fault, not mine."

"But aren't you the one who created these spaces?" Jaune said flatly, causing the merchant god to stiffen.

"Uh... maybe." Husk shook his head stubbornly, forgetting the matter as he continued, "Anyway, I'm actually here on business! Seeing as this is the first Moment of Respite since you've entered the Second Act, I got some explaining to do!"

Husk's grin grew wide enough to split his bagged face. Jaune wasn't sure he liked the look of it.

"Think you can spare a few minutes, Jaune?

Monty's Missing Page, Page #1, Discovered!

He really wanted to say no.

Times have changed. In a world where anyone would rather be indoors, glued to their screens than another, a lone flame continues to burn bright in spirit of the great outdoors. A luminscent light to ward away the dark.

But flames can only burn for so long until they flicker. All must return to the abyss.

This world is full of negativity. Steer away from those sickening lights you gather around you. And welcome the loving embrace of your savior. Release yourself from this failure of a world.

Or do you not know the way?


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