A/N: I have this head canon where Kate and Bucky hate each other (there's so alike sometimes I'm assuming that's why they would clash), but secretly respect each other and want to bang each other's brains out. Their only point of agreement is that Natasha is awesome, Tony is annoying, and Steve needs to be protected at all costs.

"It's been twelve seconds and you haven't tried to kill me yet. Which means you want something, the questions is, what?" Bucky said as he watched Kate take a seat beside him at the bar.

She looked beautiful in a slinky red dress, her hair for once done up and away from her face showing off her long neck. Of course, he would rather cut off his tongue than admit any of that to her.

"Well if you keep on talking, I'm going to end up skewering you," Kate mumbled over her straw. "Then you'll never know."

Bucky snorted. "And you won't get whatever it is you want, doll face."

Kate glared at him, but remain silent, aggressively munching on her straw. He coolly met her gaze.

Bucky prided himself in being the only one on the team, besides Natasha, that didn't quell at Kate's threats.

Not that they weren't impressive. A couple of weeks ago, Kate had threatened Steve with tobasco sauce, handcuffs, and a grill and the image she had left had poor Stevie throwing up for hours. Not to mention what she had done to Stark when he didn't believe she would carry out her threat.

But he was the Winter Soldier. He had done more things, seen more things, than the little girl in front of him. No one could ever intimidate him.

"I hate you," Kate said, waving down the bartender.

"Hate you more," Bucky automatically replied, watching the way her back arched as she looked for the bartender.

He cleared his throat and looked away. This little girl was gonna be the death of him.

It took a couple of shots of Fireball and a half-finished Long Island before Kate deemed he was worthy enough to speak to again.

"I need you to fuck me."

Bucky blinked.

Kate had swiveled her entire body to face him, her long legs almost touching his, her gaze unwavering so that he wouldn't misread what she was asking. She was serious.

"I think you're missing a couple of important steps there," He finally said, dragging her half-finished drink towards himself — ignoring her protest — and taking a large swig. "wooing, googly eyes, and some sort of attraction for starters."

"Isn't that what we've been doing?" Kate asked, taking back her drink. She practically drilled a hole in him when she realized there was only ice left.

Bucky didn't know how to answer. She wasn't entirely wrong.

He couldn't count the number of times he had to take care of himself after a training session with her.

Or the sudden sheer ferocity their attacks turned to during missions when either one of them was hurt or captured.

Sam had even pointed out the other day that Kate was starting to take on some of his mannerisms.

Bucky took a deep breath. Steve was going to murder him.

"This doesn't change anything you know." Bucky warned, pointing a finger at her. Kate rolled her eyes and pushed his hand away.

"Trust me, I still hate your freaking guts." she promised, standing up and brushing off imaginary lint off of her dress.

Bucky followed suit, his eyes roaming around the room,cataloguing every guest and teammate. He hoped he wasn't showing any fear.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when felt a small hand slipping into his own. He met Kate's smirking, but kind face.

"Hate you."

"Hate you more." He said softly, letting her lead him through the crowd.

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