Bowling was never what Peter would call his favorite sport. But after spending time with Ben Grimm and the Hulk as he ignored the little competiton between Harry and Johnny, it was top ten.

The Hulk being there was a bit surreal. But with his limited communication, he at least seemed able to enjoy smashing the pins without too much issue. That and the employees didn't seem phased, even going as far as to tell people to put their phones away and to just let him bowl.

Peter just enjoyed his cola as Harry and Johnny tried to out perform the other. Harry was a better bowler and had attracted a few girls' attention while Johnny showed off with his powers and incredible notoriety.

Despite three out of the four people he was with had superpowers or enhancements well known to society, it was also one of the most enjoyably normal moments he had experienced in quite some time. It was simple, not complicated if he ignored the undertones from Johnny and Harry over who the better brother figure would be.

Peter elected to do his best to ignore that train of thought.

"Hey man, mind if I sit?"

Peter glanced up and to the side away from the lanes to see a tall and incredibly fit African American guy staring down with a sheepish smile on his face. Peter stared at him for a moment before replying a confused sure. The tall guy thanked him and sat down with a sigh.

"Thanks. Sam decided to take up most of our space at our lane," he commented casually pointing to a nearby lane where a short darker skinned boy was sprawled out over the seats.

Peter snorted at the image of the buff and surprisingly not tan surfer dude meditating next to him.

"Is your other friend, meditating?" Peter asked, confusion dripping from his tone.

"Yeah. Danny does what he does. Says it's good for the soul."

"Okay then."

The guy seemed alright, fairly relaxed and overall friendly. He snorted abruptly catching Peter's attention.

"What's so funny?"

"Those two guys over there, they seem to be trying to flirt with Ava."

He gestured to Johnny and Harry who, Peter could only guess had somehow escalated their competiton to see who could gain the attention of a rather pretty if not easily irritable girl named Ava. Peter groaned and put his head in his hands.

"Oh, I see. Friends of yours?"

"Harry and I are best friends. We go to the same school." He also knows I'm Spiderman. "Johnny is an old family friend."

"Kind of young to be an old family friend ain't he? Unless... how old is he?" the guy asked sounding a bit uncomfortable and a bit protective. His hands curling into fists seeing an old family friend of a young guy seemingly flirt with his friend. Peter held his hands up defensively.

"Well, his sister and her husband are the old family friends. He's just by extension. I guess. I haven't really interacted with him since I was four I think."

The guy blinked, then chuckled as he saw his friend Ava start ripping into Johnny and Harry.

"Whoops, better stop her before she commits murder."

"You do that," Peter commented watching the big guy walk away to try and calm down the little spitfire girl. Harry made a hasty retreat back to Peter as Johnny stayed to try and placate Ava.

"Oh boy," Harry said sitting down where the large guy had been sitting.

"Hey Harry. How's life?" Peter chuckled.

"Fine. I think Johnny has it worse." Harry joked as he saw the large guy hold back the girl and Johnny jump behind the Thing.

"What exactly happened?"

"Johnny decided to show off his "superior intellect" and she did not take it well."

"And I'm sure you didn't help matters any did you?"

"Nope. I just mentioned that his sister was a scientist and he said he knew his way around a lab and he could teach her a thing or two."

"And she didn't take it well."

"Absolutely not."

"She's a little miffed."

"I'll say."

"You kids going to sit around? Or are you going to bowl!?" The Thing called over to Harry and Peter. The two walked over, not noticing the dark eyes of the large African American teen staring at Peter.

"Put me down Luke. I wasn't going to hurt him."

"Ava, despite what you might tell people, I know your sharpest weapon is that sharp tongue of yours," Luke responded in a low and warning tone. She huffed and stopped struggling, leading to Luke putting her down. She stomped over to their bowling lane where she leaned on the armrest next to Danny.

"So, are going to bowl or what?" Sam complained with a groan. Danny gave an indulgent smile.

"It would be fun to start wouldn't it?"

"I don't see why we need to be here. There are so many other things we should be working on instead," Ava huffed.

"Coulson said we needed a break. I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth," Luke responded. His eyes were still locked on Peter. Danny stood from his meditative spot and he walked over to Luke. In a hushed tone, he spoke. "Have you made a new friend?"

"You could say that. He seems nice enough," he responded vaugely.

"Can we stop gossiping like little old ladies and get to bowling?" Sam complained.

Luke looked away from Peter and the four friends began to set up their round.

Harry and Johnny began to bowl against Peter, only to be flattened by Peter's apparent skill. Thing laughed seeing Peter bewildered by the strikes he kept getting.

"A real natural bowler. Anytime you want to bowl, let me know. You can join me and the Hulk."

"I'll keep that in mind," Peter diplomatically responded.

The day went on smoothly, and soon it was time to go. Peter noticed that the big guy and his friends were leaving at the same time.

"Thanks for letting me sit with you Peter," he had called out as he stepped into a dark SUV with his friends.

Peter froze for a moment. Something was off.

"Hey Pete, ready to go?" Harry asked as Johnny was being dragged away bu the Thing.

"Yeah. I should be getting back. I had fun Harry."

"Same. Need a lift?"


It was only later in the evening that Peter realized what made him feel off.

When did he ever tell that guy his name?

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