And there he stood. One foot on the tracks. The only life he'd ever known resting in the distance behind him. Did he wish to cross into the unknown? Did he crave to join the darkness of the forest just beyond these tracks? No. But nor did he want to go back. Back to the bonds he was familiar with. He felt within himself, that to return was to cut himself from his soul. But in the woods, well, just maybe he could find the answers. He wished to know why the feral urges seemed to run his life, and make him an outsider among the sheep. For it was well known the woods house beast and monsters. He knew them to be the enemy. He knew them to be bad. But. Maybe he was willing to sacrifice himself as their dinner in the smallest of hopes that he would not be devoured, but welcome as a fellow beast. It felt right. Stupid, but right. Either way he would be free of the chains on his soul that this society had bound him with. And as the train passed behind him, he told himself that it was forever cutting off the path to all he had ever known.

Into the darkness to be the feast, or into the darkness to free the beast.?
And away with hope, for the true monsters saw him as soft, and ignored his screams and cries as their jaws broke him open, and ate of his flesh.

To be raised with sheep, you smell of sheep. No matter how sharp your claws may be...